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00:00dopester you got some time to help me out here thor?
00:01thor_ yup ... but I haven't fiddled too much with settings stuff ...
00:01dopester its like greek to me man..
00:01thor_ heh
00:01dopester want me to paste code in her or msg ya?
00:01thor_ better to msg
00:01dopester ok
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00:21dopester chutt if your around could you help shed some light on the SimpleDBStorage, exec(), methods used in many of the classes in videosource adn channeleditor?
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00:27_Nero_ is there any plans to bring the program finder to mythweb (for scheduling).. I had a few ideas on how to do it with php/mysql, but wouldnt want to start working on that if it is already being done in the cvs version..
00:27dopester finish that oldmovie theme first.. it looks quite cool
00:27dopester :)
00:28_Nero_ lol dopester- it is moving along nicely..
00:28dopester this dvb stuff is killing me..
00:29dopester i wrote the actual dvb code pretty quickly but adding the editing capability to setup is taking me forever
00:29_Nero_ dvb?
00:29dopester video standard for satellites, cable in some countries, and digital broadcast tv in some countries
00:30_Nero_ ahhhh.. gotcha..
00:30_Nero_ my bad..
00:30dopester since its digital it sends all the tuning information and guide you want down the datastream but it was never interpreted in the current dvb code
00:30dopester so i added it
00:30dopester but its gotta go into the setup first before it can go out as a patch
00:31dopester and i gotta get it fixed first so i can fix the numerous other bugs in dvb
00:31_Nero_ gotcha..
00:31* Captain_Murd just realizes he can run "cvs update" from the parent of the mythtv dir and it will update all the modules he has checked out.
00:31_Nero_ man.. I really should try to run CVS..
00:31thor_ really?
00:31dopester most of them seem to be related to improper tuning though from what ive found so this has to be a first step as far as i see it
00:31_Nero_ but after spending so long just getting mythtv working.. I am scared.. ;)
00:32Captain_Murdo| maybe that's because I have CVSROOT set,
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01:32dopester ok enough for tonight.. when will this all the sudden make sense..
01:32dopester stupid learning curve
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03:29orogor anyone can tell me which version of the pvr250 is NOT supported
03:29orogor pvr 250 mce in fact
03:29orogor i ve read on a forum than the ones without a heatsink aren t
03:29orogor not very sure about this
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04:07orogor boom badaboom
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07:21o_c btw, no further comments on my mythnews cosmetic patch?
07:21orogor looks like not :)
07:21* orogor is currently trying to get a pvr250mce to work
07:22orogor that s horrible ; i can t spot anything wrong exept that i can t tune anythin,g
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08:52gfiend chutt: mythui now works on this box, this is a vanilla atrpms install now...
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08:57GeckoFiend any other commiters here?
08:57o_cee gfiend: in the adv rec screen, would it be possible to move the labels at the left reading description, a little bit to the right? swedish translation gets cut of with like 5-10 px there
08:57o_cee gets cut of at the left side
08:58orogor anyone can have a look at this please ?
08:58orogor ivtv channel is quiet like hell
08:58o_cee wrong channel!
08:58orogor ops
08:58GeckoFiend o_cee sure, it's in the ui.xml file. Send me a patch I'll get it applied once I figure out my stupid cvsroot thing again.
08:58o_cee GeckoFiend: aight
08:59o_cee need to make some titles forst
08:59o_cee first
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09:27o_cee is it Optical Disk and no Optical Disc?
09:29GeckoFiend There should just be "Optical Disk" if MythDVD and MythMusic aren't there it'll just not show up
09:29o_cee huh? i meant the spelling of "Disk" vs "Disc"
09:32GeckoFiend I suppose it could be either or. I'm not sure which is correct to tell the truth, I think CDs are Discs and hard drives are disks
09:33o_cee hm, ok
09:34stoffel i'd go for disc, disk looks too german for me :) and btw, re
09:37Captain_Murdo| GeckoFiend: cvs root question?
09:38Captain_Murdo| put "Optical Dis[ck]s"
09:43o_cee Captain_Murdoch: heh
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09:45o_cee GeckoFiend: could you please change the name of media_settings.xml so that it's unique, it's called SETUP now
09:45GeckoFiend o_cee sure
09:46o_cee thank you :)
09:50o_cee same with info_settings.xml
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10:16GeckoFiend hrm somethings missing from the mythui stuff in CVS: test1.cpp:73: error: `kMythDialogBoxCompletionEventType' undeclared
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10:38GeckoFiend o_cee those changes are in
10:47o_cee great
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12:30Chutt stupid mortgage company
12:30Chutt tells me to call to get pmi removed
12:30Chutt so i do that, then they tell me to send a written request
12:33stoffel just grep your spam folder for alternatives :)
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13:10kvandivo at least they bothered to tell you that you could get rid of pmi. i understand that is a trick that lots of companies use to continue getting money out of people
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13:12Chutt they have to remove it at 78%, if everything's good on the account
13:12Chutt you _can_ remove it once it hits 80%
13:13GeckoFiend wee AvFormatDecoder::HandleGopStart
13:13GeckoFiend Setting(2) length to 20 500
13:14GeckoFiend that's from the internal player playing a Xvid rip.
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13:14Chutt cool.
13:14GeckoFiend now I've just got to hook up the storing and what not.
13:14Chutt of course, the difference between 78% and 80% works out to something like $1000 in extra PMI payments for me
13:14GeckoFiend pisses me off, I had all the storage stuff done first and threw it away
13:15Chutt add anything to libavformat?
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13:17GeckoFiend nah. Right now I'm just checking the AVFrame.key_frame field and basing it off that. It seems to work, I can seek around in anything that's already been played. I need to work with it more and make sure I'm not missing something important
13:17Chutt how do you get the start position of the frame?
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13:19GeckoFiend Right now i'm just feeding the AVPacket into handleGopStart for key frames....
13:21GeckoFiend started to write my own logic to emulate it but it *appears* to work. I'm going to try building a full map and then play with it from there.
13:22Chutt i didn't think the startpos field was getting filled in for avis
13:22Chutt oh, maybe it is
13:23Chutt any garbage immediately after seeking?
13:24GeckoFiend not that I saw, I'll know more in a bit.
13:29Chutt cool
13:31Chutt yay, new garage door's here
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14:01pimuri hi folks. does anyone know hardware which can receive a tv/video-stream over wireless lan to the tv?
14:01pimuri (so you could theoretically watch tv on computers which are hooked up in the intranet by using wlan/ethernet) ?
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14:05Chutt pimuri, topic please.
14:05GeckoFiend pimuri /topic
14:05pimuri hmkay
14:05Chutt geckofiend, too slow!
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14:11o_cee thor_: i've got a bunch of gant updates for you later :)
14:12o_cee what do you guys think: the title on manage recordings.. i can fit "manage recs", but not "manage recordings". wich one is best, just "manage" or "manage recs" ?
14:12Chutt Manage
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14:12Chutt no abbreviations unless absolutely necessary
14:12o_cee then i'll leave it as it is now
14:12o_cee that's what i thought as well
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14:13Chutt heh
14:13o_cee just need to try the titles for the setup screems GeckoFiend added unique names
14:13Chutt don't want to make it any harder for non-english speakers =)
14:13o_cee heheh :)
14:13o_cee hm.. would there be any need for new mythdvd titles? don't use it
14:14Chutt dunno
14:14o_cee think i got the rest covered
14:42GeckoFiend chutt: is mythui at a point where you could update CVS?
14:43Chutt update cvs?
14:43GeckoFiend yeah i'm getting a build error after doing an update...
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14:44Chutt i haven't touched anything in a while :p
14:44GeckoFiend <GeckoFiend> hrm somethings missing from the mythui stuff in CVS: test1.cpp:73: error: `kMythDialogBoxCompletionEventType' undeclared
14:44Chutt the mythui dir in programs/ shouldn't be getting built at all
14:44GeckoFiend this is in the stuff thor moved over to the main myth tree
14:44Chutt thor commented it out a while back
14:49o_cee Chutt: having different backgrounds for the setup part of mythfrontend might be a good idea as well, so that it's clear that you're in config mode. just an idea
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14:52GeckoFiend chutt: the seektable stuff is not quite right, the calcuations for the offset are a tad off. I'll check that start offset stuff here in a bit.
14:52Chutt so it's not seeking quite to the I frame?
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14:54GeckoFiend yeah, it's just a few frames off it seems. the garbage clears up in < a second or so
14:55Chutt should be reasonably easy to fix
14:55Chutt i think, at least =)
14:55GeckoFiend interestingly enough Myth does a better job on the a/v sync on my rip of Shrek than Xine does
14:56Chutt heh
14:56Chutt it drift off in xine?
15:05GeckoFiend yeah, I actually have buttons mapped on my remote to adjust the audio dealy up and down. 99% of the time it's fine but there's a couple of my vids it just doesn't like
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15:23thread hello everybody.. I have a mysteriously missing sound problem with no cause apparent. can I get any suggestions from anyone in here?
15:23thread's support... sorry if I'm really not welcome for this sort of thing
15:24Chutt read the topic, please.
15:24thread obviously, I did
15:25Chutt why'd you ask the question in the first place, then?
15:25thread because I can't get any help in #mythtv-users, and I feel I've exhausted my options
15:25thread I can just leave
15:25thread I just thought it was worth a try
15:29* thread sighs
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17:15thor_ <GeckoFiend> hrm somethings missing from the mythui stuff in CVS: ....
17:15thor_ let me know if you have problems with cvs
17:15thor_ moved that stuff 10 days ago
17:15thor_ and still haven't used it yet ...
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17:34GeckoFiend thor_ just the one problem so far, I've not touched it since.
17:34GeckoFiend a grep -R didn't show than in any file except test1.cpp
17:35thor_ k ... it's not built by default now anyway
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17:36GeckoFiend yeah I just wanted to start playing with it is all. It didn't work for me till I rebuilt my dev box so I've missed out this whole time ;)
17:36GeckoFiend that was the whole reason I rebuilt the box
17:41thor_ got the tshirt
17:41thor_ I think it was a cynical ploy on Chutt's part to make people buy new nvidia cards
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17:49GeckoFiend closed source bastage!
17:51Baylink "=_
17:52Baylink We've got an ATI 9200SE clone, and stepped off a cliff: was all ready to pound my head on GATOS, but Just Worked on it.
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18:37thor_ milk from a whale ?
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19:25_Nero_ Gecko- you around?