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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-09-10

---Logopened Fri Sep 10 00:00:44 2004
00:00jams %DESCRIPTION% still segfaults, changing the repeat now
00:01Chutt what's it set to in gant?
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00:04jams it's in the program_info container that seems to make the difference
00:04jams <value>%SUBTITLE|"|"
00:04jams %%DESCRIPTION%</value>
00:04jams that's the value in GANT
00:04Chutt actually, that's a different page
00:04Chutt hmmmm
00:04Chutt ok
00:04Chutt can you: revert ui.xml back, so it's to what crashes
00:05Chutt edit libs/libmyth/uitypes.cpp
00:05Chutt change line 122:
00:05Chutt it's currently:
00:05Chutt full_regex = "%" + riter.key().upper() +
00:05Chutt to:
00:05Chutt full_regex = QString("%") + riter.key().upper() +
00:05Chutt and line 126:
00:05Chutt current:
00:06Chutt "\\2" + + "\\4");
00:06Chutt to:
00:06rkulagow chutt: segfault in guide, titivillus:
00:06rkulagow Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
00:06rkulagow [Switching to Thread 32771 (LWP 3792)]
00:06rkulagow 0x41452f17 in mallopt () from /lib/
00:06Chutt QString("\\2") + + "\\4");
00:06rkulagow (or are you already troubleshooting this with jams?)
00:06Chutt rkulagow, can you send it to
00:06Chutt want to see if it's any different..
00:06Chutt you can try the same change, if you'd like =)
00:06Chutt if it's easy to trigger, that is
00:08rkulagow just sent it.
00:08Chutt thanks
00:08rkulagow all i did was start moving the cursor
00:08Chutt heh
00:08Chutt yeah, give that change a try
00:08rkulagow up a few times, then right once and i think it locked
00:09jams yep that's all it takes to try and move around
00:09Chutt try those 2 changes :p
00:10Chutt does it matter if it's in live tv or not?
00:10rkulagow i was in live tv when i entered the guide with "m"
00:11rkulagow compiling now
00:11jams Chutt, for me it only crashes from live tv
00:12Chutt yeah, i can't reproduce that at all
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00:13Chutt scrolled around a ton in the guide in live tv mode
00:13Chutt no crashes
00:13Chutt (without those changes)
00:13Chutt i'm going to bet that that'll fix it
00:14Chutt well, might need the rest of those strings wrapped in a QString() as well, but, shouldn't
00:16jams still segfaults
00:16rkulagow still compiling
00:16Chutt change the rest of the strings around there to be the same thing
00:16jams oh right, no need to make clean correct ?
00:17Chutt of course not =)
00:17jams good :)
00:18thor_ make install, however, is highly reccomended
00:18rkulagow chutt: bedtime for me. hope you and jams figure this one out.
00:18Chutt ok
00:18Chutt thanks for the backtrace - it confirmed that what we're looking at is the issue
00:18Chutt jams' backtrace wasn't useable, yours was =
00:18Chutt err, =)
00:18rkulagow sure. thanks for convincing me to switch to debian to get useable backtraces
00:18jams really
00:19rkulagow bye
00:19Chutt g'nite
00:23jams it would help if i could spell qstring
00:24Chutt i could just commit my changes, if that'd help
00:24jams still segfaults, perhaps I missed one
00:25jams how about just emailing me that one file
00:25Chutt i'd rather just commit it
00:25jams ok
00:26Chutt just a sec, while i fix the priv thread thing
00:26Chutt and by 'fix' i mean 'disable'
00:29Chutt hmm
00:29Chutt maybe not
00:29Chutt ooh, i got it
00:30Chutt jams, delete your uitypes.cpp, before updating
00:30Chutt i'm almost ready to commit this
00:31jams removed
00:32Chutt oops
00:32Chutt i wasn't up to date..
00:32Chutt ok, try now
00:32jams I also just removed my sticky bit.
00:33jams compiling now
00:37Chutt that's weird
00:37Chutt the text shadow is _way_ off in the record options screen with titivillus
00:37jams and segfault
00:37Chutt damn
00:37Chutt oh well, just don't use that theme
00:38jams i'm fine with the older version
00:38Chutt hmm
00:38Chutt actually
00:38jams maybe I will work with geck on this one
00:38Chutt line 125
00:39Chutt add a: cout << "start\n"; cout << key << " : " << data << endl;
00:39jams in uitypes ?
00:39Chutt then add a line before 133
00:39Chutt yeah
00:39Chutt before the full_regex =
00:39Chutt is line 125
00:39Chutt and before the } on 133
00:39Chutt add: cout << "end\n";
00:40jams :133
00:40Beirdo argh
00:40jams compiling
00:40Beirdo my other mailinglist subs got disabled from the bounces from my power failure while I was camping. :(
00:41jams make install
00:41jams oops
00:42jams ok segfault
00:42Chutt i don't care about that :p
00:42Beirdo I just shouldn't go on vacation, that's all there is to it
00:42Chutt i want the last couple lines it printed out
00:43jams DESCRIPTION : Policemen (Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce) become immersed in corruption, scandal, politics and prostitution in 1950s Hollywood.
00:43jams end
00:43jams start
00:43jams ENDDATE : 09/10
00:43jams end
00:43jams start
00:43jams ENDTIME : 2:00 AM
00:43jams end
00:43jams start
00:43jams FILESIZE : 0
00:43jams end
00:43jams start
00:43jams FILESIZE_STR : 0.00 GB
00:43Chutt that's it?
00:44jams yep
00:44jams bunch of stuff just like above it though
00:44Chutt can you do it again?
00:44Chutt i just need the last line..
00:44jams ok
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00:47Chutt what version of qt is this, btw?
00:48jams 3.2.3
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00:48jams has not segfault'd but the frontend locked up
00:49Chutt locked up?
00:49Chutt heh
00:49jams yep let me kill it and try again
00:49jams 99.3 % cpu usage
00:50Chutt heh
00:50jams TITLE : SportsCenter
00:50jams end
00:50jams start
00:50jams TYPE : Not Recording
00:50Chutt so, different place
00:51Chutt anyway
00:51Chutt try updating to current cvs
00:51Chutt after deleting your uitypes.cpp again
00:51Chutt if that doesn't fix it, i'll just fix the theme temporarily
00:51jams ok, what's different ?
00:52Chutt only do the regexp if it's going to replace something
00:53jams compiling
00:53jams you know I should check xvmc, has anything changed for it in the last 24 hours ?
00:54jams guess i will find out :)
00:54Chutt nothing's changed
00:54Beirdo Chutt: for the libavcodec/libavformat stuff, is there some documentation you could refer me to that I haven't found yet?
00:55Chutt nope
00:55Beirdo I'm hoping to find an API call that tells me what type of MPEG4 frame something is, etc
00:55Chutt doesn't exist
00:55jams that seems to have fixed it
00:55Chutt in the decoded picture struct
00:55jams 4 times through the guide
00:55Chutt though
00:55Chutt jams, great
00:55Beirdo heh. This will be even more fun then :)
00:55Chutt it's _not_ a fix
00:55Chutt but, a workaround
00:55jams now let me test xvmc
00:55Chutt nothing's changed with xvmc
00:56Chutt what was wrong with it before?
00:56jams with cvs from 24's hours ago i couldn't watch live tv, segfault would occur
00:56Beirdo maybe I should for now give up on the idea of using the cutlist first time round in my attempt to export to AVI from NUV
00:56jams normally i don't use xvmc , but for some reason I tried it yesterday
00:57Chutt i wouldn't worry about the cutlist to start off with
00:57Beirdo do this in stages.... first try to get good sync...
00:57Chutt jams, you need to do a make clean to compile with xvmc
00:57Beirdo THEN try to cut
00:57Beirdo :)
00:57Chutt to recompile with it, rather
00:57Chutt ok
00:57Chutt i'm building the release now
00:57Beirdo Sweet. I'll leave you to that :)
00:57jams well i did that yesterday
00:58thor_ wait, wait, I have to get in a last minute commit that fsck's everything up
00:58Chutt thor, too late!
00:58Chutt well, not really
00:59thor_ hmmm ... disable lirc input on any day that end in "y" ...
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01:03Chutt whee.
01:03Beirdo gotta love netsplits :)
01:05Chutt oh yeah, have to fix some text in the recording screen for gant/blue
01:05Chutt have to break some translations =)
01:05Beirdo hehe
01:06thor_ excellent
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01:34Beirdo Chutt: the audio reads in the NuppelVideoRecorder are blocking reads, correct?
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01:49Chutt yup
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01:53Beirdo OK, thanks, I thought so, just wanted to double-check. It's too bad the timestamps are in ms not us. :(
01:54Chutt why?
01:54Chutt a video frame is 33ms
01:55Beirdo not precisely
01:55Beirdo 1/29.97 is not a precise number
01:55Beirdo now, for PAL, it's nice and orderly :)
01:55Beirdo an even 40ms
01:56Chutt it's close enough, especially when you consider the scheduler granularity.
01:56Beirdo well, that's true. But it makes evaluating the synchronization trickier, and the possiblility of rounding error higher
01:57Beirdo I doubt it will make a significant difference though
01:57Chutt it doesn't.
02:00Captain_Murdo| I might see a minor bug in the new recording options screen. I don't think it's preserving the value in the category column. when I edit a scheduled recording, the category gets reset blank.
02:01Chutt captain_murdoch, think you can fix it in, say, 10 minutes? =)
02:01Captain_Murdo| don't know. trying to wrap my head around that new code. :)
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02:03Chutt i'll do everything but the main module, for now
02:04Captain_Murdo| might be able to, trying something now.
02:04Chutt check the db, though, to see if it's saving things
02:05Captain_Murdo| it's updating the rows because I changed something else and it took. I see a SRcategory setting. can you try it real quick to make sure it's not something hosed on my end?
02:06Chutt kinda busy :p
02:06Captain_Murdo| :) wonder why...
02:06Captain_Murdo| :) Beirdo!!
02:06Beirdo Yes?
02:06Captain_Murdo| Can you see if you can confirm a bug I might be seeing?
02:07Captain_Murdo| do you have any scheduled recordings with a category set in the record table?
02:07Beirdo well, unfortunately, my production machine is 0.15.1
02:07Captain_Murdo| ok.
02:07Beirdo heh. my devel machine will be up and running this weekend though, but that doesn't help tonight
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02:08Beirdo it's pretty unusable with only 128MB RAM in there, took 1.5h to compile globalsettings
02:09Beirdo it is busily recording some sample shows for me in preparation for AVI testing
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02:14Chutt if it's just a display issue
02:14Chutt i wouldn't worry about it
02:14Captain_Murdo| I'm not seeing anything that looks weird. looks like srcategory is setup the same as the other non-editable fields.
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02:16Chutt file a bug, assign it to geckofiend :p
02:16Captain_Murdo| :) yeah, thought about it.
02:17Beirdo gotta make good use of the bugzilla :)
02:17Chutt i'm tagging the release for the main module now
02:17Chutt everything else is done :p
02:17Beirdo excellent. Then I just get to wait for Axel to make me RPMs for me production box :)
02:20Beirdo OK, rebuilding on the wuss devel box
02:20Beirdo that should take all night
02:25Chutt meh
02:25Chutt Titivillus is twice the size of any other theme
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02:26Captain_Murdo| so what's the bz2 filesize now with G.A.N.T. and Titivillus in there?
02:26Chutt 13MB
02:26Chutt was 6 or 7 for 0.15.1
02:27Beirdo wow
02:27Captain_Murdo| 1-2MB src & 11-12 themes.
02:27Chutt pretty much
02:28Chutt going to have to do something about that.
02:29Chutt ah well
02:36Chutt finished transferring..
02:42o_cee gfiend: hey, thanks for changing strings like that, now the translation is messed.
02:42Chutt i did it.
02:42Chutt well, changed one of them
02:42o_cee argh
02:43o_cee too late for an update right?
02:43Chutt yup
02:43o_cee ah well
02:43Captain_Murdo| is there a pool going on how soon we'll have the first "bug" report in Bugzilla after 0.16 is up on the website?
02:44Chutt someone needs to go through bugzilla and add 0.16 to the versions for each module
02:44Chutt someone with admin access, at least
02:44Captain_Murdo| or maybe the first slashdot story....
02:45Captain_Murdo| to all modules/products?
02:46Chutt yeah
02:46Captain_Murdo| ok, going through them now.
02:47Chutt sweet, thanks
02:48Chutt i am _so_ consolidating all the modules into one download for the next release
02:48Chutt this is just a pain in the ass
02:48Captain_Murdo| yeah, what's another megabyte. :)
02:49Chutt naw, one download for myth, one download for all the modules
02:49Captain_Murdo| ah, ok.
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02:51Captain_Murdo| 0.16 version available on all products in bugzilla
02:52* Captain_Murd loves tabbed browsing and middle-click. :)
02:53Captain_Murdo| is MythPhone getting a release tarball also?
02:54Beirdo if o_cee's still around, you might wanna update the topic in the -users channel :)
02:54o_cee way ahead of you
02:54Beirdo heh
02:54o_cee :)
02:55Beirdo well done :)
02:56Beirdo well, 3am. Time for bed
02:56Chutt yup
02:57Chutt captain_murdoch, that's the 10th module
03:00o_cee Chutt: you want the lang update or should i send it to thor?
03:03Captain_Murdo| Chutt, I added an entry for it into bugzilla, setup an account for Paul, and made him the default owner of MythPhone bugs.
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03:07Chutt cool.
03:07Chutt o_cee, why don't you wait until i update the theme strings as well?
03:07o_cee yepp, could do that :)
03:09* Captain_Murd is off to bed.
03:09Chutt same here.
03:09o_cee later! (i just woke up, hehe)
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06:21o_cee thor_: you missed my update for mythfrontend! :(
06:27o_cee subj: "swe lang update for .16, take 2 :)" you might as well apply it when you've got time :)
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07:51gfiend Chutt Titivillus has a LOT of artwork. I'm going to look at shriking the files sizes.
07:51Rince and you call _that_ artwork then? ;)
07:53--- ---> vedran [] has joined #mythtv
07:53gfiend Rince well the stuff Dave did. My UI components are pure hackjobs
07:54Rince ;-)
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08:15Bradders Myth is pretty easy to configure :)
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08:35Bradders Heh
08:35Bradders Anyone in Australia playuing with Myth?
08:36tehh #mythtv-users
08:41GeckoFiend hmmm I'm thnking the scheduler should only pay attention to the "previouslyshown" column (since mythfildatatbase already does the date math) or preform the same math as mythfilldatabase. Right now it doesn't give the window of 14 days like it should for new shows, and marks some as duplicates even though they're not.
08:41GeckoFiend err repeats
08:42GeckoFiend not sure why "if(p->originalAirDate < p->" passes when the dates are the same
08:54dopester wow 278 downloads since 3am..
08:56--- User: *** splAt1 is now known as splat1
08:56Bradders Thanks
08:58tehh i was fifth ;-)
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09:10Rince which version of ivtv supports 0.16?
09:10--- <--- bjohnson [] has left #mythtv ("Leaving")
09:10Rince still 0.9 or also 0.10something with the new features?
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10:44Chutt heh
10:44Chutt geckofiend, glad you fixed that shadow drawing bug =)
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12:31thor_ o_cee, sorry ... you want me to go ahead and apply it now
12:40GeckoFiend Chutt yeah I noticed it late last night unfortunatly
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12:45GeckoFiend I need to test my fix for the first run stuff. The more I thougyht about it in the car today, the more I wondered why that check for the date is even in the scheduler.
12:46Chutt ask david and/or bruce before changing anything, please
12:51thor_ yah Chutt
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13:14Chutt heh
13:14Chutt no one's come up with any major bugs yet
13:14Chutt i was going to switch to gant for the default on initial setup
13:15Chutt but since it doesn't cache images when you run ./setup
13:15Chutt it goes through and loads/scales all those title images
13:15Chutt takes _forever_
13:15Chutt and all the time it's just sitting there looking like it's hung, with only a background showing
13:16Chutt but the frontend now switches to gant as the new default
13:19--- ---> nrh1703 [] has joined #mythtv
13:19thor_ cool
13:20thor_ just been wandering through gnomoradio and irate, thinking about collaborative filtering reccomendations again ...
13:20thor_ ... but back to libmythui and mfe for me
13:21thor_ err, recommendations
13:21* thor_ hates that word
13:23o_cee Chutt: cool, glad to hear :)
13:23o_cee thor_: thanks :)
13:52thor_ Chutt, I'm assuming you want MythUIText to call Alpha and Movement Pulses from the ::Pulse() method (so you don't have to wrap a text in a generic UIType to get movement)
13:54Chutt right
13:54Chutt it actually should just call the MythUIType::Pulse()
13:55Chutt hmmm
13:55Chutt at the start of the function
13:55Chutt yeah, that'd work
13:56Chutt that's a bug from when i added the color cycling =)
13:59--- ---> lisadaveh_ [] has joined #mythtv
14:03thor_ right, ok
14:03--- ---> steelep [~signwatch@] has joined #mythtv
14:04thor_ also assuming color cycling is applicable only to text (ie. we do not want a generic CyclePulse() up in MythUIType)
14:06--- ---> Baylink [] has joined #mythtv
14:07Baylink Congrats on the release!
14:10--- ---> beavis [] has joined #mythtv
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14:31--- ---> beavis [] has joined #mythtv
14:32beavis hi i've just compiled the latest cvs build. there are some glitches on the gui (
14:33beavis is this a prolem with the german translation?
14:34thor_ is blacklisted for sending popups
14:34beavis so take the direct link:
14:34thor_ and most of the translations are now somewhat out of date
14:35beavis but why are many words not centered in german?
14:36thor_ I would guess it's a translation issue, you could check by temporarily changing your language to US/English
14:36beavis how do i start the frontend with another language?
14:37thor_ I have no idea
14:37beavis ;)
14:40--- ---> gfiend [] has joined #mythtv
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14:41beavis I thought there is someone working on the german translation. i was working for some OS projects on the translations.
14:42beavis how do i find out if there is anyone needed for the german translation?
14:44--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
14:48--- ---> snowblind [] has joined #mythtv
14:50--- ---> johnback_ [] has joined #mythtv
14:51thor_ mail to -dev
14:51--- ---> Fosten [] has joined #mythtv
14:51thor_ and/or look over cvs commits and see where german translations are/have been coming from, and e-mail that person
14:56--- <--- johnback_ [] has left #mythtv ()
14:57dopester the new decoderbase is great
14:57dopester fixed (i think) dvb/hdtv playback with the pvr350 in 6 lines of code
14:58thor_ hopefully those 6 lines are not 40,000 columns wide
14:58--- <<-- GeckoFiend [] has quit (Nick collision from services.)
14:59dopester naw
14:59--- User: *** gfiend is now known as GeckoFiend
14:59dopester last time i did it i never submitted it as a patch since it was really nasty to do all the math
14:59dopester and i didnt get the math on rewind right
14:59dopester but thats all in decoderbase now
14:59dopester i gotta hook up my 250 and record a show to make sure i didnt break it on the 250 though
15:21Chutt why not just use the 350 you're using for display to record? :p
15:29snowblind to bad opengl is to slow on the pvr350
15:30thor_ Chutt, making MythMainWindow catch paintEvents so it will force a region update in the case of un-obscuring, switching desktops, etc.
15:30Chutt cool.
15:30Chutt i need to hook up region redraws, too
15:30thor_ yup
15:31thor_ I think that would solve the issue where things do not get erased as you pop off windows
15:32Chutt they don't get erased?
15:32thor_ if you go all the way back to a "background" window, the thing pop'd off is still there
15:33Chutt hm
15:33Chutt shouldn't ever be going all the way back
15:33thor_ I guess not
15:33Chutt but, i'll look at that
15:33thor_ depends what "root" window is
15:34Chutt there might be a bug with the screenstack and removing the final screen from it
15:34thor_ was poking at it a bit
15:35--- <<-- bobbyz [] has quit ("Client exiting")
15:37Chutt does it fade out at all?
15:37thor_ not to background
15:37Chutt right, but does it start fading at all
15:37thor_ one sec
15:38thor_ recompiling for GL
15:40thor_ btw, it does fade out perfectly if I just set redraw=true in MythMainWindow::drawTimeout() (turning that off now)
15:41thor_ nope, no beginning to fade (at least not that I can make out)
15:41Chutt hmmm
15:41Chutt i'll look at it a bit later..
15:42thor_ yup, I'll keep poking at it, .... also, never discount the possibility that I'm doing something stupid
15:42--- <<-- nrh1703 [] has quit (".<UPP>.")
15:42Chutt naw, it's probably buggy
15:43--- ---> nrh1703 [] has joined #mythtv
15:46dopester chutt: cause my 350 is in a diskless box i use as a frontend
15:47dopester total pain in the arse to test record something.. i suppose i could set it up as a remote backend, but thats too many variables to test quickly..
15:48dopester i should use vpn for work more often.. get way more time to work on myth code :
15:48dopester :)
15:49--- ---> tgall [~tgall@] has joined #mythtv
15:53aliz thor_: Can I file a small bugreport (with fix) with you?
15:54thor_ better to -dev, as I'm likely to not fully understand it :-)
16:00aliz thor_: It's small, mythvideo-0.16 doesnt compile with gcc 3.4.1, it needed #include <math.h>. Fix from -dev ml
16:00aliz in file videogallery.cpp
16:00GeckoFiend dopester record to NFS ;)
16:03GeckoFiend thor... What's your trademarked "mute line in and blah" line again?
16:05thor_ mute your line in and set as your recording source
16:05thor_ err, set it
16:06thor_ aliz, ok ... still best to send that to the mailing list though, so other people might notice it
16:06thor_ and thanks
16:06thor_ and shouldn't that be #include <math>
16:06Chutt cmath
16:07thor_ with no .h
16:07thor_ ?
16:07Chutt right
16:07Chutt but it doesn't matter much
16:07thor_ and using namespace std; afterwards ?
16:08Chutt yup
16:08thor_ k
16:12aliz thor_: It was already reported on -dev, but it never made it to CVS, Brandon Bettie on 2004-08-20.
16:13GeckoFiend thor_ I'll get right on the TablewareMonitor object.
16:13thor_ excellent
16:13thor_ then, bowls .... how to make them fit in those flat optical trays .... hmmm
16:28--- ---> hadees [] has joined #mythtv
16:30thor_ Chutt, once and for all, are method names supposed to be Object::myMethod() or Object::MyMethod() ?
16:33--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
16:34thor_ or is there some subtlety between MythMainWindow::GetMainStack() and MythMainWindow::drawTimeout() that I just fail to comprehend ?
16:34--- <<-- linuxwhore [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:37--- <<-- Netslayer [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
16:37--- <<-- hadees [~hadees@hadees.sustaining.supporter.pdpc] has quit ("Leaving")
16:37Chutt ah, i'm trying to use MyMethod
16:37Chutt but, i fall back to myMethod occasionally
16:37Chutt just habit :p
16:38thor_ if you prefer myMethod (as do I), why are you trying to switch?
16:38Chutt make it clearer what's a member function
16:39thor_ as opposed to?
16:39Chutt i dunno
16:39thor_ heh
16:39Chutt name things however you want
16:39mikegrb I love you all.
16:39thor_ k
16:40thor_ mikegrb, Hunter Isaac status ?
16:41mikegrb inside heidi but doc working as hard as possible to kill him and heidi
16:41thor_ heh
16:41mikegrb if you ever here someone mention sacred heart hospital in pensacola florida run the other way very fast
16:41thor_ heh
16:41thor_ switch hospitals ?
16:41mikegrb well
16:41thor_ and/or doctors
16:42mikegrb they discharged her after being in the hospital for two weeks
16:42mikegrb wed morning
16:42mikegrb she went back buy naval hospital because she wasn't sure when she wqas supposed to come back to sacred heart...
16:43thor_ get in car, drive to NYC, get a room next to Clinton :-)
16:43mikegrb they gave her list of symponts to come back if she was experiencing but she was already experiencing all of those when she was discharged
16:43mikegrb so the hooked her up just to check her out
16:44mikegrb tested her and said she was leaking amneiotic fluid
16:44mikegrb asked if she noticed it yet said yes since sunday
16:45thor_ hmmm
16:45mikegrb she told all her nurses and doc that she was leaking
16:45mikegrb they discharged her anyway
16:45mikegrb navy hospital said she needed to be induced in next 8 hours
16:45mikegrb and said that as we knew they couldn't do it there because she is still 1.5 month early
16:45thor_ ah
16:46mikegrb asked if we wanted to come back here which had neonatal icu or go to another hospital instead
16:46mikegrb said comming back here was fine since we figured they didn't have a choice but do something this time
16:46mikegrb silly us
16:46thor_ well, all hospitals suck
16:46mikegrb get her they do the test again and the student doc says it is negative
16:46mikegrb s/her/here/
16:47thor_ ie. not amneotic fluid ?
16:47mikegrb refuses to listen to doc with 20 years of experience (and it is a subjective test)
16:48mikegrb so they were going to discharge her again thurs morning and we called navy and told them what was happening, doc there literally said holy shit they are crazyz
16:48mikegrb called and bitched them out
16:48mikegrb so they didn't discharge her said they would do it by next wed if she hasn't had baby yet
16:48mikegrb she may habe a uterus infection since she has a fever
16:49mikegrb but they aren't giving here any antibiotics for it
16:49mikegrb so she is prob going to have to have a histerectomy after giving birth so she will be sterile at 25
16:49mikegrb that happened to another patient of this doc about a week ago
16:49mikegrb he broke thier water and then decided not to induce
16:50mikegrb she ended up having a histerectomy
16:50mikegrb crazyness
16:50thor_ sounds like
16:50mikegrb new landlord here in pensacola is a nurse at this hospital but does cardxiac patients
16:51mikegrb he brought a lot of labor and maternity care nursing books over to me this morning
16:51GeckoFiend It *should* be safe to drop the schema version on a box back to what it was in 15.1 and let .16 rerun it's updates right?
16:51mikegrb and a medical dictionary in case we need to look stufdf up
16:51mikegrb so we can take an even more proative roll in her care
16:53thor_ well, you're sitting in a hospital with a neonatal center, so not much more you can do
16:56thor_ we had a couple of scares with #2 (some terrible ultrasound indicator of Downs Syndrome, which turned out to be a false postive) ... everything was absolutely perfect in the end
16:57thor_ but hospitals all suck
16:59mikegrb spiffy
17:00mikegrb cox offers hd pvr in this area :>
17:01mikegrb thor: well he is month and half early but already over 5lbs and practicing breathing on the ultra sounds
17:01mikegrb siad he probably won't need a resperator and such
17:02mikegrb and even if he does due to size would go home in normal time
17:02mikegrb just possibly go home with a respirator
17:03thor_ heh
17:03thor_ sounds good
17:03thor_ 5lbs is like, huge, for a 6.5er
17:03thor_ err, 7.5er
17:05mikegrb yes
17:05mikegrb he was 3.5 lbs a week ago
17:15--- ---> dhofstra [] has joined #mythtv
17:26--- <<-- thor_ [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:26--- <<-- lisadaveh_ [] has quit ("Leaving")
17:28--- <<-- dhofstra [] has quit ("Leaving")
17:28--- ---> thor_ [] has joined #mythtv
17:38--- ---> dhofstra [] has joined #mythtv
17:41--- ---> marc_in_lux [] has joined #mythtv
17:50--- ---> flexy [] has joined #mythtv
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18:06--- <<-- beavis [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
18:12--- <<-- mdz [~mdz@] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
18:17--- ---> skatter [] has joined #mythtv
18:18--- <--- skatter [] has left #mythtv ()
18:20--- ---> mdz [] has joined #mythtv
18:22--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
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18:41--- ---> bobnvic [] has joined #mythtv
18:57--- ---> Baylink [] has joined #mythtv
19:00--- <<-- cfreeze [] has quit ("[BX] Tone Loc uses BitchX, and funky cold medina.")
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19:08--- ---> johnback [] has joined #mythtv
19:09--- <<-- KillerBunny [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
19:10thor_ Chutt, I think part of the problem is we need a way to Pop ScreenStacks (when they have no more screens in them)
19:16mikegrb I agree.
19:16thor_ heh
19:18Baylink Scheduling question: is Find One supposed to respect subtitles? If not, does something *else* have the same functionality as Find One, but *does* respect subtitles? Or should I file a Feature Request? :-) (Or is this 'fixed in 16'?
19:21--- <--- johnback [] has left #mythtv ()
19:26Chutt thor, shouldn't
19:26Chutt there shouldn't be too many stacks
19:26Chutt most everything should be in the main one
19:28thor_ ok, well here's something I don't get
19:28thor_ if I make one stack
19:29thor_ and put a first screen that is just an image (like a background)
19:29thor_ and then a second screen with animation
19:29thor_ so, one stack, two screens
19:29thor_ the animation does not clean up after itself
19:29thor_ so, at this point, I'm thinking I've missed the point of something
19:30thor_ (on a brighter note, I have repainting happening for un-obscuring, unshading, desktop switches, etc, using an actual QRegion)
19:33Chutt how doesn't it clean up after itself?
19:33Chutt it shouldn't have to, that's the whole point
19:34Chutt opengl?
19:34thor_ yup
19:34Chutt ah
19:34Chutt you're not following the example app
19:34Chutt the background is a separate stack.
19:34thor_ works fine if there's another stack with the background on it
19:34thor_ heh
19:34thor_ yup
19:35Chutt since only the top screen is drawn
19:35Chutt unless you tell it it's not fullscreen
19:35thor_ the top screen of each stack
19:35Chutt right
19:35thor_ hmmmm
19:36Chutt with an exception with the fullscreen flag when you make a screen
19:36Chutt then it starts drawing at the first fullscreen screen
19:36Chutt well, 'highest'
19:36Chutt not first
19:36thor_ right
19:36Chutt then goes to the end
19:36thor_ and this is the way we want it to work?
19:37Chutt yup
19:37thor_ good enough for me
19:37Chutt that way, the background is completely independent of each screen
19:37Chutt so each screen doesn't have to load it up and stuff
19:37thor_ ok
19:38thor_ so in general, there will be just two stacks, one for background and one for "actively happening stuff"
19:39thor_ still need a way to get a stack off though
19:39thor_ on the odd chance anyone adds a third one, shows some screens, and then wants to get rid of it
19:39Chutt it should be fine
19:39Chutt if there's nothing being displayed on it
19:40thor_ well,
19:40Chutt it should be completely invisible without a screen attached
19:40thor_ if I have one background stack with just a background screen
19:40thor_ and I make a splash stack (for example), with just one screen
19:40thor_ and then I pop off the splash screen
19:41thor_ it's still drawn
19:41Chutt why wouldn't you push the splash screen onto the main stack?
19:41Chutt i know it's still drawn, that's a bug that should be fixed.
19:41thor_ right ok, main stack
19:41thor_ ok
19:41Chutt like i said earlier :p
19:41--- <<-- flexy [] has quit ("Lost terminal")
19:41thor_ hand holding for the dim-witted, that's all
19:41thor_ :-)
19:41Chutt i'm being required to go on a walk in a bit
19:42Chutt but i'll fix it once i get back =)
19:42thor_ heh
19:42thor_ enjoy the walk
19:42Chutt it's cold and kinda rainy
19:42Chutt not really enjoyable weather
19:42thor_ I'm sure, "it's a lovely evening"
19:44--- <<-- gnuxor [] has quit ("Miranda IM! Smaller, Faster, Easier.")
20:00--- <<-- steelep [~signwatch@] has quit ("me is bugging out")
20:01--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
20:03--- ---> onyxsoft [] has joined #mythtv
20:07o_cee thor_: hi
20:11o_cee thor_: could you try to confirm a bug?
20:12--- <<-- mecraw [~lmarlow@] has quit ("Trillian (")
20:18o_cee start recording something that has a re-run later. kill the backend. when you bring it up again, the scheduler decides it's better to record it later, but in the list of recs it's still shown as recording. anyone else who can reproduce that?
20:31--- ---> jeffpc_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:33thor_ o_cee, that would requirew me to have cvs installed on something that has a tuner card in it
20:33thor_ which I don't
20:34o_cee m'kay :)
20:34thor_ shouldn't you be asleep ?
20:34o_cee yeah well
20:41--- User: *** splAt1 is now known as splat1
20:43Netslayer do the devs know about the exit home menu causes crash bug?
20:44o_cee Netslayer: it doesn't crash
20:45Netslayer mythfrontend is dieing on 2 of my boxes here when i hit esc/go back
20:45o_cee as i said in -users, check your settings
20:46Netslayer oh i missed that, the 'reset ut'?
20:47mdz Chutt: rolling 0.16 debs
20:55mdz may not have time to test tonight, though; too many scheduled recordings
21:02--- <<-- dopester [] has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
21:02Chutt mdz, cool.
21:02mdz Chutt: do you think you could make myth a little bigger? I still have some unallocated disk space
21:03Chutt sorry
21:03Chutt it's the themes :p
21:03Chutt well, and g++ bloat
21:03Netslayer o_cee, thank you
21:04o_cee you could make the lang files seperate download maybe? or download them when you select them?
21:04Netslayer ya it doubled in size
21:04Netslayer any idea if visor will be updated for 16?
21:04mdz I have to upload 61M to do a new upstream release
21:04Chutt well, there's 7+MB of new themes
21:04mdz just of mythtv
21:04Chutt distributed in the main tarball
21:04Chutt you're doing a debug build too, right?
21:05mdz yeah, that includes 20M of debug
21:05Netslayer does that cause any slow down in the code when it is running?
21:05mdz no
21:05mdz it's only used by gdb
21:06mdz the code is still built with -O2
21:06Chutt well, it takes a tiny bit longer to load
21:06Chutt has to skip stuff =)
21:06mdz it shouldn't in this case, since the symbols are in a separate file
21:06Netslayer i might do that, but then again myth is running very well in the last few releases
21:06Chutt ah
21:07mdz my myth box is perpetually unstable, so I have no idea whether myth crashes or not
21:07Netslayer anyone work on a myth screen saver yet?
21:07Chutt mdz, mine's not even on right now =)
21:07Chutt i unplugged it when i lost power a few nights ago
21:08mdz I have some RAM I could swap in, but it involves swapping two other machines as well
21:08rkulagow gfiend: here?
21:08mdz since I have only one machine which accepts registered ecc ram
21:08mdz but I really don't know what its problem is
21:08mdz could be the mainboard or cpu for all I know
21:09Chutt i'm liking my new system so far
21:09Chutt biostar uatx, mobile xp 2200 underclocked a tad
21:10Chutt stable when i'm not futzing with it
21:11--- <<-- Netslayer [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
21:11Chutt 'course, i say that, then turn the thing on and the usb keyboard isn't working
21:12mdz I have this amd64 box for testing which came with an nvidia card with tv-out
21:12mdz I bet it'd make a nice myth box
21:12Chutt heh, cool
21:14mdz model name : AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3400+
21:14mdz doesn't work too well when I have to reinstall it every other day, though
21:14mdz 1M cache would be nice for video encoding
21:15mdz wow, uatx celerons are _cheap_
21:16mdz $100 buys you 2.3GHz
21:16Chutt the board i have was $60, cpu was the same or thereabouts
21:17Chutt what the hell broke hotplug
21:17mdz yeah, that was a board+cpu combo
21:17mdz hotplug is working OK for me
21:18Chutt i'm not completely up to date
21:18Chutt and hotplug/initscripts have new versions
21:18Chutt but, so does X, apparently
21:18Chutt can't wait to redownload all that again
21:18mdz hmm, neither lspci nor XFree86 can recognize the chipset on this nvidia card
21:18mdz must be new
21:19Chutt what's it say?
21:19mdz 0000:01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation: Unknown device 0326 (rev a1)
21:19mdz (--) PCI:*(1:0:0) nVidia Corporation unknown chipset (0x0326) rev 161, Mem @ 0xfd000000/24, 0xd0000000/28, BIOS @ 0xfe9e0000/17
21:20mdz works OK with the nv driver in 2D
21:22Chutt i _think_ that's a 5500
21:22mdz probably a geforce fx go 5200, judging by the adjacent PCI IDs that are recognized
21:23o_cee Chutt: could you try to repro the thing i wrote to thor earlier?
21:23mdz 0324 and 0328 are both 5200s
21:25Chutt is it a laptop?
21:27Chutt i can't find my master list of pci ids :p
21:27mdz it's a desktop
21:28mdz AGP card
21:28Chutt yeah, it won't be a 'go'
21:28Chutt could be a normal 5200, though
21:28Chutt specially if it's fanless
21:30mdz packing list says only 256MB DDR NVIDIA GeForceFX(TM)
21:33mdz ah, they still have the order on the website
21:33mdz 256MB DDR NVIDIA GeForceFX(TM) 5500, DVI & TV-Out
21:34Chutt so i was right =)
21:34mdz yep
21:34mdz do you know if the binary nvidia X driver supports tv-out on it?
21:34Chutt hey, no package for corefonts?
21:34Chutt 'course it does
21:35Chutt new driver even has a fairly spiffy UI for adjusting all that
21:35Chutt you can change overscan and stuff on the fly
21:35mdz corefonts is an installer, right? the fonts aren't redistributable, I don't think
21:36mdz yeah, it's way too small to have the fonts in it
21:36Chutt right, it's an installer
21:36Chutt make stuff look a lot nicer, though
21:44--- ---> johnback_ [] has joined #mythtv
21:44--- <--- johnback_ [] has left #mythtv ()
21:53Chutt hrm hrm hrm
21:53--- Netsplit <-> quits: GeckoFiend, Drag0n
21:53Chutt how to repro thor's bug =)
21:54--- Netsplit over, joins: Drag0n
21:54--- Channel: ServerMode/#mythtv [+n] by
21:54--- Netsplit over, joins: GeckoFiend
22:03thor_ Chutt, you want tarball
22:04Chutt sure
22:04Chutt that'd be cool
22:04thor_ one sec, it's a mess, but should compile and run in place
22:05Chutt ok
22:06thor_ hmm, have to muck with a couple things
22:07Chutt no problemo
22:08Chutt just built current libmythui
22:15thor_ if you remove some comments in Startup::closeSplash(), you'll see that it can get to showing a new screen on the main stack
22:15Chutt ok
22:16thor_ and if you obscure and unobscure the window after the splash object is destroyed, you'll see it gone
22:17thor_ heh, you'll probably have to change s/mfedefault/blue/ in main.cpp
22:18Chutt ok
22:32Chutt heh
22:32Chutt text is a little clipped
22:33thor_ on the splash, or once you get to the menu
22:33thor_ ?
22:35Chutt splash screen
22:35Chutt what menu?
22:35thor_ menu only show up if you uncomment the stuff in Startup::closeSplash()
22:36Chutt ah
22:36Chutt i fixed it, btw
22:36thor_ of course you did
22:37Chutt lemme make sure it's fixed for the Qt painter, too
22:37Chutt stupid bug =)
22:37thor_ heh
22:38Chutt it's not fixed for the Qt painter... hmmm
22:39thor_ I'm a little confused why text is clipping .... this might be the time to start thinking about Fonts on pixels instead of points
22:40thor_ fonts in pixels
22:40Chutt possibly
22:48Chutt hrm
22:48Chutt this is tricky
22:51Chutt oh, wait
22:51Chutt i'll just use the redraw on expose that you just added =)
22:53thor_ heh, which just forces the whole thing .... I have comment in there about if we should be handing the QRegion down to the things drawing themselves
22:53thor_ at some point the parsing overhead trumps the efficiency, I guess ?
22:55--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
22:55Chutt well
22:55Chutt blending's slow
22:55Chutt unless the user has some form of render accel
22:56Chutt i moved your repaint region variable into the private class
22:57thor_ ah, I wondered about that
22:57Chutt the last screen not disappearing should be all fixed now =)
22:57thor_ yippee
22:59Chutt do a: xdpyinfo | grep resolution
22:59Chutt for me?
22:59thor_ 90x89 dots per inch
22:59thor_ heh
22:59thor_ dev box
22:59Chutt resolution: 98x101 dots per inch
22:59Chutt that's why the fonts are different
23:00thor_ yup
23:00Chutt did we try to compensate for this at some point?
23:00Chutt and it didn't work right?
23:00thor_ as I recall, we just said, "though must run at 100x100"
23:00thor_ err, thou
23:00Chutt i remember trying to get it working with you and david, i think
23:01thor_ could be, I have kids, don't get too much sleep, tend to forget things
23:02Chutt heh
23:02thor_ i have no idea if specifying everything in pixels will help or hurt people doing huge HDTV displays at non 4:3 ratios
23:02Chutt i dunno
23:03--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
23:31--- <<-- bobnvic [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:53--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
23:58thor_ seems to me that we could embed knowledge of hmult, wmult in mythfontproperties and always get things the right size no matter what the resolution, dpi, or aspect ratio
---Logclosed Sat Sep 11 00:00:12 2004