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00:12hypermatt is there a guide for writing myth plugins?
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00:15Captain_Murdo| not that I know of, easiest way is to just start with one of the simple ones and start rewriting. that way you start from a working base.
00:16hypermatt can you load plugins at runtime or do you have to recompile the source ?
00:16Captain_Murdo| plugins are loaded at runtime, you only need to recompile the plugin as you make changes or create new plugins.
00:16hypermatt coo
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08:35rkulagow chutt: here?
08:36onyxsoft tried grabbing the latest cvs and is unavailable
08:37onyxsoft traceroute stops at
08:38onyxsoft Which is in Tampa
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09:07gfiend Chutt right now I've got the following in the for mythdvd: # Uncomment the stuff below and make sure the path to your myth library source is correct
09:07gfiend # for support for building seek tables after ripping
09:07gfiend MYTHLIBS = /usr/local/src/mythtv/mythtv/libs
09:07gfiend INCLUDEPATH *= $${MYTHLIBS} $${MYTHLIBS}/libmythtv $${MYTHLIBS}/libmyth
09:07gfiend LIBS *= -L$${PREFIX}/lib -L$${MYTHLIBS}/libmythtv -lmythtv-$$LIBVERSION
09:08gfiend is this acceptable till we santize libmythtv for installing it's headers?
09:09gfiend chutt: also what should I start loooking for in the headers aside from incorrect paths to other headers?
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09:24gfiend I did a quick check for collisions of names nothing jumped out.
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11:29beavis hey, i'm trying to compile myth but i get parsing errors
11:29beavis is anything known there?
11:29beavis In file included from manualschedule.cpp:18:
11:29beavis /usr/include/qt3/qdatetimeedit.h:69: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of `
11:29beavis AMPM' with no type
11:30beavis and tons of another parsing/ISO forbids errors after this one
11:32Chutt topic, please.
11:33beavis so it is not a dev topic if there's something wrong in the sources?
11:34Chutt there's nothing wrong in the source.
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11:55Chutt cvs is back up.
11:56GeckoFiend woot!
11:56Chutt the uml was having issues
11:56Chutt snowman's fault =)
11:57Snow-Man bah.
11:57Snow-Man I blame the stupid hurricane thing.
11:59Chutt geckofiend, how hard _would_ it be to add some right arrows to items that have submenus?
12:00Chutt it'd help a lot for people who aren't going to read the docs =)
12:03GeckoFiend Chutt I can add a " >" type of indicator quick and easy. Not sure about a graphical one.
12:11GeckoFiend how about if the highlite bar changes for items that are left/right capable when they're highlited?
12:11Chutt eh
12:12Chutt that's not obvious
12:12Chutt for now, a -> or > would be ok, i guess =)
12:12Chutt text based
12:13Chutt unless, the highlight bar _had_ the > in int
12:13Chutt in it
12:13Chutt eh, maybe still wouldn't be as easy to see
12:13GeckoFiend I'm looking at the tree code now. It looks like theres already support for left/right arrow graphics I just need to see if I can hook into them.
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12:13thor_ sorry, where is this ?
12:14Chutt the recording selection screen
12:14Chutt geckofiend, also, could you change the fonts to be bold like everywhere else in the ui?
12:14Chutt at least for the gant/blue theme
12:15Chutt oh, and one more thing =)
12:15Chutt a new item starts out on 'record as shown', but once you move off that, you can't go back
12:15Chutt it should probably start off on the second item =)
12:16Chutt and another: when it starts out, there are some items disabled
12:16Chutt if you select 'do not record as shown', then 'go back', it enables everything
12:17Chutt minor niggles
12:17Chutt but, should be easy to fix?
12:17Chutt i can look at some later today, but i need to go through the patch queue instead
12:18Chutt rkulagow, are you here
12:18GeckoFiend Chutt yeah I'll hit the fonts in the theme update I'm getting ready to check in
12:18Chutt is that a crash with a remote backend?
12:18Chutt cool, thanks =)
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12:21GeckoFiend Chutt were you asking me about a crash or rkulagow?
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12:22Chutt rkulagow
12:22Chutt he emailed me a segfault when starting a recording
12:25GeckoFiend ahh
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12:37cmorgan anyone ever get stuttering mpeg playback?
12:37cmorgan like it plays fine for a while then starts stuttering then is fine etc?
12:37Chutt 'extra audio buffering'
12:37Chutt turn it on
12:38cmorgan even with a 350?
12:38Chutt ah, no
12:38Chutt that's the driver's fault, then
12:38* cmorgan suspects it was recorded with the stutter but was wondering if i could transcode to fix that crap
12:38cmorgan although i'm not seeing loads of errors on the console so maybe it can't be detected or soemthing
12:38cmorgan its like in slow motion ;-)
12:41Chutt heh
12:42cmorgan does myth have a play faster option?
12:42Chutt yup
12:42cmorgan if i could play at 150% it would probably be more tolerable ;-) heh
12:44Chutt hmm
12:44Chutt this should fix rkulagow's crash
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12:58dopesterMac why do people keep talking about dvb channels.conf import scripts but they will never offer to help on internalizing it in myth.. i swear.
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13:04Chutt geckofiend, the [ and ] on the first menu tend to disappear oddly
13:04Chutt and the show information text on top is still not bold.
13:04Chutt neither is most stuff in the list.
13:05Chutt escaping off the screen should be the same as accepting the selection, too
13:06Chutt right now it's the same as cancelling, which is completely different than the old behavior
13:06Chutt could get rid of 'record this program as shown' entirely with that change
13:06Chutt and just have a 'Cancel'
13:08GeckoFiend I though the old screen "exit" == cancel, and SELECT accepted the changes,
13:08Chutt nope
13:09Chutt well, maybe it did
13:10Chutt but, that's broken behavior with the new style options
13:10Chutt shouldn't have to work extra to make a change
13:10Chutt want me to file bugs for all these?
13:10Chutt they all really need fixed before i can put out a release with that screen as default
13:21GeckoFiend Chutt yeah if you don't mind. I'm working on the graphical indicators now.
13:30Chutt ok
13:31Chutt 71, 72, 73, 74
13:33Chutt hmm
13:34Chutt since when does 'M' on the guide (non-tv viewing) make it exit?
13:36Chutt and the answer is 'a looong time'
13:37Chutt i didn't file a bug for graphical indicators, since you're doing that =)
13:38Chutt ah well, time for food, then on to patches
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14:47Chutt damn, these includes are all messed up
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15:08GeckoFiend Chutt you sure about this exit thing saving changes? It just doesn't feel right. If you hit exit on settings dialogs it goes back until it can't anymore then aborts your changes...
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15:11Chutt yeah, i've changed my mine
15:11Chutt mind
15:11Chutt i'm changing it so it does it differently :p
15:11Chutt what have you got in your tree (wrt changes to the recording screen)?
15:17GeckoFiend the various items set their hasleft/right properly now. the managed list calls a new setItemArrow based on that. And I'm working in uitypes.cpp to get the arrows drawing.
15:17Chutt cool.
15:17Chutt i'm just rearranging some stuff
15:17Chutt so, shouldn't conflict with that
15:22Chutt any reason why the start/end offsets can't be selected?
15:22Chutt (and similar settings)
15:27Chutt (i've gotten rid of the [ Cancel ] in my tree from submenus)
15:49GeckoFiend you mean by hitting SELECT on them? If so it's becuase I didn't think we'd want a sub list with a bunmch of numbers, since they're int settings it just made since to emulate a spinbox
15:52Chutt would be more consistant, that way
15:52Chutt but i'm not seeing how that's accomplished =)
15:53GeckoFiend almost done with the graphical indicators, just need to make them opffsetable like the selection bar is. They look kinda funky right now without them being centered on the text.
15:56GeckoFiend the ones you can select from all derrive from the group item or the list item (which derrives from the group item). Basicly the int item would need to derrive from the list item instead and contain on entry for each number. Though we'd want to do away with the plain int item and make them all bounded (they may very well be on the recordings options)
16:01Chutt heh
16:05Chutt well, hmm
16:05Chutt this is slightly better
16:05Chutt it's not recompiling all of libmythtv anymore if you change one of those headers =)
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16:13irbdavid hiya
16:13irbdavid what's the easiest distro to get mythtv up and working on, or is there not much in it?
16:13Chutt read the topic, please.
16:14irbdavid oh sorry dude
16:14irbdavid my bad
16:14irbdavid can i just ask out of curiosity, what is this then?
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16:15Chutt it's mainly a channel where illiterate people join and ask off-topic questions
16:15Chutt at least, it sure seems that way at times.
16:15mattnut i just setup mythtv using knoppixmyth, but i only get static on my pv250
16:15Chutt see?
16:15mattnut how can i launch mplayer so it tunes my pv250?
16:15irbdavid Chutt, lol. we have the same thing over on mandy
16:15Chutt mattnut, read the topic.
16:15mattnut ok
16:16irbdavid Chutt, lol. maybe you should get a bot in here, to shift n00bs around like me
16:18dopester recompiling libmythtv everytime i add something to a .h file takes foreve..
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16:23lisadaveh or call this board mythtv-dev would scare the noob's off
16:28Chutt geckofiend, heh
16:28Chutt geckofiend, i broke stuff by removing the 'Go Back' from the managedlist.h =)
16:28Chutt (not in cvs)
16:29Chutt it seems stuff depends on it being there?
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16:34Chutt geckofiend, i've updated bugs 72 and 74
16:36GeckoFiend Chutt: yeah I think so, becuase it's the last item in the list for select items/ groups. I liked it better at the top or not present at all.
16:38GeckoFiend look in the DoGoBack functions it checks to see if the curItem is = to the max and if so rests the value to waht it was before you opened the sub list
16:39Chutt you can just hit escape to do the same thing, though
16:39Chutt it broke because 'setValue' requires an item in the list to work (crashes otherwise)
16:40Chutt and a number of settings are doing the setValue first, before any items are added to the list aside from the [ Go Back ]
16:42rkulagow chutt: still here?
16:42Chutt yup
16:42Chutt how goes?
16:42rkulagow 2004-09-06 11:00:03 Scheduled 355 items in 3.73247 seconds.
16:42rkulagow ERROR: file I/O problem in 'safe_read()': Input/output error
16:42rkulagow ERROR: file I/O problem in 'safe_read()': Input/output error
16:42rkulagow ERROR: file I/O problem in 'safe_read()': Input/output error
16:42rkulagow 2004-09-06 11:06:59 Finished Commercial Flagging for "Sesame Street" recorded from channel 1011 at Mon Sep 6 10:00:00 2004. Found 1 commercial break(s).
16:42rkulagow [Thread 426011 (LWP 20468) exited]
16:42rkulagow [Thread 409626 (LWP 20466) exited]
16:42rkulagow 2004-09-06 15:00:02 Started recording "Sesame Street" on channel: 1021 on cardid: 1, sourceid 1
16:42rkulagow 2004-09-06 15:00:02 ERROR opening file in ThreadedFileWriter.
16:42rkulagow Program exited with code 0366.
16:43rkulagow var/myth/video/1021_20040906150000_20040906160000.nuv: Input/output error
16:43rkulagow (then the program exit code above)
16:44Chutt heh
16:45Chutt dunno
16:45Chutt i don't see 366 anywhere, do you?
16:47rkulagow no, i didn't. was it daniel t, the one doing the hdtv patches that submitted the unique error codes thing?
16:48rkulagow daniel k
16:49Chutt yeah
16:50rkulagow did you find anything in that seg fault i sent this morning?
16:50rkulagow i lost aqua teen because of that one.
16:51GeckoFiend Chutt I've got one last compile & test and I'll check in the graphical indicators. I still need to wire up GANT and blue with the images though.
16:52Chutt update first
16:52Chutt rkulagow, think i fixed it
16:52rkulagow this morning, or this exit 336 thing?
16:52Chutt geckofiend, i committed my small include cleanup
16:52Chutt rkulagow, this morning
16:52Chutt i don't _know_ that it's fixed, but it's fairly likely =)
16:53rkulagow ok, i see the commit message
16:53Chutt last night's new aquateen wasn't very good, though
16:53Chutt so you didn't miss anything
16:55Chutt geckofiend, sweet =)
16:56rkulagow yeah, but it sucks to miss a new aqua teen. i thought e-dork was pretty funny. also, the halloween one from last year was funny.
16:56rkulagow anytime carl gets hurt is funny.
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17:09GeckoFiend chutt: LOL turning up the heat eh?
17:12rkulagow crap. kernel: xfs_force_shutdown(device-mapper(254,0),0x1)
17:12rkulagow that's why sesame street bombed. /var/myth/video isn't available anymore.
17:14Chutt yeah
17:14Chutt =)
17:14rkulagow no, :(
17:15Chutt that was to geckofiend, not you
17:15Chutt i marked a bunch of recording screen stuff as 'blocker' in bugzilla =)
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17:36GeckoFiend Chutt you want exit to commit changes on the sub lists as well?
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18:27problah Hey, anyone around?
18:27problah I'm having an issue which I think is commone and an easy fix, but I can't figure it out.
18:27* Beirdo points at the topic
18:28problah oh hell, sorry
18:28problah So what is this channel for then?
18:29Beirdo development stuff primarily
18:29problah Ah, sweet.
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18:43GeckoFiend Chutt all of those are fixed except for the one where I'll have to build list items out of integers.
18:43GeckoFiend i'll try and get it in the morning
18:44Chutt heh
18:44Chutt i'll mess around with stuff
18:44Chutt did you add the arrows to gant/blue?
18:44Chutt and, thanks
18:44GeckoFiend doh no I'll do that real quick
18:46Captain_Murdo| Chutt, about the keyframeadjustmap, I transcoded a file with a cutlist and it appears that it is skipping to the correct frame when I skip from a frame before the cutlist to a specific frame number that is past the point where the piece was cut out.
18:46Captain_Murdo| s/before the cutlist/before the cut/
18:47Chutt cool.
18:47Chutt captain_murdoch, thanks for verifying =)
18:47Captain_Murdo| now that I know how easy it is to (test) transcode, I should be able to integrate transcode into my jobqueue fairly easily after 0.16.
18:47Chutt stuff's starting to come together
18:47Captain_Murdo| have you (or anyone you know of) tested ivtvdecoder?
18:48Chutt not i
18:48Chutt ivtv driver's not stable on the new machine for decoding
18:48Captain_Murdo| so if it's broken, we can blame it on the driver? :)
18:48Chutt everything looks ok
18:49Captain_Murdo| yeah, not much in there to mess up. It's closer to the avformatdecoder than nuppel was/is.
18:49Chutt maybe ask david engel?
18:50Captain_Murdo| ok, emailing him now.
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18:56dopester chutt: has kenneth shown his head in the last 2-3 months?
18:56Chutt not really
18:57dopester i saw that guy replying to the vbi code earlier today, but couldnt see the message he replied to..
18:57dopester so i had to assume it was old as dirt (the original message).
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19:16qwerty Does mythtv support 5.1?
19:17Chutt topic.
19:17qwerty Whoops, sorry.
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19:17* Beirdo mutters
19:20GeckoFiend "I've been writing user facing software for 6 years" puh-lease can we wave our dicks some more?
19:20gentool I'm having trouble with color/contrast/hue ... can anyone explain how xv settings interact with v4l settings?
19:21Chutt one's playback, one's record.
19:21Chutt and read the topic.
19:22gentool topic
19:22gentool Chutt: thanks ... first time I've read the topic on IRC :)
19:22--- <<-- gentool [] has quit ("Client exiting")
19:23Chutt geckofiend, does the last line (below cancel) have an arrow on it for you?
19:24Chutt heh
19:24Chutt yeah, there're extra arrows all over the place =)
19:25Chutt they're not cleared properly if the new list is shorter than the old one
19:26GeckoFiend doh
19:27Chutt also, should items in a select list have arrows?
19:27GeckoFiend hrm... redraw the entire list on a go back?
19:27Chutt like the recording types
19:27Chutt yeah, or just clear out all arrows on a go back
19:28--- ---> vagrant [] has joined #mythtv
19:28Chutt otherwise
19:28Chutt it's looking nice =)
19:28Chutt only thing missing is the ability to select those few items
19:28Chutt then it'd be all consistant
19:28GeckoFiend I left the arrows in those because pressing right on them accepts that as the option just like select woudl
19:29Chutt yeah, but it's more like the right arrow indicates there's more under that option
19:29Chutt it looks kinda weird with em on places that it just selects the option
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19:31GeckoFiend yeah I'm takign a look at elminating them now.. got a little bit left before the wife needs me
19:32Chutt heh
19:32Chutt cool
19:33GeckoFiend added a reset of the arrows list to the resetList function and an explicit reset arrows in case it's needed.
19:34GeckoFiend should have the arrows on normal items gone too.
19:35Chutt cool
19:43GeckoFiend This stupid state change thing is driving me nuts! I forgot that the new behvior for exit was "save changes" and scheduled a recording. My living room frontend made the state change to watching recording without hanging. Makes no sense it's hung in the past and I've not changed anyting out there for a while
19:44Chutt heh
19:44rkulagow chutt: just mailed you another segfault
19:44Chutt you can change that back to exit = cancel, if you'd want
19:44Chutt rkulagow, same thing as this morning, or a new one?
19:45Chutt geckofiend, i think i just didn't like the 'save' at the top, is most of it
19:45rkulagow new one
19:45Chutt cool.
19:45rkulagow bbl
19:45Chutt later
19:46GeckoFiend Chutt thanks done
19:48GeckoFiend I really hope this state transition thing only affects a small number of folks. i'll be damned if I can figure out why it happens but I'm worried that it will affect a lot of people
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19:58gfiend hmmmm looks like the measurements sent to the text cut call aren't quite right but the rest looks ok
19:58--- <<-- GeckoFiend [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
19:58gfiend Chutt commited
19:59gfiend I know why it appears that the cut is wrong. I specficied a negative offset for the right arrows and the cut doesn't take that into account
19:59--- User: *** gfiend is now known as GeckoFiend
20:03Chutt if i could reproduce that state transition thing, i'd fix it :(
20:03Chutt but i have no idea what's causing it :(
20:03Chutt it _should_ be exiting after 4 seconds of trying to play the recording like that, though
20:03Chutt i don't see why it's continually retrying
20:03Chutt argh, a uitypes.h change
20:03Chutt heh
20:03Chutt i need a faster machine =)
20:04Chutt well, that and more function bodies should be in the .cpp instead of the headers
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20:07--- Netsplit over, joins: tgall, mdz, m0j0
20:09rkulagow chutt: back. any clues on that segfault? if i re-execute "run" from gdb it usually kicks off without a problem. seems to happen on every first run after a boot.
20:09Chutt i _just_ got the email
20:09rkulagow huh. that's pretty laggy. usually it's a lot faster. ok.
20:11Chutt hrm
20:11Chutt no, i don't really see anything obvious in there :(
20:11rkulagow ah. well, i'm still at gdb.
20:12Chutt looks like mem corruption
20:12Chutt valgrind might be able to track it down further
20:12Chutt but i don't think gdb can
20:13rkulagow ok, i'll just kick it off so that i can use it tonight.
20:13Chutt sorry
20:15Chutt bah, i'm giving up on this qt x/y positioning bug
20:15Chutt can't make it work
20:16--- <<-- dopester [] has quit (Read error: 242 (No route to host))
20:17GeckoFiend Chutt I fixed that cut problem.
20:18GeckoFiend btw I put a bug in Dave Hofstras ear re: artowkr for the new ui stuff.
20:19* GeckoFiend notices that dave is in this group
20:19GeckoFiend ROFL my wife just asked me if you're married Chutt. "You've been in your office all day and I miss you. Isn't Isaac married?"
20:23--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
20:23--- User: *** splAt1 is now known as splat1
20:24GeckoFiend Chutt have you tried just hitting TOGGLERECORD to repro that state change bug? If so what Qt version are you using?
20:24lisadaveh I like the bug in my ear about the new ui stuff/ although I would like to work on sound effects more =)
20:27--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
20:27Chutt heh
20:27Chutt my wife was out with some friends today
20:27lisadaveh I was wondering about the new motion abilities of the new ui stuff if it would be cool for starters to just animate the icons with a "static" zap motion effect, or 'bubble" beat and loop it. just a thought until 3d rotational things are available
20:28--- User: *** splAt1 is now known as splat1
20:28Chutt geckofiend, and, yeah, it was togglerecord
20:28Chutt tested with mainly that, but also with setting it from the guide
20:29Chutt qt is 3.3.3, but i don't think that should matter
20:30Chutt 'Look for duplicates in current and previous recording' overlaps the right arrow
20:30Chutt and the left arrow is a tad close to the text
20:30Chutt both with current CVS
20:31Chutt arrows are still there on submenus, too =)
20:31--- <<-- snowblind [] has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
20:31Chutt 'Go Back' probably shouldn't have an arrow, either
20:32Chutt the 'don't record if exceedes the max' is cut down properly, though
20:33Chutt does it feel weird to you that start early/late have opposite arrow actions?
20:33Chutt (i'm using GANT, if it matters for the arrow offsets)
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20:38--- User: *** splAt1 is now known as splat1
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20:53--- ---> _nero_ [~nero@mdobossy.student.Princeton.EDU] has joined #mythtv
21:05_nero_ Is there a buglist for the CVS stuff? I think I might have found a little issue with mythmusic..
21:06_nero_ If I add to my current playlist, it does fine- adds the new stuff (and starts the playing over). If I delete everything that is on the current playlist, and add something else, it keeps playing the old playlist until I quit mythmusic.
21:06--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
21:07Chutt patches are more appreciated than bug reports.
21:09_nero_ Chutt- I can try to work on it.. but no promises.. (I would probably do more harm than good!!)
21:10Chutt hrm
21:11Chutt seems to be a problem with files with no keyframe info in the db
21:11Chutt seeking is _really_ slow
21:11Chutt until it builds things up
21:13--- User: *** splAt1 is now known as splat1
21:15dopester chutt: did that guy ever submit the patches for ivtv ff/rw with dvb mpegs?
21:15Chutt for the 350?
21:15dopester yeah
21:15Chutt not that i'm aware of
21:15Chutt i might have missed it, though
21:16dopester damn him.. :)
21:16Chutt geckofiend, why's the stuff at line 1290 of avformatdecoder.cpp commented out?
21:17Chutt that needs to be there, else seeking forward when there's no keyframe info is _slow_
21:18Chutt ah, i see what you're doing
21:19Chutt geckofiend, lemme know when you're back
21:28--- <<-- joss [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:59splat1 nn all
21:59--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
22:09--- ---> jeffpc_ [] has joined #mythtv
22:29Chutt hilarious
22:31cmorgan hah
22:39--- <<-- hadees [~hadees@hadees.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
22:42--- ---> hadees [~hadees@hadees.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has joined #mythtv
22:51--- <--- _nero_ [~nero@mdobossy.student.Princeton.EDU] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
22:54dopester yer not hold his hand chutt?
22:54Chutt hmm?
22:57--- ---> bobnvic [] has joined #mythtv
22:57dopester mr. directvfb
22:57thor_ Chutt, anything I should be doing?
22:58dopester chutt: what is the relation between ID and SimpleDBStorage?
22:59dopester anyone know how long it takes to comple qt on a mac.. geez... been going for hours..
23:00Chutt thor, i dunno =)
23:00thor_ good
23:00Chutt dopester, what relationship?
23:00Chutt it's just a way to add the ID field to the db queries
23:01dopester ok wasn't sure how it all goes together and i havent had a good staight few hours to figure it out..
23:02dopester ok glad to know there is no relationship at least i was semi-right
23:13thor_ guess I can go back to verifying that Poincarre conjecture thing
23:19--- <<-- cmorgan [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:22Chutt heh
23:23thor_ a disk is the simplest smooth manifold in n > 2 space, well DUH
23:28Chutt riight
23:30Chutt almost done with patch night!
23:30thor_ heh
23:30Chutt at least for patches that i'm seeing
23:30Chutt might've missed some
23:31thor_ albumartist thing is a miss for the time being, as I'm sure you've figured out
23:33Chutt yup
23:33Chutt thanks for looking that over
23:33Chutt much appreciated =)
23:34thor_ least I could do
23:37--- ---> joss [] has joined #mythtv
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