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00:06vvx Just (attempted anyway) installed mythtv, followed the install guide, all seems to have gone well. When I try to watch tv, it crashes and gives me an error "(!) DirectFB/core/vt: Error opening `/dev/tty0'!" (and a couple other DirectFB stuffs.)
00:06vvx is it supposed to use DirectFB?
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00:38splat1 nn all
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02:19vvx well, if anyone ever looks up and sees my question, I fixed the problem now and no longer need help.
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09:57GeckoFiend I start a new contract on Monday. I didn't get the AOL thing, but at least this is work.
09:57thor_ No, you have to work only on Myth
09:58thor_ :-)
09:58GeckoFiend heh if I could pay my bills with Myth work I would. definitly a lot more fun than contract work.
09:59thor_ heh
09:59thor_ but if Myth was contract work, well ...
09:59GeckoFiend well yeah.
10:00GeckoFiend At least this place is a real software company not in house development.
10:00thor_ anything interesting?
10:01GeckoFiend It's software for insurance companies. Basicly contact managment stuff with some policy stuff thrown in. The two devs I met seemed to be sharp guys, so that's a plus.
10:02thor_ cool
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10:06* GeckoFiend brings down his MBE / main frontend for a massive update parying that the state change bug will automagicly disappear
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10:23Chutt yay, my power's back on
10:29thor_ hmmm
10:30thor_ I always had this idea that was in your basement or something
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10:41Chutt used to be in my office
10:41Chutt it's on the webserver
10:41Chutt now, at least
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10:42thor_ so it's not still the wee little cellery?
10:42Chutt nope
10:42thor_ oh darn
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11:05thor_ wow, when did view cvs get so fancy ?
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11:11tehh how soon is 0.16
11:11tehh ;)
11:11thor_ certainly before 0.17
11:12Chutt thor, updated viewcvs yesterday
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11:12thor_ ah, fancy shmancy
11:13Chutt heh, it was a pain in the ass
11:13Chutt it wasn't finding the .css file once i upgraded
11:13Chutt so it was all un-colored
11:14thor_ heh
11:14thor_ well, it definitely looks nicer :-)
11:18thor_ only hiccup is it can't seem to find the view cvs logo (You don't have permission to access /doc/viewcvs/images/logo.png on this server.)
11:18Chutt right
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11:18GeckoFiend Chutt still no joy on the state change thing. I sent logs to mythtv-developers hoping somethign pops out. I'm digging through CVS to see what's changed when that might have caused it.
11:19Chutt ok
11:19Chutt well, i won't be releasing until tonight, so =)
11:19thor_ sshhh
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11:25o_cee thor_: thanks :)
11:25thor_ yup
11:26o_cee i'll do a clean checkout now and go through stuff
11:26thor_ we had a little problem with the first commit of the i18n stuff going into /dev/null, but I think everything is there now
11:26o_cee great
11:27o_cee unless chutt apply those tr()'s i don't have anything to translate, so i'm happy :)
11:27thor_ if the file he has is the same as the one from Daniel on -dev, I can do it
11:28o_cee yeah should be the same
11:28thor_ m k
11:32o_cee cvs update: move away themes/G.A.N.T./title/title_utilities.png; it is in the way <-- bah
11:33o_cee maybe i should try that mythphone thingie.. maybe it needs a title.. hmm
11:36thor_ GeckoFiend, is it going to screw up any non-comitted work you have if I commit libmythtv/sr_root.cpp, libmythtv/sr_items.h and mythfrontend/statusbox.cpp?
11:37GeckoFiend thor_ nope
11:37thor_ cool
11:37o_cee weih
11:38GeckoFiend chutt I had MainServer::HandleQueryCheckFile dump out the string list it had when I tried to transition to recording Live TV. Couple things jumped out at me.
11:39GeckoFiend 1) The hostname wasn't present.. is this normal?
11:39Chutt hmm?
11:39Chutt i don't think it needs to be
11:39GeckoFiend 2) When looking at ProgramInfo::FromStringList it looks like it would be off on it's filed based on the dump of the string list I saw
11:40GeckoFiend Turner Broadcasting System
11:40GeckoFiend myth://
11:40GeckoFiend 0
11:40GeckoFiend 0
11:40GeckoFiend 2004-09-09T11:00:00
11:40GeckoFiend 2004-09-09T12:00:00
11:40GeckoFiend channame = *(it++);
11:40GeckoFiend pathname = *(it++);
11:40GeckoFiend filesize = decodeLongLong(list, it);
11:40GeckoFiend startts = QDateTime::fromString(*(it++), Qt::ISODate);
11:40GeckoFiend endts = QDateTime::fromString(*(it++), Qt::ISODate);
11:40GeckoFiend there are two zeros there, shouldn't there be one at most?
11:40Chutt decodeLongLong is two entries
11:41GeckoFiend ahh kk.
11:41Chutt but, hmm
11:41Chutt that'd depend on how you printed it out
11:41GeckoFiend for ( QStringList::Iterator it = slist.begin(); it != slist.end(); ++it ) {
11:41GeckoFiend cout << *it << endl;
11:41GeckoFiend }
11:41Chutt there's only one backend, right?
11:41GeckoFiend yeah
11:42Chutt QUrl qurl(pginfo->pathname);
11:42Chutt QString cpath = LocalFilePath(qurl);
11:42Chutt QFile checkFile(cpath);
11:42Chutt if (checkFile.exists() == true)
11:42Chutt exists = 1;
11:42Chutt so that's the only code in question
11:42GeckoFiend well only one connected. the other is a comm flagging backend that's not connected at the moment
11:43Chutt is that check succeeding?
11:43GeckoFiend checking now
11:44GeckoFiend pginfo->hostname:
11:44GeckoFiend pginfo->pathname: myth://
11:44GeckoFiend localpath: /myth/recordings/2010_20040909114400_20040909120000.nuv
11:44GeckoFiend exists == 1
11:45Chutt right
11:45Chutt i'd check in tv_play.cpp
11:45Chutt to see what's going on
11:47Chutt see what's going on in the loop in RunTV()
11:47Chutt it's exiting for some reason
11:47Chutt and shouldn't be =)
11:59GeckoFiend compiling with a whole bunch of debugging lines in
11:59Chutt cool
11:59Chutt 'course, the debugging may affect how it works =)
11:59GeckoFiend heh yeah.
11:59thor_ dreaded heisenbugs
12:00GeckoFiend I've been running debug builds for a while. Switched to release builds and saw no change.
12:02GeckoFiend ok.. time to spit out every occurance of exitPlayer = true I guess.
12:02o_cee thor_: did you commit those files?
12:02thor_ o_cee, had a conflict, dealing with it
12:02Chutt conflicts suck
12:02o_cee thor_: k
12:03Chutt thor, can you apply mark spieth's two patches as well?
12:03thor_ k
12:04thor_ should I pretend to understand them, or just patch away ?
12:04Chutt just patch away =)
12:04Chutt they're correct
12:04thor_ :-)
12:04o_cee hehe
12:04Chutt just checking for a null pointer before using it
12:04thor_ k
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12:09GeckoFiend Received QUIT_LIVETV event and cardnum == GetRecorderNumer, exitplayer = true
12:09GeckoFiend Exit player
12:09GeckoFiend (internalState == kState_WatchingLiveTV && nextState == kState_None)
12:09GeckoFiend 2004-09-09 12:08:44 Changing from WatchingLiveTV to None
12:09GeckoFiend getRecorderPlaybackInfo
12:09GeckoFiend 2004-09-09 12:08:44 Using protocol version 13
12:09GeckoFiend Recorder is recording
12:09GeckoFiend ((internalState == kState_None && nextState == kState_WatchingPreRecorded) || (internalState == kState_None && nextState == kState_WatchingRecording))
12:10GeckoFiend inputFilename == myth://
12:10GeckoFiend tmpFilename(1) == /2010_20040909120900_20040909123000.nuv
12:10GeckoFiend Creating a new RingBuffer from: 'myth://'
12:10GeckoFiend (nextState == kState_WatchingRecording)
12:10GeckoFiend found a recordder calling recorder->Setup();
12:10GeckoFiend 2004-09-09 12:08:44 Using protocol version 13
12:10GeckoFiend Couldn't read file: /myth/recordings/2010_20040909120900_20040909123000.nuv
12:11GeckoFiend I really don't get the couldn't read file error. The file DOES exist, it's being recorded right now
12:11GeckoFiend I can watch it from the watch recordings menu easily
12:12Chutt well, that's a simple error in NVP.cpp to check for
12:12Chutt if (ringBuffer->Read(testbuf, 2048) != 2048)
12:12Chutt {
12:12Chutt cerr << "Couldn't read file: " << ringBuffer->GetFilename() << endl;
12:13GeckoFiend yeah I know. it just doesn't make sense why that would fail.
12:14GeckoFiend I tried making it sleep for a little while and try again but it still fails.
12:16thor_ heh
12:16thor_ best /. comment of the year: Begun, this flame war has...
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12:18Chutt geckofiend, well, i dunno.
12:18Chutt next thing to do would be to look in RingBuffer.cpp to see why that read was failing
12:18Chutt though you'd want to only print stuff out on a failure, not success =)
12:18Chutt that'd be waaaay too much printing going on
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12:26GeckoFiend weee killed my backend with a bus error
12:27dooder if you want to be able to watch and record at the same time do you need two tuners or can the pvr 250/350s do that ?
12:27GeckoFiend dooder /topic
12:27dooder sorry bout that
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12:44GeckoFiend hmm I wonder if this all has somethign to do with LVM, XFS or some some combination of the two?
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12:55GeckoFiend grrr. We open the file ok, but safe_read ALWAYS get's 0 back from the read call.
12:56GeckoFiend hmmm Wonder if I should try a new kernel?
12:56Chutt i wouldn't think it's anything to do with that
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13:00GeckoFiend I changed my recording dir to NOT be on my XFS/LVM partition and I was able to transition... Of course it couldn't open the file locally on this frontend so that's a factor.
13:00GeckoFiend gonna share out the new recording dir
13:11GeckoFiend yep if I change my recording dir to a non xfs/lvm dir and then share it out with NFS it opens the file locally and reads just fine.
13:12GeckoFiend looks like there's nothing wrong with Myth just something with my drive setup.
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13:13thor_ weirdness
13:16o_cee hmm, odd that the new translations all ended up under QObject..?
13:16* mikegrb drives thor
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13:23Chutt thor, thanks =)
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13:51thor_ yup
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14:05GeckoFiend rofl got a work around, it's lame but it works
14:05GeckoFiend fd2 = open(filename.ascii(), O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE|O_STREAMING);
14:05GeckoFiend close(fd2);
14:05GeckoFiend sleep(1);
14:05GeckoFiend fd2 = open(filename.ascii(), O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE|O_STREAMING);
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14:07GeckoFiend oddly enough sleeping before the first open doesn't work
14:09GeckoFiend I'm afraid to try upgrading this box to LVM2
14:31GeckoFiend so my theory is that once my machine filled up the first disk, writing to the second introduced a delay in being able to open a new file.
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14:32thor_ "that's my theory and I'm sticking to it"
14:32Chutt heh
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14:47Beirdo_ Chutt: you in?
14:48Chutt nope
14:48Beirdo_ hehe.
14:48Beirdo_ I just posted to the users mailing list from the wrong return address (again) :(
14:49Chutt i don't approve messages
14:49Beirdo_ they are auto-turfed?
14:49Beirdo_ OK.
14:49Chutt yup
14:49Beirdo_ I am subscribing my main email too (nomail)
14:50Beirdo_ I just keep doing it...
14:50Beirdo_ Just thought I'd check just in case.
14:50Beirdo_ more sensible to not approve, there's likely a lot of them
14:50* Beirdo_ sheepishly goes to type it all back in again :)
14:50Chutt try, oh, 20-30 a day :p
14:50Chutt you don't keep sent mail?
14:51Beirdo_ not from tin, no
14:51Beirdo_ I have it locally as a newsgroup for better threading
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14:52Chutt ah.
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14:53thor_ Chutt, just in case you're bored, clicking on any of the tag values (eg. release-0-13) in viewcvs generates an exception with a python traceback
14:53Beirdo_ so no chance to get it pushed through, so I'll go do it again. It wasn't long.
14:53Chutt heh
14:55Chutt thor, i'm not that bored
14:55* Beirdo_ needs to stop being a frigging moron
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14:57thor_ figured as much
14:57Chutt probably not something i can fix through configuration
14:58thor_ no restrictions on non-gui Qt use in libmythui ? (eg. timers and what not)
14:58Chutt right
14:58thor_ k
14:59thor_ starting to make sense .... my splash screen works and I can launch other stuff, but I think I need to write a themed dialog class, which means xml parsing (bah)
14:59Chutt heh
15:00Chutt yeah, i was staying away from config stuff so far
15:00thor_ and the old xml parses is a big stinkin mess 'o cut and paste
15:00thor_ err, parser
15:00thor_ well, I want it to actually do stuff, so I'm going to have to take a crack at it
15:01Chutt just don't use themedmenu as a guide =)
15:01Chutt that's not really how i want to do things
15:01thor_ hmmm
15:02Chutt it's drawing everything itself, and i wanted to more have items draw themselves
15:02thor_ ah
15:02thor_ right
15:02thor_ k
15:02Chutt i was going to go through and retrofit that into themedmenu
15:02Chutt just haven't had time
15:03thor_ so, uhm, ideally, no Draw method in the Dialog class, just a holder that parses things into existence lets them draw themselves ?
15:05Chutt well, you see the dialog i did?
15:05thor_ sure
15:05Chutt it doesn't have a draw =)
15:05Chutt just creates children, and the children decide how to draw themselves
15:05thor_ right, exactly
15:06Beirdo_ OK, mailing list post off :) I'll leave you guys to your release preparation...
15:06thor_ on the other hand, it almost certainly should not have to have a MythListButton child
15:07Chutt sure it should, that's what that type of dialog is :p
15:07Chutt popup with one or more buttons
15:07Chutt it's just replacing the DialogBox class in the existing libmyth
15:08thor_ right yup
15:10thor_ ok ... well ... if I manage to get any commits in I'm sure you'll be able to critique them for boneheadedness
15:11--- ---> m0j0_ [~m0j0@] has joined #mythtv
15:11Chutt happy to =)
15:11--- <<-- m0j0__ [~m0j0@] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
15:14thor_ also, am planning to add a few settings to list buttons so that if the coder/theme-designer wants it, they could end up looking like old-school myth tree navigators (just a heck of a lot more efficient)
15:14Chutt yup
15:14Chutt that's what i was hoping to do eventually =)
15:14thor_ right
15:14thor_ good
15:15Beirdo_ well, back to work I go. Seeya
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15:44thor_ What is the procedure that allows one to reply to a specific message in the mythtv-users mailing list?
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16:06o_cee GeckoFiend: how come there's both "Go Back" and "No Change" in the rec screen?
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16:59o_cee also, on top of the rec screen, there's a label named "Airdate".. can't find it anywhere
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17:03thor_ Chutt, to remove a window, we want to just ask MythScreenStack to PopWindow() and let it handle all deletions ?
17:05Chutt yup
17:05Chutt just assume that after the popwindow, you could be gone
17:05Chutt so it better be the last thing you do =)
17:06Chutt right before a return
17:06thor_ last graphical thing you do, yup
17:06Chutt last thing you do in that class
17:06thor_ right
17:06Chutt that could be fixed by refcounting the screens
17:06o_cee uhm, how're stuff in G.A.N.T./ui.xml translated?
17:06Chutt magic.
17:07o_cee heh
17:07Chutt themes/themestrings.h
17:07o_cee ah right
17:07o_cee need to add stuff there then
17:08o_cee just add it at the bottom, that ok?
17:08Chutt nope, it's not
17:08Chutt that file is automatically generated
17:08o_cee oh?
17:08Chutt i'll regenerate them this weekend
17:09o_cee ah okay, thanks
17:22thor_ Chutt, another random thought: what about flattening GenericTree and UIListGenericTree into a single class that does everything we need it to so ... we don't have to keep casting GenericTree's into UIListGenericTree's
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17:38o_cee thor_: you got time for me? found more stuff in statusbox.cpp that needs tr()'s
17:38--- <<-- ircbot024 [~herbertvo@] has quit (Connection timed out)
17:39thor_ always have time for people with Swedish girlfriends
17:39o_cee heh :) you want a diff or just line numbers?
17:39Chutt thor, sure
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17:39o_cee Chutt: release tonight?
17:40thor_ if it's only a couple lines, just line numbers. Anything else, a diff
17:41o_cee programs/mythfrontend/statusbox.cpp line 574/754. watching live tv, is recording, is not recording and Tuner %1.. think that's all.. i'll see if i can find anything else
17:42o_cee seems to be all
17:45thor_ uhm, QString Status = QString("Tuner %1 ").arg(cardid); < --- should I be QObject::tr()'ing that ?
17:46thor_ nm
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17:51o_cee Chutt: found something odd in the rec screen. new recording, change it to record, go into storage settings, the fourth item that's about max episodes reads "[No Change]" instead..? if i press it i get the max episodes list, esc back and it's now all good.
17:51--- <<-- schultmc [] has quit ("Client exiting")
17:51o_cee thor_: yes please :)
17:52GeckoFiend o_cee airdate is "originaliardate" in the programinfo
17:52GeckoFiend I also made the lists update to the proper value after list creation should get rid of the other issue
17:52o_cee GeckoFiend: yeah i meant the label, it's in ui.xml
17:52o_cee GeckoFiend: so you fixed it already?
17:53GeckoFiend yeah, it should be fine now. I thought it was all ok and did need that selectvalue call but it did after all
17:53o_cee k, great :)
17:54o_cee after this i'm done translating everything that's translatable
17:54o_cee :)
18:00--- <<-- Jayakumar [~Jayakumar@] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
18:00--- <<-- bjohnson [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:00o_cee thor_: uhm, thanks.. they ended up in another context though, but i don't care, easier this way when they're not together with 1000 other strings
18:01thor_ k
18:01--- ---> Jayakumar [~Jayakumar@] has joined #mythtv
18:03--- <<-- AridWork [] has quit ("Leaving")
18:04o_cee thanks :)
18:04o_cee Chutt: not possible to update themedstrings now? if not i'll just send what i've got now
18:05--- ---> lmatter [] has joined #mythtv
18:07--- ---> woodwizzle [] has joined #mythtv
18:07o_cee 1240 finished, 0 unfinished and 1 untranslated messages
18:07o_cee <--- can't see where that 1 untranslated is comming from.. veeery odd
18:08o_cee aah remember now, that's a space that's translated into a space i think.. confuses lrelease
18:09o_cee GeckoFiend: the "No Change" vs "Go Back" then?
18:12--- ---> dhofstra [] has joined #mythtv
18:14--- <<-- dhofstra [] has quit (Client Quit)
18:14--- ---> dhofstra [] has joined #mythtv
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18:16--- ---> Jayakumar [~Jayakumar@] has joined #mythtv
18:20o_cee thor_: got it yet?
18:24o_cee GeckoFiend: stuff like this: sr_items.h: : SRSelectSetting(_parent, "dupMethodList", QObject::tr("[ Match duplicates with ]"), _group, that's like a title of a window that's never shown right? maybe it doesn't really need translation :)
18:24--- ---> MajestiK [] has joined #mythtv
18:27--- <--- MajestiK [] has left #mythtv ()
18:32GeckoFiend o_cee yeah, that stuff only shows up when there's nothing in the list and/or no value at all (which shouldn't happen)
18:33--- <<-- KillerBunny [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:38--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
18:40--- <<-- woodwizzle [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
18:43o_cee GeckoFiend: what do you mean with that email about the tr's?
18:44--- <<-- m0j0 [] has quit ("Leaving")
18:46GeckoFiend The add selection does a tr on the selection being added. Probably a big mistake on my part
18:47o_cee ohkay
18:47GeckoFiend never mind I pulled that out.
18:49o_cee k :)
18:59--- ---> m0j0 [] has joined #mythtv
19:11o_cee tataaaaa! all modules 100% swedish translated as well.. bah not mythphone
19:11--- <<-- Jayakumar [~Jayakumar@] has quit ("Leaving")
19:13o_cee thor :)
19:14--- ---> Jayakumar [~Jayakumar@] has joined #mythtv
19:18thor_ GeckoFiend, so do you want me to correct anything at my end?
19:20thor_ o_cee, I'll get to them
19:24o_cee thor_: thanks
19:25--- ---> soleblaze [] has joined #mythtv
19:26o_cee good night!
19:30--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
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20:40--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
20:46gfiend sorry one more string to translate
20:46* gfiend ducks
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22:06thor_ ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host
22:07Chutt heh
22:07Chutt fun!
22:07--- <<-- dhofstra [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
22:07Chutt i'm finishing up something for work, will fix it right after that
22:08thor_ no hurry, just some Swedish
22:08Beirdo bork bork bork?
22:08thor_ mmmmm, bork bork bork
22:13dopester nack nack nack
22:13Chutt ah, cvs didn't die on its own this time
22:13Chutt machine was rebooted
22:13thor_ power or script kiddies ?
22:15Chutt looks like power
22:16--- ---> dhofstra [] has joined #mythtv
22:17Beirdo yeah, the web page disappeared for a few minutes too
22:18Chutt just need to fsck everything real quick..
22:18thor_ again, no hurry here
22:20Beirdo power failures can be a royal pain, can't they?
22:20Chutt machine should be on a ups
22:20thor_ naw
22:20thor_ put it bacl on the cellery in your office :-)
22:20thor_ err, back
22:20Beirdo heh
22:22Beirdo I really wish ffmpeg's API for libavcodec and libavformat were well documented
22:23rkulagow chutt: i'm going to add a statement about doing the chmod a+s on mythfrontend so that it takes advantage of the realtime scheduling. do you see a problem with that being the default?
22:24Chutt cvs should be back
22:25Chutt rkulagow, just word it so that you say it's optional, but recommended
22:25rkulagow ok
22:30Chutt i'll probably start doing the release in about an hour
22:30rkulagow yep, i'm just creating the new version now.
22:30cmorgan releases of myth take a while?
22:30Chutt yeah
22:30cmorgan two hours?
22:30Chutt not quite that long
22:30Chutt i test compile the .tar.bz2, though
22:30Chutt just to make sure
22:31rkulagow uploading
22:31Chutt it'll be a lot quicker this time, since geckofiend went and made that changelog
22:31Chutt that generally took at least an hour, before
22:31cmorgan i'm amazed at how long releasing software takes
22:31cmorgan at work its about an hour a release
22:31cmorgan its great when they ask for 4 in one day
22:32Chutt well, there's a ton of packages for myth, too
22:32rkulagow do you work with chris kennedy?
22:32cmorgan asking chutt or me?
22:33Chutt that was to you, i think
22:34cmorgan nope, he works at a university?
22:34Chutt something like that
22:34Chutt it was more of a jab at the '4 releases per day'
22:34Chutt though, that'd be a light day for chris
22:34cmorgan oh oh
22:34cmorgan yeah
22:34cmorgan ha
22:35cmorgan he must be making progress
22:35cmorgan or he would have stopped by now i think ;-)
22:39Chutt heh
22:40cmorgan :-P
22:40Chutt yay, it looks like we fixed the last major bug in this product at work
22:40Chutt barring harware issues, that is
22:40cmorgan oh, who wrote the commercial skipping code? i've got something i'd like to tell them
22:40Chutt captain_murdoch
22:41cmorgan Captain_Murdoch: the commercial skipping stuff works great man
22:46rkulagow didn't someone mention a segfault in mythfrontend related to moving around in the guide? i just had it happen to me, but wasn't running in gdb.
22:47Chutt yeah, but i fixed that particular segfault
22:47Chutt so if it just crashed for you, it'd be something else
22:48jams chutt was that fixed in the last in the last 24 hours ?
22:48rkulagow let me make sure i'm current
22:48Chutt jams, your crash?
22:48jams the moving around in the guide.
22:48Chutt thought that was what you had sent me earlier
22:48Chutt and i had fixed..
22:48jams i still crash
22:48Chutt ah well
22:49Chutt get me an updated backtrace
22:49rkulagow i synced and am compiling. we'll see.
22:49jams several people have sent that one in
22:49rkulagow bbl
22:49Chutt unless it's the opengl one?
22:49Chutt i fixed that by disabling opengl sync by default :p
22:49jams that's what we thought it was, but I recompiled without opengl
22:49rkulagow chutt: is something like this going to be a 16.1 issue, or are you going to hold 16 while i compile and re-test?
22:50Chutt rkulagow, depends on if you want to spend any time on it tonight or not
22:50Chutt i'm happy with releasing whenever
22:50rkulagow well, i've got guests over, and it'll be at least 1 hour before they're off to bed.
22:50--- ---> tgall [~tgall@] has joined #mythtv
22:50Chutt i'm not seeing the crash, so i'm happy with how things are for a release
22:50rkulagow ok
22:50Chutt and i took a 2 hour nap this evening, so i'm going to be up for awhile
22:50rkulagow i'll see if i can tickle it later in gdb
22:51rkulagow bbl
22:51thor_ heh, I remember naps
22:52Chutt ups delivered 5 books today, so i've got plenty of reading material, too =)
22:52Chutt jams, ah, so, you have a backtrace of it?
22:53jams i can get one real quick, it will be from cvs about 24 hours ago
22:53jams close enough ?
22:53Chutt should be
22:53thor_ unless you need the errors in Swedish !
22:53Chutt email it to
22:54jams ok
22:54Chutt thanks =)
23:00snowblind did Captain_Murdoch apply his job queue stuff yet for comm flaging
23:02Chutt no
23:03snowblind k
23:05jams backtraces have been sent
23:07Chutt jams, neither is useable :(
23:07Chutt the thread that crashed doesn't have any info
23:07jams ah
23:08Chutt well, it does, but it doesn't go back into mythtv in either of them
23:08Chutt so i can't tell what happened
23:08--- ---> Gahhh [] has joined #mythtv
23:09jams anything other info that would help you ?
23:09jams any other info
23:09Chutt aside from a good bt?
23:09Chutt hmm
23:09Chutt not that i can think of
23:09Chutt unless you wanted to add a bunch of debugging statements
23:09Chutt and find out where it's dying
23:09Gahhh I'm running 0.15.1 and mythfrontend causes X to crash if I browse thru the menus while backend is recording something. What can I do ?
23:09Chutt gahhh, fix X?
23:10Gahhh that bad ?
23:10Chutt it's not a mythtv problem.
23:10Gahhh I upgraded my xfree86 rpm's too but it didnt help. It was not happening before 0.15
23:11Gahhh are you a developer, chutt ?
23:11Chutt yes, i am.
23:11jams Chutt, if you want to spend the time I'm up for it.
23:11Chutt jams, it's more you spending time :p
23:12Gahhh it only happens while backend is recording something. I don't see how that could be caused by X.
23:12Chutt Gahhh, how could it not be?
23:12Chutt how can a client app cause the server to crash?
23:13Gahhh I browse the same menus while backend is not recording = no crash.
23:13Gahhh it's not a crash, actually it's a lockup, I think. 100% cpu goes to X.
23:13Chutt ie, your X server is broken.
23:14Gahhh and frontend is unresponsive.
23:14cmorgan what distro?
23:14Chutt has absolutely nothing to do with mythtv.
23:14Gahhh mandrake 9.2
23:14cmorgan slackware has been known to have some broken X installs lately
23:14Chutt has absolutely nothing to do with this channel, if you'd bothered to read the topic.
23:14Gahhh the topic doesn't say what this channel is about. It only says what it's not about.
23:15Chutt what do you think 'support' is?
23:15Chutt and what category do you think your question is?
23:15Gahhh what do you think an arrogant asshole is ?
23:15--- <--- Gahhh [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
23:15Chutt heh
23:16Chutt how was that arrogant?
23:17bobnvic I think you would have been better off creating a #mythtv-dev than a #mythtv-users. Less problems like that probably.
23:17Chutt not going to happen
23:17* jams patiently waits for the debugging statements
23:17Chutt jams, that's up to you, really
23:18Chutt i have no idea where it's dying, so i don't really have time to walk you through everything
23:18jams gotcha
23:18Chutt with the other crash, i did have a rough idea of what was happening
23:19--- <<-- jeffpc_ [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:19jams odd that it only happens with cvs titivillus
23:19Chutt well, you could start by seeing what was different in the guide bits for that vs, say, gant
23:19Chutt in ui.xml
23:19jams now that I can handle :)
23:20--- ---> synthmeme [] has joined #mythtv
23:24--- <<-- cmorgan [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:24--- <<-- adante [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
23:31rkulagow i think chmod'ding mythfrontend makes it impossible to run it in gdb?
23:31Chutt shouldn't, i don't think
23:32rkulagow let me check
23:33rkulagow seems like it. if i chmod a+s, then run gdb mythfrontend as a user i get:
23:33rkulagow Starting program: /usr/local/bin/mythfrontend
23:33rkulagow [Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
23:33rkulagow [New Thread 16384 (LWP 3746)]
23:33rkulagow [New Thread 32769 (LWP 3748)]
23:33rkulagow Can't attach LWP 3748: Operation not permitted
23:33rkulagow chmod a-s and it works fine?
23:33Chutt ah
23:33Chutt yeah, probably
23:34rkulagow getting this though:
23:34rkulagow 2004-09-09 22:33:45 Upgrading to schema version 1055
23:34rkulagow 2004-09-09 22:33:49 mythfrontend version: 0.16.20040906-1
23:34rkulagow 2004-09-09 22:33:49 Enabled verbose msgs : important general
23:34rkulagow 2004-09-09 22:33:50 Registering Internal as a media playback plugin.
23:34rkulagow Error loading image file: /usr/local/share/mythtv/themes/default/NOTHING.png
23:35mdz rkulagow: mythfrontend should not be setuid :-)
23:35Chutt mdz, sure it should
23:35mdz it so shouldn't
23:35Chutt new stuff in there that spawns off a thread and drops privs
23:35mdz really?
23:35Chutt yup
23:36rkulagow gfiend: here?
23:37mdz but it doesn't make sense to have a root thread and a user thread in the same process
23:37mdz does linux even allow it?
23:37Chutt yup
23:37Chutt it's being used to set the output thread to realtime priority
23:37Chutt smooths out video playback
23:37mdz it opens the user-specified logfile before it drops privileges
23:38mdz and since threads share their address space, it'd be pretty easy to gain root that way
23:38Chutt probably
23:39--- <<-- Rince [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:39mdz better would be to gain CAP_SYS_NICE and drop root entirely
23:40Chutt feel free to fix =)
23:40mdz do you mind a build-dep on libcap?
23:40Chutt where's it available
23:40mdz probably everywhere, but it's one more RPM or deb for people to not install
23:41mdz and then fail to build myth, and then have it pointed out to them that it's in the documentation
23:41Chutt decide after the 0.16 release
23:41--- ---> cfreeze [] has joined #mythtv
23:41Chutt (ie, tonight)
23:41mdz oh, cool
23:43--- <--- sc00p [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
23:45rkulagow chutt: i'm going to caveat the section i just put in and mention that it will prevent debugging as user. assuming it would work as root...?
23:47rkulagow sound right?
23:47rkulagow oops.
23:48--- ---> sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
23:48rkulagow <bf>NOTE</bf>: Making this change will affect your ability to run
23:48rkulagow <bf>mythfrontend</bf> within <bf>gdb</bf> for debugging purposes. If you
23:48rkulagow need to debug, you will need to run as root.
23:48rkulagow sound right?
23:48mdz Chutt: let me know what you decide; I don't mind doing the implementation (it's pretty trivial with libcap)
23:49mdz rkulagow: it should also have a note that it introduces a gaping security hole :-)
23:49mdz rkulagow: yes, the bit about gdb is also correct
23:50rkulagow mdz: thanks.
23:50--- ---> lmatter [] has joined #mythtv
23:51Beirdo no more of a gaping hole than running myth as root :)
23:53mdz yes, in fact it is
23:53mdz much more
23:54Beirdo how so?
23:54Beirdo the process will have the same root access
23:54Chutt but you're already root, then.
23:55Beirdo that's true, of course.
23:55jams commenting out " <value>%LONGREPEAT%%STARS%%DESCRIPTION%</value> " in the guide portion seems to have fixed my segfaulting
23:55Chutt change it to just be %DESCRIPTION%
23:57Chutt see if that helps...
23:58Chutt actually, change it to be just REPEAT instead of LONGREPEAT
23:58splat1 nn all
23:58--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
---Logclosed Fri Sep 10 00:00:44 2004