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01:03* fishhead goodnight all
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01:27Netslayer i think i just found a bug :-P
01:27Netslayer INSERT INTO mythlog (module, priority, logdate, host, message, details) values ( 'scheduler', 5, now(), 'server', 'Schedule Change','Started recording "I Love the '80s" on channel: 1335 on cardid: 3, sourceid 1' );
01:28Netslayer SQL error, most likely from the title " '80s"
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02:32dopester man there seems to have been no thought into what is public and what is private in dvbchannel.cpp..
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07:52kinema Lets say that a person has a nice thin quiet low power box with DVD and a small hard drive (or flash drive) connected to their "TV" with all his movies ripped to a storage array in some other corner of his house. \xA0The box that houses this array also carries a couple of Hauppage PVR-250 cards. \xA0This particular person wants to use the nice thin quiet box as a head and the more substantial server as a backend. \xA0Is there any hopes tha
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08:54riksta 040917 13:51:20 Aborted connection 11 to db: 'mythconverg' user: 'root' host: `localhost' (Got an error reading communication packets)
08:55riksta anyone know what can cause this?
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09:48KaZeR hi there
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10:34woodrag trying to compile mythtv i get errors on the qt part of the code;-((
10:34woodrag ../../libs/libmyth/ undefined reference to `QPainter::save()'
10:35woodrag what am i oing wrong??? I added to path to qt to $PATH!
10:35Chutt topic.
10:41Beirdo_ Good morning, Chutt
10:42Beirdo_ did you see my request yesterday? I messed up and created a second bugzilla user last night
10:42Chutt it doesn't really matter
10:42Beirdo_ forgot I already made one
10:42Beirdo_ OK
10:42Beirdo_ Just thought I'd let ya know in case you wanted to clean it out
10:42woodrag trying to compile mythtv i get errors on the qt part of the code;-((
10:42woodrag ../../libs/libmyth/ undefined reference to `QPainter::save()'
10:42woodrag what am i doing wrong??? I added to path to qt to $PATH!
10:43Beirdo_ woodrag: see the topic (once again)
10:43woodrag can anyone please help me out here???
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11:02riksta Chutt, have you had any reports of a bug with viewing the EPG when using the Titivillus theme, my frontend segfaults, but if i switch to blue theme i can see the EPG fine
11:04riksta version 0.16
11:04Chutt probably
11:05riksta and doing some debugging i found that mysql dumps this error
11:05riksta 040917 16:04:20 Aborted connection 19 to db: 'mythconverg' user: 'mythtv' host: `localhost' (Got an error reading communication packets
11:05Chutt that's a mysql problem
11:05Chutt obviously.
11:05riksta i tried increasing the timeout, no joy. but it doesnt happen with the blue theme
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11:14riksta any suggestions ?
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11:44riksta Chutt, i just totally uninstalled mythtv and dropped the database, and started from scratch. the EPG bombs out every time when i use the titivillus theme
11:46riksta same error 040917 16:46:05 Aborted connection 63 to db: 'mythconverg' user: 'mythtv' host: `localhost' (Got an error reading communication packets)
11:46riksta the EPG worked when i used the G.A.N.T theme, the 1st time after it was just installed
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12:51riksta Chutt, i have just started from scratch 3 times, and i am getting the same thing every time. The epg launches the very 1st time, then when i exit and go back to the menu and load the epg again it segfaults straight away, i have tried 0.16 and todays CVS
12:52Chutt so use gant
12:52riksta no, gant only worked the 1st time i loaded the epg
12:52riksta it too segfaults
12:52Chutt unless you're able to provide more useful information, i really don't give a damn
12:53riksta i am willing to provide any information you need, but i don't really know what to tell you.... please can you ask me to give you certain info
12:53Chutt um
12:53riksta i do get this mysql error, but all i can find from googling is to increase the timeout in the my.cnf which i did and restarted mysql ... but it was to no avail
12:53Chutt the docs specifically request a backtrace.
12:54riksta do they tell you how to perform one properly?
12:54Chutt of course they do
12:54riksta ok thanks, then thats all i needed. Ill go and try to trace
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13:00riksta ahh gotta wait a while now to recompile with debug flag
13:02mecraw_ hi
13:02mecraw_ oops, wrong window
13:05riksta Chutt, before you said that i had a mysql problem. but according to the mysql website, that error just indicates that a client has, for some reason dropped the connection
13:06Chutt probably because it crashed
13:06Chutt so unless you want me to just ignore you from now on, do what the docs say to do when that happens
13:07Chutt otherwise, you're just whining about it, and wasting my time.
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13:08riksta I've already said that i am doing it, im just asking while i wait for it to recompile with debugging symbols
13:09riksta I have no intention of wasting your time. I just appreciate your input. Anyway thanks
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13:36riksta what does this mean warning: Unable to find dynamic linker breakpoint function.
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13:45riksta Chutt, I have just run the gdb and when it segfaulted after typing run, i did as it said in the documentation, and pressed CTRL-C and then typed thread apply all bt full, but it doesn't dump and data
13:50riksta is the warning above indicating that there is no debug information present? I did enable the DEBUG in the .pro
14:01riksta looks like after all that, tv_grab_dvb was the culprit
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17:38ivtv_bug hi i just installed mythtv
17:39ivtv_bug seems to work fine
17:39ivtv_bug i cant seem to change the resolutin to 720X480
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17:40ivtv_bug well its ivtv that seems to be the problem
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17:40riksta you tried the ivtv lists?
17:41ivtv_bug no
17:41riksta i'd suggest that
17:41ivtv_bug is there an ivtv channel on this server?
17:41riksta no idea
17:41ivtv_bug thanks anyways
17:43thor_ mythfrontend --> settings --> TV Settings --> Recording Profiles --> (also, see channel topic)
17:44bline sup thor
17:44thor_ bah, work
17:44bline bah indeed
17:50ivtv_bug thanks thor
17:50thor_ yup
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18:03ivtv_bug just tried that thor.. doesnt seem to work always reverts back to 400X400
18:04ivtv_bug i even did an ivctl width= 720
18:04ivtv_bug i even did an ivctl -f height= 480
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18:05ivtv_bug when i do an ivctl -a it shows me 720 X 480
18:05ivtv_bug but when i start mythfrontend it reverts back to 400 X 400
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19:05Baylink Does anyone have a pointer for a less inept magic-file database? Ours is dumb enough not to give parameters on the direct -250 NUV's, and the transcoded ones show up as 'data'. This makes life difficult.
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19:57DigiLife what's the difference between the pvr-250 and the pvr-350??
19:58DigiLife oops sorry
19:58* Beirdo wonders why people can never seem to read the topic :)
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20:14Baylink Or the warning from chanserv. :-) My question isn't developer-y enough either, huh? :-)
20:15Beirdo I don't know of an answer to yer question. I'm sure you can find better magic files somewhere
20:16Baylink I guess I'll hunt. If I find something that understands MPEG files weller, I'll contrib it.
20:16Beirdo good plan :)
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20:17Beirdo I didn't think there was a Chanserv message in this channel
20:23Baylink I get it from one of the channels I log onto; I had assumed it was this one. If not, yeah, it seems like a good idea.
20:24Beirdo I've suggested it
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20:37Baylink So color me important; DGreaves is leaving me with the keys to the wiki while he's on 'holiday'.
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20:39Beirdo time to break it :)
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21:33captbunzo Chutt: you here?
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21:35captbunzo anyone here?
21:35dopester sure
21:36captbunzo you know much about how the mythbackend works?
21:36captbunzo I have an idea that I wanted to run past someone more knowledgable here.
21:36dopester im not gonna able to help ya
21:37captbunzo ah. okie dokie.
21:37captbunzo just checking - another time then.
21:38captbunzo ls -l
21:38captbunzo (whoops)
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21:47mikegrb I'm a daddy :>
21:49Beirdo congrats
21:49Beirdo and you didn't get blown away by Ivan
21:54dopester flips some small planes at the airport here
21:54dopester er flipped
21:54mikegrb well
21:54mikegrb hospital got hit by two tornadoes
21:55mikegrb took the main sign out front and sent it through the main hall
21:55dopester sweet
21:55Beirdo gack
21:55dopester :)
21:55mikegrb and peeled a lot of the stucco of the walls
21:55Beirdo you were in one of the hospitals that got whacked?
21:55mikegrb suckiest bit was they moved everyone out into the hall :<
21:55mikegrb Beirdo: every hospital got wacked
21:55Beirdo your house still in one piece or close to it?
21:56mikegrb yes actually
21:56Beirdo Well, all is good then :)
21:56mikegrb not even a shingle gone
21:56mikegrb lauged my ass off this morning
21:56mikegrb laughed even
21:56dopester if you got roof straps makes a big difference
21:56mikegrb we livbe in a duplex
21:56Beirdo well done
21:56mikegrb landlord lives in other half and is a nurse here at this hospital
21:57mikegrb so neither of us are there very much
21:57mikegrb he spray painted on the front windows (plywood over them) "ARMED AND OCCUPIED"
21:57Beirdo heh
21:57mikegrb took quite a while to stop laughing
21:57Beirdo Loot me and die
21:59captbunzo mikegrb: where abouts are you that you got tornadoed?
22:00mikegrb sacred heart hospital in pensacola florida
22:01Beirdo there were two hospitals in Pensacola that got tornadoed, I thought.
22:01Beirdo you survived, and you'll have a GREAT story to tell the kid in a few years
22:02dopester wonder what the J storm is gonna do..
22:03Beirdo Jeanne?
22:03Beirdo it might hit the east coast
22:03Beirdo if it hits Florida it will make 5 this year
22:03mikegrb yes only two that had tornadoes for sure
22:04mikegrb but every hospital in the area sustained structural damage
22:04Beirdo good to hear you made it through
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22:08captbunzo congrats, mikegrb!
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22:11mikegrb thanks
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23:05dopester chutt: you around?
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23:08dopester well i'll ask anyway.. chutt do you have any problem me adding a db connection, mutex to channelbase?
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23:12riksta sup dopester matey
23:12Baylink Jeanne has fallen apart of Hispaniola's mountains and is now a TD; Karl isn't coming this way. Thank ghod.
23:12Baylink (over)
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23:34Beirdo Jeanne is over the hot ocean
23:34Beirdo it will be growing
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23:43dopester its comin right for us!
23:47Beirdo shoot it :)
23:47Beirdo it's like the South Park episode
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23:52erik is mythfrontend known broken on 2.6.8?
23:52erik I can't get mythfrontend to start, it crashes on connection to backend server
23:52erik in a pthread function
23:59riksta no its fine here
23:59erik hm.
23:59riksta 2.6.8-gentoo-r3
23:59erik any hints on why it would die just before showing any video?
23:59erik mythfrontend: ../nptl/sysdeps/pthread/createthread.c:229: create_thread: Assertion .... 10 lines ... failed
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