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00:13Chutt if you don't need the actual final frame number, just use the highest gop number
00:13Chutt it'll be within a half second of the actual end.
00:17Beirdo Hmmm. well, I'm using this to cut the file. some people might be annoyed by that limitation. Which mark number would I go with for that? 6, right?
00:18Beirdo right now, I'm considering using mplayer to spit it out, but that's a pain if the data's readily available in the database
00:18Chutt you can't tell it to cut to the end of the file?
00:19Chutt mythtv itself won't let you set a cut point any later than the last gop, iirc
00:19Beirdo Hmmm, well, I'm creating a cutlist for avidemux, and it requires start frame and number of frames for each segment
00:19Beirdo so going to the last GOP's a pretty close approximation
00:20Chutt as i said, it's within half a second
00:20Chutt < 15 frames
00:20Chutt or 12 for pal
00:20Beirdo yep. that's type=6 in the recordedmarkup table, right?
00:20Chutt i dunno
00:21Chutt that's in a header file somewhere
00:21Beirdo it would be nice to have a "last frame" mark in there too, first frame's easy :)
00:22Beirdo OK, I see it in the file. Just have to figure out what the offset maps to as a frame number :)
00:22Beirdo use the source, Luke...
00:33Beirdo OK, this might sound like a dumb question, but which file would the cutlist editor be in?
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00:45dopester is there a way to have dvbsections send a signal directly to videosource if dvbsections is created by dvbchannel?
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01:04Captain_Murdo| Beirdo, cutlist editor is in NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp
01:05Beirdo Thanks. I *just* found it
01:05Captain_Murdo| If you're cutting to the end, just try giving it the frame number of what the next gop after the last one would be and see if that works.
01:05Beirdo I'm trying to figure out how to convert the offset to a frame number
01:05Captain_Murdo| offset in the recordedmarkup table?
01:06Beirdo yep
01:06Beirdo that looks like a byte offset to me
01:06Captain_Murdo| there's file offset and gop number I believe
01:07Captain_Murdo| it is a byte offset into the file yes, to make seeking quicker.
01:07Beirdo right, that sounds right. I guess you can use the mark number * gop size to determine the gop frame number
01:08Captain_Murdo| yes.
01:09Beirdo OK... now to determine the gop frame interval. Is that a constant?
01:09Captain_Murdo| depends on the source.
01:09Beirdo heh. Hmmm
01:09Captain_Murdo| could be 15 (ntsc), could be 12 (pal).
01:10Beirdo but those are constants for the two standards?
01:11Captain_Murdo| no, you can have gops wherever you want according to spec I believe. the ivtv driver sets it to 15 and 12 I think. dvb stuff may be different.
01:11Beirdo sigh
01:11Captain_Murdo| they are normally 15 & 12 in Myth.
01:12Beirdo OK, that should be workable for now, I guess
01:13Beirdo it would be nice to just be able to read the last frame number directly from the recordedmarkup table though :)
01:16Captain_Murdo| most internal stuff in Myth just uses the count of the number of keyframes/gops multiplied by the keyframedist in order to get the total number of frames. It ignores that last few frames when calculating length since it will only be off by less than one second for mpeg4 and less than 1/2 second for mpeg2 recordings
01:16Beirdo yeah. OK, fair enough
01:17Beirdo this shouldn't be too hard to do as it is, so I can certainly live with it. :) using mplayer to tell me is SUCH a hack
01:17Captain_Murdo| not saying it's impossible or even hard, but it would need a new recordedmarkup MARK_ type and code added to the various *recorder.cpp files to set the length.
01:18Captain_Murdo| why do you need the last frame number?
01:18Beirdo for my MPEG2 cutting script, I'm using avidemux2
01:18Beirdo it requires either start frame/end frame or start frame/frame count for each segment
01:19Captain_Murdo| I know that, but if you know the file is at least 1000 frames long (since you know the last gop and the keyframedist (gop spacing)), then just add keyframedist to whatever you want at the end.
01:19Beirdo so for the last segment of the file, I need to know the last frame or a decent approximation of it
01:19Captain_Murdo| just give it a bogus framecount for the last cut
01:19Beirdo yep
01:19Beirdo I think the last GOP should be good enough, or the phantom GOP after
01:19Beirdo but I need the info from somewhere :)
01:20Captain_Murdo| if you know the last gop is number 1000 and the gop spacing/keyframedist is 15, then that's at least 15000 frames, so just tell it 15015.
01:20Beirdo yep
01:20Captain_Murdo| you need keyframedist (gop spacing) more than you need the total frames really.
01:20Beirdo which is what I plan on trying
01:20Beirdo yeah, the last GOP should be close enough, but need the gop spacing for sure
01:21Beirdo without that, the frame number of the last GOP or the last frame stored would be good
01:21Beirdo I can use 15/12 for now
01:21Beirdo until someone complains that it's busted for DVB :)
01:23Beirdo Be so much nicer if avidemux would let me use a cutlist instead of an anti-cutlist :)
01:25Beirdo the first run through I made it cut out the segments into separate files, but joining them proved to be problematic
01:26Beirdo it kinda works
01:26Beirdo so I want to do it all in one run so it will save to one m2v, one mp2
01:26Captain_Murdo| yeah, I saw some of your messages in the -users channel earlier.
01:26Captain_Murdo| gotta run (actually gotta sleep). :) have fun...
01:27Beirdo I should do likewise, but I'll putter along on this for a bit first
01:27Beirdo Seeya, thanks for the help
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02:00Chutt mysql open to the world my ass
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02:13Beirdo huh?
02:14Chutt people on the -users list
02:15Beirdo Ahhh. I've been busy working on this script haven't read my mailing lists in a bit
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02:20Beirdo you commenting on the "Mysql error and Setup error" one?
02:21Chutt no, the guy that thought i was running mysql open to the world on the website
02:21Beirdo Gack
02:21Beirdo hehe, I somehow don't think so
02:24Beirdo what an idiot
02:24Chutt and the other guy that said they probably just put in their own index.html
02:24Beirdo heh... I don't use php-nuke, but somehow I don't think that's how it works either.
02:25Chutt the phpnuke author is a moron
02:25Chutt he doesn't sanity check user-supplied values
02:25Beirdo Yeah, I got that feeling when I read his documentation
02:25Chutt so it's easy to insert random sql into the pages
02:25Beirdo wonderful
02:25Chutt its one of the reasons i use such an old version of phpnuke =)
02:25Chutt most everything's fixed in it
02:26Beirdo Ahh.
02:26Beirdo yeah, changing to something else would be a chore
02:30Beirdo if the mysql was open to the world, the site would be destroyed daily, I'm sure
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02:38Beirdo well, this is close, and a LOT faster too
02:39Beirdo 39s to cut a half-hour show
02:39Beirdo I'm cutting to the last known GOP
02:42Beirdo about twice that if it needs to index it.
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03:00Beirdo OK, that got it
03:00Beirdo time to download the latest nuvexport and give Chris another patch :)
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06:26o_cee Beirdo2, can't you have a look at the mpeg2 transcoder as well? alot more useful :)
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07:30o_cee Chutt, you around?
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09:46o_cee gfiend, you here?
09:47dja o_cee: you're 0 for 2. :-)
09:47o_cee uh? :)
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10:08dja sorry, a baseball term -- you've gone looking for 2 people and neither of them are around....:-)
10:10o_cee ah okay :) hehe
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10:11HockeyFan22 hey
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11:36sparky hey, anyone around to help diagnose a problem with mythmusic and mythgallery?
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11:39sparky_elite | whenever I load up mythtv I get the follwoing errors in the console window I started it form: unable to initialize plugin 'mythmusic'
11:39sparky_elite | i get the same error for mythgallery
11:39Chutt see topic.
11:42sparky_elite | ah so sorry to bother you
11:42sparky_elite | on another note, is there myth 0.16 expected anytime soon?
11:43Chutt nope
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12:10mchou Chutt, would you happen to know if support for >4G files over nfs v3 is broken out of the box on mandrake? I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or it's mandrake's fault. :) (I did ask in #mythtv-users, btw.)
12:11Chutt i have absolutely no idea.
12:11mchou ok, thx
12:12Chutt i don't use mandrake, i've never used mandrake
12:12mchou yeah, I can see why now :)
12:12mchou full of qa problems.
12:12mchou broken compiler, broken mount, etc.
12:13kvandivo luckily those are all utilities that aren't used very often, huh?
12:13mchou heh
12:14mchou that gives me an idea. Maybe I can use knoppix to see if it's something I did wrong......
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13:21mchou crappy mandrake. Knoppix mount works fine.....
13:27o_cee gfiend, using your OSD theme, long descriptions continue outside the graphic
13:29o_cee also got a swedish update to altmenus and indentation fixes for those files as well :)
13:29stoffel o_cee, and i like it that way! :)
13:29o_cee will send them tomorrow, need to go through em all
13:29o_cee hehe
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16:17GeckoFiend o_cee I'll tweak the layout of the OSD, or maybe make the graphic bigger. Thanks for the translations on the menus!
16:24jams egads the osd is already big enough
16:25jams perhaps decreasing the line spaceing ?
16:25jams spacing
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16:31GeckoFiend I'll probably just reduce the area allowed for the descriptions.
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17:02shadash bbeattie: I'm reading your website article I need one aspect cleared up. Could I use a HD-2000 card and view digital TV from Time Warner via a cable connection?
17:04Chutt shadash, why are you asking that question in this channel?
17:06shadash On the link I posted bbeattie said to find him here
17:06shadash It's a MythTV related question
17:06Chutt not especially
17:06Chutt and you certainly didn't bother to read the topic of this channel, either.
17:07shadash IC
17:07--- ---> eco [] has joined #mythtv
17:07Chutt and you certainly didn't bother reading the FAQ on the pchdtv website
17:08thor_ and no
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17:09shadash Harsh crowd :-(
17:09kvandivo na.. you're still here.
17:10mikegrb_ hello kirby my love
17:10shadash No, The card is only for terrestrial broadcasts. Cable and Satellite reception are not supported.
17:10mikegrb_ did you see my request for cinamax?
17:10* kvandivo nods.
17:10Morph shadash: no one has been harsh to you..they've been overly nice actually. simply pointing out that this is a myth devel channel..not a help were even pointed in the direction of where you should ask your question.
17:10mikegrb_ also pizzaria pizza instead of caffeteria
17:11thor_ mmmm pizza
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18:04iver hi
18:04iver i read that the radeon 9600 provided great tv out capabilities
18:04iver is it so with the 9600 SE version too?
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18:06snowblind iver: try mythtv-users
18:06iver ohh..thanks :)
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18:08bbeattie Chutt: I will correct my note there, shadash, please msg me privately.
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18:10bbeattie Chutt: thor_: So you are aware, the HD-2000 and HD-3000 cards are both QAM possible, there is no support in the drivers for it yet though. The HD-3000 will have QAM support very soon, if someone wants to take the initiative for the HD-2000, there can be support. (QAM for encrypted channels will never work though of course)
18:11thor_ right
18:11thor_ but non-encrypted QAM exists ?
18:11bbeattie yes
18:12thor_ ah, OTA HD that's run through the cable?
18:12bbeattie only about 30% of carriers are running encrypted channels, many have chosen not to bother with it, is what I was told.
18:12thor_ heh
18:12thor_ cool
18:13thor_ why encrypt when there's a flag
18:13bbeattie not OTA, QAM
18:13thor_ :-)
18:13bbeattie because cable companies are not all dumb. :)
18:13thor_ right, but content you would get if you just put up an aerial
18:13thor_ that's what I was thinking
18:17Chutt hm
18:17Chutt if it has qam support, that makes it interesting
18:23Chutt bbeattie, how soon is 'very soon', ie, when the card's released?
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18:42shadash msg shadash this is a test
18:42shadash grrr
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18:46bbeattie Chutt: they're being produced right now, just waiting shipment
18:47bbeattie for QAM support, hopefully 2 weeks, worst case, 2 months
18:47--- ---> adante__ [] has joined #mythtv
18:48bbeattie but it is only for the HD-3000, I'm not knowledgeable enough on the different Oren chips to know what it would take to get the HD-2000 working with QAM though.
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18:58dopester what system do they use. OpenCable?
18:58dopester the cable companies that is
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21:02Chutt moegreen, yo
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21:32dopester bbeatie: what system do the cable systems you were talking about use? OpenCable?
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22:11xris do I remember seeing correctly that some kind of opengl transition was added to mythfrontend?
22:12Chutt mythui, in cvs
22:12Chutt not part of the main mythtv stuff yet
22:12xris how do I turn it on?
22:12xris oh, ok
22:12xris that was my confusion.
22:12xris back to compiling, then...
22:13xris man, I need a new tuner card or something... since switching to svideo, I can't for the life of me get mythtv to default to it.
22:13Chutt heh
22:13Chutt sorry, i still can't reproduce that
22:14xris yeah. I have no idea what to do to get more info
22:15xris will just live with it for now. friend owes me a favor, which I think will take the form of a pvr-250
22:19xris anyway, not complaining. just annoyed that I Sliders came in with no audio.
22:19xris (which is totally weird since the bug is with video)
22:19Chutt heh
22:19Chutt that's a different issue -- sometimes the bttv driver doesn't switch the audio channel properly
22:20xris should be the same audio channel, though...
22:20thor_ especially if you're trying to watch sliders
22:20thor_ (or the price is rights)
22:20thor_ err, right
22:20xris lol... can't I have my late-90's scifi?
22:20thor_ nope
22:21xris damn you
22:22snowblind never say you watch that show
22:22xris what's wrong with it?
22:22thor_ that should be self evident
22:23xris I just like bad scifi
22:24thor_ ah, well, it you like it because it's bad, that's ok ... just run mythbackend --no_bugs_on_crappy_shows
22:26xris hah
22:26GeckoFiend bleh smoothscale on every draw == suckage
22:27Chutt heh
22:27Chutt slow?
22:29GeckoFiend it's not so slow it's unusable but I notice it's laggy. I hadn't messed with the gallery till the other day. I like it if I can get the draw speed up. I'm trying to cache the smooth scaled pixmaps in metdata now so they only have to be buyilt once.
22:29GeckoFiend I notce there's several places we either load or manipulate the cover art in the paint routines in the various views of MythVideo. Trying to eliminate them all
22:30Chutt cool.
22:30GeckoFiend Not loading the file for every icon in the glallery every time we repaint helped a lot but not enough for my taste
22:30thor_ each view was originally written by a different person ... not so much code reuse :-)
22:30Chutt scaling is quite slow
22:31thor_ but it's certainly imrpoving now
22:31thor_ err, improving
22:31GeckoFiend thor_ yeah I'm slowing getting more commonality between them.
22:31thor_ yup
22:31thor_ :-)
22:32GeckoFiend There's some sort of major delay in the browser when moving off a video without cover art to one with cover art I need to track that down
22:41dopester mythscan2.cpp:57: invalid conversion from `DVBChannel*' to `int'
22:41dopester mythscan2.cpp:57: cannot convert `const char*' to `const sockaddr*' for
22:41dopester argument `2' to `int connect(int, const sockaddr*, unsigned int)'
22:41dopester there something i have to include to get signals/slots to compile?
22:42--- ---> eco_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:42Chutt include Q_OBJECT in the class def, inherit from QObject
22:42dopester well the class i created for debugging doesn't give an error just dvbchannel won
22:42dopester 't connect
22:43dopester does connect require 2 classes?
22:43dopester casue i just have dvbchannel in main()
22:43Chutt there's 2 class and one class versions
22:43Chutt read the qt docs, they go over everything in detail
22:44dopester ok np
22:49xris so I have to ask, before I get too annoying, are there any major philosophical issues about my requesting a mythtranscode avi export? or at least some way to export demultiplexed mpeg4/rtjpeg/mp3 files?
22:50Chutt nope
22:50Chutt just needs someone to do it
22:50Chutt i'm not really interested in transcoding, myself
22:50xris ok. I'm fine with being patient....
22:50xris you have a pvr-250, right?
22:50Chutt main card's a -350
22:51Chutt my only bttv card is in my dev system, so it only gets used for testing
22:51xris yeah. need something for those of us who like to archive to a more standard format.
22:51moegreen hey Chutt
22:52Chutt moegreen, your cvs account still should be active
22:53xris so much compiling. heh.
22:57--- <<-- eco [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:09--- <<-- lisadaveh [] has quit ("Leaving")
23:09--- <--- xris [] has left #mythtv ()
23:20dopester chutt: if i need dvbsections to send a signal to videosource should i make a handler in dvbchannel (since dvbchannel creates dvbsections), or should i just make dvbsections public?
23:21Chutt doesn't matter to me
23:22dopester oki
23:44--- ---> xortch_ [] has joined #mythtv
23:55dopester when watching livetv is DVB/MPEG/HDTVRecorder considered Recording?
23:59--- <<-- xortch [] has quit (Connection refused)
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