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00:25Captain_Murdo| dopester: huh? in which file, the decoder files?
00:26Captain_Murdo| livetv == Watching LiveTV. watchingrecording == Watching an in-progress recording. otherwise must be watching pre-recorded recording.
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00:33dopester in the recorders libs
00:33dopester dvbrecorder() for example..
00:33dopester when you are watching tv it should still be "recording" to a buffer
00:33dopester but i want to verify that it does that for livetv as well..
00:33Chutt of course
00:34dopester ok.. seemed obvious, but wanted to check..
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05:51billytwowilly| are you guys aware of any promotional pamphlet type materials for mythtv? Something I could give out while demoing mythtv at an installfest?
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06:41Laveolus hi
06:41Laveolus can anyone tell me where/how I can submit patches?
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08:02oc to the -dev list
08:19Laveolus tx
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12:43kvandivo whoever committed some of the recent theme changes obviously has a thing for control-M's
12:43Chutt heh
12:44Chutt someone needs to d2u em?
12:44kvandivo yep
12:44kvandivo blue/theme.xml and programs/mythfrontend/tv_schedule.xml in particular
12:44kvandivo both failed the cvs checkout
12:48Chutt any others?
12:49kvandivo not that failed the checkout
12:50Chutt try now
12:53kvandivo i had previously corrected the cvs failures, but an update after that worked cleanly.. On another machine i tried it on a machine that wasn't updated to the ^Ms and it worked fine as well
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15:55GeckoFiend Sorry about that. I loaded em up in kate when he sent them to me and they looked ok.
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16:54GeckoFiend Browser is fixed. now to fix gallery and tree.
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17:14GeckoFiend gallery fixed.. Just need the tree done. may have to wate for the AM. wife needs time
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18:26Chutt nice
18:26Chutt looks like bob on the 5200's tv out works as expected =)
18:27snowblind ill have to try cvs mythtv someday
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18:49rkulagow chutt: here?
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18:51* o_cee looka at his shiny new 19" tft :)
18:51mikegrb_ :<
18:51* mikegrb_ steals it and runs really fast
18:52o_cee heh :)
18:52o_cee i can actually read stuff on the screen now, amazing
18:52mikegrb_ heidi is comming to visit me!!!!
18:52mikegrb_ she gets here tonight
18:53o_cee heh, hope you've showered ;)
18:54mikegrb_ yes indee=d
18:54mikegrb_ can't wait
18:54o_cee :)
18:55mikegrb_ she was supposed to be here saturday but silly amtrak let a tiny huricane get in the way of thier trains
18:55o_cee bastards
18:56mikegrb_ her train is 3 hrs late at origination because of it too :<
18:57o_cee i'm glad we don't have those things here
19:01mikegrb_ heh
19:03o_cee nice, no dead pixels
19:04mikegrb_ excellent
19:04snowblind does cvs mythtv let you set per recording scheduleds not to mark comm breaks
19:04mikegrb_ heidi juyst called
19:04mikegrb_ her train is supposed to leave in an hour
19:05o_cee mikegrb_, how much delayed? well anyway, the one who waits on something good.. erhm. :)
19:05o_cee snowblind, per channel, but that's in .15 as well i think
19:05mikegrb_ about three hours delayed
19:06o_cee :/
19:06mikegrb_ she was supposed to get here around midnight and will now get in around 3 am
19:06o_cee ouch
19:06mikegrb_ 9 hrs from now :<
19:06o_cee 1am here, so 2 hrs for me ;)
19:06snowblind we need a per show way aswell dont you think?
19:06mikegrb_ bastard
19:07o_cee snowblind, patches are welcome
19:07mikegrb_ it is nice living in a hotel suite though
19:07mikegrb_ I feel bad about the maid making my bed for me every day though
19:07o_cee haha
19:08snowblind o_cee: hmm you want me to code in c++
19:08o_cee snowblind, this is a dev channel
19:08mikegrb_ o_cee: no joke, I've made my bed myslef all but one day so far
19:08mikegrb_ so all she has to do is change tghe towels and take out the trash
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19:09o_cee mikegrb_, yeah, but still, it is her/his job. you don't want her/him to get unemployed do you? :)
19:09snowblind i know
19:09mikegrb_ o_cee: well it isn't exactly a normal hotel
19:10mikegrb_ it is military hotel, though civilian staff
19:10o_cee mikegrb_, oh
19:10mikegrb_ and a very very nice suite with two bed rooms and kitch and living room
19:10mikegrb_ and only $17 a night
19:10mikegrb_ it is amazingly nice
19:10o_cee nice, well, then i guess you can make your bed yourself, hehe
19:10mikegrb_ :>
19:11mikegrb_ and when heidi comes to stay it is only an extra $3 a night
19:11mikegrb_ oh and there is free coffee and capacino and mocha and stuff
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19:12o_cee damn, a cappuchino would be nice
19:12o_cee or maybe some ice-coffee
19:12o_cee mmmmmm
19:13Snow-Man Damn people with similar nicks to mine.
19:13mikegrb_ well
19:13mikegrb_ I could put some ice in it in my room
19:14o_cee Snow-Man, heh
19:14mikegrb_ I think I will og out for a cigarette now
19:14mikegrb_ and grab a mocha while I'm over there :>
19:14o_cee those are bad for you
19:14o_cee bah :)
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19:55o_cee erhm, could someone please have a look at the latest tv_search.xml
19:55o_cee that bjm updated.. getting ^M at the end of each line here when resolving conflicts in that file
20:03o_cee Chutt, i'd still like cvs access to G.A.N.T., would make it alot smoother here
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20:06anduin o_cee - sure you don't mean tv_schedule.xml?
20:06o_cee anduin, nope. but it's probably something that got messed up during the merge.. fixed it manually now
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20:16o_cee why the heck does a cvs diff - out all of the file then + the newer one.. it's supposed to only spot the changes, just takes the whole file?
20:16Chutt that says that every line has changed.
20:16cmorgan did you change whitespace?
20:17o_cee very strange.. maybe something nano did.. hmm, lemme check it in some other editor
20:17Beirdo do a cvs diff -w to ignore whitespace (in case you didn't know)
20:17o_cee that was alot better
20:18Beirdo I know it's saved my bacon a few times :)
20:18o_cee heh
20:19Beirdo of course if you go to check in rather than making a patch, it will actually change all those lines (nasty for commit logging)
20:20o_cee yeah need to fix it anyway
20:20Beirdo but it is useful for finding what's changed in situations like that
20:22o_cee <watermarkimage>watermark/pizza.png</watermarkimage> <-- heh
20:22Beirdo hehe
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20:31jakeisawake hey, anyone out there wanna take a shot at a question ?
20:31o_cee check topic
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20:31jakeisawake oh my bad, i clicked wrong chan
20:31jakeisawake sorry
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20:33o_cee what's an easy way to check if a file is in DOS format?
20:33o_cee text file that is
20:34cmorgan i thought nano/pico told you if it was in dos format when you opened it?
20:34Beirdo Ummm. vim should tell you
20:34Beirdo I don't know of any non-editor tool to tell you
20:34o_cee cmorgan, yeah but my files are all merged
20:35o_cee you got a clean checkout? could you have a loog at theme.xml in gant?
20:35Beirdo when you check stuff into CVS, CVS should be translating to UNIX files. That's supposed to be a standard feature of CVS
20:36o_cee yeah dunno, haven't got any clean checkout of those files
20:38o_cee no one?
20:38Beirdo I don't have it checked out at all... right now I'm trying to get avidemux2 to compile for FC1 :)
20:39o_cee okay
20:39Beirdo I think you should be OK if you check in text files, I could be wrong though
20:40Beirdo I'll take a quick look though off cvsweb, one sec
20:40anduin o_cee - file will let you know if a file has CRLF ends
20:41Beirdo anduin: it does? that's good to know
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20:43cmorgan stupid dos cr/lf characters really screw things up sometimes
20:43Beirdo amen
20:43cmorgan almost as retarded as windows ftp sending files in ascii mode by default. i've seen a few people bitten by that one
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20:43o_cee mythtv@dragon mythtv $ file theme.xml\?rev\=1.7
20:43o_cee theme.xml?rev=1.7: ASCII English text, with CRLF line terminators
20:43Beirdo that's not a windows thing, that's an ftp thing though
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20:44Beirdo old UNIX FTP used to do that too
20:44o_cee now, who caused this..
20:44cmorgan Beirdo: how is it an ftp thing? my linux ftp client defaults to binary for transfers b/c its almost always retarded to do otherwise
20:45o_cee jdonovan did with rev 1.5
20:45Beirdo because your client sends a binary command, cmorgan.
20:45Beirdo the protocol defaults to ascii (OOOOld protocol)
20:45cmorgan i know it is an ftp thing and not at all related to dos cr/lf
20:46cmorgan but it is still dumb to use ascii by default
20:46* Beirdo agrees
20:46cmorgan i mean look at the massive savings in bandwidth...
20:46cmorgan ;-)
20:46anduin o_cee - jdonavan at rev 1.5
20:46Beirdo too bad the FTP protocol is so ancient that that's the default
20:46anduin ah, I'm too slow
20:46o_cee hehe ;)
20:46Beirdo anyways, I'm getting back to this avidemux2 build :)
20:47o_cee all his files are like that it seems
20:48o_cee mythtv@dragon classic $ file tvmenu.xml
20:48o_cee tvmenu.xml: UTF-8 Unicode text, with CRLF line terminators
20:49anduin probably checks out with unix, edits in windows
20:49o_cee yeah, somethings wrong at least
20:50anduin or at a minimum with crappy editor settings
20:50o_cee there's good editors that handles unix files just fine in windows too
20:53dopester ultraedit is one that is good for editing unix files in windows
20:53o_cee yeah
20:53Beirdo so is vim
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20:53Beirdo sorry, just couldn't resist
20:54o_cee :)
20:55o_cee Chutt, got a small update for gant.. you want a patch with -uw that looks as it should or with -u that diffs all lines and fixes (?) the cr/lf issue?
21:03GeckoFiend :/ Dave hostar setn those files to me after he added the new button types he used windows to edit them. I looked them over in Kate but never resaved them
21:04anduin maybe instead of picking favorites: find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 file | grep CRLF | cut -d : -f 1 in the source...
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21:08o_cee net died if anyone said something
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21:11GeckoFiend fixing them now
21:11rkulagow chutt: here?
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21:12o_cee GeckoFiend, thanks
21:12o_cee GeckoFiend, ultraedit is real nice if you're editing stuff under windows
21:13GeckoFiend wasn't me. It was Dave, I noticed I couldn't get a clean diff off his files but never saw the CRLFs so I just went over what he changed in kate and used the files he gave me
21:14o_cee ah, allright
21:14* GeckoFiend only uses Windows at work
21:15GeckoFiend I think I got em all. Love that dos2unix :)
21:15Beirdo a cool tool to be sure
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21:30o_cee rkulagow, didn't you go through all settings texts? still seems to be some stuff that ends with .
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21:50o_cee GeckoFiend, libs/libmythtv/sr_items.cpp, line 60/229, what's that QObject::tr("Pre/Post Roll") about there?
21:56o_cee GeckoFiend, your advanced screen. storage options -> recording group -> create new -> cancel.. results in [[Create a new recording group]]
21:58o_cee in the translation, there's both "Create a New Recording Group" and "Create a new Recording Group"..
22:03o_cee nigth
22:10lisadaveh yeah yeah, I learned my lesson for editing... using only linux now... =)
22:23rkulagow o_cee: yes, i went through a bunch. it wasn't totally comprehensive though.
22:24o_cee rkulagow, allright, just noticed it now when updating the translations
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