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00:00dopester its usually on selection of the video in the menus, so it could be trying to make a screenshot or something.. i'll look at it sometime if ya want
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00:14Captain_Murdo| you're not talking about deletion, you're talking about other stuff. yeah, there might be places elsewhere that don't like empty files.
00:17dopester yeah i only notice it when deleting, but you mentioned a hang and that just poped into my head
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02:08dopester got a bug in dvbrecorder squashed
02:09mocker Um.
02:09mocker I just heard that the North Koreans have set off a nuke.
02:09mocker That's no good.
02:09dopester where you see that at?
02:10mocker Just heard it on talk radio.
02:11mocker Who knows if it's true or not. ;)
02:15Netslayer mocker,
02:15Netslayer SEOUL, South Korea (CNN) -- A large cloud that appeared over North Korea in satellite images several days ago was not the result of a nuclear explosion, according to a U.S. official.
02:16Beirdo yeah, like I believe anything CNN has to say :)
02:18mocker Netslayer: Ok, good.
02:18mocker :)
02:18mocker Just like talk radio to hype it up.
02:19Netslayer /. really upped
02:19josephk no seismic activity
02:19Netslayer it's hype ya
02:19Netslayer err 'its'
02:19josephk no nuclear flash detection from satellites
02:20josephk maybe they detonated it inside a really big pillow
02:20mocker It's scary that it would be so easy to believe.
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02:23Netslayer mocker, exactly
02:23* Netslayer supports any president that pursues the star wars defense system
02:24Netslayer unless it runs windows
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02:29mocker I put in an extra drive and am dual booting SuSE/Windows at work now. :)
02:30mocker Had to keep Windows so my boss would be happy.
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02:54ObsidianX hey can someone help me out with some mythtv problems?
02:54bline see topic
02:54ObsidianX what, do i need to register?
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02:56ObsidianX alright, im regged
02:56ObsidianX now can you help me? :P
03:00ObsidianX oh
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03:04Akiyuki heh
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06:15tomas_ can anyone here help me perform a backtrace i have gdb just cant get it to work correctly
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09:13ceed hey
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12:10noto hello
12:10noto can i use gentoo to run mythtv?
12:10* Beirdo points at the topic
12:11noto its not a support issue, i'm just asking a simple question
12:11noto is this just a channel where people idle and say oh kewl my mythtv is prettytyy
12:12Beirdo this channel's for development stuff mainly
12:12noto ok
12:12Beirdo and the answer is yes
12:12Beirdo but go to the -users channel, you'll get much more help :)
12:12noto thanks
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13:49Chutt Captain_Murdoch, mind taking a look at the problem on the -users list about hanging when entering edit mode? It's your addition (to rewind to the currently decoded frame) that's hanging..
13:49Chutt there's a backtrace showing it..
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14:09Captain_Murdo| ok, will do.
14:12Chutt it's in EnableEdit() waiting for rewindtime to become 0, but never does apparently
14:13Beirdo whoever fixed the ivtv resolution switching in 0.16, thanks :)
14:13Captain_Murdo| looking at the code now.
14:17Chutt if rewindtime was negative, would that hurt anything?
14:17Chutt ie ValidVideoFrames() was 0
14:18Captain_Murdo| probably would. the code only tries to rewind in StartPlaying if (rewindtime > 0);
14:18Captain_Murdo| is validvideoframes always 0 for ivtv or does it change like the others?
14:18Chutt no idea
14:18Chutt i don't think it changes for ivtv
14:19Chutt hmm
14:19Chutt yeah
14:19Chutt i think it's always going to be 0
14:19GeckoFiend hrm Wife just reported that live tv automagicly jumped back to the start of the ringbuffer on her... no other detail ATM
14:19Chutt geckofiend, pawn it off as a feature!
14:19Beirdo Oh oh
14:19Captain_Murdo| that new jumppoint?
14:20Chutt captain_murdoch, so a trap for < 0 wouldn't hurt
14:20Captain_Murdo| Chutt, yeah, I'll add that to the places where I'm using validvideoframes.
14:20GeckoFiend nope it's not bound to a key on our remote yet. He syas she'd pasued a couple times, fast forwared through commericals and gotten caught up to live and then shortly after poofed
14:21Chutt captain_murdoch, i'm thinking of adding it to the video out loop, insteadl
14:21Chutt err, the decode loop
14:21Captain_Murdo| in StartPlaying?
14:21Captain_Murdo| that won't handle rewindtime going negative though.
14:22Chutt if (rewindtime < 0)
14:22Chutt rewindtime = 0;
14:22Chutt if (fftime < 0)
14:22Chutt fftime = 0;
14:22Chutt in the big while (!eof && !killplaying) loop
14:22Chutt that should work, no?
14:22Captain_Murdo| ah, yeah, that would fix it.
14:23Chutt damnit, is cvs down again?
14:23Captain_Murdo| wasn't thinking about just resetting them to 0, but that'll catch it anywhere.
14:23Captain_Murdo| seems to be
14:23GeckoFiend Chutt looks that way
14:24Chutt fuckin uml is in an infinte loop again
14:25Chutt <sigh>
14:25Captain_Murdo| I think the only place that validvideoframes == 0 could cause rewindtime or fftime to go negative is in that editmode code.
14:26Chutt captain_murdoch, cool. still, though, good to catch it completely, just in case it happens again
14:26Captain_Murdo| yeah.
14:26Chutt fscking the filesystems...
14:30Captain_Murdo| yeah, looks like usedVideoBuffers isn't used inside videoout_ivtv.cpp like it is in all the other videoout classes, so ValidVideoFrames() would always be 0 for pvr-350 users. I might still put an "if (videoOutput->ValidVideoFrames())" around the "rewindtime = videoOutput->ValidVideoFrames() - 1; while(rewindtime) usleep(50);"
14:30Chutt i just added the check to the main loop, checked it in
14:30Chutt if you want to add the other check, though, go right ahead =)
14:30Captain_Murdo| ok. thanks.
14:31Captain_Murdo| so no pvr-350 users went into edit mode within the past week or so before 0.16. :(
14:31Chutt right
14:32Captain_Murdo| you replying to his email?
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14:37Chutt yeah, already did
14:38Captain_Murdo| thanks. that other change will be in the next time I commit.
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14:39Chutt cool
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16:31dopester captain: whatever you added with my patch just hard locks my 350 machine..
16:36dopester looks like scrolling up shows something similiar.. so i guess you already know
16:42Chutt that would be a different issue.
16:42dopester pausing it even is doing i just noticed
16:43dopester i thought at first it was getting lost doing the rewind and sending garbage to the 350 to lock it, but apparently its more than that
16:43Chutt driver issues :p
16:45dopester seriously is there any new problems with the 350 or do i need to look at what got changed yesterday to see whats going on?
16:51dopester what else is there for videout that does as good a job as the 350? im about to trash this thing.. heh
17:03Captain_Murdo| dopester: the stuff I added when I committed your patch is just utilized when loading/saving the positionmap so it couldn't be causing your problem.
17:03dopester yeah i am really confused now
17:03Captain_Murdo| the bug Chutt fixed earlier should have only afected edit mode for people using the 350 for display.
17:04dopester mine is just locking up doing almost anything
17:11dopester any suggested drivers these days for 350 stability? i had been using 0.1.9 for forever..
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17:25Captain_Murdo| don't have one myself, using an external VGA->S-Video/Composite converter.
17:26dopester if it wasnt hard locking that box i bet i could get somewhere.. stupid ivtv drivers.. oh well gonna fix more dvb segfaults instead..
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17:54o_cee GeckoFiend: jumping to the beginning, there's a bug report about that from me already. been a while since i tried it though
17:56o_cee Bug 9
17:58GeckoFiend o_cee yep that sounds like it... I wonder if in the livetv case it tries to jump past the end of the existing seek data so it jumps back to the start
17:58o_cee yeah probably something like that.
17:59o_cee i just got used to not be that close to real time so i haven't seen it in a while, plus i'm using the 350 out now, can't remember if i've seen it with that one
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18:04o_cee Chutt: would be nice if you'd update
18:04o_cee themestrings.h when you've got time :)
18:47splat1 nn all
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19:02mythtv chutt: here?
19:02mythtv (whoops, it's rkulagow. hold on.)
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19:03rkulago chutt: here?
19:04rkulago if you see this in scrollback, i managed to get two identical jobs to start at the same time.
19:04rkulago for the same program
19:04rkulago (gdb) handle SIGPIPE nostop noprint
19:04rkulago Signal Stop Print Pass to program Description
19:04rkulago SIGPIPE No No Yes Broken pipe
19:04rkulago (gdb) set args -v
19:04rkulago (gdb) run
19:04rkulago Starting program: /usr/local/bin/mythbackend -v
19:04rkulago [Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
19:04rkulago [New Thread 16384 (LWP 1311)]
19:04rkulago Starting up as the master server.
19:04rkulago [New Thread 32769 (LWP 1322)]
19:04rkulago [New Thread 16386 (LWP 1323)]
19:04rkulago [New Thread 32771 (LWP 1325)]
19:04rkulago [New Thread 49156 (LWP 1327)]
19:04rkulago [New Thread 65541 (LWP 1328)]
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19:05Captain_Murdo| 2 comm flag jobs?
19:06rkulago nope; don't think so.
19:07Captain_Murdo| ok, wasn't sure if you meant that when you said jobs. :)
19:07rkulago two seperate jobs to record the same program
19:07Captain_Murdo| ah.. that happened a long time ago I remember, haven't heard of it lately.
19:07rkulago friends was supposed to start at time t; started mythbackend at time t; it spawned off jobs on encoder 0 and 1 for the same recording
19:07rkulago brb
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21:24Chutt hum
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23:56dopester ok ive determined its not the 350 its requesting the video from the server.. maybe time to make a distclean.. just makes no sense..
23:56dopester 2004-09-12 23:55:22 72 QUERY_FILETRANSFER 40[]:[]SEEK[]:[]0[]:[]888737...
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