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11:30thor_ Chutt, going forward, should gContext be in libmyth or libmythui ?
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12:28thor_ Chutt, hmmm .... I think I'm going to change extern declared gContext in libmythui to uiContext
12:36GeckoFiend I'm back to Mythui not working again. I get a complaint bout the dri extension being missing and an invisilbe window. I think my OpenGL is borked somehow
12:36_Nero_ Gecko- me too.
12:38thor_ and if you switch it to a QPainter >
12:38thor_ err, ?
12:38GeckoFiend you know what though, it DID work before I updated my Qt to 3.3 from attrpms... Once my current dist-upgrade gets done I'll try building Qt by hand and see where that gets me
12:38GeckoFiend thor_ I changed the painter to a qt painter and got the same result.
12:39thor_ hmmm
12:39GeckoFiend tryign a make clean and remake of mythuitest. shouldn't make a difference since the painter gets declared in the main window class now
12:40thor_ something broken between Qt <--> Qt openGL <--> openGL
12:41GeckoFiend yeah, I'm putting money on me neededing to rebuild Qt 3.3 or go back to 3.1 (bleh)
12:41thor_ safe bet
12:42GeckoFiend at least it doesn't segfault immediatly like it did before.
12:42thor_ heh
12:42GeckoFiend still got 4.5 hours before my dist-upgrade is done then I'll see what I can do to get it running. I'd like to have an answer for others who have problems when this hits the main tree.
12:43Chutt thor, way i see it, libmythui sits on top of libmyth
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12:43Chutt so the context should be in libmyth
12:43thor_ ah .... ok
12:43* thor_ reverts changes :-)
12:43Chutt at least eventually =)
12:43Chutt naw, no worries
12:43Chutt i'll get into that more once 0.16's done
12:44thor_ was about to start adding more widgets to mfe, and thought .... no point in doing all this twice .... let me work on libmythui
12:45thor_ happy to remove gContext stuff from libmythui and make it and the test program dependent on libmyth
12:45Chutt right, but i've got some changes to the context in libmythui that i wanted to push back to libmyth
12:45thor_ ok, I'll leave it alone
12:45Chutt making the lcd/screensaver stuff singletons
12:45Chutt getting rid of the ui-related stuff
12:46GeckoFiend I know they're all over the place but any of you folks need a gmail invite?
12:46thor_ yup, yup, no hurry ... I've got lots of other stuff to work on
12:46Chutt i've already got 2 gmail accounts that i don't use :p
12:46thor_ GeckoFiend, thanks ... but I'd just fiddle with it for half an hour and then never touch it again :-)
12:46GeckoFiend I resubscribed to the users list on mine. That way i can use it like gossamer with replies
12:50Chutt thor, if you want to mess with that stuff, maybe just rename the context to something else, so the file's still there
12:50Chutt actually, you can probably just remove it - it's still in the mythui module
12:50Chutt that'd work for me =)
12:51Chutt that's a nice looking case
12:52* thor_ holds off on deleting his changes
12:53Chutt yeah, i won't lose anything if you do that - go right ahead =)
12:53thor_ k
12:53thor_ and yeah, nice case, except for the silk-screened logo
12:55GeckoFiend <DJ_Rican> dude!! the PIN is only for 'editing' the video!! not watching them..
12:55GeckoFiend Why do I bother?
12:58GeckoFiend thor_ are you aware of any parental control issues in 15.1. This guy swears he doesn't get pompted for his PIN when raising the parental level. I'm sure he's not got someting set up
12:58GeckoFiend but since I don't use 15.1 I can't say for certain somethings not borked.
12:58thor_ well, obvious question is if he has parentl controls turned on in settings
12:59thor_ only other thing could be a wonky clock setting somewhere
12:59GeckoFiend thor_ heh i tried to check that with him that's when he gave me the "dude!" line.
12:59thor_ as it gives you a 2 minute window
13:00_Nero_ funny stuff GeckoFiend..
13:00_Nero_ did you see the guy who came in the other day wanting to leach off some random person's backend on his network?
13:00_Nero_ and when I told him the backend would have to allow him in, he complained that mythtv is "too secure" lol
13:00GeckoFiend ROFL no.. Hope he has lots of bandwidth.
13:01_Nero_ btw: is mythrecipe and mythradio on CVS?
13:02_Nero_ I browsed the server, but didnt see them.
13:02GeckoFiend nope
13:02_Nero_ cool..
13:02_Nero_ what does mythradio do? is it for hauppage cards with the FM built in?? or for internet radio?
13:03GeckoFiend I think that's MythFM,
13:03_Nero_ oh.. so its FM.. gotcha..
13:04GeckoFiend There's some sort of XML menu generator for streaming music / internet radio
13:04_Nero_ cool.. I'll do a search for that.. been looking for that option.
13:06GeckoFiend _Nero_
13:07_Nero_ thanks GeckoFiend.. I'll give that a shot.
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13:24thor_ Tue Aug 17 21:45:30 2004 UTC (2 weeks, 3 days ago) by jdonavan some not perfect logic in there for parental passwords :-)
13:25GeckoFiend thor_ hmm?
13:26thor_ it can never return false
13:26thor_ (when you moved it into the objects themselves)
13:26thor_ (i think that method used to be up in main.cpp)
13:27thor_ bool VideoTree::checkParentPassword()
13:30GeckoFiend I didn't rewrite the function... And it works here, returns false as it should
13:30thor_ heh
13:30thor_ if (blah) { return true; } else {return true; }
13:31GeckoFiend the last line is return false..
13:31thor_ yes ...
13:31GeckoFiend if(password.length() > 0) { do passwd dialog} else { return true"
13:31thor_ and can it ever reach the last line ?
13:31GeckoFiend if passwd dialog == ok then return true, else fall trhough to the last line
13:32GeckoFiend it'd probably be clear if there was an else on the if(ok) but as it's written if(!ok) it'll reach that last line
13:36thor_ you are correct sir
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13:36GeckoFiend I actually use the PL stuff to keep R+ videos away from my 12 year daughter. ;)
13:36thor_ yeah ... but I just had it let me through without one
13:36thor_ something odd going on here
13:36GeckoFiend hrm
13:36thor_ i'll keep poking at it
13:38* thor_ begins to second guess himself on whether or not it's just the two minute window thing working as it should
13:38* thor_ goes off to wander around the house for > 2 minutes
13:39GeckoFiend heh 2 minutes takes forever when you're wiating on it
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13:39orangebits Should I be able to telnet to port 6543 of my backend machine and issue commands like "MYTH_PROTO_VERSION 8" and get a response?
13:41orangebits Sorry, just realised this could have been the wrong channel to ask that
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13:45thor_ well that was a waste of time ... it works perfectly :-)
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13:48thor_ GeckoFiend, it works fine as far as I can see
13:49GeckoFiend thor_ cool
13:49GeckoFiend btw my new dist-upgrade pulled in an updated Qt3.3 that fixed all my problems with mythui
13:49thor_ ah, another problem solved
13:52GeckoFiend yeah qt 3.1 at least ran, the qt-3.3.2-1.0.1.kde was the problem qt-3.3.3-3.0.1.kde works
14:29_Nero_ GeckoFiend- how do you prevent a dist-upgrade from deleting stuff like XFree86?
14:29_Nero_ when I try to upgrade, it tells me it is going to basically erase half my system..
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15:59GeckoFiend hrm, the files that suffer from the audio buffer overflows are all perfect rips that don't have a 2 channel track so we end up using the 6 channel track.
15:59GeckoFiend _Nero_ sorry I have no idea. mine doesn't do that
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16:51orogor_ hum
16:51orogor_ hi
16:51orogor_ why are so mutch peoples getting multiple tv cardsss ?
16:53pmowry orogor_: you might want to ask that on #mythtv-users instead. I suppose multiple cards are to record multiple programs atthe same time.
16:54orogor_ gah sorry , i allways end up in the wrong channel
17:09snowblind Captain_Murdoch: when are you planing on commiting your new code
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17:12dannie anyone know a timeframe on when the pchdtv 3000 cards will be available ?
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18:19exobyte anyone have a pvr-250?
18:23exobyte oops- off to the other channel
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18:52JohnnyBoy This the right place to ask development questions
18:52JohnnyBoy ?
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19:03Niqo Hi!
19:04Niqo donavannn around?
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19:38GeckoFiend Niqo yeah
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21:33thor_ yah slashdot
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21:36cmorgan heh
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21:38dopesterOSX read that earlier today
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21:39hadees mythtv is on
21:39hadees again
21:39hadees if anyone cares
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21:54tmk what does mythfilldatabase use for the clock?
21:57cmorgan anyone here familar with gtk widgets? i have a couple of questions
22:01tmk all i know is that if you don't remove the top-most one, it gives errors
22:02cmorgan hmm
22:04tmk anyone seen the problem where mythfilldatabase doesn't work from cron
22:04tmk but works from commandline
22:04cmorgan you can run mythfilldatabase from inside of myth
22:04cmorgan the backend runs it
22:04cmorgan i just checked that option off and it appears to have worked quite well
22:05tmk yeaah i just did the same
22:05tmk was just curious
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22:05cmorgan otherwise it might be path issues
22:05tmk hm
22:05tmk i specify full path to mythfilldatabase
22:05cmorgan you usually have to put full paths for everything in cron stuff
22:05tmk it probably doesn't know where to find wget
22:06cmorgan damnit
22:06cmorgan no one is responding in #gtk+
22:07cmorgan maybe no one uses gtk after all....
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22:24foolhardy hello ppl, wondering if anyone minds if I throw out some general hardware questions *trying to decide how / what i will setup*
22:24cmorgan get a 350
22:25foolhardy lol, not really my questions, as far as i can tell, the 250/350 are not HDTV / digital broadcast compatible
22:25tmk thanks cmorgan.. that's what i would have said ;)
22:25hadees has anyone figured out how many pvr250 or similar cards max out the speed bus?
22:25tmk speed bus?
22:26tmk like in the movie? i don't think there were any on there
22:26hadees pci bus i mean
22:26tmk but i bet you could fit a lot of them on that bus
22:26cmorgan tmk: it makes things so easy to setup and no risk of not having a fast enough cpu.
22:26cmorgan tmk: you have been back on here a lot ;-) whats up? ;-)
22:26tmk wife out of town
22:26cmorgan heh
22:27hadees tmk: how many cards can i put in a system before i start having problems with speed of what ever
22:27tmk well
22:27tmk i have heard of 8
22:27cmorgan ha
22:27tmk i know chris tests everything with 4
22:27tmk but his code is rarely stable
22:27tmk ..
22:27cmorgan i'd be surprised if a motherboard would handle 8 cards
22:27tmk pci risers!
22:28hadees does 8 really work well?, i am looking to centralize all my house in one box...
22:28cmorgan doh, i meant power wise
22:28cmorgan thats a crapload of current
22:28cmorgan start all cards recording and your lights would dim ;-)
22:29tmk hmm.. should i fix ivtv or just install my dxr2 card for dvd's
22:29Chutt you should install your dxr card and write a spiffy little mythtv output class for it
22:30--- <<-- foolhardy [] has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.61 [Mozilla rv:1.7/20040616]")
22:30dopesterOSX fix ivtv too :)
22:30tmk hmm
22:30tmk output class?
22:30Chutt yeah
22:30Chutt similar to the existing pvr-350 output stuff
22:30tmk i see
22:30Chutt but it'd work due to stable drivers
22:30tmk :)
22:30tmk ouch
22:31dopesterOSX ivtv seems like a hackjob at best
22:31tmk easy there
22:31cmorgan heh
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22:32ionix i
22:32ionix hi
22:32--- ---> rowley [] has joined #mythtv
22:33dopesterOSX does the dxr2 have hte output quality of the 350?
22:34tmk dunno
22:34tmk it was OK for dvd's
22:34tmk it only plays back mpeg2 tho
22:34tmk osd stuff has to be converted to mpeg2
22:34--- <<-- rowley [] has quit (Client Quit)
22:34tmk heh
22:34--- ---> rowley [] has joined #mythtv
22:34dopesterOSX ya should be able to dump the dvds to the 350 just need to make some kinda hack to re-direct the ac3 to somplace else i would think
22:34--- ---> MajestiK [] has joined #mythtv
22:34tmk dopester: i did that
22:34tmk it worked ok for some dvds
22:35tmk some it was really skippy on
22:35tmk i've been meaning to revisit it
22:35mikegrb another slashdot thing about mythtv :<
22:35dopesterOSX wonder what made em be skippy
22:35tmk io or decoder pickyness
22:35mikegrb the pvr didn't like the movie
22:35tmk heh
22:35mikegrb it's attention was elsewhere
22:35dopesterOSX the 350 seems to handle most mpeg ive thrown at it
22:35dopesterOSX at least dumping it to the dev
22:35tmk does mythradio work with the pvr350's radio
22:35tmk dope: ya.. shrug
22:35Chutt nope
22:36cmorgan doh
22:36dopesterOSX i dumped some atsc ts at it once and it found a video stream to play was kinda amazing..
22:36tmk ha
22:36dopesterOSX i figued it would do nothing
22:37tmk well dvb is all mpeg2
22:37dopesterOSX yeah i watch dvb on my pvr350
22:37Chutt hmm
22:37Chutt games, watch cartoons, or apply patches
22:37dopesterOSX cartoons!
22:37Chutt 20 minutes yet
22:37tmk depends what game
22:37tmk nethack?
22:37mikegrb games and cartoons!
22:37dopesterOSX family guy?
22:37mikegrb geez
22:37Chutt pikmin 2, sly cooper 1, or star ocean 3
22:38--- <<-- cmorgan [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:38Chutt in the way of games, at least :p
22:38Chutt adult swim starts in 20 minutes, though
22:38dopesterOSX brak on tonite?
22:38Chutt naw
22:38--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
22:38Chutt that was cancelled
22:39Chutt because it sucks :p
22:39tmk thank god
22:39tmk yes
22:39rkulagow guess what's on /.
22:39tmk i like their little text blurbs more than the cartoons
22:39tmk though sealab is ok
22:39Chutt me again!
22:39Chutt it's been a month or so
22:39rkulagow should be more like, "me, again?!"
22:39Chutt naw, saw it a while ago
22:40Chutt saw the anandtech thing 2 days ago or whatnot
22:40Chutt or was that yesterday morning
22:40rkulagow fucking stupid motherboard instructions. "to update bios, put new bios on floppy, then during post press ALT-F2 to enter EZ-Bios setup".
22:40tmk boo-ya. used a pvr250
22:40tmk :D
22:41rkulagow motherboard doesn't even _have_ a connector for a floppy drive
22:41mikegrb hehe internet access from the interstate is a great thing
22:41Chutt rkulagow, hah
22:41Chutt which board?
22:41dopesterOSX at least its english
22:41rkulagow as in literally no circuitry, no header connector, nada
22:41rkulagow classic pundit
22:41mikegrb hehe
22:41mikegrb usb silly
22:42Chutt ah
22:42rkulagow got to see if it will consider a CF card as a floppy when inserted into the MMC slot.
22:42rkulagow bbl.
22:42Chutt depends on how its hooked up
22:43tmk chutt: did you read that anand article?
22:43tmk their dmesg has a segfault in it
22:45cmorgan i think thats a kernel oops
22:46splat1 nn all
22:46cmorgan "dmesg also reports success:" hahaha
22:46tmk yea
22:47dopesterOSX thats like bill gates continuting to give the demonstation after the usb scanner blue screen thing and not knowing anything was wrong...
22:48Chutt heh
22:48Chutt didn't really read it
22:48dopesterOSX i read the first paragraph and it sounded like there was nothing in it
22:48Chutt there isn't
22:48Chutt they spend however many pages giving an overview of the install docs
22:48dopesterOSX tmk: you ever looked at the video output chips on the happauge dvb cards?
22:49Chutt with a couple pictures thrown in
22:49tmk nope
22:49dopesterOSX cut and paste kscreenshot.. heh
22:54dopesterOSX just looked at my nexus-s card.. all its got on it is an saa7146 and a tuner.. thats nothing liek the pvr350 right?
22:54tmk right
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23:40pbx- mythtv can't transcode and play a movie at the same time right?
23:44hadees pbx-, it can, depending on your computer it might not do it well
23:45hadees pbx-, those questions are supposed to go in #mythtv-users
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