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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-08-30

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00:00_Nero_ problem is, standard fonts are too wide.. I need something that is narrow.. not a common font..
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00:01dopester sound easier than my problems :)
00:01_Nero_ lol.. I'm sure it is..
00:01dopester taking me forever to reverse engineer all the objects in videosource.. they are quite cool once ya know what the hell you are doing..
00:02_Nero_ are you farmiliar with the xml for the themes?
00:02dopester not really.. i hacked up one of the osd themes once to not bleed into the overscan with my pvr350 but thats about it
00:03_Nero_ ahhh.. gotcha..
00:03_Nero_ trying to figure out what the <area> tag inside of the <genericbutton> tag is..
00:03dopester help me make all these changes to setup and i'll figureo ut your tag error :)
00:04_Nero_ haha.. My development skills are null..
00:04Mrgoose3 will a celeron 500 do divx playback?
00:05dopester im feeling like i cant do crap with all these errors i keep getting.. heh
00:05Mrgoose3 heh
00:05Mrgoose3 myth is a bitch
00:07Chutt dopester, you know you can just change the osd size/positioning in the settings, right? :p
00:12dopester when did that get added?
00:14dopester could have been 9 months ago last time i messed with osd stuff at all
00:14dopester the osd for titivillus is really nice i must say
00:14Chutt it's always been there
00:15Chutt well, since it's done video output
00:15Chutt :p
00:15dopester hrmm
00:15dopester this is seperate from gui size?
00:15Chutt yup
00:15Chutt playback settings
00:16dopester boy do i feel like a winner tonight :)
00:16dopester chutt is it safe to assume there is no documentatin about the configuration classes and objects used in videosource?
00:17Chutt other than the source, no
00:17dopester ok i'll just keep looking at the examples then for help :)
00:17dopester the examples in the source that is
00:17_Nero_ Chutt- where in playback settings? Is it the vertical over/underscan stuff?
00:18dopester im still waiting on my smoking fast frontend to finish pre-scaling theme images... taking forever for some reason now
00:21Chutt yeah
00:21dopester wow.. thats amazing... how in the hell did i miss that... hehe
00:23Chutt for the pvr-350, it just adjusts the OSD positioning. for other output methods, it actually adjusts how the video is shown
00:23_Nero_ ahhh.. gotcha..
00:27* Chutt fixes bugs
00:30dopester smash em
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00:41rkulagow jeez, doesn't ivtv have it's own list for troubleshooting
00:42dopester what other software uses the ivtv cards?
00:44rkulagow no idea. but all thosemessages all revolving around "do you have /dev/video0?" "modprobe: no such file or directory", etc, etc can certainly be talked about over on the ivtv list.
00:45dopester yeah i agree.. but come on users are all idiots..
00:45rkulagow not true. some just ask questions in the wrong list. surprised no one punted them to ivtv, since it's obviously not a myth problem.
00:45rkulagow anyway.
00:46dopester no im saying it seems that idiots lined up faster than they can be taken care of
00:49Chutt hmm
00:49Chutt what to read next
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03:31orogor brb
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07:17dopester get ready for some rain thor :)
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10:03o_cee thor_: thank you
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11:27jams chutt, after about an 1 1/2 of testing this morning's cvs I cannot get the backend to segfault while in the program guide.
11:28Chutt you removed the icon symlink you had added to fix things?
11:28jams yes
11:28Chutt cool.
11:29Chutt i'm mostly just worried about it leaking sockets, but it's good to know that that fixed things
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11:30Chutt something i should have done a long time ago
11:31jams thank you
11:32Chutt thanks for testing =)
11:33Chutt now i just need to hear back from someone who was having the mythweb issue
11:33jams is the sql error a known problem while in browse mode ?
11:34Chutt what sql error?
11:36jams while in browse mode, the frontend log gives a sql error, also the osd shows %longrepeat%%stars%
11:36jams let me get the sql for you
11:38GeckoFiend ROFL I just got a call from a headhunter, they're talking about me coming back to Compuserve as a consultant... HUGE bump in my hoourly rate for consulting.
11:38* GeckoFiend prays
11:38jams SELECT program.chanid, program.starttime, program.endtime, program.title, program.subtitle, program.description, program.category, channel.channum, channel.callsign,, program.previouslyshown, channel.commfree, channel.outputfilters, program.seriesid, program.programid, program.stars, program.originalairdate FROM program LEFT JOIN channel ON program.chanid = channel.chanidWHERE program.chanid = 1075
11:38jams AND starttime < AND endtime > GROUP BY program.starttime, channel.channum, channel.callsign ORDER BY program.starttime, channum + 0 LIMIT 1000
11:38jams Driver error was [2/1064]:
11:38jams QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
11:38jams Database error was:
11:38jams You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server versionfor the right syntax to use near 'AND endtime > GROUP BY program.starttime, channel.channum
11:38kvandivo AND starttime < AND
11:39jams again that's only in BROWSE mode
11:41GeckoFiend I might have borked the get channel info call when I added starts and repeat.
11:42GeckoFiend Fixing the display part now so that they'll show up once the query is fixed.
11:43jams one last bug on my list if you guys want to hear about it
11:44GeckoFiend hmmm it should just be a matter of fixing the map.
11:46jams with two pvr-250's , changing tuner's 3 or 4 times (pressing the y key) will cause the frontend to segfault.
11:47jams getting a backtrace now
11:47Chutt bt :p
11:47Chutt geckofiend, i still can't repro that recording issue of yours
11:49GeckoFiend I should have some time to play with it later.
11:52jams should I just email the bt to the list ?
11:59GreyFoxx Check your logs (or dmesg output) and see if it says anything about changing inputs when you attempt to change to a channel that would be on that new input
11:59GreyFoxx oops
12:05GeckoFiend hrm the browsestarttime in TV::BrowseDispInfo isn't getting parsed back properly in ProgramInfo::GetProgramAtDateTime that's causing the SQL error.
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12:11Chutt jams, yes.
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12:15jams mail is sent. While getting a second bt for the problem the frontend segfaulted in a different place so I included that as well.
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12:16kvandivo you da man
12:27jams hmm i think my second problem is related to the theme.
12:28jams segfault's like crazy with cvs Titivillus
12:29jams but seems stable with GANT or my older copy of titivillus-photo
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12:41Chutt jams, update your video driver
12:42jams drat's I thought I found a stable one :)
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12:45LedHed anyone home?
12:47Chutt jams, you're one (public) version behind :p
12:47Chutt i don't know, but both are related to the opengl sync method, so...
12:48LedHed is this a developers channel?
12:48Chutt that's what the topic says.
12:49LedHed Man developers are crabby PPL. Just asked. and all it says on my end is that its not a support channel
12:49Chutt how the fuck was that crabby?
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12:57jams so yeah that made it worse
12:58jams since this may not be a myth issue, no need to file it as a bug.
13:02Chutt it's not, really
13:03GeckoFiend jams That query problem you mentioend is now fixed in CVS. Fixing that fixed the %LONGREPEAT% stuff as well.
13:03jams thanks GeckoFiend
13:04Chutt just recompile without opengl support and it'll work
13:04jams that's what i'm doing right now :)
13:04GeckoFiend btw jams, I went back to 4363 myself.
13:05jams i thought opengl was only used as the last option for the nvidia cards.
13:05Chutt second option
13:06Chutt newer drivers can't poll the driver device for vsync info
13:06jams oh i thought that was fixed.
13:06Chutt yeah, by using opengl
13:06GreyFoxx Latest versions of the nvidia drivers are vsync impaired :)
13:07GeckoFiend I had periodic hickups using the OpenGL vsnyc stuff that I never tracked down. 4363 fixed it and I've not had time to go back and figure out what the deal was
13:07* GeckoFiend blaimed the drivers
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13:08thor_ damn closed source company, can you imagine anyone actually going and working for them?
13:08jams yeah i thought the 601x drivers fixed the vsync info, guess i was wrong.
13:08Chutt =)
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13:09GreyFoxx My biggest issue with the latest nvidia drivers is that if I shutdown X they do not properly restore to the previous video mode and as such I have to reboot to rerun X. Makes playing with your XF86Config a pain :)
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13:10GreyFoxx If I relaunch X without rebooting the video is royally screwed
13:19jams moved back to 4363, the y key problem appears to be fixed.
13:20Chutt well, that's because it's not using opengl :p
13:24jams still segfaults in the program guide using cvs Titivillus. i'm sure that will be gone after my recompile is done and installed.
13:28* jams goes back to finding *real* mythtv bugs
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13:35Baylink G'day all.
13:35* o_cee looks at the topic
13:36o_cee yeah so maybe i could make some new titles.. not sure wich one i need though.. need
13:36o_cee to sit down at the tv and check it.. to much work
13:36Baylink Work is a four letter word. :-)
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13:41thor_ so is four
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13:43stoffel and... tadaaa: L O V E
14:03jams ok there is something else besides "opengl" occuring with cvs Titivillus and the program guide. Just sent the backtrace to the list, unless you want more info I am not going to worry about this problem anymore.
14:06Baylink We're running titivillus against CVS as well, and the page titles are missing; is that what you're hunting?
14:09GeckoFiend Baylink have you updated CVS lately? I added the missing titles yesterday
14:10jams GeckoFiend, that change for the %LONGREPEAT% and sql worked.
14:11Baylink Not in a few days. We're mostly stable otherwise, and I'm trying to improve my Sister Approval Factor before the season starts. :-)
14:11Baylink I did have a suggestion for whomever did the graphics, though.
14:11Baylink I may implement it myself, if I can find the right tool cab.
14:11Baylink :-)
14:12kvandivo what is a 'tool cab'?
14:12jams %LONGREPEAT% still show's up on channel's that I removed from datadirect but did not remove from myth, but it doesn't generate sql error's
14:12Baylink That big red thing on the setup pages. Short for 'cabinet'.
14:12jams ahh the toolbox
14:13kvandivo i was shivering at the thought of it being some strange microsoft thing
14:13Baylink Oops. No. ;-)
14:14Baylink Naw; it just seemed it would be neat to find a roll-top one. The mainmenu link could be the cab with the rolltop closed, on the next menu, you open it, and on the setup menu, you start opening different drawers.
14:15kvandivo wow.. i'd say that fruit is way up on top of the tree
14:15Baylink :-)
14:15Baylink As I said; if I can find the right toolbox.
14:15Baylink It's pretty cool as is...
14:16Baylink Nicely phrased, though.
14:19jams heh looks like a trip to sears with a digital camera is in order :)
14:22Baylink yeah
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15:37GeckoFiend Baylink Dave Hofstra did the watermarks, he's on here from time to time as lisadaveh or something like that
15:47Baylink Is that what we're calling those? They're spiffy. Ok; i'll make the suggestion to him.
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16:04Chutt heh
16:05Chutt what a moronic idea
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16:13Baylink What is?
16:14Chutt -dev list, support for postgres
16:15thor_ I was thinking about adding an abstraction layer so you could use a gmail account as the repository for settings
16:16Chutt heh
16:17Chutt i don't see the point of making everything really hard to code, just so a few people can use some randomass other database
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16:18thor_ come on, MythSQL is a great idea
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16:19Chutt suuure it is :p
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16:21Baylink Well, I personally would rather use a database engine that doesn't randomly grunge the tables...
16:26Chutt i've never had a problem with mysql corrupting anything, unless the disks were full.
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16:28thor_ I just write everything down
16:28Chutt i'd happily accept a patch that involves no extra work when doing an update
16:28Chutt if that's not possible, then there won't be any other databases supported.
16:29thor_ but ... but ... oracle stored methods?
16:29thor_ err, procedures
16:29Chutt hehe =)
16:29thor_ nm
16:29Chutt erk, another conference call
16:29Chutt 4 today :(
16:29kvandivo on a scale of 1-10, how's the "new"ish job going, anyway?
16:30Chutt 10 =)
16:30kvandivo awesome
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16:30thor_ freakin' closed-source whore
16:30thor_ bah
16:30GeckoFiend I want MS SQL Server 7 support. Just so I can torture myself at home too
16:30Chutt this sprint personal conference stuff just has horrible hold music
16:31kvandivo i want flat file support with a sql interface layer
16:31Chutt if sqlite were a little more robust
16:31Chutt and had net support
16:32thor_ the only online toy store that never crashed during the late 90's ran 100% on mysql
16:34kvandivo (8) Is SQLite threadsafe?
16:34kvandivo Answer: Yes. Sometimes.
16:34Chutt that
16:34Chutt err, that's what i meant by 'a little more robust'. =)
16:34kvandivo in other words, it's threadsafe if two threads don't try to access it at the same time..
16:35thor_ and those threads run on different computers that don't share the same database
16:35kvandivo in that case, you are A-Ok
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16:51Chutt whee
16:51Chutt it's fun when i can't even run an app in gdb due to lack of ram =)
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18:09___Bradders Heh... if I use an Xbox as a front-end can I get 5.1 audio?
18:11stoffel dunno, but #mythtv-users is next door
18:13___Bradders Great - thanks
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18:29dopester thor: you get some rain?
18:31--- ---> xris [] has joined #mythtv
18:31xris since people are giving away gmail accts, I figured I should offer up my invites, too.. anyone want one?
18:33Baylink Naw; Google is slowly becoming evil, and I'm not interested in helping.
18:33xris oh? because they handled their IPO really stupidly?
18:33thor_ dopester, it's about to start I think
18:34thor_ and google did an amazing job of avoiding a first day pop, thereby not simply padding the investment banker's pockets
18:35--- ---> snowblind [] has joined #mythtv
18:35dc_ xris: is you feel like donating one to a friendly stranger ;)
18:36stoffel so gmail is more than just another freemail account?
18:36xris yeah, I was referring to the mishandling of the silence clause, and that thing about employee "options" that were given away long before they expected to go public
18:36xris dc_ -- just pm me with name/email address
18:37thor_ well, definitely first amended filing to come with a copy of playboy :-)
18:37xris gmail is just a nice stripped-down (eg. very few messy images) webmail account. it's also a new way to think about email storage (no more folders -- just a couple of filters and a massive search backend)
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18:38stoffel eek. no more folders? oh the chaos!
18:39dc_ oh the fun!
18:39GeckoFiend xris a company doesn't have to be pulic to have stock and stock options
18:39xris you can create something like 10 filters, which work sort of like folders, but yeah, for the most part, you just "archive" everything and use the search engine.
18:39xris GeckoFiend -- the problem is that they "forgot" to mention it to the SEC.
18:40thor_ plus it makes a great persistance storage layer for Myth settings
18:40stoffel can we share our recordings with gmail? then i'm all for it
18:40xris lol
18:40xris mine are too big
18:41dc_ hehe
18:41dc_ GmailFS sounds fun
18:41* dc_ installs
18:41xris trying to figure out if I can put a faster proc into my pundit and actually encode at "perfect" mpeg4 settings.
18:41xris too bad I'm supposed to be broke.
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19:03dc_ eeew. gmail server errors :p
19:03dc_ :[
19:03dc_ not a good start.
19:06_shad shows the programs, and when I run mythfilldatabase, it does not insert certain programs. How do I force mythfilldatabase to totally refresh a days data?
19:06dc_ use the -1 option
19:06thor_ switch to gmail as you backend
19:06* thor_ will shut up now
19:06_shad :)
19:06dc_ hehe
19:07_shad -1 does not work
19:07dc_ _shad: my command is 'mythfilldatabase --file 1 -1 /tmp/bleb-org'
19:07_shad heh
19:07_shad thanks
19:07dc_ _shad: the -1 replaces all the program listings data.
19:09_shad the fact that I use datadirect makes that not work though, right?
19:09dc_ indeed :/
19:10_shad heh
19:10_shad shitty
19:12GeckoFiend wooooooooooot Just found out I'm eligible to contract at Compuserve. It'll be nice to make stupid amounts of money again
19:13jams why wouldn't you be eligible?
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19:27GeckoFiend I'm a former employee who got a large severance pakcage and fully vested options when I got laid off after the TW merger
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20:06--- Netsplit over, joins: m0j0, GeckoFiend
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20:47Kelerion anyone here use bleb for tv listings? and if so can anyone send me an xml file of todays listings? bleb seems to be down and I need to get something into the EPG so I can test..
20:49dc_ Kelerion: sorry I havn't got any I can send you, my stupid script deletes it after synching :{
20:50Kelerion well.. thought it was a long shot.. lol
20:51Kelerion well.. back to square one.,, trying to get RT to work.. :)
20:51dc_ :/
20:51dc_ suck.
20:51Kelerion QSqlError *is* qt_MySQL.. right?
20:53Kelerion looks like it from a quick search on google
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21:19Kelerion erm.. what would "kernel-sourcecode#2.6.8-1.521" have to do with qt? the kernel config app?
21:22dopester see topic
21:24Kelerion okies.. thanks
21:47--- ---> bobbyz [] has joined #mythtv
21:47bobbyz hello! I was curious if anyone knows of any utilities to control the channel via serial port for a motorolla dtc2000 unit
21:48thor_ covered to death, see mailing list archive, also, please note topic
21:48dopester thor: you getting rain yet?
21:48thor_ nope
21:48dopester rained like hell here all day
21:49thor_ hot air creating high pressure system over NYC probably
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23:59splat1 nn all
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