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00:05thor_ <Chutt> 7/27/04
00:05thor_ hmmm
00:06thor_ not by me
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10:17kvandivo someone was busy overnight
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11:04o_cee time to build my new computer now :) later
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12:08Chutt kvandivo, i've got more, too =)
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12:26oneo99 ls
12:26oneo99 ah whoops sorry
12:26oneo99 whats the best NES emulator for mythgame?
12:28Chutt read the topic.
12:31kvandivo Chutt: i could have guess that. after all, I just got done recompiling (analogous to washing your car so it will rain, etc)
12:33Chutt i resynced with ffmpeg last night, but i didn't have time to test everything
12:33Chutt so i'm waiting until tonight to check that in =)
12:46bbeattie Has having browsable toggles per view mode in mythvideo been discussed? (ie, the browser would display only some types of files were as the file list mode displays all?)
13:03thor_ Chutt, I'm happy to look at that mythvideo "my first patch" ... have some time
13:03Chutt cool
13:03Chutt i was going to pawn it off on geckofiend, since he's done all that stuff to mythvideo recently =)
13:03Chutt but if you want to, sure =)
13:04thor_ I suspect it will be a, "here's why we can't apply it" kind of thing
13:04Chutt my favorite kind of patch
13:04thor_ heh
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13:28Morph You're MythJames, bitch?
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15:42sarahr hey there
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16:01gfiend bbeattie that was the old behavior. You can control it with a filters now. Though I'm leaning twoards each view having it's own filter.
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16:15GeckoFiend bleh power went out. Glad I had just gotten home and was only reading emails
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16:33thor_ do we know why mythvideo is not setting a $PREFIX ?
16:33Chutt geckofiend broke it? =)
16:34thor_ it may have always been broken
16:34thor_ putting stuff in /libs/mythtv
16:34thor_ rather than /usr/local/lib
16:34Chutt changed recently
16:34thor_ right, will fix
16:35Chutt thanks
16:35thor_ (chalk one up for Debian not liking anyone doing anything as root)
16:35thor_ hang on, mytmusic is trying to do the same thing
16:36Chutt geckofiend, i don't have mythvideo installed, yet it's showing up in the menus
16:36thor_ old one in /usr/lib/mythtv perhaps
16:36Chutt nope
16:37Chutt hrm
16:37thor_ well, this is odd ... we do want a PREFIX set in top level, correct ?
16:37Chutt nevermind, had a 'mythvideo' dir in share/
16:37Chutt yes, we do
16:37Chutt wait, no
16:38Chutt it should be set in mythvideo's
16:38thor_ k
16:38thor_ sorry, to be clear in mythvideo/ or in mythvideo/mythvideo/ ?
16:39Chutt it shouldn't be anywhere in there
16:39Chutt it should be using the prefix set in
16:39thor_ right
16:39thor_ nm
16:39thor_ this is all coming back to me
16:39thor_ :-)
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16:43Chutt heh
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17:10GeckoFiend bleh I tried looking at the Internal player. It's modeled after "mythtv", I compared it to that and it looks like it should work :/
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17:10GeckoFiend is used to work once apon a time
17:10Chutt heh
17:10Chutt where's the code again?
17:11GeckoFiend in main.cpp for the fonrt end. It's a simple function. Acorrding to the player's stae it thinks it's playing it but it isn't
17:11snowblind wasnt someone working on a per show option not to commflag?
17:11Chutt snowblind, no.
17:11Chutt why the hell would you want that?
17:11snowblind some show commflag screws all up here
17:12Chutt so?
17:12Chutt don't skip automatically.
17:12Chutt problem solved.
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17:16snowblind well if that was in and Beirdo script could be set to auto run, thats why i would like that in there
17:16Chutt no
17:17snowblind still not a good reason
17:17Chutt it'd be moronically stupid to assume that the detection was 100% accurate.
17:17Snow-Man Your shitty nick is a good reason to say no.
17:17Chutt heh =)
17:17GeckoFiend who did the remote comflagging stuff?
17:17Chutt chris, of course
17:18GeckoFiend and he doesn't stop by often right?
17:18Chutt fairly often
17:18Chutt captain_murdoch, wake up
17:18GeckoFiend doh! I have trouble keeping track of who's who beyond Chutt, thor and o_cee (2 out of 3 are easy)
17:19thor_ sorry, who are you ?
17:19thor_ he he
17:19snowblind do you know where my nick comes from
17:19Chutt snowblind, no one cares.
17:19GeckoFiend thor_ Donavan ;)
17:19Snow-Man Nope.
17:19Morph I care.
17:19Morph no no. I dont.
17:19Snow-Man haha.
17:20Chutt geckofiend, i don't see anything obviously wrong in the internal stuff
17:21Chutt i'll look at it tonight if i have time
17:21GeckoFiend chutt thanks.
17:22GeckoFiend If we get it working again I'm going to extend it so that we have real OSD info from the metadata.
17:22Chutt shouldn't be difficult.
17:22Chutt most obvious thing would be the lack of seeking :p
17:27dopester chutt: has anyone ever looked into parsing the ATSC tables? i was glancing at the specs and they could re-use about 1/2 of the dvb parser code ive written..
17:27Chutt probably
17:28dopester might just make a base class and let the atscsections code whenever its written inherit from it..
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17:30dopester just kills me at how bad the drivers are for the pchdtv they should have hacked up the dvb libs instead of the bttv and created demux devices, etc
17:36Chutt they do have standard ntsc support, though
17:38dopester just a shame how similar atsc and dvb are the interaction with the drivers isn't similar
17:49dopester can you not pass around QValueLists?
18:02dopester i also think that the opencable table struture might be similar to dvb/atsc but couldnt find opencable specs
18:02dopester at least in a quick check
18:04thor_ yah EFF!
18:05anduin using_xvmc has crept into in that last checkin
18:06Chutt heh
18:06Chutt oops
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18:21bbeattie ;) that's not bad is it? since you can disable it via a checkbox in the frontend.
18:21bbeattie or is myth refusing to compile?
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18:39Beirdo OK, who mentioned me and made my xchat tab go blue? :)
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19:07bbeattie ideogallery.cpp: In member function `virtual void VideoGallery::fetchVideos()':
19:07bbeattie videogallery.cpp:248: error: `ceilf' undeclared (first use this function)
19:09bbeattie anyone else getting that?
19:09bbeattie not sure if that's due to a new commit, or upgrading to gcc 3.4.1
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19:11bbeattie Mythtv, mythmusic, gallery, weather, all compiled fine, but mythvideo has that error.
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19:20bbeattie Chutt: can you add #include <math.h> to mythvideo/videogallery.cpp ? That will fix compiling mythvideo with gcc 3.4.1
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19:40o_cee Chutt: you here?
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20:33Captain_Murdo| GeckoFiend: did you have a question about or problem with the remote commflagging stuff?
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20:40o_cee is qt 3.3.3 safe to use with myth?
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21:13GeckoFiend Captain_Murdoch I've been having problem lately where the remote doesn't get told to comm flag comething till I've stopped and restarted it
21:13Captain_Murdo| I'm in the middle of rewriting all that to use a table as a queue.
21:14GeckoFiend cool
21:14Captain_Murdo| making a generic job queue that can be used for comm flagging, transcoding, etc..
21:15Captain_Murdo| I've got comm flagging converted over to using it and am tweaking some things. this will make it easier to eventually add support for running jobs on whichever backend is "free".
21:16Beirdo That's great news
21:16Captain_Murdo| also can make sure that you don't end up with comm flagging using up 100% cpu because too many jobs are running.
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21:19Captain_Murdo| currently only 3 job types will be comm flagging, transcoding, and archiving once I add support for that. right now only comm flagging is done (well, almost done). :)
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21:21strgout i have a lame question that i'm guessing has been asked before. I have comcast cable (texas) and wanted to know if i can use mythtv without a cable decoder and still get some if not all cable channels i subscribe to.
21:22strgout or is this more a video4linux question?
21:22Captain_Murdo| that's a #mythtv-users question actually.
21:22strgout oh well i guess i'll bugger off then :) thanks
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21:50newbie123424 | why does mythtv encode mpeg4 data inside a nuv format/headers etc? wouldn't it be better/less problematic for it to be mpeg4 in avi format as far as compatability goes(playing/extracting/reencoding)? I thought the nuv-mpeg4 thing was just a quick fix to get mpeg4 available, how hard would it be to make mythtv use ffmpeg to encode proper mpeg4 in avi format files instead of nupplevideo?
21:54Chutt avi is a horrible format.
21:54Chutt by asking that question, it shows how little you know about video.
21:55thor_ besides, I wouldn't get to make nipple jokes
21:56Beirdo hehe
21:56Beirdo AVI is horrible, but unfortunately almost everything understands it
21:57Chutt i don't really care
21:57Chutt if people want a portable format, they can buy a hardware mpeg2 encoder
21:57Beirdo still, capturing to it would suck :)
21:57Chutt i cannot use avi and guarantee a/v sync.
21:57Beirdo I know.
21:57thor_ invented, iirc, by our good friends in Redmond
21:58Beirdo and no way to put the CC info in either if I remember right
21:59Beirdo it would be nice if we could export to it, but I wouldn't want to capture directly to AVI, the A/V sync would suck badly
22:00Beirdo once I'm more rested, maybe I'll look into it harder and see if there isn't a way to get mythtranscode to spit out AVI.
22:00Chutt why?
22:00Chutt you lose so much of the a/v sync info
22:00Beirdo because a lot of people with bttv cards want it to make divx, etc
22:00Chutt screw them
22:01Beirdo the nuv format is of no practical use for archival, unfortunately
22:01Chutt if you do that, then everyone will just complain about how it goes out of sync after 10 minutes
22:01Beirdo hehe
22:01Chutt the cycle of whining doesn't end!
22:01Beirdo that's likely true
22:01Beirdo Well, if you don't mind me trying, I wouldn't mind giving it a shot
22:01Chutt avi assumes that frame rate and audio sample rate are constant
22:01Chutt neither are true.
22:01Beirdo after a vacation (next week)
22:02Chutt so, to do it properly, you have to reencode everything
22:02Beirdo yeah, it's crummy
22:02Chutt which completely defeats the purpose of doing a zero-copy in the first place
22:02Beirdo well, you could repeat video frames, play tricks like that, no?
22:02Chutt not really
22:02Chutt you'd still have to resample all the audio
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22:03Beirdo yeah, I guess that might work better for rtjpeg than mpeg4 too
22:03mikmorg hello all. For some reason i'm getting buzz in my audio through mythtv, but it sounds fine if i listen to linein directly... i can't find anything on this.. does anyone know why this would happen?
22:03Chutt mikmorg, see the topic.
22:03Chutt why can't people read the fucking topic?
22:03mikmorg then what is the point of this channel?
22:03Chutt to tell people to go away because they can't read, mainly
22:03Beirdo heheh
22:04Chutt and to do a little development work in between
22:04thor_ (and mention nipples)
22:04Beirdo of course
22:04mikmorg great. ok. thanks for being an ass about it.
22:04mikmorg bye
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22:04Beirdo well, I guess I'll have to think over the idea of exporting when I have more brainpower
22:05Beirdo but if I can get that to behave somehow, I'm sure there will be happy people out there, but with MP3 audio, yeah it will be tricky
22:06Beirdo if it were WAV audio, it'd be easier to mess with, but take so much space. Sigh
22:06Beirdo :)
22:06Beirdo just can't win :)
22:06thor_ well, 2 bit wav would work
22:06* thor_ will shut up now
22:06Beirdo 2 bit? that would have to be at pretty high sampling rate to not suck :)
22:08Beirdo Well, I'll give it more thought later on, I guess. I think it would be a great addition, but it would have serious technical issues
22:08Chutt sacd is 1 bit wav, essentially
22:08Beirdo up/down delta encoding?
22:08Chutt yup
22:08Chutt very high sampling rate
22:08Beirdo yeah, DSP stuff is quite intriguing
22:09Beirdo it would hurt my brain to do that for a living
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22:38Chutt yay
22:38Chutt wince reflashed right
22:38Chutt maybe linux will work now too
22:41thor_ pocket pc something or other ?
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22:43Chutt thor, kinda
22:44Chutt it's an arm dev system, made by a company called accelent
22:44Chutt i fucked it up earlier, but now it's all working again =)
22:44thor_ heh
22:44thor_ arm's are fun
22:44Chutt (4 hours later)
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23:10Beirdo aren't netsplits fun? :)
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23:29Chutt i'm confused. apparently i don't know how to plug a keyboard in
23:30Chutt mouse fits in both mini-dins, keyboard fits in the mouse port, but not in the keyboard port
23:31Beirdo that doesn't sound right to me :)
23:31Chutt it doesn't to me, either
23:35Chutt and, apparently i've fucked up the usb config, as its not seeing that, either.
23:35Chutt yay me.
23:37Beirdo wow, not your night
23:37Beirdo this your ARM devel system?
23:38Chutt naw, other box
23:39Beirdo ARM processors are fun :)
23:45thor_ with enough elbow grease, you could just plug svideo cables into both of them
23:45Chutt oooh, i'll try that
23:45Chutt really, i've got no idea
23:45Chutt maybe i bent the plug somehow
23:46Beirdo likely
23:46Chutt i had _just_ been using it, and now nothing fits
23:46Beirdo they aren't that hard to bend pins in
23:46Chutt the plug on the motherboard
23:46Chutt not the keyboard side :p
23:46thor_ another keyboard handy?
23:46Chutt i've tried 4
23:46thor_ heh
23:47Chutt and 3 usb-ps2 adapters
23:47thor_ weirdness
23:47thor_ network?
23:48Chutt network what?
23:48thor_ can you plug it into the network, get into it, and get USB working?
23:49Chutt yeah, i'm doing that right now
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