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03:28mocker Hmm.
03:29mocker Trying to find the proper encoding settings for nuvexport..
03:29mocker I would like to make a high quality encode of a football game.
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06:03allanon__ terriby sorry about coming with bullshit about gcc 3.4 yesterday. I now found out that the problem came from the combo myth-cvs and mythdvd/music from the download page.
06:03allanon__ mythdvd-cvs compiled clean on gcc 3.4.1.
06:04allanon__ I guess the "new media handler callback" is not in the download version.
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11:14o_cee Captain_Murdoch, hiya
11:15Captain_Murdo| hey
11:15o_cee :)
11:15o_cee haven't had any time looking at the clips yet?
11:17Captain_Murdo| no, there are a couple other people messing with comm detection in their spare time right now. I haven't had a chance to mess with it lately. It's not as easy as "it works or it doesn't", so it takes more time to get the results I want. :) one of those things you have to finess.
11:19o_cee ah, cool. maybe there needs to be user settable thresholds?
11:20Captain_Murdo| problem is most users wouldn't know what to tweak and that could end up causing lots of questions... I've considered undocumented settings. :) but it's also a matter of what works on one show might not work well on others. I've debated making the "commercialFlagMethod" setting per-channel or per-recording.
11:21o_cee logo detection would probably need a per-channel setting
11:22o_cee maybe some kind of test guide that analyzes video, tries to extract the logo and the user decides if it's correct or no? if not, it changes thresholds and tries again
11:22o_cee when the user decides it's correct the values are stored for that channel..
11:22o_cee :)
11:24Captain_Murdo| already have code to preview the "logo" but I don't call that function except when I'm testing. should put that inside "VERBOSE(VB_COMMFLAG" macros so it would get displayed if the user turned on "-v commflag"
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11:37o_cee yeah, would be neat.
11:37o_cee ttyl, time to go to a party actually :)
11:38Captain_Murdo| yeah, off to prepare for a hurricane/tropical storm here. should be here in 5-6 hours I think.
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12:24dopester captain_murdoch where you at?
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12:59adante what are the basic keyboard bindings for mythtv?
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12:59adante i'm running configuration now, can't figure out how to tick checkboxes :]
12:59cmorgan adante: look in keys.txt file
12:59cmorgan spacebar ticks them i think
13:01adante space is like enter for me - but left/right ticks them, thanks
13:01cmorgan ahh
13:05adante hm
13:05adante my tv_grab script actually requires user input
13:07adante right now mythtv is stuck with what appears to be a progress bar that says 50 - is there any way of gracefully getting out of this (escape doesn't work)
13:07cmorgan using directdata?
13:08adante whats that? (no)
13:08cmorgan the zap2it stuff?
13:08cmorgan i think thats the only way to get program data now
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13:11adante umm ok
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13:14adante erm i'm currently running mythsetup as root... should i not be doing this
13:14cmorgan i usually run as a normal user
13:15cmorgan i guess it depends on database permissions
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13:16adante oops
13:34adante what is supposed to be in the .xmltv files?
13:34adante seeing as tv_grab_au doesn't work for me, i tried to run it manually tv_grab_au > DTV.xmltv, but then when i run mythfilldatabase it just dies
13:35cmorgan is this with the latest myth?
13:35cmorgan 0.15?
13:35adante yep
13:36cmorgan yeah, you need to setup the datadirect stuff i think or whatever it is from
13:38adante hmm thing is, i'm in australia
13:39cmorgan oh so maybe that doesn't apply to you at all
13:47adante ahhh ok, was trying to load the grabber program with the xml feed itself, not the config
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14:05adante um in the channel configuration, what is the "callsign" field?
14:06adante i assume channel number is what it will respond to when you press 123etc
14:06cmorgan just the name of the channel
14:06cmorgan CNN, MTV, ESPN etc
14:06adante righteo
14:07adante um frequency id?
14:07cmorgan thats 16x the actual frequency in MHZ
14:08adante heh, way to make it complicated :]
14:08cmorgan no kidding
14:09cmorgan that field could use a comment next to it to explain how to get the id value
14:09cmorgan even something like (16xMHZ)
14:09adante heh yeah, i'm wondering what they were thinking
14:09adante so from my channels.conf, which has got 226500000 for freq, the frequency id is 14.15625?
14:10dopester you setting up dvb?
14:10adante yep
14:11dopester that field means nothing to dvb tuning
14:11adante oh, heh
14:11adante where should i be looking to setup my channels then?
14:12dopester use the channel editor for now
14:12dopester im working on dvb scan code that isnt done
14:13dopester that dvb-t or dvb-c you are setting up
14:13adante lol oook i thought thats where i was :]
14:13adante currently in mythsetup, option 5 (channel editor)
14:13dopester you set the input source up as dvb yet?
14:13adante dvb-t
14:14dopester if it doesnt know its a dvb source it just gives you the ntsc tuning stuff
14:14adante ahh, no
14:14adante sorry, thanks
14:14adante i'm just stumbling around in the dark atm :]
14:14dopester what time is it there?
14:14adante 4am in the glorious morning
14:14adante (sunday)
14:14dopester heh
14:15dopester just 2pm here. on saturday.. hehe
14:15adante nice :]
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14:42adante for configuring dvb, is it ok to leave everything on auto?
14:42adante or is there a full mapping from a channels.conf to the channel options?
14:46dopester i think there are some utils to export channels.conf into the sql database
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14:50adante ok thanks, i'll look around
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15:46Captain_Murdo| dopester: Southeast Virginia although it doesn't look like we're going to get it as bad as we did last year thankfully.
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15:55dopester yeah it stoppepd raining here a bit ago
15:55dopester im in raleigh
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15:59adante_ is the lang field in the mysql dvb_pids table crucial?
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16:04dopester no
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17:09adante for the starting channel - is that channel number, name, or what?
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17:23adante after making changes to the mysql database, do i have to restart mythbackend?
17:29adante in my backendlog i'm getting 2004-08-15 07:25:10 DVB#0 ERROR - Failed to get channel options for channel . - is there any reason for this?
17:31adante also when i set the starting channel in mythsetup -> input connections, it saves but when i launch mythfrontend and try to watch tv, it gets blanked out - next time i load mythsetup the field is empty again - is this normal?
17:31adante (when i don't launch mythfrontend, and reload mythsetup, the field has whatever i put in it)
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18:58erik`` hey, is mythgame 0.15 broken? it seems to refuse to scan for games
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19:21VxJasonxV Would this be a good place to post a feature request, or is there any where else that is better?
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19:29o_cee feature request?
19:30VxJasonxV yeah
19:30VxJasonxV I would believe it's not a very hard one.
19:31o_cee then code it and send it to the -dev list?
19:31VxJasonxV I code in PHP, that's about it :P
19:34VxJasonxV I just wanted to request it, it's not absolutely crucial, but it might make things easier for some people.
19:34erik`` (spit it out already)
19:34VxJasonxV it's basically, SpikeTV shows a LOT of shows back to back
19:34VxJasonxV and, I have all my shows set to record 1 minute before, 1 minute after
19:35VxJasonxV so if I do this, the first episode is recorded, but the second episode is not due to conflict
19:35erik`` ooh
19:35VxJasonxV if the conflicting episodes are on the same channel, the WHOLE hour (or the total length thereof) should be recorded
19:35o_cee so what's your problem? that's exactly what it should do
19:35erik`` o_cee: not if they're on the same channel
19:36VxJasonxV and when the first segment is done, it should cut the first episode but keep the first two minutes for the second episode
19:36VxJasonxV so those two minutes should be at the end of the first, and the start of the second
19:36VxJasonxV you see?
19:36o_cee not really
19:36VxJasonxV there's no reason why another episode on the same channel shouldn't be recorded
19:36o_cee just don't set end late and it'll be allright
19:37VxJasonxV ...
19:37erik`` but this is a situation where one TV tuner can record two shows at the same time at once
19:37VxJasonxV but then I miss the ends of some shows
19:37erik`` i.e. when they're on the same channel
19:37VxJasonxV and no o_cee, that's not true
19:37VxJasonxV because of the 1 minute PRE-record setting
19:37o_cee heh, in that case your tv-listning is wrong
19:38o_cee if it doesn't end when it should it's not myth's fault, right?
19:38VxJasonxV it doesn't matter who's fault it is
19:38VxJasonxV there's no reason why it can't record to episodes on the same channel back to back
19:38o_cee it doesn't work if you set the first show to end 1 minute late and the second show to start one minute late?
19:38VxJasonxV if I want to record a little more than the 30 minute block just to be safe, that's my choice. And there shouldn't be any reason why the overlap should affect a second recording on the same exact channel
19:39VxJasonxV then my recordings will be messed up
19:39VxJasonxV because I'll have the start of one show on the ending of another
19:39o_cee ehm, you're not making any sense
19:39o_cee that's what you said you wanted
19:39erik`` yeah, i thought that was what you wanted to
19:39VxJasonxV yes, on BOTH recordings
19:39erik`` o
19:39VxJasonxV not just ONE of them
19:40o_cee ah, so you want one recording to result in two files
19:40o_cee from one card
19:40o_cee why didn't you just say so
19:40VxJasonxV O_o, didn't I?
19:40VxJasonxV <VxJasonxV> and when the first segment is done, it should cut the first episode but keep the first two minutes for the second episode
19:40VxJasonxV <VxJasonxV> so those two minutes should be at the end of the first, and the start of the second
19:40o_cee that's just cryptic
19:41o_cee and no, i'd guess that's not as trivial as you'd think, but what do i know
19:41o_cee get a second tuner, much easier
19:41VxJasonxV -_-
19:42o_cee (it's 1:43 here so i'm a bit tired)
19:43VxJasonxV I see
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20:59GeckoFiend VxJasonxV set a GLOBAL pre-post roll setting and it'll be used as a guidline. If another show is on right after the other the pre/post roll will be ignored otherwise it'll do it...
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