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00:18dopester chutt: the 1 dvb bug in bugzilla if i understand it right is cause there is no signal that the channel is not authorized from the looks of what is there
00:18Chutt think that's what you said a few weeks ago?
00:18Chutt i'm not worried 'bout it
00:18dopester yeah that whole dvbcam code is a total hack
00:18Chutt since it's bedtime for me =)
00:19thor_ g'night john boy
00:19dopester aight then.. take it easy... im gonna watch gentoo compile away.
00:23dopester thor: what do you use to edit code?
00:23thor_ joe
00:23dopester dont get too fancy now :)
00:23thor_ heh
00:23thor_ with syntax highlighting turned off
00:23dopester not a fan of the syntax highlighting?
00:24thor_ drives me batty
00:24dopester then yer the wrong person to ask anyway.. was thinkin about trying kate on this new box i am setting up.. never really used it much..
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00:24thor_ yup
00:25dopester been using ultraedit on a pc to ftp the files back and forth and its just too tedious a process..
00:25dopester i didnt have a liunx box with X on it until now (my mythbackend sits in my garage and coding next to a lawnmower doesnt work for me)..
00:26thor_ heh
00:26thor_ I've really only ever used joe, vi in a pinch
00:26thor_ so I have no idea
00:26dopester syntax highlihting is one thing i love to have..
00:27dopester i might not even get htis box up tonight.. the stupid nforce-net ebuild for gentoo failed compiling, so once i reboot i will hvae no net card in this stupid box... i want to burn everything i have thats nvidia..
00:28thor_ nice video cards :-)
00:29thor_ closed source thing sucks though
00:29thor_ and some of their employees are serious doofuses
00:32dopester its cause its not in the kernel that it pisses me off
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00:33dopester then its the "how can i get this file onto this box"
00:33dopester boot off a cd witht eh driver copy it over.. burn a cd-rw etc.. dont need to deal with that crap..
00:35dopester doenst chutt work for them now?
00:35thor_ yup
00:37dopester shoulda bought the via mb back then... oh why didnt i.. heh
01:08Chutt whee
01:09thor_ I don't care if you want a drink of water, you're supposed to be in bed
01:09Chutt yea yea
01:09Chutt dopester, there's an open source nic driver in all recent kernels
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01:15Jayakumar thor_, elaborate about nv employees, i'm curious.
01:16thor_ they're all superstars and rockstars
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07:41GeckoFiend Chutt that was from when I was working with the audio, and forgot to put it back I think.
07:42GeckoFiend dopester I use KDevelop myself, and emacs.
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07:50riksta woohooo im so happy! the fixed the aeria on my roof finally i can get a dvb signal
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10:20Chutt geckofiend, question i had was - you had it decoding the picture, then using that mpa_pic.keyframe value to decide if it was an I frame or not
10:20Chutt i changed it to use the pkt->flags value, so it could bypass decoding the video
10:20Chutt wondered if that still worked or not =)
10:21GeckoFiend I'll try building an index as see if it works,,,
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10:23GeckoFiend hmmm the SUID message is wrong...
10:23GeckoFiend pthread_setschedparam: Operation not permitted
10:23GeckoFiend 2004-09-07 10:22:37 Running as SUID root would allow some threads to run with realtime priority, improving video smoothness.
10:23GeckoFiend I don't think it should say it's running as SUID root when the call failed
10:24Chutt it's not
10:24Chutt it's saying that if you were
10:24GeckoFiend ahhh ok got it
10:27GeckoFiend one thing I just noticed, when using mythtv to play an avi. If I hit escape to bring up the exit menu, then say "keep watching" it goes back to the first frame. Though I hadn't built a seektable for that file (nor would mythtv know how to use it if it were there right now)
10:27Chutt hrm
10:27GeckoFiend doing the distclean shuffle right now will test in few
10:27Chutt it shouldn't be seeking at al
10:27Chutt all
10:28Chutt i'm bumping the actual library soname to 0.16
10:28Chutt but that should just be a regular make, i think
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10:37Chutt oh, cool, you did the select stuff =)
10:40GeckoFiend yeah it wasn't nearly as big of deal as I thought it was going to be
10:40Chutt nice
10:42GeckoFiend by the way, I updated the release notes this morning too.
10:43Chutt cool.
10:44Chutt let me know whenever you move it to a 0.16 specific page, and i'll change that link
10:44Chutt ah, did you see that arrow overlapping issue?
10:44Chutt btw? =)
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11:07GeckoFiend Chutt looks like it's fine. I built a seek table from an AVI and hopped around in it.
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11:12Chutt cool.
11:21Chutt should be a tad faster than before when building that seek table?
11:23Chutt and by 'tad' i mean 'orders of magnitude', of course =)
11:28GeckoFiend Chutt heh yeah it is. Though for a while i thought it had hung. For some reason the fflush(stdout) stuff doesn't flush right in my terminal so I don't get progress into.
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11:59erikx I have problems compiling mythtv 0.15 on a slackware 9.1 machine, is ok if I post the errors wich upper when I run make?
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12:15GeckoFiend Chutt are largish comment blocks above objects describing their purpose ok?
12:15Chutt well
12:15Chutt i'd prefer them in the headers
12:15Chutt and _trying_ to keep them to 2-3 lines, max
12:16Chutt and not for simple get/set functions =)
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12:22GeckoFiend for example: /// A decoder for video files.
12:22GeckoFiend // The AvFormatDecoder is used to decode non-NuppleVideo files.
12:22GeckoFiend // It's used a a decoder of last resort after trying the NuppelDecoder
12:22GeckoFiend // and IvtvDecoder (if "USING_IVTV" is defined).
12:22GeckoFiend class AvFormatDecoder : public DecoderBase
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16:38lisadaveh GeckoFiend in here still?
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16:59lisadaveh GeckoFiend I am emailing you the final changes to fix phone and classic search
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17:40Chutt hum
17:40Chutt bug #70
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17:47GeckoFiend easy fix, want me to check it in?
17:48Chutt no!
17:48Chutt you must not fix any bugs!
17:48Chutt um, er, nm
17:48Chutt go right ahead :p
17:50GeckoFiend done
17:51Chutt heh
17:51Chutt my rebuilt tv box has been sitting without doing anything for a long time
17:52Chutt wasn't loading the ivtv driver, and i never bothered fixing it
17:52Chutt just now i noticed that it didn't have the firmware files =)
17:53dopester heh
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17:59Chutt mdz, you here?
17:59mdz Chutt: yep
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18:20mythusr im having a problem compiling mythtv cvs with xvmc enabled, it dies with
18:20mythusr xvmcvideo.c:471: error: conflicting types for 'handle_p_b_block'
18:20mythusr xvmcvideo.c:227: error: previous implicit declaration of 'handle_p_b_block' was here
18:20mythusr xvmcvideo.c:504: error: conflicting types for 'setup_pmv_frame'
18:20mythusr xvmcvideo.c:224: error: previous implicit declaration of 'setup_pmv_frame' was here
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18:39Chutt should be fixed in current cvs.
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19:50GeckoFiend chutt: I just discovered seekign in avi's is borked. I'm not going to have time t olook at it tonight but wanted to make sure you had a heads up since seektable stuff in the internal player is in my release notes.
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20:11dhofstra Geckofiend did you see that last email I sent that fixes classic?
20:12dhofstra dummy me.. I just saw the commits... sorry
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21:32GeckoFiend Chutt nother problem... Looks like the "don't let it record" is being ignored when it prompts you while watching live tv
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22:29Chutt i'll look in to it
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22:57Chutt can anyone confirm/deny that 'scheduling is really slow' thing on -dev?
22:59Captain_Murdo| 2004-09-07 22:59:05 Scheduled 243 items in 6.57974 seconds. <--- cvs from sometime yesterday on an Athlon 1333.
23:00Captain_Murdo| goes to 2004-09-07 22:59:42 Scheduled 243 items in 2.67839 seconds. if I run it again (since info is in the cache on the DB server)
23:00cmorgan that seems reasonable
23:00cmorgan 1.3s for 76 items here on the first run
23:00cmorgan 0.6s for 76 on the next
23:00Captain_Murdo| the guy probably added a search item or something.
23:00cmorgan although this is with 5 day old cvs
23:11Chutt cool.
23:11Chutt thanks guys
23:11dhofstra Geckofiend: that last commit of theme.xml didnt get put in right inside CVS .. just a FYI
23:11Chutt captain_murdoch, you've got a slow box, too, right?
23:12Captain_Murdo| got a p2-400 for my master but it's running a couple week old version.
23:12Captain_Murdo| I'll upgrade it now.
23:12Captain_Murdo| give me a few minutes and I'll get you a number from there.
23:13Chutt naw, i was meaning that that number you quoted was the slow master
23:13Beirdo 2004-09-07 19:00:01 Scheduled 40 items in 0.527149 seconds.
23:14Captain_Murdo| ah, no, that's from my Athlon 1333
23:14Chutt i didn't read everything you wrote =)
23:14Beirdo on a Duron 800
23:14Chutt sorry
23:14cmorgan 1.4ghz for my numbers
23:14Captain_Murdo| that's ok.
23:14Beirdo if that helps any
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23:15Beirdo now time to set up the CVS stuff on that machine (it's gonna be my devel box)
23:15Chutt just making sure it's not 10x what it should be, is all
23:29dhofstra Chutt: gecko's last commit theme.xml change must have failed for Titivillus (fixes the final bugs with missing watermarks), I emailed him about the failure: any chance you will wait till he submits it? or should I send you the file now?
23:30Chutt it's not wednesday yet
23:30dhofstra he he
23:30Beirdo hehe
23:31Beirdo getting close though. I'm definitely looking forward to another release, so I'll keep outta your way :)
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23:43Chutt rkulagow, hi
23:43rkulagow hey
23:43rkulagow can you guess why i'm here?
23:43Chutt what's broken now? =)
23:43rkulagow no, not that. :)
23:43rkulagow cutting it tomorrow?
23:44rkulagow i've got some updates to commit
23:44Chutt hopefully
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23:44Chutt tomorrow night, so, about 24 hours from now
23:44rkulagow ok
23:44Chutt unless something extremely major shows up
23:44rkulagow just got back from class, so pretty wiped
23:44rkulagow brb. beer
23:45Chutt <GeckoFiend> Chutt nother problem... Looks like the "don't let it record" is being ignored when it prompts you while watching live tv
23:45Chutt that's just an annoying bug to confirm =)
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23:49Beirdo I'd bet.
23:52Chutt geckofiend, works fine for me
23:52Chutt done it twice now..
23:54Chutt 3 times
23:54Chutt worked fine every time
23:55Chutt heh
23:55Chutt "
23:55Chutt Hi Isaac,
23:55Chutt I'm from an Australian PC magazine, APC.
23:55Chutt MythTV has won an Editor's Choice award in the September 2004 issue. We
23:55Chutt would be happy to send you a copy of the magazine as well as a framed
23:55Chutt certificate if you could please supply your mailing address.
23:55Chutt "
23:55Beirdo Nice. Accolades are always good
23:55Captain_Murdo| you could put it up on one of your new basement walls.
23:55Beirdo as long as they aren't asking for a credit card number too
23:56dopester oughta take down your diploma and put that certificate up... i know i would if it was me.. :)
23:57Chutt heh
23:57Chutt i should
23:58dopester actually the more i think about it i wonder what the hell my degree has gotten me.. hrmm...
23:58Chutt lasted us news college rankings puts my school down at # 33 for engineering schools
23:58Chutt 'latest'
23:58Chutt it was top 5 before i went there
23:58dopester i cant remember what ncsu was when i was there but i think we were top 15 or something
23:58--- <<-- jeffpc [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:59dopester then agian if we were top 15 i cant imagine what a school lower than ncsu woulda been..
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