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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-08-10

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01:05thor_ hmmm, mythvideo weirdness
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01:32Chutt well, shoot
01:32Chutt i have no idea what's wrong with this tv-out
01:33thor_ not a PAL thing ?
01:33Chutt i dunno
01:33Chutt X says its using ntsc
01:33thor_ connector to MB header on backwards ?
01:33dopester chutt has anyone worked on the mythradio idea any yet?
01:34Chutt dopester, nope
01:34Chutt thor, tried it in all possible positions
01:34thor_ darn
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01:34Chutt only works in one, and that's all corrupted
01:34dopester does the protocol for frontend communication support a "no video present" option yet?
01:34thor_ oscilliscope and someone who knows what they're doing ?
01:34Chutt dopester, nope
01:35dopester its rolling in black and white you said?
01:35Chutt colors are there, just very flickery
01:35Chutt it's not rolling constantly, but it does fairly often
01:36dopester i think if you get color it wont be pal.. i think pal uses a different color scheme that ntsc cant recognize even if the vertical blanking is too fast or slow (like you see with a pal signal)
01:36thor_ and the svideo cable, input on TV, etc. all works fine on another source ?
01:36Chutt yeah, it all works hooked up to the pvr-350
01:36thor_ bugger
01:36dopester take it back :)
01:36thor_ chipset ?
01:37Chutt nforce2
01:37Chutt i imagine it's the cable
01:37dopester ive seen that before with crappy svideo cables..
01:37Chutt no svideo out on the backplane, had to buy a cable to connect to the tv-out header on the motherboard
01:38thor_ slice a working svideo and mini-clip it ?
01:38Chutt that's what i'm thinking
01:38dopester take a meter to the svideo cable and check for any resistance on the wires maybe
01:39dopester probbably wont tell ya much with a dc signal over it though
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05:44vedran hi.. anyone knows why mythmusic song browsing is so slow?
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05:48bline buy a faster computer
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06:51araldit Everytime I try accessing my videodevice as my mythtv user, it gets a permission denied. How do I add the mythtv user to the right group
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15:55gfiend chutt did you get your svideo thing figured out? I had to set mine in the bios on my nforce 2 boards...
15:55Chutt no bios options
15:55Chutt what didn't work before you set it?
16:01gfiend I ahdn't actually ghooked it to a TV yet, I just noticed the bios option and that it was set to PAL.
16:01Chutt yeah, i don't think it's pal
16:01Chutt i think the cable's busted inside, or one of the connections is loose
16:02Chutt there _is_ some color
16:02* CoaxD is beginning to wonder if it isnt tv as a whole that sucks. :) :)
16:03CoaxD ..course, then again, i live in redneckville[tm] and its hard to get good for cheap.
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16:12Silentace whats up all
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17:20Chutt mdz, you around?
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20:29o_cee hola!
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22:17Chutt o_c, yo
22:20Morph hmm anyone know off hand..what version of xmame mythgame wants now?
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22:21mikegrb everybody cross your fingers that bonnie arrives in pensacola as a hurricane
22:21Morph whats the alternative?
22:21mikegrb !pensacola
22:22Morph hmm
22:22mikegrb I'm not too optimisticic though
22:22Chutt morph, latest but one
22:22Chutt iirc
22:22Morph thanks.
22:22mikegrb the watch starts at pensacola and heads 200 miles east
22:29dcas anyone else have trouble compiling CVS mythtv?
22:29cmorgan not as of two days ago
22:29dcas I had to comment out the conditional braces around mythcdrom-linux.cpp in
22:30dcas I probable botched something up.
22:30dcas anyone have a clue?
22:33Captain_Murdo| Chutt, that seek-by-keyframe bug in edit mode is related to the keyframedist updates I think. keyframedist is set to -1 when I'm trying to seek and since that's -1, fftime gets set to -1 when I try to seek ahead to the next keyframe. still looking at it now.
22:33Chutt cool.
22:33Chutt dcas, no idea.
22:33Chutt captain_murdoch, did you see he just said 'july 23' to fix it?
22:33Captain_Murdo| yeah, reading that now.
22:34Chutt might be the vsync stuff =)
22:34Captain_Murdo| isn't everything. ;)
22:34Chutt that did expose a few errors in seeking
22:34Chutt iirc
22:35Chutt kinda busy with something for work right now, can't look at it more until a bit later
22:35Captain_Murdo| keyframedist should be set though during playback and it's -1 when I'm printing it out.
22:35Captain_Murdo| checking it out now to see if I see what's wrong.
22:35Captain_Murdo| that date helps.
22:37Chutt the very bottom two chunks
22:37Chutt seeking's gotta happen while the video out's paused, but that doesn't sound like this issue
22:38Captain_Murdo| those chunks are comm skip and cutlist stuff though.
22:39Captain_Murdo| shouldn't keyframedist be set to something other than -1
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22:44Chutt yeah, it should
22:44Chutt continue debugging, you're on the right track :p
22:46Captain_Murdo| always motivated to prove it's not my bug. :)
22:46Captain_Murdo| looking at the patches that went in around that date.
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23:10mikegrb s
23:10Captain_Murdo| found it and committed a fix. replying on the mailing list now.
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23:35Chutt heh
23:35Chutt nice work =)
23:35Chutt this is why naming variables properly (ie, m_ for members) is a good thing =)
23:39Captain_Murdo| that if statement looked weird when I saw it to begin with but I didn't notice it till I put in more debug statements and saw that even though the method was being called, the value wasn't getting set properly.
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