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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-08-28

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15:20* pimuri is away: ..
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15:27Chutt blah
15:32mecraw Chutt: Would you accept a Hauppauge MediaMVP as a token of thanks for MythTV?
15:32Chutt eh
15:32Chutt i don't really have a need for one
15:32Chutt and i don't have time to make it work or anything
15:32mecraw ok, just checking
15:32Chutt thanks, though
15:33mecraw did you ever set up a PayPal account, Amazon wishlist, or anything for donations?
15:33Chutt don't really want any of that
15:34mecraw I guess "Thanks" will have to do then
15:53josephk well, I guess it's because chutt is doing it for himself...hehe
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15:58jbeha hello
15:58jbeha need some help, might be offtopic
15:59jbeha ivtv issues with a pvr250
15:59stoffel jbeha, -> topic please
15:59jbeha ivtv issues with a pvr250, getting static
16:00Chutt geckofiend, so, is it recording, or did the backend stall out?
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17:04GeckoFiend Chutt it records fine, the frontend just never makes the transition from "watching live tv" to "watching recording"
17:05GeckoFiend I played around with it a bit today. I wonder if it's not another race, the nuv file exists by the time the "cannot open xxx.nuv" mesage shows up. (or at least really close to it since by the time I 'ls' for it it's there)
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17:06Chutt yeah, but it's trying again..
17:06Chutt i think
17:06Chutt can you look into it more?
17:07Chutt i still can't reproduce it at all, and i've got real work to do :(
17:07Chutt i've just wasted 6 hours today because i was sent the wrong type of serial cable
17:09GeckoFiend yeah I'll play with it come more tomorrow.
17:09* GeckoFiend has a house full of in-laws :/
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17:46majeeks hi
17:47majeeks is it possible to record the mpeg2 stream from dvb card in mythtv
17:47majeeks without mythtv having to transcode to nuv
17:47majeeks ?
17:48Captain_Murdo| yes, and for further info, see #mythtv-users or the website.
17:48majeeks k, but i searched there
17:49majeeks but that did not help
17:49Captain_Murdo| there are quite a few people using dvb cards I believe, but they're normally in the #mythtv-users channel, not here.
17:50majeeks k, thx
17:50Chutt yet another person you can't use 'file'
17:51Captain_Murdo| yeah
17:51Captain_Murdo| let them explain it though. :)
17:52mecraw :e!
17:52Captain_Murdo| myth has got to be the most efficient video encoding software on the planet. It can record 3 mpeg2 streams from my M179 cards and save them to .nuv files and barely hit 5% cpu utilization. :)
17:54majeeks hmm
17:54Captain_Murdo| just fixed Bug #3 for both edit mode and for advancing frames while paused.
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18:13gentoouser I'm seeing a blank screen when playing live-tv or live-recordings(with both nvidia-glx and xorg glx), once its out of the recording state it plays fine, Im using mythtv cvs(as of around 1 or so), also mythfrontend segfaults with nvidia-glx when I open a recording close it and then open another, with xorg's glx it doesn't crash
18:14Chutt gentoouser, read the topic.
18:14Chutt captain_murdoch, bruce'll be happy
18:15gentoouser no bug reports?
18:15Captain_Murdo| :) yeah, it's bugged me some recently as well. basically, I take the videoOutput->ValidVideoFrames() into account when computing the fftime.
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18:15Chutt cool.
18:16Captain_Murdo| so it fixes not only intial frame advance, but also small seeks which would go from framesPlayed, not from the actual frame being displayed.
18:16Captain_Murdo| anytime there are frames buffered I guess which is usually only the initial advance.
18:18Chutt gentoouser, not from people using gentoo, no. most of their issues are their own fault.
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18:41* Captain_Murd sees Paul's commit message RE: QT-3.1 and immediately updates w/ mythphone CVS to take a look.
18:42Chutt you're going to have to update one of these days =)
18:43Captain_Murdo| could do it anytime. 3.3.3 is available on
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18:43Captain_Murdo| checked today and found it. was debating it earlier when I saw your message on the list about 3.1.
18:44Captain_Murdo| I can update anytime since the only thing I use QT for is Myth.
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18:49o_cee hiya
18:58o_cee Captain_Murdoch: heard anything from the guy working on the comm code?
19:02Captain_Murdo| not recently. there were 2 guys who emailed me asking questions who said they were looking at it.
19:03Captain_Murdo| I'm getting ready to start messing with it again probably. it's doing pitiful on a show my wife and I watch (that I can't recall right now) and another one she records for herself. they're dark so the blank-frame stuff is getting confused.
19:03o_cee m'kay
19:03o_cee sounds good ;)
19:04GeckoFiend everytime I tinker with it I make it worse so I've stopped tinkering
19:04Captain_Murdo| :) glad someone feels my pain
19:04Captain_Murdo| I'm glad it works as good as it does usually.
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19:05Captain_Murdo| it's not one of those "if (exactly_this) then do_exactly_that();" type things or else it would be easy.
19:05GeckoFiend My wife was like "Why can't you make it perfect on the Simpsons it should be *easy* to tell the difference between a cartoon and a commercial." :/
19:05o_cee yeah i know. biggest problem here is probably because my logos are transparent
19:06o_cee heheheh
19:06o_cee count the amount of colors ;)
19:07Captain_Murdo| NTSC? have to do something like a histogram with buckets. that's about what the scene change stuff does.
19:09Captain_Murdo| I have been messing with the comm detection recently, just not with the actual detection code. Been working on a better way to queue up jobs so you don't end up with 5 comm detect jobs killing a backend.
19:10o_cee yeah saw that
19:10Captain_Murdo| gets backlogged sometimes, I've had my p2-400 master backend doing 4 comm detect jobs, recording 3 new shows, and dealing with me watching another. that's my motivation for working on this. :)
19:11o_cee thinking about setting up my old computer as a fileserver in the closet... is it possible now to have a master backend without any tuners?
19:13Captain_Murdo| not sure
19:13o_cee won't be able to put the tuners in the server, no cable outlet there..
19:13o_cee but it'd be nice to have the actual master backend on it
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19:26o_cee bte chris, you got a running frontend and could test a thingie?
19:26Captain_Murdo| what?
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19:26o_cee watch a pre-recorded show, hit m, try to open edit recording from there.. didn't work here yesterday
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19:27Captain_Murdo| was working fine for me earlier. I was going in/out of edit mode earlier today while testing a fix for a longstanding bug.
19:27o_cee via the menu?
19:28GeckoFiend I just tried it here and it worked
19:28Captain_Murdo| yes
19:28o_cee allright, must have been something temporary.
19:28o_cee will have to remember to try it again tomorrow
19:29* Captain_Murd is away scrounging for something to eat for dinner.
19:58o_cee thor_: you around?
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20:28splat1 nn all
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21:16thor_ o_cee, am now
21:23o_cee was just that email
21:24thor_ right, just responded
21:27o_cee :)
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22:42* Captain_Murd realizes (after reading an email from Bruce) that his "initial frame advance" patch didn't handle the "initial frame rewind" case.
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23:14Captain_Murdo| there, Bruce's fix applied to fix "initial frame rewind" as well.
23:15* Captain_Murd can sleep peacefully now.
23:31mikegrb no!
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23:50dopester chutt you around?
23:52Chutt nope
23:52dopester sweet :)
23:53dopester you have any suggestions about where in the videosource to put the dvb videosource setup?
23:53dopester i was thinking of adding a combobox to the top of the videosource screen that lets you select standard or dvb and changing the options there
23:55dopester that sounds ok? i dont want to mess around with changing this code if you would prefer it placed elsewhere but it seems best palced in video source setup at least to me
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