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01:46Chutt wheee
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02:36Chutt good old ivtv list
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07:28rikstahh main.cpp: In function `void setupKeys()': main.cpp:389: error: invalid conversion from `void (*)(MythMediaDevice*)' to ` void (*)()'
07:28rikstahh anyone know how to fix this error from mythmusic cvs compile
07:28rikstahh vi mythmusic/main.cpp +389
07:28rikstahh oops
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11:39Chutt is it possible to use the TV-program without a TV-card?
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11:42anduin yes, mythtv is magic
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13:22Mrgoose3 anyone around?
13:23mikegrb no
13:23Mrgoose3 heh
13:23Mrgoose3 is changing channel delay dependant on processor?
13:24Mrgoose3 would mythtv be faster if i had a faster pc
13:24Mrgoose3 or is it more based on other things
13:25mikegrb hahah you are an idiot
13:25Mrgoose3 ok maybe so
13:25Mrgoose3 but whats the answer
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13:26mikegrb you are an illiterate idiot
13:26Mrgoose3 ok
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13:53Chutt geckofiend,
13:53Chutt that an issue with the 'show category' bits?
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14:31o_cee Chutt: how're things going with mythui? got some ideas for theming i'd like to see, that will be possible now ;)
14:33o_cee like having titles that are texts instead of images, so that i can translate them.. would require transparency of the text, but that shouldn't be any problem i think?
14:34Chutt sure.
14:34o_cee great.
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14:38_Nero_ are there any rules of thumb for creating themes, in terms of a font size, etc.. that shows up well on a TV?
14:39o_cee and the thing with items on the main menu getting another color/highlight when pushed would be great.. and maybe having the "Upcomming recordings" change color in the main menu if there's a conflict?
14:45o_cee also having a bar or something that's always visible on all menus might be something to at least consider.. might be useful
14:48Chutt nero, big and oversized
14:54o_cee really need to go through gant and all screens and look at what fonts are used.. dunno if i should do it now or when its time for the new stuff
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15:22riksta hello, is the mythphone creator in here?
15:23mikegrb mythphone? wtf is that
15:25riksta voice/webcam over SIP
15:25riksta you can call it and itll read out the tvguide, and you can set a program to record
15:25riksta and you can also just call someone from it and watch them on webcam (including people on msn messenger)
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15:29o_cee mikegrb: it's in cvs
15:29riksta o_cee you tried it?
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15:30o_cee riksta: no, haven't got any webcam
15:30riksta i cant work out how to configure it, eg enter my SIP user details
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15:30riksta ahh o_cee
15:30riksta theres no documentation on how to configure the settings
15:30o_cee looked at the readme, was alot in there
15:30riksta o_cee read it all several times
15:30riksta n ojoy
15:30riksta no joy
15:30o_cee mail him, he answered me quickly
15:30Captain_Murdo| it's on the setup page which is accessible on the classic menus, not on the new menus until he figures out where to put it.
15:31riksta oh Captain_Murdoch how do i get classic menus
15:31o_cee settings appearance forst page
15:31o_cee first
15:31riksta thank you v much
15:31riksta been racking my brain for ages
15:32Captain_Murdo| he mentioned that in a post on the -dev list.
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15:58riksta ok now to figure out how to make a phone book entry
16:13riksta ahh theres a db table
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17:33bobnvic from cvs last night, when running 'make' in mythtv/programs/mythuitest I get: test1.cpp: In member function `virtual void TestScreen1::customEvent(QCustomEvent*)':
17:33bobnvic test1.cpp:73: `kMythDialogBoxCompletionEventType' undeclared (first use this function)
17:33bobnvic test1.cpp:73: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in.)
17:33bobnvic test1.cpp: In member function `TestMove::TestMove(MythUIType*, const char*)':
17:33bobnvic test1.cpp:286: warning: unused variable `MythUIText*text'
17:33bobnvic make: *** [test1.o] Error 1
17:34bobnvic what am I missing?
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18:01o_c what do you guys think about making the title for setup in gant red or something, so it's really clear your looking at configuration stuff?
18:06dopester as opposed to the white right now?
18:08o_c yeah
18:08o_c haven't tried it yet
18:08dopester it seems obvious to me what your working with, but then again you might want to ask someone who hasn't been spending ages working on adding stuff to setup :)
18:09o_c hehe, well with the new menus it's not always _that_ obvious
18:10dopester new menus?
18:10dopester are there new menus for setup too?
18:11GeckoFiend Chutt: I've seen someone else mention somehting similar but I can't repro it.
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18:14GeckoFiend chutt: everytime I hit SELECT when on the left side it takes me to the right like it should. I tried variations of show summary vs no summary but no joy
18:15Chutt other buttons work too?
18:15Chutt 'd' for delete, etc..
18:15GeckoFiend yeah 'd' prompts you like it should.
18:15Chutt ok
18:15Chutt want to assign that to yourself and mark it 'worksforme'? =)
18:16GeckoFiend Heck the delete screen doesn't even have the summary info in it. Let me try another theme just to make sure it's not something that doesn't show up with Titivillus
18:18dopester more stupid tropical storms
18:18GeckoFiend GANT works fine too.
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18:27o_c dopester: yeah, the new menus changed the setup screens around a bit
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18:53xris anyone know of a livetv-but with last night's cvs? I don't get any picture. no osd or anything.
18:53GeckoFiend My build is current, no issues.. is your backend running?
18:53xris yeah
18:54xris I get sound
18:54xris just no picture
18:54xris bttv card, if it matters.
18:54xris It was happening occasionally with a build from a week or so ago.. but usually quitting and restarting mythfrontend fixed it.
18:56xris yeah, quite weird
18:59xris guess I should reboot my backend and see if that does anything.
19:04xris now I'm just confused.
19:04stoffel xris, i just (~4 hours ago) updated to cvs of today and got live-tv just fine
19:06xris yeah, hence my confusion.
19:06xris guess I should go check my other frontend.
19:08xris nope, same thing
19:08xris guess I can recompile.
19:08xris it's just weird that the OSD isn't working, either.
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20:05_Nero_ Where would I post a theme? Are new themes normally put up on the mythtv website?
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20:08GeckoFiend _Nero_ post an annouce to the list with a link to download it. Do you have someplace to host it?
20:09stoffel i'd announce it on the -dev and/or -users mailing list with a download link for initial comments, if it looks good isaac might put it on the website
20:09GeckoFiend Isaac can update the site with a link to it but he's so swamped I wouldn't expect it soon.
20:09GeckoFiend _Nero_ do you track CVS?
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20:24snowblind anyone want to help me get some usefull info out of gdb as to why cvs mythcommflag seg faults on my system
20:25snowblind nm
20:30_Nero_ back..
20:30_Nero_ Gecko- yes.. I have a place to host it..
20:31_Nero_ it is a really different style, so I am not sure if anyone would want it..
20:32_Nero_ And, no.. I dont track CVS.. just running 0.15.1.. why, are there major changes coming up with the new versions?
20:37GeckoFiend lots for themes yeah. One biggy is the new menus
20:37_Nero_ ouch.. damn..
20:37_Nero_ well..
20:37_Nero_ hurmm..
20:38GeckoFiend There's a distinct button type for every menu item.
20:38_Nero_ mind taking a look at sample of what I am doing, and let me know if it would be worht it?
20:38_Nero_ there is a preview..
20:39GeckoFiend Send me a link ( I'll see how it looks in CVS.
20:39_Nero_ the icon in the film changes with the different options.. the one shown there is the cd/dvd..
20:39_Nero_ well, its not quite ready yet.. I am working on all the xml stuff..
20:39_Nero_ will be a day or so until its ready for use.
20:40dopester thats a cool looking theme
20:40_Nero_ dopester yeah? I was going for something a bit different..
20:41dopester i dig it
20:41GeckoFiend Looks sharp. Can't wait to see the rest of it.
20:41_Nero_ cool.. sounds like it might be worth the effort then..
20:42_Nero_ what do you mean by distinct button types for every menu item?
20:42_Nero_ any screen shots?
20:43GeckoFiend it's the buttondef / watermark stuff in your theme.xml
20:43GeckoFiend take a look on and browse cvs. look at the them.xml for Titivillus.
20:44_Nero_ ok.. will do..
20:44_Nero_ any idea of how soon cvs will become the next version?
20:45_Nero_ should I look at just working on the cvs version, or will 0.15 be the stable one for a while?
20:45GeckoFiend You're better off doing your theme with CVS .16 isn't too far off...
20:47_Nero_ cool.... are there any cvs snapshots that somewhat stable, so I can test it out?
20:48_Nero_ (I am running just a front end one of my computers for random TV viewing.. figure I could give a cvs snapshot a go there.. er.. if it would work with the 0.15 backend
20:48GeckoFiend CVS stays fairly stable, there are glitches now and then but they usually don't last long. I'm running CVS as of a couple days ago on my main box and current CVS on my dev box and have no major issues.
20:49GeckoFiend cvs will not work with a 15.x backend, the protocol changed, though you could do most of your teheme without needing to be connected to a backend
20:49_Nero_ gotcha..
20:50_Nero_ is it terribly difficult to build the CVS? I am running the fedora core 1 rpms (did it the easy way).. ;) Anything extra I would need to have installed to get the CVS version to compile?
20:50dopester heehe wait till i get this dvb patch done.. i bet it will break some stuff..
20:51_Nero_ btw: I noticed in the 0.15 program guide, that you can't punch in a channel number to go to that channel's lineup.. any plans to add that?
20:53GeckoFiend _Nero_ you nasicly need the -devel versions of what the mythtv-suite installed. It's all apt-getable..
20:53GeckoFiend nasicly == basicly
20:53_Nero_ ok..
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20:54_Nero_ gotta figure out if I really want to take the chance of breaking the mythtv box I worked so hard to get running.. ;)
20:54_Nero_ How about this.. if I do the theme for 0.15, would I be able to use most of what I did?? Or would I basically have to start over from scratch?
20:55GeckoFiend most of it would work.
20:55GeckoFiend cdparanoia-devel
20:55GeckoFiend libcdaudio-devel
20:55GeckoFiend flac-devel
20:55GeckoFiend libmad-devel
20:55GeckoFiend libid3tag-devel
20:55GeckoFiend libdvdread-devel
20:56GeckoFiend fftw2-devel
20:56GeckoFiend heh that was suppposed to all go to nero
20:56_Nero_ hehe.. thanks GeckoFiend..
20:57GeckoFiend Get it to point where you're happy with it in 15.1 and post it. I'll check it out and let you know if there's any CVSisms you want to fix/add.
20:58_Nero_ cool.. will do.. :) I think that is probably the best way for me to go at this point.. I am much more of a designer than a developer.. so sticking to the stable stuff for the moment is probably best.. (and that way my fiance wont kill me for having the TV "all messed up" for another week.. hehe)
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21:09___Bradders Heh... does the MythTV front end support 6.1?
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21:17xris du -sh
21:17xris oops
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21:54splat1 nn all
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22:17dopester does myth compile from cvs on osx?
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22:54dopester whats a relocation error?
22:57Chutt what's the actual error?
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23:08dopester mythbackend: relocation error: /usr/local/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZTT18DVBTransportEditor
23:08dopester m
23:08Chutt means you didn't link in a that file
23:08Chutt with that symbol in it.
23:09dopester its in videosource.h the class that is
23:09Chutt <shrug>
23:09Chutt if it can't find it, it can't find it
23:09dopester yeah apparently
23:10dopester this is strange.. must be something about how i created the class
23:11dopester oh i bet the class got left out cause it currently produces a warning
23:11dopester that sound possible?
23:13dopester fixed the warning and its ok now
23:27dopester whats a linking error about a missing vtable for the same object in question?
23:28dopester the object is defined in videosource.h, so any other suggetsions?
23:28Chutt you missing a Q_OBJECT in the class and you're using signals/slots?
23:29dopester nope
23:30dopester might be onto something there give me a few
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23:34_Nero_ wooohoo.. I got it working.. :)
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23:43* _Nero_ thinks he just did a pretty ugly hack to get his theme to work right..
23:44_Nero_ is it bad to set the button box boundaries outside of the actual screen?
23:44_Nero_ it seems to work, but is kind of a bad way to do it.
23:58dopester you working on that oldfilm theme?
23:59_Nero_ yup
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