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00:00toplight3 alright, i'll get the newest bttv driver before attempting to make myth crash
00:04toplight3 is there a simple shell script i could run out of cron once a minute to check if mythbackend is running and if not, start it?
00:06thor_ you could ps ax | grep mythbackend, but it would make a lot more sense to fix the underlying problem than tack on a bandaid
00:07dopester you could look at the eggdrop restart scripts that come with the bots as a starter
00:07toplight3 thor, i meant as a stopgap until i can get deeper into it
00:08Captain_Murdo| while /bin/true; do mythbackend 2>&1 | mail -s "Mythbackend log" username@hostname; done <---- just don't run that from cron :) that way you get the emailed the logs of when it crashes.
00:09toplight3 hey i hadn't even thought of doing it that way
00:09toplight3 thanks Captain_Murdoch
00:11Captain_Murdo| ahh, Sept 1, the mailing-list mailboxes are almost empty again since they are named according to date.
00:33_Nero_ which xml file contains all of the data for the general waiting window (ex- exit screen, scaling images screen, etc..)
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00:49* Captain_Murd debates the trivial question of whether to put the job queue status before or after the machine info on the status webpage and decides his first answer of "before" is good.
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01:16dopester found that object relocation linking error..
01:16dopester DVBTransportSetting != DvbTransportSetting
01:35adante love case sensitivity
01:38dopester love it compiling :)
01:38dopester would be nice to have a warning "unknown object DvbTransportSetting
01:38dopester not a biggie
01:38dopester just a sign i need to get my ass to bed..
01:39dopester what time is it there adante?
01:43adante 1540
01:57thor_ ah, rtti
02:04Chutt coupled with a broken compiler that doesn't error out when it's needed and disabled
02:11thor_ heh
02:13thor_ oh, that alienware thing does look kind of sweet
02:14Chutt eh
02:16bline DVB stuff isn't ifdefed out?
02:16thor_ -dev
02:17bline oh
02:22Chutt how does one run a php script without a webserver?
02:23adante with php :]
02:23bline php-cli?
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02:24Chutt ah
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08:49gfiend _Nero_ alot of those are Qt based you control them with your qtlook.txt file
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09:20gfiend chutt I'm looking into that hang when you record an in progress show, or answer "watch while it records". Interestingly enough, my wife had tuner 1 in use, I hit record on tuner 2, her frontend did the switch over just fine.
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09:35_Nero_ Thanks GeckoFiend- Found it last night before going to bed.. theme is finally starting to shape up.. I have all the menu's done, and 70% of the Qt stuff done.. then I just have to do the recording screens, etc..
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09:39engie Does anyone know of anything that will allow me to capture mouse events (move right, up, etc) and translate them into keyboard events (cursor up, down etc) for X programs?
09:40engie I have a remote with a mouse pointer on it, useless for myth so fancy using it as curser
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09:42kvandivo engie: the #mythtv-users channel might have an answer for you
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09:46engie kvandivo: Cheers
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11:06thor_ Baylink, I've used mysql to handle literally terrabytes of data in dozens and dozens of different contexts .... never had it corrupt a byte
11:07Baylink Strange, then, the number of reports we get about it here, isn't it? And it's happened to me personally, on my Myth machine.
11:08Baylink Even if one wants to take the outlook that it's something weird about the application code, or even the libs, there isn't any justification for that layer of code being *able* to trash tables inside the DBMS, either...
11:08GreyFoxx I've never once seen MySQL corrupt anything. I have however seen several instances where a user didn't shutdown properly and a datafile that was in use got corrupted and had to be repaired with myisamchk
11:09GreyFoxx And I work with MySQL/Oracle everyday
11:09thor_ dunno ... people with bad ivtv drivers or something locking up there machines hard ? .... if you're machine locks in the middle of a commit, well, doesn't matter what database you're using
11:09thor_ err, their machines
11:09thor_ and your machine
11:09* thor_ should not type before finishing coffee
11:11Baylink I know how you feel. >-)
11:11GreyFoxx heh
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11:13Baylink I shouldn't type when my wireless goes down gratuitoously.
11:13Baylink :-)
11:13thor_ perhaps your AP needs caffeine
11:14Baylink In any event, yeah, I *do* expect the DBMS to roll back or forwards on restart. *Data* may be missing, but internally corrupt tables make me very nervous indeed.
11:14Baylink It can't have any. That's *mine*. :-)
11:16thor_ mmmmm ... I believe I will make some more coffee
11:17Baylink Indeed. And my preferences notwithstanding, I've officially signed out of this argument just now, on the list.
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11:57Baylink "vy vy important". :-)
11:58thor_ heh
11:59thor_ some people ...
11:59Baylink Indeed. Right now, I'm trying to figure out why CVS mythVideo can't find the files even though I pointed it where they are. I have have typoed the directory field a *second* time. :-}
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14:04zibbe Does anyone know if there is a chan for vdr? If not does anyone know why nothing happens when i start vbr :)
14:04* Baylink ducks and runs away
14:04stoffel b/c of /topic
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14:05zibbe oh, right :)
14:05zibbe forgot that
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14:22Baylink No, it was just that there's enough heat between the MySQL and anti-MySQL factions right now; asking a Ford mechanic to fix your Chevy was *just* what we needed. :-)
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14:26Chutt i'd describe it as 'people who want me to do extra work just for them' and 'people who are fine with the status quo' =)
14:33_Nero_ anyone here know which entry in the qtlook.txt file is the highlight that goes around the drop down menu when it is selected?
14:33Chutt nope
14:35Baylink I realize that you'd describe it that way, Isaac, but I really don't think it accurately reflects the case.
14:36Baylink Those two conditions do not exhaust the set.
14:39Baylink There was, from what I heard on the list, a third group who were 'people who would be glad to do the work themselves, but you won't accept their patches, because you don't know them'. That's not entirely an unreasonable outlook, given the circumstances, but let's characterize the situation accurately, eh?
14:40thor_ there were no patches to be evaluated for acceptance, iirc
14:40Baylink No, I gathered no one offered one because they asked first, and were turned down. Did I hear wrong?
14:41thor_ heh
14:42thor_ well ... if you add the number of people who have said "I'm going to write this code" and the number of people who've submitted code, guess which number dwarfs the other :-)
14:42Baylink No argument there.
14:43thor_ if someone wrote the code, and it was a drop in with minimal maintenance burdens, voila
14:43thor_ until then, it's essentially moot
14:43Baylink I just like to keep the story straight; I hear orders of magnitude more complaints about internals fragility on My than on Pg; if that aspect isn't even the issue, then let's just say that. The problem sounded to me like even that wasn't good enough for Isaac. Did I misread you, sir?
14:45GreyFoxx You know it's funny, all of the complaints about MySQL stability come from either people who know someone who heared about it being unstable one time while drunk at a frat party. Or from PG people who also complain about it being unstable with no real proof beyond "our stuff is better than your stuff"
14:45Chutt it's not a question of accepting patches, it's a question of maintenance
14:46Chutt if it's someone that hasn't had a history of contributing, how can i know they'll be maintaining the pgsql support 6 months from now?
14:47Chutt at the time, the only proposed option would be to have two completely separate database initialization routines
14:47Chutt i don't see mysql stability as an issue - i've never had it break for me, in over 2 years of developing myth, not just using it
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14:49Baylink I dunno. It sounded to me as if the only issue, other than avoiding MySQLisms in the runtim (like assigning NULL to integers, the thing voted most likely to break portability) was the schema build, and the XML extraction thing sounded like a suitable solution to *me*, but I'm out here in the weeds; what do I know? ;-)
14:49Chutt the xml extraction thing wouldn't work
14:49Chutt for one, the xml format is horrible
14:49Chutt and two, i won't have multiple files present for each and every schema change
14:49Chutt that's just not workable.
14:50Baylink I believe the point was to put the extraction process in the build and only ship *one* file; did I misunderstand?
14:50Chutt no, he said one file per db type per schema change
14:50Chutt and that's the only way it _could_ work with that particular tool without requiring the user to run it
14:51Chutt and i'm not going to require the casual user to have obscure php libraries installed that aren't available in their distro.
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14:51Coume hi there
14:52thor_ mute your line in and set it as the recording source
14:52Chutt i don't think writing some helper functions to create a table, add a field to that table, add an index, change a field type, etc, would be terribly hard to write
14:52Baylink It's a *PHP* lib. Oh. Sorry.
14:52Chutt and it's not even available in debian unstable :p
14:52Baylink No, I shouldn't think it would.
14:53Baylink Pg?
14:53Baylink Or the XML thing?
14:53Coume I have a small question, why not fix the height of the description field in the progam guide? and add a scroll-down when there is too much content?
14:53Chutt the xml schema thingie
14:53Chutt coume, why not?
14:53* Baylink grins
14:53Chutt i think some helper functions would work well
14:54Chutt and i could certainly live with that
14:54Coume Chutt, cos' right now, it is not fixed and when you have a HUGE description, all the bottom part is hidden...
14:54Chutt coume, no, i was asking _you_ why not
14:54Chutt :p
14:54Coume chutt, cos' you don't care :)
14:54Chutt exactly
14:54Chutt and it's fixed for the new advanced recording screen, anyway
14:55thor_ which will soon become the recording screen, etc., etc.
14:55Coume chutt, I am in the advanced if I'm correct
14:55Chutt are you using cvs?
14:55Coume did not ssee the *new*
14:55Coume ;)
14:56Coume nop, not cvs, so I have to leave right? :)
14:56Chutt baylink, anyway, i've proposed what i think would be a workable solution with extremely minimal maintenance requirements down the road
14:56Chutt if someone wants to go implement that, i'd be happy to accept it.
14:57Chutt it's more work than using an existing tool, but the only existing tool that was brought up kinda sucks =)
14:59Baylink Yeah, I just saw your last posting.
15:00Baylink I hope to have time and mental capacity to start walking the code next week; I may get back with the other Pg guys then.
15:02Chutt do you agree that that should work?
15:03Chutt assuming that most of the standard queries scattered throughout the code can be made compatabile, of course
15:07Baylink Yeah; if you've already got DML interface functions, porting them to speak PG oughtn't to be too hard. And as I say, most of the apps I've ever tried to port from My to Pg fail mostly on inserts with NULL integer values, which isn't too hard to avoid.
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17:55tmk Chutt: if you're around i have a couple of questions about the epai hardware decoding stuff you did
17:57o_cee hiya tmk
17:57o_cee long time
17:58tmk sup oc
17:58tmk yeah i don't get on irc much
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18:01GreyFoxx tmk: Are you still working on 0.2 ? :)
18:01o_cee can't wait to get my fx5200 back, heh
18:03tmk GreyFoxx: not really..
18:04tmk i have a couple goals before i give up completely.. mostly getting dvd/yuv decoding working
18:04GreyFoxx kinda figured since you've so quiet :)
18:04tmk :) chris is loud enough for everybody
18:04GreyFoxx heh
18:05GreyFoxx I'm stilling runn ing 0.1.9
18:05o_cee getting decoding stable would be cool, but i've give up by now. got it semi-stable atm, but having it crash at prime time isn't nice
18:05GreyFoxx All of the stuff after that is too much of a 4 times a day shot in the dark
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18:06GreyFoxx since I've only got 250's I've avoiding the decoding issues
18:06o_cee yeah only prob i had with 0.1.9 was that my second card sometime didn't get initialized properly
18:07GreyFoxx Mine has been rock solid with both cards :)
18:07tmk Octane: i haven't had any issues with decoding since the x driver came out
18:07tmk err
18:07tmk that should be to o_cee
18:07GreyFoxx I'm thinking of picking up an MVP and playing with that
18:08o_cee tmk: using 0.1.9?
18:08tmk either that or one of the older ck revs
18:08tmk lemme look
18:09o_cee i've never been able to use it, but that's the old fast vs slow cpu i guess
18:09tmk 0.1.10pre2-ck36c
18:09o_cee using 101b now, pretty ok most of the time.
18:09tmk cool
18:09tmk none of my cpus are fast :)
18:09o_cee yeah.. but once i get the fx5200 back it'll go right in
18:10tmk celeron 466 and epia10k
18:10o_cee i got a p4 2ghz so
18:10tmk ah
18:10tmk why not a matrox g400
18:10tmk do you play games or something?
18:11o_cee nah
18:11o_cee it's fanless
18:11tmk g400 is too
18:11tmk better tv-out
18:11josephk__ my g400 is quiet...the ram is screwed up though
18:11o_cee can't remember why i didn't buy it, know i looked at it
18:11tmk hm
18:11ulitz didn't mean to interupt.. but how much is the g400
18:11tmk it's old :)
18:11tmk dunno
18:11o_cee yeah maye that's why :)
18:11tmk i dont think you can buy them new though
18:12tmk $10 on ebay, 25 buy it now
18:13tmk their directfb stuff is the best video out other than the pvr350 imho
18:13o_cee maybe i'll need to get one of those. i just thought i could use the 350 and then put the nvidia in som other comp.. ah well
18:18kvandivo ahh... the man who is desirous of the Steel Meat Cleaver shows up once again
18:22tmk hehe
18:22tmk i'm surprised nobody's bought it by now
18:22tmk it wasn't the most expensive thing on my list
18:23kvandivo perhaps it is the mystique
18:27tmk yeah.. i hear it's bad mojo to receive a knife as a gift
18:27tmk but whatever
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19:13Chutt the pq of my fx5200 is pretty decent
19:13Chutt not _quite_ as good as the pvr-350, but certainly comparable
19:16GeckoFiend I'm happy with my nForce2 output.
19:16GeckoFiend chutt: rebuilt this box, hopefully mythui will not crap out on me now.
19:17Chutt cool.
19:17Chutt i wish i could reproduce that problem. :(
19:17Chutt nathan ziarek's having the same issue
19:17thor_ sorry, what problem?
19:17Chutt it doesn't display anything at all
19:17GeckoFiend I started to work on it today and got the nasty crash that can't be backtraced again
19:18thor_ ah, that would be a problem
19:18GeckoFiend oh, mythui? yeah it just segfaults.
19:18GeckoFiend it even segfaults if you tell it to use the qt painter, because it does some opengl stuff right off the bat
19:18thor_ probably need to add aalib as a base drawing alternative
19:18thor_ :-)
19:19GeckoFiend might be an issue with QT + OpenGL installed from atrpms... If it craps on me again I'll rebuild Qt myself and see where that gets me
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19:24Chutt maybe, but i dunno
19:24--- ---> ulitz [] has joined #mythtv
19:26GeckoFiend chutt: Thoughts on doxygen style comments?
19:26Chutt I don't mind em
19:27Chutt as long as they're not terribly intrusive
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19:39Chutt there was a guy in college who tended to 5 lines of doxygen comments for every line of code in a header file
19:39Chutt i think something like that's 'intrusive' =)
19:40dopester heh
19:40dopester gotta find some kinda happy medium..
19:44GeckoFiend I was thinking class overviews, and sinlge line descriptions of stuff.
19:44GeckoFiend err single
19:45GeckoFiend Sutff like //<! This function does blah
19:46dopester would help me a ton trying to figure out what objects are do, etc
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20:29thor_ <Chutt> i think something like that's 'intrusive' =)
20:29thor_ oh dear
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20:55Chutt thor, your stuff's fine, but he was 5:1 comments:code _everywhere_
20:55Chutt :p
20:55Baylink Is this conversation *still* going on? ;-)
20:56Chutt comments get drawn out a lot
20:56Chutt conversations, too
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21:13Baylink Yeah, I can tell. My problem today has been: "mailing list, IRC, wiki: where did I say that?"
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21:26dopester so about these comment :)
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21:45thor_ phew
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22:30dopester does myth compile now and even halfway run on osx?
22:35_Nero_ dopester- not that I have heard.. I'd love to just get the front end/tv/video portion running for my powerbook.. :)
22:35dopester ok cause i got a powerbook that is somewhere between taiwan and here
22:35_Nero_ NICE.. what size?
22:35dopester 12
22:36_Nero_ oh, the 12 is such a cool little machine.. I have a 1ghz 15" Titanium 15".. LOVE it..
22:36dopester i hope i like this one
22:36_Nero_ do you have any other Macs?
22:36dopester i cant ever get linux working like i want on a laptop so im gonna give osx a shot
22:36dopester naw i got x86 boxes mostly.. i got one sparc but i rarely use it
22:36_Nero_ yeah.. OSX is very nice.. and with X11, it is great..
22:37_Nero_ It'll be fun..
22:38dopester i hope so..
22:38_Nero_ let me know what ya think of it.. I am seriously considering one myself..
22:39_Nero_ it will either by the 12", or the 17".. depending on my mood the day I order.. ;)
22:39dopester my next purchase probbably going to be a shuttle xpc case with sata raid on it.. i got one xpc for a frontend now and its great.
22:40_Nero_ yeah.. I am very tempted to get one for my bedroom..
22:42dopester i love the one i got now, but it has no drives in it so i wonder what 2 sata drives and a dvdr would do heat wise in a case like that
22:42cmorgan try to get 5400 rpm drives and you should be fine
22:43_Nero_ dopester- if you are not familiar with it, check out for when you get your pb..
22:44cmorgan spindle speed directly correlates with power consumption in drives
22:44_Nero_ its a great package management for X11, based on apt-get.
22:45dopester i need to wait just dropped 2500 this week in computer stuff.. powerbook and some more dvb cards for setting up a dev box.. geez.. heh
22:45_Nero_ hehe.. I know the feeling.. I am about to drop some $$$ on a Pronto.. and saving for a wedding.. doh!
22:45_Nero_ ;)
22:46dopester hope this isn't too off topic yackin like this in here
22:46dopester i guess chutt will say something if its too much
22:46--- <<-- cmorgan [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:46_Nero_ yeah..
22:47_Nero_ anyone here using a pronto with MythTV? Seems like it would be a great remote to use..
22:48dopester pronto?
22:53thor_ if you discuss weddings in here, you do know that you have to name your first child after Isaac ?
22:53dopester bwahahha
22:53_Nero_ Philips Pronto remote.. touch screen.. you can customize it based on what you are doing with the remote etc..
22:53_Nero_ lol thor_ no talking about weddings from me.. I come here to get away from all that planning and stuff..
22:54thor_ just ask mikegrb
22:54* Captain_Murd kicks himself for replying to the wrong list when chaning the TO address on a reply.
22:59dopester simpledbstorage curse you!
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23:39dopester where does QSqlDatabase* db get set in videosource.cpp i can't see it being passed in almost anywhere so its gotta be in some base class right?
23:40thor_ gcontext stuff, in libmyth
23:41dopester ok then i must be missing something else.. let me keep looking
23:42--- <<-- bobnvic [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:45dopester what exactly does exec(db) do in the configuration dialogs?
23:47thor_ execute a query ? Not sure where you're at
23:48dopester VideoSourceEditor::edit()
23:48dopester let me show ya
23:49dopester VideoSource vs(hasDVB);
23:49dopester if (getValue().toInt() != 0)
23:49dopester vs.loadByID(db,getValue().toInt());
23:49dopester vs.exec(db);
23:49dopester i added the hasDVB part, but i am totally lost at what the vs.exec does..
23:50dopester the if checks to see if its a new value i got that much.. but after that im at a loss
23:50thor_ passes control to a method called exec with db as an argument
23:50dopester :)
23:51--- ---> [M-M] [] has joined #mythtv
23:51dopester is that was fires off the actual dialog screen?
23:51thor_ dunno, walking through it
23:52thor_ VideoSource inherits from SimpleDBStorage
23:52dopester im thinking it has something to do with seeding simpledbstorage but can't tell what exactly
23:53--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
23:53thor_ see line 187 of settings.h in libmyth/
23:54thor_ Show a dialogWidget, and save if accepted
23:54thor_ so yup, that pops it into existence, and it'll use db to save to
23:54dopester ok.. then im doing something else wrong..
23:55thor_ brb
23:55dopester this is why the doxygen comments would be great :)
23:58thor_ heh, Chutt was actually pretty verbose there
23:58dopester maybe its this ID() stuff..
23:59dopester it was so easy to edit other columns in the db, but trying to edit a whole new table is killing me
23:59dopester i.e. all the simpledbstorage stuff was setup right for those tables
---Logclosed Thu Sep 02 00:00:34 2004