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03:54ree anyone have some experience with lirc?
03:54ree having an issue with it not working with my serial realmagic remote
03:54ree I can cat the serial port and press a key and it outputs data
03:54ree but lircd never even bothers opening the serial port
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09:15adante hi umm this one's a bit out there..
09:16adante some of my channels have the annoying habit of fitting a 4:3 video into a 16:9 broadcast
09:16adante or.. well i'm not sure of the exact aspect ratios but basically fitting monitor ratio into widescreen
09:17adante so basicaly there's a black border on the sides.. and when i watch tv the screen basically has a black border on both the top AND sides!
09:17adante something of a waste.. so the question basically was... is there any way i can zoom the picture or something?
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09:53o_cee gfiend, you around? the classic stuff and the titivilius stuff, didn't you forget to add them to so that they'll get installed?
10:02gfiend o_cee yeah I prorbably did forget to add classic to I'll do that now.
10:04gfiend done
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10:07o_cee great :)
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10:08o_cee btw, should the main menu be all AltMenu like now? only seemed like the settings where changed here
10:09o_cee GeckoFiend, you're still not installing titivilius-osd?
10:19GeckoFiend o_cee LOL I'm a dumbass. I'm working on getting titivilius-photo in as "titivilius" I'll add the entry for the OSD theme then
10:19o_cee :)
10:19o_cee halfway there at least, heheh
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10:38GeckoFiend I wanted to finsihs the video manager dialog before chekcing it all in... just got that done.
10:47GeckoFiend weee chcking of an entire theme over dialup
10:53dopester sounds like fun
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11:38Chutt geckofiend, the alt-menus aren't default, still
11:50o_c not if you enter settings either? main menu doesn't seems to be changed yet
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12:32GeckoFiend Heh I bet I forgot to check in the stuff from mythfrontend
12:34GeckoFiend I missed mainmenu.xml
12:34GeckoFiend it's in now
12:50o_cee updating :)
12:53Chutt geckofiend, nice +x on all those files :p
12:54o_cee i'll try to get them translated soonish
12:56Chutt fixed the exec bits
12:57dopester chutt: do you know why QStrings were used in some of the dvb functions when the values can only be integers?
12:58dopester if there is any purpose to it i don't want ot change it, but it seems silly to me right now to not use uint16_t, etc
12:59o_cee and it seems i need to fix gant as well
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14:27GeckoFiend I bet my samba persmisison are wrong. I create all those gfx using photoshop
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15:15o_cee gfiend, i'll try to update gant later.. how'd i do that without breaking backward compatibility? noticed that the watermarks didn't change and stuff like that.. anyway, haven't looked at it yet.
15:16o_cee hmm i could start translating it now instead
15:20o_cee wouldn't it be possible to have the rip part of mythmusic optional? don't even have a dvd drive in the computer.. always end up editing xml files for that
15:44o_cee gfiend, in tv_search.xml, isn't search people missing?
15:46o_cee and, isn't tvmenu.xml redundant?
16:16gfiend o_cee yes it's missing, adding it now. the tv_menu is from the old menus, I need to go through the code and see if there are any places that reference the old names.
16:17gfiend As for the watermarks, you *should* be able to add watermarks for the menus to GANT without breaking the old style ones... I'm pretty sure David added the names so as not to conflict, only overlap where possible
16:32gfiend I'm gonna ask Dave to update the classic menus to make sure the button types match.
16:36gfiend Been thinking of adding support for downloading comics via dailycomic and automaticly adding them to MythGallery, and adding a subscrption ui to mythgalleries setup to allow you to select which ones to download.. Any objections?
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16:54o_cee GeckoFiend, rss format? i saw in mythnews there was a comic feed, but it just gave me an img url. add support for showing an image there instead, would be nice i think
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17:19o_cee xris :)
17:19o_cee didn't i mail you about some issue a while ago?
17:19o_cee can't remember what
17:21o_cee ah yeah IE refreshing mythweb all the time?
17:24GeckoFiend the dailycomics perl app can download them all to a local dir sorted by date or comic. It's perfect for sticking into the gallery
17:28o_cee k, if there's an rss feed i'd think the mythnews way would be more slick, but that's my opinion :)
17:28mikegrb_ o_cee: <- is this you?
17:28o_cee mikegrb_, wich one would be me? the one on the bike?
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17:29mikegrb_ yes!
17:29o_cee heh
17:29o_cee no :)
17:29mikegrb_ just before you flew over the metal fence
17:29thecure getting closer to my epia box working...
17:29mikegrb_ it was quite ijmpressive
17:29o_cee hahahehhehe
17:29mikegrb_ though one of his attempts when I was photographing someone in the other direction, his bike bounced off that would fence and landed on me
17:29thecure i now have a 2.6.7-epia1 kernel , and i think my modules in order.
17:30mikegrb_ :>
17:30thecure is there a way to test v4l without X ?
17:30o_cee mikegrb_, :]
17:30o_cee thecure, topic please
17:30thecure oh, click.
17:30o_cee time to sleep
17:30o_cee nighty all
17:30mikegrb_ gn
17:30thecure i tried mythtv-dev by mistake.
17:30thecure ltr.
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17:31snowblind o_cee: like you are on topic
17:31* snowblind ducks
17:31dopester when i lock an object with pthread_mutex_lock do processes trying to access that object wait for it to be freed up?
17:34snowblind i think that depents on the way the wait is wrote, it can be set to wait forever or return after a timeout
17:52ree everyone use lirc here?
18:00adante heh i see there's a new newspost on :]
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18:00Beirdo Chutt: you there?
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18:01Beirdo if so, you might wanna doublecheck that news post on :)
18:01dopester nice posting there on hehe
18:02Beirdo something tells me there's a problem there :)
18:12GeckoFiend oh shit!
18:14ree xdm-theme is nice
18:14ree oops
18:14ree wrong channel
18:14ree :)
18:14snowblind i think GeckoFiend just found out he hacked the wrong site
18:15stoffel yeah, he typed instead of *g*
18:16snowblind heh
18:17dopester i want to make a comment, but it just keeps timing out..
18:17Beirdo I think maybe isaac needs to change his password
18:18Beirdo but that's up to him to figure out, I guess :)
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18:19ree yeah
18:19ree he should change it from 'password' to 'password2'
18:19ree ;)
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18:22mikegrb_ no
18:23mikegrb_ that is because it is phpnike
18:23mikegrb_ er nuke
18:23mikegrb_ tons of security holes
18:23mikegrb_ poorly written etc
18:26ree yeah
18:26ree it is a pos
18:26ree I've heard of security holes before
18:26ree but man.. more?
18:26ree that crap is never going to touch my hdd
18:30mikegrb_ yes
18:35Beirdo it would be nice if that mess could get cleaned up at least :)
18:36Beirdo I guess Isaac is off doing real life things (oh, the horror)
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19:24mchou Chutt, looks like someone hacked into the home page....bastards!
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19:49anduin It would be nice to see mythvideo checkins that actually make it better, rather than worse.
19:59GeckoFiend anduin what's wrong?
20:00anduin GeckoFiend - oh, the brose stuff appears to have changed again...
20:01GeckoFiend The direction for page up/down changed.
20:02anduin yeah, that happened a while ago (hated that too btw) but in this case the where clause for gallery and list is only looking for where browse = 1 which sucks if you have "newly scanned files are browseable by default"
20:02anduin er where browse = 0
20:03GeckoFiend Adjust your filter. It defaults to browsemode but you can adjust the filter and it'll show you all files from that point forward
20:04anduin GeckoFiend - My filter is Browse - All
20:05anduin GeckoFiend - an explicit setting of yes works, but once again, this sucks
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20:09GeckoFiend if it's set to browse = all then it should show everything.
20:09ree anyone here run mythtv without a media card?
20:09anduin GeckoFiend - yeah, I realize that. I'm checking something...
20:10ree I've got lirc working
20:10GeckoFiend ree /topic
20:10ree was thinking of setting up a media system on a workspace view
20:10ree ohh shit
20:10ree I've got both windows open
20:10ree heh
20:10ree anyway, I'm not asking for help
20:10ree am I?
20:11ree just asking if anyone here has mythtv without a media work
20:11ree er.. media card
20:11ree what do you guys discuss then
20:12ree it really wasn't a support question
20:12ree god I hate segregated channels
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20:17* Captain_Murd debates going over to #mythtv-users and telling ree that that channel is for users who need help with something and that his question is more suited for #mythtv-info which is for general questions
20:18Beirdo Captain_Murdoch: to be fair, it would be less confusing if this were #mythtv-dev :)
20:19Captain_Murdo| yeah, but sometimes I like to annoy people for the fun of it. :)
20:19Beirdo hehe, don't we all.
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20:21snowblind Captain_Murdoch: you are mean
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20:24snowblind yeah wonder why they named it this way
20:25Beirdo beats me
20:25Beirdo confuses newbies though, #mythtv would be the logical name for a general discussion on mythtv
20:25Captain_Murdo| cause there wasn't a -users to begin with and this room was for dev I believe.
20:25Beirdo but it is the way it is :)
20:26Captain_Murdo| then when Myth took off, a -users was created.
20:26Beirdo well, still, they coulda made a #mythtv-dev instead of a #mythtv-users at that point :)
20:26Beirdo but whatever works
20:27Beirdo IRC rules
20:31snowblind j/k on the mean part
20:35Matrix9 is the website hacked?
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20:35snowblind yes
20:35Matrix9 well hacked is not a correct word, more like defaced
20:36CanadaBoy00 when was this ?
20:36Matrix9 Isaac should use a new version of php-nuke the one he has, has a few security holes in it.
20:36Matrix9 if anyone has his email, let him know please.
20:38Captain_Murdo| snowblind: I am sometimes. :)
20:38snowblind nah
20:38dopester i bet hes got 50 /msgs already and 30 emails
20:39Matrix9 haha, is he on this #?
20:39snowblind yes
20:39Beirdo he's here... or his IRC client is
20:39snowblind just not here atm
20:39Matrix9 what nick does he go by?
20:40snowblind we would have to kill you if told you
20:40Beirdo heh
20:40Beirdo now who's being mean?
20:42* snowblind points at beirdo
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20:57* snowblind learns from beirdo and captain_murdoch
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21:08Urgo I take it people know about the web site?
21:10GreyFoxx You are correct
21:11Urgo k
21:11Urgo just making sure so someone can fix it
21:12GreyFoxx I'm sure once Isaac is around it'll be taken care of :)
21:12GreyFoxx gotta love script kiddies :)
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21:12Urgo love... right... heh
21:13GreyFoxx heh
21:13Urgo well there was a reason I was going to the site but the answer doesn't seem to reside there. Will myth run on freebsd?
21:14GreyFoxx There is work in that direction, and I know it's a compile time option (at least in CVS anyway) but I've never used it myself on FreeBSD
21:14Urgo k. Well I'm using it on gentoo right now but I wanted to setup another frontend
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21:15Urgo maybe for now I'll put debian on the system..
21:16Chutt oops
21:16GreyFoxx I see plenty of people that run it on debian. But seriously it will run on basically any Linux distro with enough effort heh
21:16Urgo well freebsd isn't linux
21:16GreyFoxx Urgo: I'm aware of this :)
21:16Urgo k =]
21:16GreyFoxx I was referring to the Gentoo->Debian reference
21:16Urgo ah okay :)
21:17Urgo yeah I knew it would run on other linux distros
21:17GreyFoxx I should play with porting it to OpenBSD heh
21:17Urgo hehe
21:17GreyFoxx Or Netbsd and see how poorly it plays on my dreamcast heh
21:18Chutt the little script kiddy
21:18GreyFoxx Chutt: The offender?
21:18GreyFoxx Ahh
21:18Urgo route:
21:18Urgo descr: QualityNet Kwait
21:18Urgo origin: AS9155
21:18Urgo mnt-by: QNET-NOC
21:18Urgo changed: 20010809
21:18Urgo source: RIPE
21:18Beirdo ummm, now the site's down?
21:19Urgo heh yup
21:19Urgo no index
21:19Urgo forbidden even
21:19Beirdo I'll be patient, I'm sure it's being looked at as we type
21:20GreyFoxx Well Chutt just spoke up so I'm assuming he took it down :)
21:20* Urgo agrees
21:20Beirdo that's what I'm figuring too
21:32* Urgo decided just to try out knoppmyth as a frontend
21:33Urgo no need to spend the time installing a os just to run a frontend on an old box :)
21:33GreyFoxx I netboot both of my frontends, no hd's
21:35Urgo netboot.. hmm
21:36Urgo I don't think the nic's/bios's support that unless I do it from a cd/disk
21:36GreyFoxx I boot from an etherboot floppy
21:37dopester my frontend uses tftp and has no drives at all
21:37Urgo ahh
21:38GreyFoxx Mine is etherboot dhcp/tftp's kernel and then nfs mount all filesystems from the backend
21:38Urgo cool
21:53dopester anyone who uses dvb in here other than adante?
21:54Beirdo dopester: you do realize this is the non-user-support channel, right?
21:54dopester yes I am working on DVB scanning and EIT parsing code
21:54Beirdo Heh, OK ;)
21:55dopester i ask every day or so (in vain really since its mostly north americans in here) if there is anyone in here who has DVB since posting on the dev list never gets anyone who will run code on non dvb-s systems
21:55Beirdo you should ask in the user channel too
21:56dopester if they are there they can't get their crap to work so what are the chances they can compile other code :)
21:57Beirdo That's not true
21:58Beirdo there are many of us there who camp there to help people
22:00Chutt fixing bugs in phpnuke is fun.
22:01dopester there bierdo just for you.. :)
22:02Beirdo Heh. It's always worth a try
22:03dopester im putting code in dvbsections.h/cpp now so maybe people will have to test it once i get a patchfile written
22:11Chutt alllrighty
22:11Chutt everything's good on the website now
22:11Beirdo Woohoo
22:11Beirdo is the hole plugged (I hope)? :)
22:12snowblind post something funny for us chutt
22:12Chutt why?
22:13snowblind i donno
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22:14GeckoFiend weee
22:14GeckoFiend RossTFarian> UberDuper: which is exactly why MythTv needs a more formal build/test process. Should be more like tindebox is/was for Mozilla -- probably building from source on gentoo and automatically running some basic test suites
22:15Chutt eh?
22:15Beirdo I'm not touching that with a 10ft pole. maybe he wants to set it up too?
22:15snowblind we look forward to your patch
22:15Chutt who's that?
22:15GeckoFiend in the user room.. the age old myth needs more organization / formal release schedules
22:15Chutt and what's it in reference to?
22:16Chutt tell him he's a moron for me =)
22:17snowblind i dont think you could do that anyway
22:17dopester :)
22:18Beirdo automated builds, etc are a great idea, but they are so hard to set up and maintain, and for something like myth that uses differing drivers, etc, just how would one test it automatically?
22:18Chutt all you can test is if the ui's working in a general sense
22:18Chutt besides, cvs doesn't stay broken for very long, ever.
22:19CoaxD Well, Mozilla, for instance, had it set up.. THAT was WHACKY
22:19Chutt mozilla's easy, though
22:19CoaxD they had leaf nodes test compiling et al. lots and lots of results
22:19Beirdo yeah, it's easier to see if a URL renders
22:19Chutt you can just have it render a page, take a screenshot, compare it to a known good shot
22:19snowblind aye point it to some www pages and see what happens
22:19Chutt easy to automate
22:19CoaxD Chutt: I dunno. But then again, i'm not sure there's really any "combinations" other than a full build
22:19Beirdo Myth won't be easy to do that with
22:20dopester chutt: would you have any prefered method of getting my huge dvb scanning/guide parsing code implimented? i am sure as large as it is it could break something at first..
22:20Beirdo yeah, you could automate builds, but testing would be a serious PITA
22:20Chutt i honestly don't care if you break dvb
22:20dopester ok thats fine.. then one big patch it will be :)
22:20Chutt at least you're working on it, and you'd fix it :p
22:20CoaxD Chutt: Maybe the thing to do would be to make a future version of myth compile in all the "options" as DSO's and then link them in as needed, like with a configfile or something. That'd make automated builds more successful
22:21dopester right i just didnt know if you wanted it stuck into cvs right away..
22:21CoaxD Chutt: i.e. something you can actually test
22:21Chutt i build with almost everything enabled.
22:21Chutt if the whole point is just to do automated builds to test for breakages, that's rather stupid.
22:21anduin GeckoFiend - so, how does one have the browser show only browseable videos now?
22:21CoaxD Chutt: only real difference from the main config and my config is lirc
22:21CoaxD ie. default config
22:22CoaxD Chutt: Oh, i agree. automated builds are a pain in the ass no matter how you swing it
22:22Beirdo Chutt: I'd have to agree :) Especially when you guy fix CVS build problems as fast as you do.
22:23snowblind Beirdo: you use cvs?
22:23GeckoFiend anduin it should only show browseable.. The filter shouldn't let you select a non-browseable or all... If it's showing non-browseable I'll take a look at it in the morning
22:23snowblind for myth
22:23Beirdo snowblind: not for myth no. I do elsewhere, quite a lot
22:24anduin GeckoFiend - ah... it is only showing browseable, which is different from every other view...
22:24Beirdo I have yet to have a need to use myth-CVS.
22:24anduin GeckoFiend - or rather, can be
22:27Chutt wish i had time to switch to something less crappy than phpnuke
22:27GeckoFiend the browser is set to only show browseable. Though I guess there's no real reason for it now that I've thought about it more. The PL should take care of hinding stuff that needs hidden, If someone wants to see non-browseable in the browser but adjusting the filter that's their choice i guess.
22:28Beirdo Chutt: I've had good experiences using mambo, but yeah, it takes time to redo a site and have it the way you want
22:28anduin GeckoFiend - I had VideoDefaultBrowse set to 0 (old bug) and switching views seemed very weird with the filter changing
22:29GeckoFiend yeah I'll delete those two lines in the AM.
22:30GeckoFiend night all
22:30Beirdo Night :)
22:35dopester whe hew! getting somewhere..
22:37Beirdo Man, this MPEG2 cutting will be the death of me
22:38snowblind quit whinning
22:38Beirdo what's in CVS now (in nuvexport) will create files you can play, but my Windows authoring software belches on it
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22:56UberDuper I've heard there is an effort to get mythtv running on FreeBSD. I'd like to help out on that. I don't have any coding abilities, but I have the hardware to help test.
22:56UberDuper Would any of you know who I should contact about helping?
22:56Chutt mailing list
22:58UberDuper Ahh. I see what I'm looking for now. Thanks.
22:59cmorgan i'd imagine actually being able to code would be most helpful
22:59cmorgan i'd be surprised if someone without the software could get it working, but maybe...
22:59cmorgan without bsd rather
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23:52Beirdo Wow, this is painful. Finally found a way to get the last frame number of an MPEG file
23:53Beirdo using mplayer in benchmark mode with no sound, -vo null, then grepping out the info I need.
23:54Beirdo Is there any way we could get that piece of info added to the recordedmarkup table, or is it actually in there?
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