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01:06Cardoe hrm..
01:07Cardoe Something I think mythfilldatabase should do at the end is OPTIMIZE TABLE on several tables... after only a week I've got 1mb of waste in a table...
01:07Cardoe that's like 1.5mb big... it'll speed up access to optimize them.
01:07Cardoe I'll write a patch
01:13Captain_Murdo| what are you running to see this?
01:16Cardoe I looked at it in phpmyadmin
01:18Captain_Murdo| ok, just curious. if anything, something like that would help recordedmarkup more than the program table though.
01:20Chutt c_m, it's audio intensity that changes - it _should_ be visible as a running average of the square of the raw audio values
01:21Chutt but i wouldn't consider that very reliable
01:21Captain_Murdo| :) I didn't want to even get into trying to deal with audio anytime soon.
01:22Chutt neat, new modesitt book
01:22Captain_Murdo| yeah, people seem to think detection is easy.
01:22Captain_Murdo| I think that's why people email me saying "I'm working on X" and then I never hear much back from them. they get frustrated since they start tweaking things and it ends up getting worse.
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01:22Chutt heh
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01:23Chutt i'd be interested if that supposedly improved logo detection someone was doing in that sagetv branch worked better
01:23Captain_Murdo| I was going through emails I've been saving to respond to, that's why the flood of posts from me.
01:23Captain_Murdo| I downloaded their code, should try to see if I could make a way to test it.
01:24Captain_Murdo| they converted to C and took out all the Qt stuff but I might be able to wrap some of their functions somehow to test.
01:26Chutt wouldn't think it'd be too bad
01:26Captain_Murdo| I keep thinking about the logo stuff and more and more stations seem like they're changing logos multiple times during the show so logo detection is harder.
01:27Chutt yeah, but i think it could adapt
01:27Chutt one of those forum postings said their stuff performs better on more transparent logos
01:28Captain_Murdo| I keep wondering if it would be better to try to detect if there is a portion of hte screen that is not changing over a period of time. if the whole frame is changing then there is probably not a logo present. if 98% of it is changing but the same 2% is staying the same then that probably is a logo.
01:28Chutt wouldn't work for transparent ones, though?
01:28Captain_Murdo| yeah, transparent is where my code was hurting at. I have some test videos from o_cee and played with those and got partial detection going.
01:28Captain_Murdo| no, wouldn't work for transparent.
01:29Chutt most logos i notice are transparent =)
01:29Captain_Murdo| visually diffing the sage code shouldn't be too hard either to see what they changed.
01:30Captain_Murdo| I don't see enough channels. 3/4 or more of my shows are from only 7 channels.
01:31Captain_Murdo| /bin/ls -1 *.nuv | cut -c1-4 | sort | uniq -c | sort -n
01:31Chutt i think that and a max length for the break would help a lot..
01:31thor_ dumb question, does the logo detection focus its work on the corners?
01:32Captain_Murdo| yeah, I moved the length up on my todo. detection hasn't been working too well on a couple new shows I'm recording and it's starting to make my wife doubt. :)
01:32* Captain_Murd wants to respond but better check the code first since he hasn't touched it in a while
01:33thor_ just curious
01:34Chutt i think it does
01:34Chutt nifty, double member discount on
01:34Captain_Murdo| no, it scans the whole image for the frames that it checks initially, then once it has checked those 80 or so seconds of semi-random video, it only checks the portion of the screen where it found the logo
01:36Captain_Murdo| it checks 10 seconds of video spaced 1 second apart searching to see if there's a common area that looks like a logo. it checks up to 12 of these 10-second areas to make sure that it wasn't looking for a logo during a commercial break.
01:38thor_ ah .... definitely a non-trivial problem
01:38Captain_Murdo| if something looks like a logo in more than 1/3 of the sections, it assumes that's part of a logo. this is all kinda fuzzy and works way better for solid than transparent. it'd be nice if I could back-port any improvements they made in the sage version.
01:40Captain_Murdo| I know some of the things they "tweaked" were some of the hard-coded values that I was still tweaking. some of the things that can make it better for some logos and worse for others. maybe they came up with a better set of values. :)
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01:42Chutt bed time for me
01:42Captain_Murdo| looking at their comskip.c though, they have all the logo stuff commented out it seems.
01:42Chutt heh
01:42Chutt maybe it's not the latest
01:43Captain_Murdo| yeah, they might not have checked code in. just did a "svn update"
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02:14* Captain_Murd sees that the gb-pvr developer also wants to use the sage comskip.exe file that's based on Myth's detection code.
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02:45* Captain_Murd found the link to the modified comskip.exe logo detect source
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04:41Netslayer it's commercialflag that is causing this huh
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04:45Netslayer I'll do some more testing, but it looks like commercialflag is causing me all these problems.. aka zombies, mythbackend threads locking, and hopefully what cause my frontends not to be able to connect
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11:50Chutt hmmm
11:51Chutt sony's new projector looks nifty
11:51Beirdo_ I hope it doesn't cost as much as a family car
11:51Chutt 3k
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11:52Beirdo_ That's not too bad then
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11:53riksta ahh yeah only 3k, i lose more than that running for the bus!
11:54Beirdo_ must be a long run. :)
11:54riksta hehe, its a quote from my fav film snatch
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11:56Beirdo_ haven't watched that one :)
11:56riksta its cool, very british humour though, im not sure that foreigners would understand it
11:57Beirdo_ I should watch that then. British humour is right up my alley.
11:57riksta yeah get it :)
11:57riksta have you seen guy ritchies other film, lock stock and two smoking barrels?
11:57Beirdo_ nope
11:57riksta get that one too :)
11:58Beirdo_ will do :)
11:59dopester wow i wonder if my post a minute ago on -dev would set the record for longest ever.. heh
12:00Beirdo_ I'm sure I could try to beat it, I can get quite verbose when I wanna :)
12:00riksta sup Taylor
12:03dopester heya rick
12:03dopester i love "working" from home
12:04dopester chutt: i think i got the whole table parser thing resolved to outside of recorder/channel and usable by both ATSC and DVB if you care..
12:04Beirdo_ I can be so unproductive when doing that, especially with myth :)
12:04dopester yeah i spent yesterday at work just reading atsc docs instead of working on what i needed to so i just decided to work from home today :)
12:05riksta yeah i used to sysadmin from home and go into the office once a week, man, the amount of hours i made up
12:05riksta :)
12:05dopester i hope I don't piss off daniel with this PSIP stuff..
12:05riksta or the hours that i counted when i was cooking dinner or at the supermarket ;)-
12:05dopester Thing is I can work from home and do 2-3 hours of work here for work and get as much or more done than 8 hours in the office
12:06riksta yeah i used to bump my hours up big time
12:06riksta cause id hammer it for about 3 hours
12:06Beirdo_ when I get into heavy-coding mode, I do way better at home
12:06riksta liek you said
12:06dopester its just too easy to have some dumb ass come into your office and start rambling about nothing and break your train of thought..
12:06riksta too many distractions in the office
12:06riksta like the hott secretary :)
12:06dopester hehe that too
12:07dopester my office is like 95% dudes so i don't have that advantage.. and most of the people my age are always in the field so its not like its fun at the office for me
12:07riksta ahh that sucks
12:07dopester i have lunch with a contractor working for me whos 40 and we have the most in common.. its kinda scary..
12:07riksta an office full of geeks
12:07dopester heeh old wireline dudes who think they understand wireless technology
12:07riksta haha
12:08dopester dude who want to look at dropped call stats for 600+ cellsites with an abacus
12:08dopester my company is so broke.. i cant believe we even keep customers.. if i had to pay for my service it would never be with my company..
12:09riksta yeah exactly how it was with my company
12:09Beirdo_ that's never a good sales pitch :)
12:09riksta then it finally fell through
12:09riksta they couldn't run a "tuck shop" never mind a company
12:10dopester i gotta go to charlotte today for work not looking forward to that.. stupid training..
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13:32Rince_ hmm, I just tried to compile mythtv-cvs
13:33Rince_ has anyone tried thsi with gcc-3.3.4?
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14:07thor_ Rince_, you do a full checkout and make distclean ?
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14:16Rince_ thor_: I fear I have to...
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15:17CodeWarrior_ | hi friends
15:17CodeWarrior_ | I'm newbie about MythTV, this channel is for newbie users too ?
15:18Rince_ read the topic
15:18thor_ see topic (#mythtv-users)
15:18CodeWarrior_ | oh sorry...
15:18CodeWarrior_ | bye bye
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15:21Beirdo_ I'd have thought our new spiffy topic would be obvious enough... if they'd bother to read it
15:34Baylink I rather suspect we're expecting too much of some people's clients.
15:34Beirdo_ or of their brains
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15:34Baylink But then, perhaps the channel should be renamed mythtv-devel...
15:35Beirdo_ that's been vetoed
15:35Baylink because...?
15:35Beirdo_ the last non-topic reader is using -CodeWarrior_- VERSION xchat 2.0.1 Linux 2.4.24 [i686/1009MHz]
15:36Beirdo_ because Chutt vetoed it. It's his project, he has the right to do so
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15:36Baylink Certainly. Just as he has the right to remain annoyed at the number of newbies who don't get it. :-}
15:37Beirdo_ they wouldn't get it even if it were #mythtv-devel, I'm sure
15:37Beirdo_ people are dense
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15:37Baylink I'm not sure I agree with that.
15:38Baylink Not that it matters much what I think...
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15:49Wildgoose Netslayer you there? I never received that email...
15:49Netslayer what
15:51Netslayer i have no idea what's going on, they aren't coming back so it can't be a problem on this end hopefully
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16:36Beirdo_ hmmm
16:37Beirdo_ be nice if make install didn't overwrite a mysql.txt that already exists :)
16:37Beirdo_ that
16:37Beirdo_ that's the second time I've done that on my devel box :)
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16:40kvandivo all personal mysql.txt changes should be made in ~/.mythtv
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16:43Beirdo_ kvandivo: I don't see that ever said in the documentation
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16:44Beirdo_ it says to modify /usr/local/share/mythtv/mysql.txt
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16:44Beirdo_ if that file exists, make install should either leave it alone, or at least rename the existing one rather than blindly overwriting it
16:45Beirdo_ I'd be willing to send in a patch to that effect.
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18:03bbeattie j #mythtv-users
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18:51GeckoFiend Captain_Murdoch couldn't you just the MSB or LSB of the mask area and catch transparent logos?
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21:11asdf444 Anybody ever hear about anybody getting a DVICO HDTV tuner card to work in Linux? I would like to use MythTV but I don't know if it's possible.
21:13Beirdo what part of the topic don't you understand?
21:13asdf444 Fine. Be a prick
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21:17GeckoFiend hrm looks like someone on the myth dev list got their windows box comprimised and used to harvest email addresses.
21:22Beirdo for those who didn't realize, asdf444 posted the same question on the -users channel, waited 30s and put it here
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