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00:12dcstimm jeffpc, thanks for last night
00:13dcstimm jeffpc, it was wonderful
00:13jeffpc dcstimm: ?
00:14* jeffpc is confused
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14:03B5Duster anyone ever heard of the hauppage remote and sensor that come with their cards being sold seperately?
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19:04JonnyRo hello, is anyone here using an ati card with dual monitors and uses mythtv?
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19:05JonnyRo i am having horrible color distortion problems, and the image is half the height it should be, only using half the height of the gui window
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20:36Chutt heh
20:37Chutt i gave up trying to get the on-board tv-out working =)
20:40dopester what motherboard/tvout card was it?
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20:48Chutt biostar m7ncg-400 or something
20:49Chutt actually, though, buying a separate video card'll work better, because i'll be able to use the dvi out when i buy a projector in a month or two
20:53JonnyRo mythtv refuses to scale right on my new ati drivers
20:53JonnyRo while other apps that use xv for display, work fine
20:53Chutt talk to ati about it
20:53JonnyRo i'll e-mail them sureley, but chances are they will ignore me
20:54JonnyRo it's really odd that mplayer with -vo xv works fine and mythtv does not
20:54JonnyRo the video is half the height of the video frame
20:54Chutt i don't really care that much :p
20:54Chutt you're not using cvs myth, are you?
20:55JonnyRo no
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21:01JonnyRo oops, sorry, i should be in mythtv users
21:01JonnyRo my apologies
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21:31mikmorg could anyone tell me where the filters for mythtv are supposed to be located?
21:31mikmorg i'm getting an error every time it tries to load one, that FilterManager can't find it (ie. the 'adjust' filter)
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21:32mikmorg i think that might have something to do w/ my bad video quality on it right now
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22:24dopester anyone who uses dvb here?
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22:44Chutt hm
22:44Chutt i need a better way to do outlined fonts
22:53cmorgan_ hey i just remembered a neat feature for the program guide
22:53cmorgan_ why not highlight the times at the top where a show has been scheduled?
22:53cmorgan_ i find myself wondering which timeslots are already in use
22:53cmorgan_ when in the program guide looking to record things
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22:57Chutt sure, be easy enough
22:57cmorgan_ that make any sense?
22:57Chutt yeah
22:57Chutt i've thought of that too :p
22:57cmorgan_ oh, i really like the shading in the program guide
22:57dopester what happens if you have 2 tuners from different sources?
22:57cmorgan_ the shading that lets you see how much time has elapsed, mad props to whoever put that in
22:57Chutt it's not a 'you can't record here' indicator
22:58Chutt it's a 'there's something selected here' indicator
22:58cmorgan_ dopester: i'd say pick colors based on which tuners
22:58Chutt naw, that's too much
22:58cmorgan_ might be a way?
22:58Chutt i'd want it to just show that there's something selected for recording in that timeslot
22:58dopester just add more tuners until ya don't have issues with overlapping things :)
22:58Chutt dopester, but, again, it's not to show conflicts
22:59Chutt at least, that's not how i'd want to use it
22:59dopester no i understand just seems like the only way i would use it was to schedule around things most likely
22:59cmorgan_ i'd use it to let me know if i should be scheduling something for a particular timeslod
22:59cmorgan_ i mean i'd never bother if something was already recording
22:59dopester i just let the scheduler do the work and it comes out just fine once i twekaed the ratings..
23:00Chutt everyone must update mythui and see the menus! =)
23:00Chutt though, it does just look mostly the same
23:00Chutt aside from the neeto alpha transitions
23:00cmorgan_ heh
23:00dopester i gotta see a screenshot before i try this :)
23:00* cmorgan_ will update and rebuild in a few
23:00cmorgan_ i'm going to try to move to 2.6.7 with the mythbox ;-)
23:00Chutt eww
23:01* cmorgan_ wants easy lm-sensors
23:01dopester chutt: you mean alpha fade and translucency like the 350 does on the guide?
23:01cmorgan_ Chutt: not a fan of 2.6, or not a fan of 2.6 with ivtv?
23:02dopester gotta run 2.6 if you want dvb to work from my experience
23:02Chutt dopester, kinda
23:02Chutt run it and see
23:02Chutt all you need in a working opengl driver
23:03dopester well that doesnt help me out any :)
23:03dopester all i got is a 350 in my one frontend
23:03cmorgan_ 2.6 runs great on my desktop machine but i wasn't sure how well it works with itvt
23:03dopester i never was able to get ivtv to work with 2.6 so my frontend with a 350 is 2.4 and backend with dvb is 2.6..
23:04dopester well i was able to get it to work, but not lockup thats a different story..
23:04rkulagow chutt: got an email from a product manager at mysql who said he sent you an email and you didn't respond back.
23:04Chutt oh, yeah
23:04Chutt i've been busy :p
23:05Chutt i'll email them back tonight
23:05rkulagow ok
23:05dopester am i part of a super small majority of people in this channel who use dvb? if so where do the europeans hang out..
23:07Chutt yup
23:08dopester all i want someone to do is try this code out other than me.. :)
23:09cmorgan_ it does look like ivtv should work under 2.6
23:09Chutt should
23:10Chutt but, that would require chris to know what he's doing
23:10cmorgan_ it looks like later ck patches support 2.6.7+ but man its kind of scary looking at those patches
23:10Chutt i imagine stuff works fine for encoding only..
23:10cmorgan_ i guess i'm confused as to why he is taking such a shotgun approach
23:11cmorgan_ i'm surprised he is still at it, i took like 6 months off from myth/ivtv and he is still going ;-)
23:11dopester cover a large area quickly :)
23:11Chutt i'm just fed up with him blaming mythtv all the time for his bugs
23:11cmorgan_ how could it possibly be myth breaking the driver?
23:11Chutt don't ask me
23:11cmorgan_ it does look like he's made some progress
23:12Chutt nope
23:12cmorgan_ you don't think so?
23:12Chutt no progress at all
23:12cmorgan_ so 0.1.9 is what you would use? ;-)
23:12Chutt only new 'feature' is vbi, and that's not even his code, or finished
23:12cmorgan_ maybe tmk will come back
23:14dopester i can only dream of they day i can use cc again
23:14dopester :)
23:15Chutt i'd really like to have CC working, too
23:15Chutt be nice to have it come on whenever the volume is muted
23:15dopester the the only thing i miss from my tivo anymore
23:15cmorgan_ how about fm radio support?
23:15Chutt eh
23:15cmorgan_ it would rock to have myth record radio shows
23:15Chutt i don't care about radio :p
23:15dopester how about dvb radio support? :)
23:15Chutt and i get lousy reception
23:15cmorgan_ i always miss npr shows ;-)
23:16dopester get a satellite dish and get all the radio you want..
23:16dopester i thought it could be cool to make it so you could export mythradio shows (if it ever gets written) into an ipod and take it with you..
23:16cmorgan_ yeah that would be neat
23:16dopester record bbc news and have it sitting in your ipod for when you get ready to go to work
23:17dopester or whatever it is you like
23:17cmorgan_ and fastforward through commercials
23:17dopester true
23:17dopester almost none of the dvb radio programming available in north america is encrypted..
23:18dopester i also figured out how to get the titles and songnames, etc from a data channel they run along with the radio services
23:19dopester but then you start to leave the pvr domain in some respects.. the par domain..
23:28snowblind chutt: what about pvr350 users, uses old code?
23:29Chutt essentially
23:30snowblind how slow would it be to use nvidia framebuffer to draw then copy it over
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23:33Chutt too slow
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23:37rinco so... macosx hey
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23:45rinco taco taco
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