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00:26cmorgan anyone know of a usb ir transmitter that can be used with myth?
00:27* cmorgan had his home made one working months ago but can't get it working now. i can talk to it via echo "test" > /dev/ttyS1 but lirc reports no errors and doesn't seem to talk to it...
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10:46araldit any of you now of a guide to help me install mythtv
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13:54jcharles hello I have a problem with mplayer and mythtv +fvwm
13:55dja jcharles: check the topic :-)
13:55jcharles ok i haven't read it
13:56jcharles i apologize :)
13:58dja np
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14:40Chutt neat, got the svideo-out header for the biostar board
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15:30Chutt thor, hi
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15:37cmorgan do i want to use lirc_sir or lirc_serial for a homemade ir blaster?
15:40thor_ hey
15:43Chutt sir's for build in ir on the motherboard, iirc
15:44Chutt err, 'built'
15:45cmorgan i feel a bit retarded. i had the whole setup working 5 months ago, built my own ir transmitter etc, then proceeded to forget everything
15:45cmorgan Chutt: i think you are correct, the sir appears to be for an irda port or something
15:48cmorgan i'm surprised at the lack of usb ir transceivers, i'd imagine that would be the cake way of getting ir working
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15:57cmorgan Chutt: you were very much correct. its working great with lirc_serial
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16:19GeckoFiend cmorgan Tira2 is USB.
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17:02GeckoFiend and there was much cleanup to be had.
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17:11Chutt hm?
17:12thor_ probably
17:12thor_ ah, to GeckoFiend
17:12thor_ nm
17:12Chutt just got the commit message
17:12Chutt cool. =)
17:12thor_ very
17:13GeckoFiend The gallery still seems dog slow to me.
17:15GeckoFiend I feel for the folks who use sub directories to organize their vids that thing tries to load 3 different formats of folder art for each folder every time it draw. yech!
17:15GeckoFiend but it works ok for my collection of "stuff Donavan is too lazy to walk to the shelf and stickk in the dvd player"
17:15thor_ heh
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18:06GeckoFiend chutt: you get a chance to look at AltMenus?
18:11cmorgan GeckoFiend: oh yeah, tira2 is usb. are there drivers for that under linux?
18:12GeckoFiend cmorgan yeah, lirc CVS supports receive. I use one in my main box. the owner of the company contacted me a few weeks ago to let me know send support was working under Linux now too but I've not dug into it.
18:13cmorgan GeckoFiend: doh. i only use transmit right now but i'd really like to have both, using a keyboard is a little bit of a pain. i never got lirc setup to receive from the 350 and transmit via serial
18:14GeckoFiend cmorgan you migth shoot them an email one device that sends and receives is the way to go IMO
18:14cmorgan GeckoFiend: and a usb one too so you don't have to screw around with serial port configuration which has always been a pita
18:17GeckoFiend Oh for crying out loud no people are posting patches to the wiki!
18:19Chutt mythtv patches?
18:20Chutt does that tira2 have the transmit LED on a wire?
18:20thor_ there's a wiki?
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18:21cmorgan i don't see a transmit led
18:21GeckoFiend Chutt MythGame patches...
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18:21GeckoFiend Chutt it's got a socket on it for a transmit LED wire.
18:21Chutt heh
18:21Chutt the patch in question is already in cvs
18:22thor_ bloody keyboard accelerators
18:22GeckoFiend I have mine inside the case since I use serial for my DTV box.
18:22Chutt interesting
18:22cmorgan wonder if the external one has the headers inside for the led
18:27GeckoFiend The casing has an opening for a mini-din plug.
18:28GeckoFiend I wonder if the IR wire from my Tivo would work?
18:28cmorgan ahh
18:28cmorgan i didn't see the din in any of the images
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19:59led-hed hello
19:59led-hed guess knowone is home
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20:02dopester flybys
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21:37Chutt hrmph
21:37Chutt the tv-out on this motherboard looks like it's in pal mode
21:37Chutt b&w, rolling
21:39Captain_Murdo| your new board?
21:39Chutt yeah
21:39Chutt got the little s-video cable today
21:39Chutt since the board just has a tv-out header
21:39Chutt maybe i just need to set it up once in ntsc mode
21:40Chutt ah well, i'll do that later, i suppose
21:40Captain_Murdo| I've been thinking of trying to shoehorn one of those smaller boards into one of those old small sparc cases I have sitting around.
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21:40Chutt heh
21:40Chutt i really like the aria
21:40Chutt though it's a teensy bit cramped
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21:44mchou Chutt: so you have the aria (like for eval)?
21:45Captain_Murdo| looks like it's got enough room to make a nice multi-tuner master backend/frontend combo though.
21:45mchou Captain_Murdoch: heh, yeah....
21:46mchou man, I sure would hate to have to replace a card/drive in that case.....
21:47Captain_Murdo| course looking through the review I was looking at, I don't think a single screenshot showed any of the PCI slots actually in use.
21:47mchou heh
21:48mchou it's hard to tell froon the pics whether a pvr250 would fit in there....
21:49mchou from*
21:49Captain_Murdo| actually they did. I see a gforce4 and a slot-mounted fan, but any more than that would probably be blocked by a hard drive they show in the picture.
21:50Captain_Murdo| the gforce is bigger than a 250 card I think.
21:50mchou thx for the link. I was looking on newegg.
21:53mchou yeah, that hard drive would definitely get in the way of full height pci cards......
21:55Captain_Murdo| not sure why they put it there, there's another bay below the cdrom bay. maybe that was in the way of their cpu cooler.
21:56mchou yeah....
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22:41macala hello all :)
22:42rkulagow silverstone sent me their LC-03V to evaluate. it's a full-size case and it has a VFD built in. it's one of those piano-black cases, so it matches nicely with other AV gear
22:42thor_ mmmmm VFD
22:43rkulagow yep, pretty nice. now i just need to get it working with LCDproc and it'll be super sweet
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22:44thor_ myth LCD is still fairly wonky
22:46rkulagow yeah, but it will be nice when it works.
22:46rkulagow bbl - got to configure audio
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