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04:31gfiend o_cee: "Create a new recording group" is what it says in the list. "Create New Recording Group" is the label on the dialog is the title of the "GetText" popop where we prompt for the group name. I'm preety sure that title never actually shows up.
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05:17gfiend o_cee The other issues you raised are fixed in CVS.
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06:14o_c GeckoFiend, thanks. the new vs New is just kinda annoying since it shows up as two different strings to translate, and withing linguist you don't actually know what you're translating without looking at the source, so :)
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08:19o_cee Chutt around?
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08:21o_cee GeckoFiend, seems you've been poking around in mythnews a little as well.. i'm not sure if i can do it in the theme or not, but i don't think so
08:21o_cee the updated date is in the way when reading stuff
08:22o_cee so i thought i could move it to only show when you've got the left hand side selected, where you get a summary of the feed
08:22o_cee since it's when the _feed_ was updated, not the article..
08:22o_cee no use displaying it on evey newsitem
08:25mikegrb_ o_cee: !!! heidi is here :>
08:25mikegrb_ her train got here at 5 am
08:25o_cee wwwwweeeeiiihhh! :)
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08:25o_cee hehehe, doh
08:25mikegrb_ I got an hour of sleep :<
08:26o_cee :/
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08:27dopester isnt is usually a good thing when a female arrives and you get no sleep? :)
08:27mikegrb_ hehe
08:27o_cee hehehe
08:27mikegrb_ well not when you get no sleep before she gets here
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08:45o_cee GeckoFiend, don't bother about mythnews, i fixed it myself
08:49o_cee yeah allrighty coooool mythnews looks alot better now, even possible to read /. :)
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08:54dopester finally getting the dvb scanning code into dvbsections now.. we hew!
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15:48bbeattie any idea when all the images for the new theme will be in cvs?
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18:33GeckoFiend bbeattie I'm working on it.. Something barfed when I did my initial checkin (over dialup)you can grab the bz2 from and copy the images out of it (don't use the xml files from it though)
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18:57bbeattie GeckoFiend: that's an option.. Any idea when you plan on commiting again? no worries though.
18:58GeckoFiend Trying the commit now.. If this one bails I'll email a bz2 to someone else with commit rights.
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19:05o_cee anyone looked at my mythnews patch?
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19:10tkooda anyone got one of the pcHDTV ( cards?
19:14tkooda does anyone know of any HD tuner cards that can encode MPEG2 on the card?
19:14GeckoFiend weeee MythTV being discussed on /. and I have moderator points
19:15Beirdo uh oh
19:15tkooda that article got me looking around and led me here
19:15GeckoFiend HD is already MPEG no need to "encode on the card"
19:15Beirdo we gonna get slashdotted again?
19:15GeckoFiend oh and tkooda you probably want mythtv-users this is the dev channel
19:15tkooda gecko, so I can get a MPEG2 dump from a pcHDTV card?
19:16tkooda gecko, aah. thanks.
19:16GeckoFiend tkooda yep, Myth just slices the strem out and saves it to disk
19:16tkooda sweet.
19:16o_cee GeckoFiend, wich article?
19:17Beirdo thanks, I woulda found it soon enough :)
19:17o_cee thanks, thought that was it
19:18rkulagow_ chutt: here?
19:19o_cee GeckoFiend, i'll check fark
19:19o_cee right away
19:20GeckoFiend wooot looks like the watermarks made it in this time
19:23o_cee GeckoFiend, can't really say that the "headlines" at fark is the norm, i mean, those are no headlines/titles
19:26o_cee guess best thing would be to merge the desc and title together, but then we'd loose the ability to theme the title, no?
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19:28o_cee example, haven't got any titles on /. that's longer than one line
19:28GeckoFiend I really don't care if I lose the ability to see through MythNews, I just figured if they had long ones others might too
19:29o_cee do you have any other site?
19:29o_cee btw, i noticed most sites have a little graphic, like a logo, would be nice to fetch and display it :)
19:30GeckoFiend yeah I thought about that. There's also a few image only feeds I'd like to support
19:30o_cee problem is that we loose a complete line that makes more sense to me using it for the desc
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19:31o_cee yeah, like comic stuff, would be very cool
19:31o_cee but that's out of my league
19:32GeckoFiend I'm putting the comics into Mythgallery. I had just started working on it when I found out how bad I broke mythvideo
19:34o_cee heh, k.. my vote is still on mythnews displaying images, but :)
19:36GeckoFiend Ahh but with MytGallery you can just hightlite todays comics dir and do a slideshow. If it turns out to be the wrong route I'll look into a MythNews-like plugin for comics.
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19:36GeckoFiend The comics will be download with mythfetchcomics via cron...
19:38Beirdo heh
19:39Beirdo I hope the comics sites don't get bent outta shape about it. I'd love to see my Dilbert and User Friendly on the TV :)
19:39o_cee guess both might be needed, since there are rss feeds with comics wich you can't get with a script and vice versa
19:39o_cee dilbert got rss
19:40Beirdo well, I guess if we aren't scraping them, why would they get bent outta shape?
19:40o_cee it's in 'humor'
19:40o_cee exactly :)
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19:44GeckoFiend My plan was to use "dailystrips" to grab them.
19:44o_cee Calvin and Hobbes!
20:08Chutt comics in pvr stuff is a pretty standard feature nowadays :p
20:09Beirdo well, as long as my PVR still does TV, all the rest is gravy :)
20:12Chutt but, cool feature regardless =)
20:13Beirdo yep, for sure
20:15GeckoFiend My big thing is that I tend to forget to check them. So I grabbed dailystrips and went "ehy this would be easy to integreate"
20:18rkulagow_ chutt: here?
20:19o_cee i _really_ need to make a selector for GANT...
20:19o_cee GeckoFiend, did you fix cr/lf in gant as well?
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20:21GeckoFiend No I didn't because I thought you had changes pending that included the CRLFS. want me to fix it real quick?
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20:22o_cee yeah, since my merged file is correct, my diff will look real weird
20:23Chutt rkulagow, yo
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20:25GeckoFiend done
20:25lisadaveh GeckoFiend: CVS Titivillus looks much nicer as of todays changes.
20:25o_cee thx. fixing a diff now for former altmenus translation/other fixes
20:28o_cee using 'file *.xml' in programs/mythfrontend, i see "UTF-8 Unicode text", "Non-ISO extended-ASCII text", "Non-ISO extended-ASCII English text" and "UTF-8 Unicode text, with CRLF line terminators"... wich one should they be and how do i change them?
20:28GeckoFiend lisadaveh heh yeah. Having watermarks helps.
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20:28Chutt i need an artist type person to do next-gen ui stuff =)
20:29Chutt load on the transparency and stuff
20:29GeckoFiend o_cee which one stills has CRLFs? The variation in the character sets is probably due to tranlastions or lack thereof
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20:29o_cee GeckoFiend, the one with crlf might just be my local copy, but it would be tv_lists.xml
20:30cmorgan Chutt: how about animated icons and background?
20:30o_cee Chutt, what exactly would be needed?
20:30cmorgan Chutt: maybe different backgrounds depending on time of day etc
20:30Chutt cmorgan, would be good as well
20:30GeckoFiend tv_lists.xml: UTF-8 Unicode text on my copy
20:30o_cee good
20:30cmorgan Chutt: the goal should be to require a 2Ghz+ cpu to handle the eye candy ;-)
20:30Chutt naw
20:30Chutt it'll just require hardware opengl
20:31o_cee "just" :)
20:31o_cee damn this 350
20:31Chutt fall back to non-eyecandy stuff for people without
20:31Beirdo hehe, that will really limit a lot of peoples' use :)
20:31cmorgan doh, would be lost on the 350 i think
20:31GeckoFiend I think I'll tear down my dev box and rebuild it. Hopefully I can get this openGL crap fixed.
20:31o_cee guess i need to start using the 5200 again, it died on me and is on repair
20:31Chutt i haven't hooked it up to an actual tv yet (just xawtv)
20:31Chutt but with a 5200, running at 640x480
20:32Chutt overscan set to 1.0
20:32Chutt and the bob deinterlacer
20:32Chutt _looks_ to do the right thing
20:32GeckoFiend Chutt will translucent popups be possible in mythui?
20:32Chutt ie, it interlaces the fields back properly
20:32Chutt geckofiend, translucent _everything_ is possible
20:32o_cee will have to try bob when i've got the 5200 back
20:33GeckoFiend nice! It'd be nice to have some sort of universal notify thing like we have for the OSD.
20:33Chutt like, i'm planning on doing the greyout stuff by just adding a new 'screen' that's black with a half level of alpha
20:33o_cee finally :)
20:34o_cee btw, just had a thought. the EPG during livetv, can't it fade in and out?
20:34Chutt possibly
20:34Chutt during recordings is a bit tricky, still
20:35Chutt but, should happen
20:35o_cee would look nice
20:35Beirdo I have a feeling 0.16 is gonna look totally different from 0.15.1
20:36Chutt i need a big animated cursor
20:36o_cee animated cursor?
20:36snowblind to bad it will not work on the pvr350 tvout
20:36Chutt for stuff that's going to take a bit
20:36Chutt instead of just sitting there
20:36Chutt pop up an animated wait cursor
20:36o_cee right.. hmm
20:37o_cee a nice looking bar that moves maybe?
20:37Beirdo just please don't make it look like the hourglass from Windows :)
20:37Chutt i'd rather not have a progress bar
20:37Chutt since it's hard to gauge progress for some things
20:37o_cee cursor is a bit "computerish" (prog bar too though, heh)
20:37Beirdo an pocketwatch or something?
20:37Chutt like, an animated version of the 'please wait' screen on mythweather start would be keen
20:37o_cee Chutt, yeah, but you could just have it move without filling
20:38snowblind can i try cvs code and use my 15.1 database, or does it start all over if i installed cvs mythtv
20:38o_cee like [ oo ] [ oo ] [ oo ] [ oo ]
20:38Chutt it upgrades your database.
20:38Chutt which means you can't go back to 0.15.1
20:38Chutt unless you keep a backup and don't mind losing any changes you made since
20:39Beirdo heh. I told you that like 4h ago didn't I, snowblind? :)
20:40Chutt hm
20:40Chutt i think it feels like patch night
20:40o_cee no? i'll see if i can find anything
20:40o_cee heh :)
20:40snowblind yes but i wanted to be sure
20:40Beirdo heh. Fair enough
20:41rkulagow_ chutt: get nathan ziarek involved again. he seems to be back
20:41Beirdo speaking of patches, I should give some to xris to make nuvexport stop throwing silly warnings
20:42Chutt he said he's going to look at stuff
20:42snowblind Beirdo: you said yourself that you never tryed out cvs code
20:42Chutt but he's still fairly busy
20:42o_cee ^[[?6c^[[?6c^[[?6c^[[?6c^[[?6c+ <--- what's stuff like that? keeps messing up my diffs here with that kinda crap
20:42Chutt he's making a theme meant for hd resolutions =)
20:43Beirdo snowblind: yes, but I've read through the code, I know what's involved when DB stuff changed, and I know that the DB has changed
20:44Beirdo o_cee: those look like keyscans for arrow keys or something like that
20:45o_cee i think i managed to get rid of them by moving the text around a little, heh
20:45icebrgslm I installed mythtv a few days ago and have not been able to get the live TV portion working. mythtvfront end comes up just fine, but when I try to run mythtv it just stops at "strange error flushing buffer ...". The ringbuf.nuv file grows though. Anyone have any ideas?
20:45o_cee yeah, read the topic
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21:08Chutt Small enhancements to VideoManager and EditMetaData within MythVideo
21:08Chutt was this ever looked at?
21:08Chutt 7/27/04
21:12o_cee strip "/usr/local/share/mythtv/library.xml"
21:12o_cee strip: /usr/local/share/mythtv/library.xml: File format not recognized
21:13Beirdo you can't strip XML files last I heard, only compiled binaries
21:13o_cee yeah, make install tries to do that
21:13Beirdo nice
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21:16snowblind Beirdo: stall nothing like hearing it from the man himself
21:16snowblind still even
21:17Beirdo that's true :)
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21:23o_cee GeckoFiend, i'll skip fixing indentation on those files, better you do it after you applied my stuff..
21:32o_cee GeckoFiend, mail on its way to you now with swe update for altmenu
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22:35o_cee g'nighty
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