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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-09-21

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00:24Beirdo Oooooh, this is unimpressive
00:25Beirdo 39 minutes into the new CSI: Miami:
00:25Beirdo 2004-09-20 22:39:46 IOBOUND - blocking in ThreadedFileWriter::Write()
00:25Beirdo sigh
00:25Beirdo now I think I may have to build with debug support on my production PVR :(
00:26Chutt that probably wouldn't help with that issue
00:26Netslayer Beirdo, ouch :-/ i have my own problems though.. there is a process in the backend that dies, and leaves a zombie process
00:27* Beirdo shakes his fist at his PVR
00:27Beirdo it would have to do it with a new episode :)
00:27Netslayer actually i don't think any parents die, the process just decides to exit and becomes a zombie and screws the rest up
00:28Beirdo Chutt: what causes that message? I'm writing over NFS if that makes any difference
00:28* Netslayer waits for all the shows to be finished for the night before he starts debugging again
00:29Beirdo Hmmm. I think I'm gonna turn off logging too, I see some unescaped log messages
00:29Beirdo That '70s Show. Hmph
00:30Chutt writing's too slow
00:30Chutt basically.
00:30Netslayer the mythlog thing isn't escaping " ' " quotes and is causing errors when passing -> SQL -> DB
00:30Netslayer i saw that on my box
00:31Beirdo yep. logging is now shut off :)
00:31Beirdo odd, I wonder how NFS couldn't keep up.
00:31* Beirdo shrugs
00:31Beirdo I'll hae to see if it happens again
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00:39SNIa I'm curious if you could store a DVD image onto a hard drive, maybe use the loopback to load the image and have myth tv auto-load the image and play it. I want to preserve the menus, the whole disk. Is this currently possible with MythTV or in some other fashion?
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00:46Netslayer SNIa, ask on the user channel .. in short not with mythdvd anyway - perfect rip = just copies the movie nothing else
00:46SNIa thx
00:49SNIa I'll likely dive into the MythDVD code at some point if it isn't possible
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00:55Netslayer Beirdo, !! 2004-09-20 20:01:28 IOBOUND - blocking in ThreadedFileWriter::Write()
00:55Netslayer hah
00:56Netslayer that's just odd, never seen that before in my logs
00:56Beirdo heh, did I start an epidemic?
01:01Chutt it's usually harmless
01:02Netslayer ah probably happened when i used the microwave :-P remote slave backend is on wifi
01:02Beirdo well, it seemed to kill the recording, one way or the other
01:02* Netslayer checks Family Guy
01:02Beirdo I asked a coworker not to delete his, hopefully he didn't already :)
01:03* josephk checks Family Guy DVD's
01:04Beirdo Chutt: let me know if there's anything you'd like me to do to debug this should it happen enough to be repeatable
01:04Beirdo in the mean time, I'll live with it, and just scratch my head :)
01:04Chutt nothing, really.
01:05Netslayer my recording came through
01:05Beirdo OK. Well, it's just unfortunate timing then :)
01:05* Netslayer realizes the recorded episode he already has on his family guy dvd set
01:06Beirdo my machine was doing about 20mbit/s NFS at the time
01:06Beirdo I guess it's plausible that it got timed out somehow
01:06Beirdo something for me to tune, I guess :)
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01:44Netslayer Chutt, would this happen to be the same thread? "2004-09-20 22:36:23 mythbackend: Running housekeeping thread (next line) [New Thread 98311 (LWP 2910)]"
01:44Netslayer or would it be the one before the log output, or is it just a guess as to when it gets created?
01:59Beirdo funny. commercial marking stopped on my devel PVR... shortly after a botched logging attempt.
01:59Beirdo that's it no more logging for me, I've sworn it off
02:01Netslayer Beirdo, it did on mine to i think, it says it started but it's not running ... could be my mystery zombie process
02:02Beirdo I wonder if the logging doesn't somehow tromp over other treads or something (pure conjecture, I haven't looked at that code at all)
02:02Beirdo threads not treads
02:02Netslayer Beirdo, i'm turning the db logging off see if it helps
02:02Beirdo I should hit the sack
02:03Netslayer err have to reboot it again... only way to kill mythbackend zombies :-P
02:04Beirdo I'm off to bed. Seeya
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11:54imorgan Hi all.. new MythTV addict here.
11:55imorgan Anybody out there know how to bind special keys like KEY_PLAYPAUSE, KEY_SEARCH, etc. to MythTV actions?
11:56imorgan Doh.. just noticed this is devel.. I'll try users. but if you know the answer, I'd appreciate a head's up. THX.
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12:19Chutt thor, geckofiend, captain_murdoch: any of you here?
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12:30thor_ yup
12:30thor_ Chutt, given the collection, something MythVideo'ish ?
12:31Chutt naw, wanted someone to test this globalsettings.cpp change
12:31thor_ heh, ok
12:31Chutt someone who wouldn't be terribly upset if it busted things, since i haven't tested it running fully yet =)
12:31Chutt to start off with, though, can you time a compile of it?
12:31thor_ yup
12:31Chutt just that file
12:32thor_ whatever version is on CVS ?
12:32Chutt yeah
12:33Chutt then i'll give you a patch to apply and time after that
12:33thor_ ah, ok
12:33thor_ gimme a couple minutes to check out and build current
12:33Chutt no problemo
12:36thor_ is there some clever way to time a compile line, or should I just rm and do date ; make ; date
12:36thor_ err, globalsettings.o
12:37Chutt i'd just rm the .o
12:37kvandivo tim make
12:37Chutt then 'time make'
12:37kvandivo ya.. what you said..
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12:37thor_ k
12:38* Beirdo_ listens interestedly for the results :)
12:39* thor_ is hoping the changes are not only faster, but somehow help to solve the "libmythui wants settings dialogs but not Qt widgets" problem
12:39Chutt nope
12:39Chutt that's for geckofiend's stuff =)
12:39thor_ ah
12:42kvandivo although, thor.. if you have the ability to 'rm' (which one might expect from someone named thor), then we need to talk
12:43thor_ all your dns belong to us
12:47thor_ ... libav's, libmyth, into libmythtv ...
12:48Chutt heh
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13:02thor_ ... libmythtv mocs ...
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13:04thor_ .... now entering mythfrontend
13:04Chutt heh
13:04Chutt sloooowly
13:04thor_ no gcccache or dist stuff
13:05Chutt yeah
13:05thor_ P4 2.4, 1/2 a gig of RAM
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13:16thor_ pre-patch, build 1:
13:16thor_ real 3m48.237s
13:16thor_ user 3m28.312s
13:16thor_ sys 0m5.401s
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13:20thor_ pre-patch, build 2:
13:20thor_ real 4m7.573s
13:20thor_ user 3m31.394s
13:20thor_ sys 0m6.037s
13:23thor_ post-patch, build 1:
13:23thor_ real 1m22.472s
13:23thor_ user 1m15.088s
13:23thor_ sys 0m1.957s
13:26thor_ post-patch, build 2:
13:26thor_ real 1m19.462s
13:26thor_ user 1m15.004s
13:26thor_ sys 0m1.932s
13:26thor_ well, that seems faster ...
13:27Beirdo_ nice
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13:40Chutt cool.
13:40Chutt about the same here
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13:53wiz can anyone tell me what this means: QSocketDevice::writeBlock: Invalid socket
13:53wiz 2004-09-21 14:34:39 Error writing stringlist
13:56kvandivo wizzo, see /topic
14:00thor_ mikegrb, looks more like an Isaac than a Hunter :-)
14:01mikegrb hehe
14:01mikegrb he is quite samall
14:01mikegrb afk for a bit changing a diaper
14:01mikegrb if I should not return I probablly passed out, call for help
14:01thor_ heh
14:02mikegrb his first smelly one :<
14:02thor_ that black stuff is nasty
14:02thor_ WMD
14:02mikegrb but at least it doesn't smell!
14:02mikegrb hell of a fight it puts up though trying to get it to unstick from everything
14:03thor_ I have a changing story in the bathroom of an airplane that will make your stomach turn
14:04wiz kvandivo: mythtv-users arn't very helpfull
14:05thor_ wiz, important myth development work going on in here
14:05wiz along with important fatherly duties
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14:34thor_ probably gone to the pub
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14:46Beirdo_ or he's lying on the couch sleeping
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16:06jcapote hey guys
16:07jcapote quick question, does mythtv support the ati all in wonders?
16:07jcapote oops wrong room
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16:10kvandivo in firefox 1.0pr has a blank line on the bullet for xmltv, and the reason why isn't immediately obvious to me
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16:38splat1 nn all
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17:05dopester wildgoose: I have been talking some with some of the PCHDTV guys.. sorry i kept that tread going for forever over nothing..
17:06Beirdo_ got an interesting spam today
17:06Beirdo_ From: <>
17:06Beirdo_ Subject: How one can become a terrorist?
17:06dopester buy drugs :)
17:06Beirdo_ selling SAMs, bombs, etc
17:07Beirdo_ buying drugs just makes you a moron with too much money :)
17:11thor_ equal parts gasoline and frozen concentrated orange juice
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17:13dopester i guess you didnt see the commercials they had in the states "whenver you buy drugs you are helping to finance terrorism"
17:13thor_ heh, unlike filling up your car with gas
17:14dopester exactly :)
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17:21f1shhead btw whatever little aids breeding asshole decided to packet me, I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE
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18:16* f1shhead thinks every time the terrorist kill a hostage, we should kill some of the people they demand be freed
18:17Wildgoose Anyone awake?
18:17Wildgoose Can someone please send me the output of:
18:17Wildgoose qmake -Wall -d
18:17Wildgoose please email to:
18:18Wildgoose Oh, and that was obviously meant to be run in the myth dir...
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18:58Netslayer Wildgoose, there ya og
19:01Wildgoose hmm, it's taking is time. Can you double check that email address please? (note the plural)
19:03Netslayer yup, check again it might have just auto sent
19:06--- <<-- Netslayer [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
19:07Wildgoose nope nothing here... but you did send it to "" yeah? Not ""...
19:07Wildgoose thanks in any case...
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19:15Wildgoose Netslayer: Still no sign of anything...
19:15Wildgoose I think you missed my comment before, but can you check you sent it to "" not ""?
19:16Netslayer ya i did, copied and pasted it
19:16Netslayer To:
19:16Wildgoose hmm, ok, any change you could try
19:17Netslayer k forwarded
19:17Wildgoose I can't see any sign of it here though... Everything is just lumped into one account you see, and I can't see anything in the log files either...
19:17Wildgoose What's the domain it's coming from...?
19:19Wildgoose nope. nothing here from that domain (looking at server logs)
19:19Wildgoose Anyway, need to go to bed now. Perhaps there is a delay somewhere in your upstream if you aren't running your own server?
19:19Netslayer :-/ that's odd
19:19Netslayer i'm not
19:20Wildgoose Must be your upstream then
19:20Netslayer message me on here tomorrow if you don't get it
19:20Wildgoose Oh well. Thanks, will expect it will turn up tomorrow
19:20Wildgoose TA, and good night
19:40f1shhead TITS AND ASS?
19:41thor_ think elmer fudd
19:41* Beirdo grumbles
19:45f1shhead wasn't fudd canadian?
19:45Chutt f1shhead, i'm fairly tired of you, so, if you continue to be annoying, you won't be in here anymore
19:45Chutt ok?
19:46f1shhead that's ok I think I am going to blow my brains out anyways
20:01Chutt thor, offhand, do you know of any visible thing that doesn't inherit from mythdialog?
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20:07Chutt and, hmmm
20:07Chutt is anything drawing the background itself?
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20:38Chutt hrmph
20:38Chutt naw, this'll be too hard until the mythui stuff's ready
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20:58Netslayer Chutt, when you get a second can you check my bug report, i've been posting some GSB/strace output
20:58ulitz I was thinking of a good add on to mythtv.. stock ticker or something like that
20:58Netslayer i'm also finding commercial skip has stopped working, could be the zombie thread that is mentioned at the bottom
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21:07Chutt netslayer, you need to figure out which thread is becoming the zombie
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21:42Netslayer :-P any ideas on how I would do that? I did see this once "2004-09-20 22:36:23 mythbackend: Running housekeeping thread (newline) [New Thread 98311 (LWP 2910)] " ... [Thread 98311 (LWP 2910) exited] << ZOMBIE state
21:47--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
21:49Netslayer I'll make a bet it's the comm flag process, since this box doesn't seem to finish flagging anything new.. and when i run 'mythcommflag' it just sits there, while on a remote slave backend it runs fine
21:50Beirdo Netslayer: do you have db logging turned on?
21:51Netslayer I just turned it off actually
21:52--- <<-- ulitz [] has quit ("Leaving")
21:53Beirdo I have suspicions about the logging...
21:53Netslayer i can't kill mythcommflag either, just like when i run mythbackend, i just did a -9 on gdb, and the mythcommflag process is still sitting there doing nothing
21:54Beirdo wow, nice
21:54Netslayer interesting, strace mythcommflag "brk(0x8097000) = 0x8097000"
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22:37* f1shhead wanders off to go vomit and shit blood, goodnight
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