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00:29Beirdo Hmmm
00:29Beirdo Why are there 3-4 audio frames in the NUV file before the first sync point?
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01:45fishhead <--- this might own your "CANUCK"
01:46* fishhead goodnight all
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01:57Beirdo Captain_Murdoch: you have any idea why NUV files consitantly have audio frames before the first seek point and sync frames?
01:58Chutt because the seek points and sync frames are tied to video, not audio.
01:59Chutt and audio frames are shorter than video frames.
01:59Beirdo ah, OK
01:59Beirdo are those actual useful audio frames?
01:59Chutt the data's valid
01:59Captain_Murdo| ^--- what he said
01:59Chutt timestamps might not be, though
01:59Chutt shouldn't really matter either way
02:00Beirdo OK. the Frame in GOP are uninitialized, it seems
02:00Beirdo OK, just curious without reading the code in detail
02:01Beirdo and after a transcode, I've seen a case where the timestamps on those frames were invalid a bit
02:01Beirdo Audio: Type: 3 FinGOP: 56 Filter: 0 Time: 0.020 Len: 417
02:01Beirdo Audio: Type: 3 FinGOP: 56 Filter: 0 Time: 0.045 (+0.025) Len: 418
02:01Beirdo Audio: Type: 3 FinGOP: 56 Filter: 0 Time: 0.044 (+0.-01) Len: 418
02:01Beirdo Audio: Type: 3 FinGOP: 56 Filter: 0 Time: 0.068 (+0.024) Len: 418
02:01Beirdo Audio: Type: 3 FinGOP: 56 Filter: 0 Time: 0.090 (+0.022) Len: 418
02:02Beirdo the third audio frame is before the second... interesting, huh? :)
02:02Chutt what the hell is frame in gop?
02:03Beirdo let me go take a look, one sec
02:03Chutt the 'keyframe' field?
02:03Chutt that's not set for audio.
02:04thor_ Well, it was the party of Lincoln
02:04Beirdo yep, keyframe
02:04Beirdo I just had to check my code
02:05Chutt that value's completely uninitialized for the audio frame :p
02:05Beirdo heh
02:05Beirdo good to know
02:05Beirdo still, the negative change in timestamp is rather interesting. :)
02:06Beirdo I think for the AVI, I might just try turfing all audio before the first sync frame
02:06Beirdo I dunno
02:07Beirdo another interesting thing I noted: the transcoded one had an audio bitrate as 42501 in the header
02:07Beirdo sorry, extended data frame
02:07fishhead HEY
02:07* fishhead punches beirdo
02:07Beirdo but the effective DSP rate was 44092.86 at the end
02:08Beirdo fishhead: piss off
02:08fishhead no! they wouldn
02:08fishhead let me ask a tech related question either so why should you :P
02:08Chutt you didn't have a tech related question
02:08fishhead chutt I am just picking on beirdo
02:09fishhead he's cool actually :)
02:09Chutt you're being an annoyance
02:09Chutt if you continue to be one, you won't be in here anymore
02:09fishhead that's ok I am going to die soon anyways
02:10Beirdo Chutt: so anyways, I dunno if these are indicative of bugs or not, they just strike me as oddities :)
02:10Chutt the effective dsp is what's really used
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02:11Chutt the one in the header's just there to prime things so it doesn't have to search for a valid effdsp value
02:11Beirdo OK, that's what I figured. I was using it to set the bitrate in the AVI header too. Hmmm
02:11Beirdo I'll have to figure out how to mess with that
02:11Chutt probably should use an average of all effdsp values throughout the file
02:11Chutt 'slong as they're valid, of course
02:12Beirdo which I won't know until the end of the file, and I need to set that at the beginning of the file. I'll think it over when I'm more sober
02:13Beirdo the first audio sync frame after the transcode was:
02:13Beirdo Sync: Type: A Time: 7314285 Length: 0
02:13Chutt see, invalid :p
02:13Beirdo which is just lovely, but that's life :)
02:13TechJosh I know this isn't the users group, but theres a new feature in v.16 that noone there knows how to use... may I ask it here?
02:14Chutt no
02:14TechJosh ok
02:14Chutt use the list.
02:14Beirdo as you said, it's not an easy task to get the AVI synced
02:14thor_ Beirdo, I think he's trying to impress upon you why avi is a broken concept
02:14Beirdo just thought I'd report in some of the oddities in the nuv files :)
02:14Chutt there's some wonky code in NVR.cpp
02:14Chutt but it's all correctible, so i've never bothered to go fix it
02:15Beirdo thor_: yeah, I realize that. AVI does suck, it's too bad so many things use it :)
02:15thor_ yup
02:15thor_ and bravo for your efforts
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02:15Chutt any reason people don't want to use .mov?
02:15Beirdo so I'm giving it my best shot
02:15Beirdo hmmm
02:15Beirdo I honestly hadn't even considered that
02:15Beirdo does transcode use .mov? I don't even remember
02:16Chutt i dunno
02:16thor_ transcode does almost everything
02:16Beirdo something to look into later I guess
02:16Chutt it is the standard format for mpeg4
02:16Beirdo yeah.
02:16thor_ well defined, yadda yadda
02:16Beirdo as for rtjpeg, I'll need to reencode it anyways... I'm thinking mjpeg
02:16Chutt ew
02:16Chutt no
02:17Chutt if you're going to reencode, go for mpeg4
02:17Chutt code's already all there to do that
02:17Beirdo hmmm, well at that point, why not just use nuvexport?
02:17Beirdo but good point
02:17xris yeah. if you're going to reencode, no need to reinvent something.
02:18Beirdo well, ffmpeg has a lot of codecs supported, I don't care that much
02:18Chutt you do have to handle mjpeg wrapped in nuv too, you realize :p
02:18Beirdo yep
02:18Beirdo :)
02:18Chutt not that that's any different
02:18Chutt and not that it's used by more than 2 or 3 people
02:18Beirdo that shouldn't be too bad I don't think, not once MPEG4 behaves
02:19Beirdo And I'd have no way to test it...
02:19Beirdo Hmmm
02:19Beirdo will have to bribe the 2 or 3 people to send me a recording or two for testing if I can find them
02:19Chutt if you use the code that's already in myth, you don't have to worry :p
02:20thor_ Chutt, on the collapsed notion of GenericTree/GenericUIListTree, should that object exist in libmyth (i.e. not graphical by nature) or in libmythui (i.e. nothing else uses it)
02:20thor_ ?
02:20Beirdo well, it's the resynchronization that's the issue
02:20Chutt ui, i think
02:20thor_ k
02:21Beirdo just turfing the packets into an AVI container is easy, that's how far I've gotten with MPEG4 so far
02:21thor_ Beirdo, btw, where do you live in Toronto?
02:21Beirdo and for my test recordings from my devel box, they are perfectly synced
02:21Beirdo for xris, it buggered royally :)
02:21Beirdo thor_: Harbourfront
02:22Beirdo right next to the ferry docks
02:22thor_ How far away from Queen's Quay?
02:22Beirdo right on it
02:22Beirdo at Bay St
02:22thor_ ah, great building
02:22Beirdo 65 Harbour Square
02:23Beirdo the second building in. I like it
02:23thor_ nice digs
02:23Beirdo yup :)
02:23Beirdo I have a bachelor suite... with many computers
02:24thor_ Lived in Toronto from '84 to '90
02:24Beirdo Ahhh. I like Ottawa better, been here almost a year now
02:25Beirdo so tomorrow will be the first run at resynchronization
02:25thor_ hmmmm ... "like Ottawa better" ... you are a civil servant and you were Berkenstocks, even in the winter?
02:26Beirdo I *hope* I don't have to reencode audio, but one never knows
02:26thor_ err, wear
02:26Chutt just add/drop frames
02:26Beirdo heheh, no, high-tech, but I do wear sandals a lot
02:26Beirdo Chutt: won't that break the GOP in MPEG4?
02:26Chutt eh, probably
02:26Beirdo heh.
02:27Chutt guess it would be easier to fuck with the audio
02:27Beirdo yup. :) That's what I was thinking
02:28thor_ btw, has anyone else been able to verify that "child playing" of mythvideo files is broken in 0.16?
02:28Chutt no, but that patch looked suspect
02:28thor_ did not seem right to me, but I only glanced at it
02:28Chutt bugs 84/85/86 are all mythvideo
02:28Chutt not sure who i should give ownership of mythvideo bugs to
02:28Chutt you, or geckofiend?
02:29thor_ well ...
02:29thor_ geckofiend if he'll take 'em, me otherwise
02:29Chutt i'll ask him tomorrow, then
02:29thor_ k
02:32thor_ there's that whole mythvideo/utf-8 thing as well ... I can deal with it if need be
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02:32Chutt that patch also didn't look correct
02:33thor_ nope
02:33thor_ but that kind of stuff takes time to think through
02:35Chutt yup
02:35Chutt ah well
02:35Chutt bed time to me
02:35Beirdo I should follow suit
02:35thor_ bah, work
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05:55GeckoFiend Chutt I'll take em
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06:35orogor2 i am damned
06:36orogor2 now a server split
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09:16tehh` the xmame options are hardcoded somewhere in mythgame 0.16 ?
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12:22Baylink FYI:
12:24Chutt *cough* we don't care about ati here *cough*
12:24Chutt :p
12:27Baylink You might wanna read the piece. I'm *sure* it will come up on *someone's* radar... though likely more CK's than yours.
12:27Baylink :-)
12:27Baylink Hey; my radeon 9200 works pretty decently.
12:31Chutt you just think that =)
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12:39Baylink Yeah, probably. As a guy who spends a lot of time staring at Ikegami monitors hooked to HL-58's, I'm not impressed, but for the amount of bandwidth a -250 can grab hooked to analog cable, it ain't bad.
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12:49nolcai hi to all.have you know somthings about mythtv and epia mainboards?
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12:51Baylink <phew>
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13:34Chutt geckofiend, thanks - i made you default owner of mythvideo bugs, and reassigned those 3 to you
13:36o_c any reported issues with gant on -users?
13:41tehh` it's kinda "to developer"s question, no way to set xmame options manually in some field? i need to remove some of the hardcoded options
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14:49bauer Is there any way to have a different recording profile on a per channel basis? Most of the time I want to capture using mpeg4 but for a couple channels I want a different recording profile.
14:49Chutt no, and, topic
14:50bauer topic -- opps didn't notice that. Thanks Chutt
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15:10riksta sup
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15:14woodwizzle Hello
15:16woodwizzle I have very marginal programming skills. But I'd really like to help out with myth development, and I've got many feature requests that I know will never get done unless I do 'em myself. What do I need to know to program for mythtv? I'm pretty sure its written in C++ right?
15:17--- ---> e\ectro [] has joined #mythtv
15:17riksta yes
15:17e\ectro Is it possible to have your TV card change the channels on the Comcast digital cable box
15:17e\ectro ?
15:18e\ectro it is
15:18e\ectro what kind of setup do you need?
15:19e\ectro I have a LeakTek Winfast TV2000 XP Expert
15:19e\ectro now I'm going coax out from the digital cable box, into the TV card, back out to the Television
15:19e\ectro now how can I get my tv card to change channels on the cable box
15:20e\ectro do I need a serial cable hooked up into the back of the cable box?
15:20Baylink electro, man, you need to go over to #mythtv-users for this stuff.
15:20e\ectro ok
15:21e\ectro thanks
15:21Baylink It is, wizzle, yes.
15:21Baylink How good a writer are you? :-)
15:21woodwizzle writer? You mean how good am I at writing code or just writing?
15:22Baylink Writing english. I'm always looking for help on the wiki user's manual...
15:22woodwizzle English is my natice tounge. And I got an A+ in college english =)
15:23woodwizzle umm... native that is (i usually have a spell checker)
15:23woodwizzle =)
15:23Baylink And particularly, which is linked, but so far not in any place exceptionally public.
15:24Baylink It's ok, we've got half a dozen editors, including me. :-)
15:24Baylink You put it down, we'll pick it up.
15:24woodwizzle Hmm, I wasn't even aware of that site
15:25woodwizzle I'd love to help the documentation project
15:27woodwizzle But the reason I asked about coding is because I have a couple ideas that I *think* may not be beyond the scope of my programming skill, but I'd have to do a refresher on C++ and I'd need to get familiar with the mythcode
15:28woodwizzle For instance, I'd like to expand the system status screen to have info like HDD space left, CPU and Ram load, LM-sensors (My box gets kinda hot and I have yet to optimize the airflow, but as it is now, I have to reboot to my bios to chek the CPU temps)
15:30woodwizzle What kinda help is needed on the user manual site?
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15:45Baylink Anything you can supply. Me personally, I'd like to see the stuff you mention, along with what's being recorded and where, show up on the OSD at a keypress.
15:45riksta i've kinda worked out a fix for tv_grab_uk_rt to get it working again after RT have blocked it
15:45riksta you can change the HTTP_AGENT string to something other than the perl default
16:04dopester riksta: you use dvb by chance?
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16:21riksta dopester yeah mate
16:21riksta remember im the one that mailed you
16:22riksta to test ure new stuff
16:53splat1 nn all
16:53--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
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17:21dopester oh yeah thats right.. geezz.. ive been having trouble finding time to get all this done..
17:21riksta ;)
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17:24riksta dopester, have you fixed your tv_grab_uk_rt ?
17:26--- ---> dhofstra [] has joined #mythtv
17:26riksta oh you aren't english are you ;)
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17:33dopester cant get uk tv here :)
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22:24fishhead <--- wind power drops to 1 cent/kwh :)
22:31Baylink Yeah, we read /., too.
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22:47Chutt geez.
22:47Chutt don't people know how to cut out stuff from emails?
22:49Captain_Murdo| most not. 10-level deep email threads at the office is enough to tell me that.
22:50Beirdo and the 200 lines with like 3 line response.
22:51Beirdo sigh
22:52Baylink They do not get trained, in a regular troupe...
22:52Baylink And I smacked the "please do not bottom post" guy, off list.
22:53Beirdo hhe
22:54Beirdo top posting vs bottom posting doesn't bother me much
22:54Beirdo I grew up with bottom posting, so I do it that way :)
22:55Beirdo just seems to make more sense anyways
22:56--- ---> kach [] has joined #mythtv
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23:11* fishhead goes back to his anime, later all
23:11mocker Damn catchall accounts.
23:12--- <<-- cmorgan [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:14* mocker loves the find command.
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23:37--- User: *** kNet is now known as CyberKnet
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