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06:04joss in xawtv how can i store finetune settings?
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09:57Chutt it's really fucking annoying to have to repeat myself on the -users list
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10:26Chutt is it just me, or is the quality/usefulness of bug reports on the -users list near 0?
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11:06kvandivo you sound surprised
11:11Chutt it's worse than it used to be
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13:11Beirdo_ Chutt: I'd have to agree. I think the "bug reports" are often people looking for ideas of things to look for more than real bugs in some cases
13:12Beirdo_ myth is certainly not an uncomplicated system, and we get so many Linux newbies trying to get it working :(
13:13Beirdo_ and of course, the high proportion of people who seem to think that RTFM is optional.
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13:26Wildgoose hi, anyone awake here?
13:26Wildgoose I have updated to gcc 3.3.4 and seeing some compile problems
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14:26bart does anyone know if linux already supports the via encoder chips on the epia ms series ?
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15:21Chutt i wonder what percentage of bugs on the -users list are due to the rpm packager
15:23Beirdo_ Hmmm.
15:23Chutt there were a _ton_ of messages due to his fuckup with the mythtv-suite package
15:23Beirdo_ I don't know, I haven't seen any RPM bugs personally. Granted there was a short time when the RPMs weren't ready, etc.
15:23Beirdo_ yeah
15:24Chutt and now there've been quite a few more because of he enabled the opengl sync by default
15:24Beirdo_ that was unfortunate
15:24Beirdo_ gack
15:24Chutt it's annoying having to deal with crap like that
15:24Beirdo_ Yeah. I guess a nice email might set him straight. Sigh
15:25Beirdo_ I can see how that could be annoying. You getting blamed for other people's stupid choices.
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15:39Wildgoose Chut: do you have any idea what's happening with my compiler error (message on the dev list)?
15:40Wildgoose err.. Chutt even
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15:42Chutt you've got a broken compiler
15:43Chutt it's nothing myth related
15:45Netslayer Chutt, when you run this "(gdb) thread apply all bt full" after a Ctrl C on say mythbackend, should it output something?
15:48Wildgoose Has anyone else tried gcc 3.3.4?
15:49Netslayer what's what i'm running
15:49Netslayer err "that's"
15:53Chutt netslayer, 'course it should
15:53Chutt your gdb's still broken
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15:57Wildgoose I found a lot of problems with gdb on very recent compilers
15:57Wildgoose do you run gentoo by any chance...?
15:57Netslayer :-P
15:57Netslayer Wildgoose, yup
15:57Wildgoose I think I had to switch to a very recent gdb, something like 6.x
15:57Netslayer i'm running the most recent 6.2
15:57Wildgoose Then I also had to make sure that I wasn't using nptl threads
15:57Wildgoose However, it still comes and goes
15:58Wildgoose Does that help any?
15:58Netslayer [ebuild R ] sys-libs/glibc- -build -debug -debug -erandom -hardened +nls -nptl -pic 18 kB
16:00Netslayer could it be the way i'm running it? I'm going "gdb mythbackend" then "(gdb) handle SIGPIPE nostop" then "(gdb) handle SIG32 nostop noprint pass" then "(gdb) run -v all" When mythbackend stops accepting connections I hit Ctrl C, "(gdb) thread apply all bt full" and nothing
16:01Wildgoose yeah, I have that
16:03Netslayer the main thing that is so weird is this problem where when i kill mythbackend a new one starts that I can't kill with -9. I have no idea where it is coming from.. i'm not running it in a loop
16:03Chutt you are somewhere :p
16:04Netslayer i must sound insane, but this happens when i run it in gdb.. something is screwed up heh
16:05Wildgoose sorry, my "I have that" referred to your glibc
16:05Wildgoose I am backing out to gcc 3.3.3 right now to see if that fixes the compile issue
16:06Wildgoose try rolling back to the last stable gcc (3.3.3-r6 I think?)
16:06Netslayer Wildgoose, you have compile issues? Does your GDB work ?
16:06Netslayer 3.3.4 is unmasked, i guess i can try 3.3.3
16:06Chutt it's certainly not a problem with 3.3.4
16:07Chutt that's the default in debian, so it's what i'm using.
16:07Chutt well, unless gentoo breaks things with unstable patches like they usually do
16:07Netslayer heh ya
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16:08Wildgoose I guess it depends how you define "unstable". Seems that debian boys and girls introduce as many additional patches as the gentoo lot do
16:10Chutt i've not had a broken gdb in a year or so
16:10Chutt every other distribution has :p
16:10Wildgoose In general I have been pretty happy with the gentoo builds, they are "stock", but if they do sometimes include things like "debian" patches and the odd bug fix if it's widespread
16:10Wildgoose Hmm, interesting
16:11Wildgoose I assume that there is a root cause here though
16:11Wildgoose I assume that debian is not using nptl threads?
16:11Wildgoose This seems to break a number of things (well at least chips the rim)
16:11Chutt right
16:12Wildgoose What glibc do you have?
16:12Netslayer bingo
16:12Chutt variant of 2.3.2
16:13Chutt heh
16:13Chutt that's really the bug?
16:13Netslayer that's exactly what's happening with me
16:13Chutt note the date of my message in there.
16:14Beirdo_ heh
16:14Beirdo_ that's a little while ago
16:16Wildgoose Ahh, yes... Now I remember! Yes, that's exactly the problem. Had forgotten all about that.
16:16Wildgoose Funny it only started to happen at all quite recently, about the beginning of the year I think?
16:16Netslayer i'm upgrading to glibc 2.3.4, i believe they have it fixed in there
16:17Netslayer so i want -nptl right
16:18Wildgoose I found that I just rebuilt glibc without stripping it, and NO nptl
16:18Wildgoose oh, yeah -nptl if you want to phrase it that way
16:18Netslayer without stripping it? how did you do that?
16:18Wildgoose like it says in the bug report
16:18Netslayer FEATURES="nostrip" ?
16:18Wildgoose FEATURES="nostrip" emerge glibc
16:18Wildgoose I think
16:19* thor_ is just glad nothing is blatantly his fault this time
16:19kvandivo oh, we'll find a way to shift the blame.. just give us a little while
16:20Wildgoose They seem to have fixed it in some peculiar versions like 2.3.2 and 2.3.4
16:21Wildgoose Hang on I will check the ebuild for 2.3.3
16:22Netslayer i'm emergine 2.3.3 again with nostrip, do I need to re emerge gdb, and re make mythtv after?
16:23Chutt it should just work
16:23Chutt thor, g'morning =)
16:23thor_ heh
16:24* thor_ finds the scroll button
16:27bart what is wrong with nptl ?
16:27Chutt breaks gdb
16:27Wildgoose nothing especially wrong with it, it's just that it causes a few probs with some apps
16:28Wildgoose it may break gdb as well...?
16:28bart you need it for mythtv ?
16:28Wildgoose nope
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16:28bart ah fine
16:28Chutt you need gdb to debug mythtv, yes
16:28bart yeah that's logical
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16:29bart does there exist support for the newest via encoding engine on linux yet ?
16:29bart the via epia ms has it
16:29Wildgoose netslayer: yeah it just works once you reemerge glibc
16:29Chutt bart, ask via
16:30Wildgoose just backed out to gcc 3.3.3 and my make is still broken... Hmm
16:30bart it would be cool because this way you can create a very nice box
16:30bart without additional encoding card
16:30bart everything is in the chipset
16:30Chutt what encoder?
16:31bart oops
16:31bart wrong url
16:31bart this one is correct
16:32bart VIA VT1622A TV-encoder chip,
16:32Chutt that's not a video compression encoder.
16:32Chutt all that does is tv-out
16:32bart the cle266 does it, but this chip does encoding
16:33Chutt no, it doesn't.
16:34bart you are sure ?
16:34Chutt of course i am.
16:35bart hmm there is a difference between the tv out chip and the encoder chip I think
16:36Beirdo_ the chip on that card is the CLE266
16:36Beirdo_ read the article more carefully :)
16:36Beirdo_ the "TV-encoder" sounds like an NTSC TV-out
16:37Beirdo_ ok, NTSC & PAL
16:37bart nah I should test it
16:37Beirdo_ have fun :)
16:37bart lol, never mind, it's still great hardware
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16:40bart need my bed
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16:40bart have a nice evening/night/day/morning you all
16:40Wildgoose grrr, what's going on...? It's not distcc or ccache, I'm back to the older gcc 3.3.3 and still "make" is trying to do something peculiar..
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16:42Wildgoose Anyone else got any thoughts? Screwed up qmake...?
16:42Chutt could be
16:45Wildgoose hmm, no just tried some older makefiles and they have stopped working as well now
16:45Wildgoose Looks like a make issue... Hmm, really annoying
16:46Wildgoose Stuff is compiling in general though
16:46Wildgoose Any idea from that first peculiar line that shows up Chutt?
16:46Chutt nope
16:47Wildgoose Interestingly I can compile some of the sub dirs of the project
16:47Wildgoose just not the top level makefile...
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16:55Wildgoose aha, seems to be qmake causing the problem
17:00Netslayer :-/
17:01Wildgoose Netslayer, what version of qt have you got?
17:01Wildgoose I have 3.3.3
17:01Netslayer same
17:02Netslayer wait 3.2.3
17:02Wildgoose Aha...
17:02Netslayer looks like i'll try 2.3.4 glibc, 2.3.3 is doing it again
17:02Wildgoose What do get with emerge -Up qt ?
17:02Wildgoose Did you make sure that it wasnt' stripped though?
17:02Wildgoose It should be fine?
17:02Wildgoose Also, get the latest Gdb just for kicks
17:03Netslayer i have the latest gdb, I added the feature to my make.conf, and re emerged glibc, and i'm still getting sig32 stuff, and no output on thread apply all bt full
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17:03Wildgoose can you tell me the exact version of qt that you have?
17:03Wildgoose -rx?
17:03Netslayer what's U for? [ebuild U ] x11-libs/qt-3.3.3 [3.2.3]
17:03Wildgoose oh, -U = update only
17:04Wildgoose force of habit
17:04Wildgoose can you do emerge search so that it tells you the previous version minor number?
17:04Wildgoose ta
17:04Netslayer there is none
17:05Wildgoose hmm, sure?
17:05Wildgoose ok
17:05Wildgoose I can't actually see a 3.2.3 ebuild though...?
17:06Wildgoose only a -r1?
17:06Netslayer i only see 3.2.3
17:06Netslayer when going to glibc 2.3.4 should i keep the features nostrip option?
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17:07Netslayer auh crap i just realized i had 2 FEATURES in my make.conf.. bet the last one overrode the first huh
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17:09* Netslayer re emerges 2.3.4 again
17:09Wildgoose yep, most likely
17:09Netslayer i mean 2.3.3 .. :-/ i need a break
17:09Wildgoose you can do it on the command line like I showed you before
17:10Netslayer i just did it in my make.conf, it's the only FEATURES in there so should be good now
17:10Wildgoose this overrides with just the extra options you specify
17:10Wildgoose Yeah, but it's overkill for the one off change
17:10Netslayer ok how do u do that?
17:10Wildgoose consider: USE="-X" emerge blah
17:11Wildgoose this just takes off that one use flag and keeps all yoru default stuff
17:11Wildgoose neat huh
17:11Netslayer yup
17:11Wildgoose what version of KDE are you on?
17:11Netslayer i have kde on my desktop (3.3.0), server is fluxbox
17:24Wildgoose hmm, so you have kde 3.3.0, but an older QT?
17:28Wildgoose yeah, kde-3.3.3 needs qt-3.3.2...? How did you manage that?
17:29Wildgoose Netslayer: ?
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17:32Netslayer oh no, my server has 3.2.3 qt with fluxbox, my desktop here with kde has 3.3.3 qt
17:34Netslayer i didn't ^^
17:36Wildgoose aha
17:36Wildgoose Want to try compiling myth on your desktop machine...?
17:37Wildgoose I suspect that it fails if you delete the Makefile and recreate it with qmake
17:37Wildgoose ..?
17:37Wildgoose I'm just recompiling at the moment to 3.2.3
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18:20Netslayer !! GDB works :-P thx Wildgoose
18:20Netslayer it only took what 5 recompiles of glibc
18:35Netslayer great so i got mythbackend to act up.. but i can't control c it :-P
18:37Netslayer chris 2907 0.0 0.0 0 0 pts/0 Z 15:23 0:00 [mythbackend] <defunct>
18:53Netslayer it happened again! after I rebooted... anyone how can I kill this so i can do a back trace :-/
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19:04Netslayer I'm getting a mythbackend zombie process right when mythbackend starts, any ideas?
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19:23splat1 nn all
19:23--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
19:24afm anyone in n.america with cox digital cable to suggest a frequency for me....all i get is a green screen with snow at the guide...everything works but tv
19:24afm i have the pc set at channel 3 and the cable box is on hbo if it matters... no ir blaster yet
19:25* Beirdo points at the topic
19:25afm thanks
19:25afm sory
19:25afm sorry
19:25afm i'll be back to say how cool this shit is soon :P
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20:23Baylink Is that an F-key macro, Beirdo? :-)
20:23snowblind nah he's a bot
20:24Beirdo heh, I should make it one
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20:29lbDefine who wants to answer some performance/HW requirements questions?
20:30* Beirdo points at the topic
20:30* lbDefine turns red
20:30lbDefine well, it's not really a support question, just a survey of what other users are finding...
20:31Beirdo that'd still be more logical to try in the -users channel
20:31lbDefine ok.. thaks
20:34Baylink Perhaps we should compose a one paragraph definition of what is and isn't ontopic on here? (I'd find that helpful for my wiki work on that topic anyway.)
20:34dopester adante: you around?
20:34Chutt dev stuff = on topic
20:34Chutt random questions = off topic
20:35Baylink Many development questions from people hacking about in the sources would seem to be random, almost by definition.
20:35Chutt don't really get much of that
20:35Beirdo Chutt: you could change the topic to "This is a development channel, for all else, go to #mythtv-users"
20:35Beirdo :)
20:36Chutt you could, too
20:36Chutt channel's not +t
20:36Beirdo I didn't even notice :)
20:36Beirdo heh
20:36Baylink Warren's question about a compile error during packaging, up my scrool buffer a bit, seems like a good example of something I would describe as 'random'. That doesn't make it non-dev, nor, AFAICS, OT.
20:36Beirdo I'm explaining to a friend how to do a patch, I'll do that in a minute
20:36Baylink "If you're not hacking code, go to #mythtv-users"?
20:37Chutt naw
20:37Chutt i don't mind some support
20:37Baylink But you're looking for "good" questions.
20:37Chutt right
20:37Baylink Third-tier.
20:37Chutt exactly
20:38--- Channel: Beirdo changed the topic of #mythtv to: This is a MythTV development channel. For user support, go to #mythtv-users
20:38Baylink And I know there are several of us, some much better equipped than I (:-) who try to do the second-tier stuff on -users.
20:38Beirdo how does that look?
20:38--- Channel: Chutt changed the topic of #mythtv to: This is the MythTV development channel. For user support, go to #mythtv-users
20:38Baylink Well, if people *read* it. :-)
20:38Chutt a/the
20:38Beirdo true, IF they read it
20:39Beirdo ah, yes
20:39Chutt only thing is that might be too long
20:39Baylink Maybe a bot that sends it as a reply to the first message from *any* user who's just signed on the channel? ;-)
20:39Chutt naw
20:39Chutt that's annoying
20:39Beirdo ChanServ will do that for you should you wish
20:39Chutt i hate stuff like that :p
20:39Beirdo Fair enough :)
20:40Baylink Um, I dunno, with whitelisting and timers, it might not be too bad. Especially if it private messages them.
20:40Baylink You wouldn't *see* it, Isaac. :-)
20:40Chutt right, but i'd hate it if i was someone else
20:40Chutt don't want to inflict it on anyone
20:40Baylink Any worse than "* Beirdo points to the topic"?
20:40Beirdo heh
20:40Beirdo I'm not the only one who does it.
20:41Baylink Me personally, I'd be *less* offended if it was a robot, especially if it was a) private, and b) informative enough to make the distinction clearer than the topic currently can.
20:41mikegrb Chutt: hunter isaac is 5 lbs 6 oz and .... 19".... he's rack mountable!
20:41Chutt hey, congrats
20:41Baylink (cause I've been blown off on some questions *I* thought were post-first-tier, so clearly the line isn't all that bright.
20:41Baylink Congrats indeed.
20:42Chutt i wouldn't recommend rackmounting him, though
20:42Baylink Why not? It'll keep him out of trouble.
20:42Beirdo connecting the rack ears might not be pleasant :)
20:42Chutt baylink, basically, the line is any question i don't feel like answering at the point in time that it's asked =)
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20:43Beirdo heh :)
20:43--- <--- johnback_ [] has left #mythtv ()
20:43Beirdo and how it's asked will often make a difference, I'm sure
20:53adante dopester: am now
20:53Baylink Well, that's true for anyone, clearly, but I'm trying to assemble *some* semblence of a definition for the "where to get help" page I'm working on for DG's wiki.
20:55Beirdo send them to the -users channel, if it looks like a dev question, I'm sure we can punt them over here
20:58Chutt that would be preferred
20:59Beirdo there are a fair number of us on both
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21:06adante dopester: you want to test anything, go ahead, i'll bbiab
21:11mikegrb well if I put hunter in the rack over the switch he is sure to be kept warm
21:15Chutt blah
21:15Chutt hate forgetting to run make oldconfig when i change the kernel command line
21:15Chutt says:
21:15Chutt MythTV is a homebrew PVR project that I've been working on in my spare time.
21:15Chutt But what is PVR? Mention it.
21:15Chutt heh
21:20Chutt aww, shit
21:21Chutt once again, i fuck up the flash image
21:29cmorgan messing up flash images is bad news
21:30Chutt takes 10 minutes to reflash this system
21:30cmorgan this a home pc or something?
21:30Chutt arm based dev system
21:30cmorgan at work we have issues with users turnign the power off during flash
21:30cmorgan of course they can't fix things then and need a tpa
21:30Chutt flashing the root filesystem
21:30cmorgan ahh arm based, what arm? 920t?
21:31Beirdo which arm are you playing with? :)
21:31Beirdo heh
21:31Chutt pxa255
21:31Beirdo I got beat to it
21:31Chutt xscale, really
21:31cmorgan ahh yeah
21:31cmorgan nearly arm ;-)
21:31Chutt it's close enough =)
21:31cmorgan yeah. i like arm cpu's
21:31cmorgan if only because you aren't stuck with a single vendor
21:32cmorgan that and you can get all kinds of fancy stuff packed into them
21:32Beirdo I spent many months working with the IXP1200 running Linux
21:32cmorgan embedded macs, usb etc
21:32Beirdo cool chip
21:32cmorgan Chutt: that for home devel or where you work?
21:32Chutt work
21:33cmorgan ahh
21:33cmorgan i'm actually looking for an arm development kit
21:33cmorgan having a hard time finding a vendor that has a kit + os + some software modules like wifi, web etc
21:34Chutt heh
21:34Chutt ah well
21:34cmorgan seriously man. atmel has some interesting stuff
21:34Chutt think it's right this time
21:34cmorgan but they offer like a bazilion options
21:34cmorgan first page is their arm cpu, next 25 are tpas, then 6 different os's etc
21:34Chutt heh
21:35Chutt time to take a break =)
21:35Chutt been messing with this all day
21:40Chutt heh
21:40Chutt love it when people lie
21:40Chutt 'i did not get a reply'
21:40Chutt he sure as hell did =)
21:43Beirdo well, maybe their busted-ass mail server ate it :) hehe
21:43Beirdo either way, not your problem :)
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22:04--- ---> dhofstra [] has joined #mythtv
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22:59jcollins_ evening folks...
23:00jcollins_ got a slightly odd problem... when using mplayer to play or preview DVDs, mplayer appears to completely ignore keypresses of any kind
23:01* Beirdo points at the topic
23:02jcollins_ Beirdo: sorry
23:02f1shhead no
23:02f1shhead sorry is not enough
23:02overridex maybe the window's not focused, what wm are you running? (cont. in #mythtv-users)
23:02f1shhead send me 12 virgins
23:02f1shhead then I will forgive you
23:02jcollins_ f1shhead: you wish
23:02--- <--- jcollins_ [] has left #mythtv ()
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23:20Chutt hmm
23:20Chutt i wonder if i can speed up globalsettings' compilation time by changing a few things around
23:20Beirdo probably :)
23:21Beirdo it took 1.5h on my devel box (Duron 800 with 128M RAM)
23:22Chutt i'm thinking if i add some helper functions to some of the settings code
23:22Chutt instead of using the constructors for most stuff
23:23Chutt i can get rid of a lot of the little classes
23:23Chutt and that might just speed things up
23:23Beirdo It wouldn't surprise me.
23:23--- <<-- jeffpc [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:23Beirdo g++ with optimizations takes a lot of memory, and thinks real hard :)
23:24--- ---> jeffpc [] has joined #mythtv
23:24Beirdo at the peak, I was 200M into swap, it was painful :)
23:24Beirdo anything that makes that file compile easier would be sweet
23:29dopester wow the tv_grab_dvb guy has added alot
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