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00:08thor_ make MythFontProperties() a class, and give it a setPixel() method that asks gContect about the vmult
00:09thor_ err, gContext()
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00:36thor_ speaking of which, I think MythUIType needs wmult's and hmult's all over the place ...
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01:01thor_ on second that, scratch all that, lets stick with points, and libmythui already has the wmul/hmult thing sorted
01:01thor_ err, on second thought, scratch all that, lets stick with points, and libmythui already has the wmult/hmult thing sorted
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02:24thor_ Chutt, one final thought on the font thing .... it might be a good idea to use QPaintDeviceMetrics to get the DPI of the display, and add an fmult to scale against 100
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02:35Chutt yeah
02:35Chutt i thought someone tried that, though, and it didn't work.
02:35thor_ heh
02:35Chutt i'm probably just making things up, though
02:35Chutt dreamed it or something
02:36thor_ well, I'll fiddle with it tomorrow ... at the very least it could print a warning saying "you should be running at 100 dpi"
02:37Chutt should be pretty easy to test with your splash screen there
02:38Chutt it's pretty obvious when stuff's not the right dpi =)
02:38thor_ oh yeah
02:39thor_ btw, I have absolutely no idea how libmythui is currently scaling placement and movement vis-a-vis 800x600, it works, but I'm fairly certain it's magic
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02:59Chutt i think it's hardcoded to 800x600, no?
03:00thor_ if you're running 640x480 and ask for an image at 400, 300, it's still right in the middle
03:00thor_ ah
03:00thor_ opengl only I bet
03:01thor_ that whole viewport thing
03:05thor_ yup, that's what it is
03:06thor_ under GL, splash screen still lines up perfectly, even at 320x240
03:10Beirdo wooo. I get a segfault when I try to av_write_frame :)
03:10Beirdo hehe
03:10Beirdo wonder what I missed
03:18* thor_ spells update as "udpate" three times in a row and wonders why cvs is not working .... time for bed
03:19Beirdo there it goes
03:19Beirdo needed to avcodec_open even though I'm not using the codec in reality
03:21Beirdo holy hell, it's actually working
03:21Beirdo heh, almost
03:21Beirdo can't seek
03:22Beirdo For a first shot, I call this a success
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10:16tomas_ does anyone here use epia and 0.16 or cvs?
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11:33Chutt thor, check the CreateFont function I just checked in
11:33Chutt if i set the desired dpi to 90, then your splash screen looks right =)
11:34thor_ will have a look
11:34thor_ cool
11:36Chutt i set it to 100 in the source, though
11:36Chutt so if you've got things at 90, still, it _should_ overlap and chop off the 'Welcome to' like it was for me
11:37thor_ I'm at 100 now, but I'll mess with it
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11:41popo hi
11:41thor_ could it be that simple?
11:42thor_ should be
11:42Chutt maybe
11:42thor_ let me futz with X settings
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11:45popo is there a way to use xawdecode instead of xawtv ?
11:45Chutt what's that have to do with myth?
11:46popo myth use xawtv isn't it ?
11:47josephk_ pop
11:47josephk_ o
11:47josephk_ go to #mythtv-users
11:47Chutt um, no, it doesn't use xawtv.
11:47popo ok
11:47popo thanks
11:48Beirdo Hey all, good morning
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11:49thor_ works like a charm
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11:52Chutt great
11:53Chutt i coulda sworn someone tried something like that
11:53Chutt and said it didn't work =)
11:54thor_ it worked here at DPI's both significantly above and below 100, splash lined up perfect
11:54thor_ and the splash wasn't even running at 800x600
11:54thor_ :-)
11:55Chutt heh
11:55thor_ need wmult/hmult's in the Qt painter though, I think
11:55Chutt i'll work on getting the wmult/hmults in there
11:55Chutt well, for the GL painter, too
11:55thor_ no, I'm telling you, it's solved for GL
11:55Chutt it doesn't look as nice as it could up at really high resolutions
11:56thor_ ah
11:56Chutt text scaled up, vs text rendered at the native resolution type thing
11:56thor_ yup yup
11:57thor_ ok, I'll leave that to you .... and I'm not touching themedmenu, I'm starting to build dialogs
11:57Chutt cool
11:57Chutt i'll probably put the h/w mult in at a lower level
11:57Chutt so the common code doesn't have to see it
11:57Chutt well, the high level stuff
11:58thor_ right, one thing though, MythUITYpe's may want a Stretch flag
11:58Chutt what'd that do?
11:58thor_ cause some buttons or something, you'd always want at 100x100
11:58thor_ no matter what the a/r
11:58Chutt ah right
11:58Chutt 16/9
11:58Chutt i need to handle that, since i'm getting a projector soon as the basement's done =)
11:58thor_ while backgrounds, you'd always want to stretch however
11:59Chutt ie, a flag to use hmult instead of wmult
11:59thor_ well, one of them .... not quite sure which
11:59Chutt i think
12:00Chutt so, we need sound effects
12:00Chutt and then separate up those individual items in the splash screen
12:00Chutt and they can WHOOSH on =)
12:00thor_ absolutely
12:01GeckoFiend been thinking of futzing with that for ALSA since it allows multiple opens.
12:01thor_ on the sound stuff, need to be pretty sure we are dealing with something that does multiple opens
12:01thor_ heh
12:01Chutt geckofiend, not everywhere, unless you use dmix
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12:02thor_ unless you want to open device, play whoosh, and close it
12:02Chutt which doesn't really work that well
12:02thor_ no
12:03GeckoFiend or maybe just a singleton AudioOuput object that can be turned off by things that need exclusive acess. For things setups that have multi open support it could alwasy stay active, for thigns that don't it could close the device then repoen when it's allowed
12:03thor_ 'cause an mfd on the same machine could conceivably already be playing audio
12:03thor_ :-p
12:04Chutt thor, pop up transport controls available anywhere in the ui =)
12:04Chutt for controlling mfd
12:04Chutt ah well
12:04Chutt gotta go
12:04thor_ k
12:04thor_ but yup, that's part of the idea
12:05GeckoFiend I'm hoping for popup notifcation windows, so you can get stuff like "Your transcode of blah is done" in any window
12:06Chutt easily done with new ui =)
12:06Chutt (waiting for my wife to get ready)
12:10thor_ heh, have an mfd plugin around here somewhere with proof of concept that will pop up a "Please insert blank CD in blah", first on machine with same IP, then on any other .local mfe, and take them all down when the CD goes in
12:11thor_ wicked cool
12:14thor_ time to walk the munchkin ...
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12:23Beirdo OK. First pass at AVI exporting.... I have an AVI with no keyframes, and the sync is crap :)
12:23Beirdo but it's on its way. that ffmpeg libavformat is such a PITA
12:28Beirdo time for food
12:42rkulagow chutt: still here?
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14:04Beirdo sigh
14:04Beirdo OK, I'm starting my own CVS server for this AVI exporter for now
14:04Beirdo before I royally fubar the code :)
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15:07dopester ivtv patch for byframe mpegs was even easier.. Just removed some assuptions that ivtvdecoder makes..
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20:25splat1 nn all
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20:43Baylink I'm having trouble building 0.16 from tarball; is this an appropriate venue for a stupid question? :-)
20:51Baylink Found my problem, and it leads to a build question. Chutt, you 'round?
20:53Chutt just sat down
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20:57Baylink I have a script that I use to fetch CVS into a dated directory and do builds, and I tried to modify it for the tarballs (in a similarly shaped tree), and for some reason (did this change?) it seems to be breaking because either qmake can't figure out which file to run, or the files used to all be named the same, and aren't anymore. Is either of those true?
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20:58Baylink If they are different now, would it be practical to make them all have the same name for easier scripting?
20:58Chutt it can't figure out what to run, because the tarball uses <module>-version
20:59Chutt as the directory name, and there's no <module> file for it to find
20:59Chutt the docs say what to do
21:00Baylink In the html stuff? I looked, but apparently not in the right place. Is that something that's worth changing in future releases so that it Just Works?
21:00Chutt it does just work if you follow the instructions
21:00Chutt all of them say to specify the .pro name when running qmake for the first time
21:00Baylink "... which makes scripting the build difficult. Would it be possible to get that changed?" :-)
21:01Chutt nope
21:01Chutt how's it difficult to script?
21:01Chutt just strip off the version number if it exists
21:01Baylink Ah. I see it. Nevermind; you're right; that's not too painful. I said it was a stupid question.
21:01Baylink :-)
21:01Baylink Thanks.
21:07Chutt why're you using the release tarballs, though?
21:08Chutt you can just check out the tagged release from cvs
21:09Baylink It's a semi=production machine for my sis, and also since I'm working on the manual on the Wiki, I want to be sure I'm talking about the latest "production" release.
21:09Chutt yeah, but if you check out, say, mythtv with the tag release-0-16
21:10Chutt that's identical to the tarball aside from the CVS directories
21:10Baylink Ah. "Cause I
21:10Baylink am still new at this stuff." ;-)
21:11Baylink Is there, by the way, anyway to retrieve CVS as of a specified date? Or do I have to keep the checkouts around if I want to be able to rollback?
21:11Baylink Your CVS's are a lot safer than some projects, but still...
21:15Beirdo Baylink: cvs has a method to checkout as of a specific time
21:15rkulagow ecchh. using mandrake has made me soft.
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21:26Baylink I read something about that, but if you use it, don't you then have to go through hoops to get back the HEAD? Is there a reasonable user-level CVS tutorial I haven't been able to find?
21:28Beirdo no, you just need to do cvs update -a to go back
21:28Beirdo or is it -A
21:28Baylink Ok; I'll dig deeper.
21:29Baylink Any tutorial pointers? 'man cvs'? :-)
21:29Baylink (The man page isn't the best...)
21:31Beirdo one sec
21:32Beirdo :) much more useful than the man page
21:36Beirdo OH MY GOD
21:36Beirdo I think this worked
21:36Beirdo the AVI is seekable...
21:37Beirdo and it seems to be staying in sync throughout the file
21:40Beirdo I'm gonna have to find some problem files to test with, that worked too well
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21:57Chutt OSD drawing has been fixed for SECAM, and other non-NTSC/non-(plain)PAL modes.
21:57Chutt gfiend (or whoever added that to the wiki), that's pvr-350 only
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21:58Beirdo Chutt: my nuv->avi seems to be on its way
21:58Chutt great
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21:59Beirdo I'm surprised it stayed synced as well as it did
21:59Beirdo xris is gonna run some of his MPEG4 stuff through it see if it works for him too
21:59Beirdo I have to do the rtjpeg still though
22:00Beirdo I don't suppose that rtjpeg-encoded video is decodable with mjpeg codecs?
22:00Chutt nope
22:00Chutt it's not
22:01Beirdo hehe, just my luck
22:01Beirdo so I'll have to actually reencode that to make it of any use in an AVI
22:01Beirdo not the end of the world as I'm using ffmpeg to write out the files anyways (current CVS version)
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22:31Baylink What verbose channel do all those messages with numeric code come out on?
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22:36Baylink I see the statusbox stuff in the code, but is that on one of the verbose-names?
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23:47Captain_Murdo| alright, who fixed my bug....
23:47dopester what bug?
23:48Captain_Murdo| the commercialflag.cpp segfault on the -dev list. a bugfix is already in cvs. looks like Chutt put in a fix a few minutes ago.
23:48dopester cool
23:49dopester i finally fixed the pvr350 for BYFRAME flagged shows..
23:49Captain_Murdo| yeah, it's in cvs. I thought I replied to your post.
23:49dopester cant co-relate nicks with names all the time..
23:49dopester i saw it went in
23:50dopester took me longer to get my pvr250 to work with the 2.6 kernel than to write it.. heh
23:50Chutt =)
23:50Chutt captain_murdoch, is that the proper fix
23:50Chutt ?
23:51dopester did you see it chutt?
23:51snowblind Captain_Murdoch: still need more testing on the big patch?
23:51Captain_Murdo| yeah. I just committed a little extra to it to print out what it thought the chanid and starttime were. I don't know why it'd be getting told to flag a chanid/starttime that it couldn't retrieve. should have checked !pginfo anyway though. :(
23:52Chutt dopester, see what?
23:52Chutt your patch?
23:52Captain_Murdo| snowblind: I'm running it on my main system and seems to be working fine. was waiting for a little while after 0.16 though just in case we need a 0.16.1.
23:53snowblind ahh
23:53Captain_Murdo| need to test the non-commflag parts a little more.
23:53dopester chutt: i thought ya were askin bout my patch today.. nevermind..
23:57Captain_Murdo| Chutt, the gui responsiveness when deleting a recording seems to be a bit faster since I serialized the file and recordedmarkup deletion. could be since I'm running mysql on the fileserver, but then a lot of people will have everything on one box so they'll probably see a speedup also. currently, the one thread stops all jobs in the job queue, deletes the file, sends the event, and then deletes recordedmarkup
23:58dopester it always hangs for me if the filesize is 0 or the file doesnt exist..
23:58dopester i dunno if thats checked for, and it should happen but with the quality of the dvb code it happens to me from time to time :)
23:59Captain_Murdo| I don't think the delete code cares about the filesize. don't see anything in there that would. it's just a bunch of unlink() calls.
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