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01:14awox Hello everyone!
01:14awox Does anyone here use Gentoo?
01:14Captain_Murdo| probably, but this is the dev channel, try #mythtv-users
01:25awox Okay, thankyou.
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02:00mikegrb yeah asterisk partially working
02:01Beirdo that's on my "to play with" list too
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02:12Beirdo Chutt: you still up?
02:15Beirdo guess not. I'll deal with this crash tomorrow, I guess
02:16Beirdo I'm too tired to care to send in a backtrace tonight (it's in mythcommflag on what is likely a borked recording)
02:18Captain_Murdo| don't blame it on mythcommflag if it dies in mythv also. ;)
02:18Beirdo I'm not blaming it on mythcommflag
02:18Beirdo I'm just saying that's what I can easily backtrace :)
02:18Captain_Murdo| :) just ribbing you.
02:18Captain_Murdo| did the backtrace say what file it was in? it was the decoder right?
02:19Beirdo yes
02:19Beirdo it was #0 0x003cc288 in lzo1x_decompress (in=0xbef88008 "", in_len=25742,
02:19Beirdo out=0xbe321008 "O{", out_len=0xbfed7238, wrkmem=0x0) at minilzo.cpp:2313
02:19Beirdo #1 0x004d6ace in NuppelDecoder::DecodeFrame(
02:19Captain_Murdo| ok, just figured I'd say something in case anyone else in here had seen something similar.
02:19Beirdo so definitely decoder
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02:21javajunky lo
02:22javajunky anyone one got any experience with the nova-t pci cards?
02:22Captain_Murdo| try #mythtv-users
02:23javajunky okey, sorry :) while I'm on , is there any documentation on developing modules for mythtv (my g/f wants to use her dancemat with it so I need to integrate pydance or something)
02:23Rince_ sp etwa
02:24Captain_Murdo| no docs really, you can look at one of the simpler plugins for guidance though.
02:24javajunky okey, thanks, I can cope with that <g>
02:34mikegrb or use mythgame?
02:35javajunky does mame have support for a dance mat variant ?
02:35mikegrb or just add it to the main menu
02:35mikegrb mythgame will run anything
02:35mikegrb doesn't have to be mame
02:35javajunky well that would be ideal, but since this is my first install of myth, I'm not sure where to begin, so just getting in answers ;)
02:35mikegrb like it can start psydance or tuxracer or what ever
02:35mikegrb menus are stored in an xml file
02:35javajunky but that would be cool, if I stick it under mythgame, yeah she could cope with that :)
02:36mikegrb so if all you want psydance would probably be easier just to add it to the main menu or wherever you want it
02:36mikegrb but now I must sleep
02:36javajunky sounds good to me :) nice one thanks, saves me writing any code :)
02:39Captain_Murdo| if it's just an executable, you can add an entry on the main Myth menu for that just by adding an EXEC entry to the xml file.
02:40* Captain_Murd looks up 5 lines and sees Mike said the same thing.
02:40javajunky sweet ta :) loadsa options and none requiring me to do code, just what I like on a weekend (spending all week coding, then doing it on the w/e sometimes gets me down ;) )
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06:45javajunky anybody on who's got a nova-t pci card in the uk ?
06:46javajunky gah wrong channel, apologies
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11:46orogor hi there
11:46orogor anyone made a custom bootlevel for mythtv ?
11:47orogor or is used to make runlevels
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12:47truls hiya
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12:58truls I'm trying to extend the treeview of mythgame to accept digits as position-jumpers (One click of '2' jumps to A, two clicks to B etc... timing out the state after a second or two)
12:58truls And trying to get familier with the sourcecode. Any hints on where such functionality might fit?
12:59truls Just add it to the handling in mythgame, or maybe extend UIManagedTreeListType?
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13:18thor_ you probably want to interecept key presses in the main MythGaim dialog, and then a ask the tree list to move to a given position
13:18thor_ bah, MythGame dialog
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13:51orogor gah , i hate this
13:51orogor a dep on a kde package
13:51* orogor hurt his head on the wall
13:51orogor dillo is 6 meg , kde is 600 meg , why not a dep on dillo
13:52cmorgan dildo?
13:52Snow-Man haha.
13:53orogor dillo , a browser for palm
13:53orogor handheld devices
13:54orogor also , the web renderer of konqueror just doesn t looks good
13:54orogor pages are fuzzy when you scroll , and sometime there s parsing errors
14:02orogor Unknown xmltv channel identifier:
14:02orogor Skipping channel.
14:02orogor ??
14:02orogor anyone knows how to correct this ?
14:02orogor going to the conf file and changing channel names is enough
14:04truls thor_: hm, would involve alot of querying within the treelist though
14:04truls thor_: (to check starting letters of the entries)
14:04truls and to get the position
14:04thor_ yup
14:05thor_ but it's easy to sort it
14:05thor_ then you just iterate over it
14:05thor_ (the GenericTree, that is)
14:05truls yeah
14:06truls any reason why not to extend the generic tree to have skipToLetter?
14:06thor_ not particularly
14:07thor_ err, particularily
14:07truls might do that then, makes the handling abit easier in the mythgamespecific part
14:07truls what i would really like though is cellphone-dictionary-like behavior
14:07thor_ there is RemoteLineEdit
14:07thor_ which sort of does that
14:08truls really?
14:08thor_ although it could use some improvement
14:08thor_ it's a GUI widget just like a LineEdit, except that 1,2,3, etc cycles through Alpha chars
14:09truls and the mythgame treeview uses lineedits for treenodes?
14:10thor_ doubt it
14:10truls hmm, might be easier to reimplement the functionality then...
14:10truls but easier != better
14:12thor_ you might just want to copy the logic ... although it's not all that sophisticated
14:13truls well, i don't really want that logic
14:14truls i want '23' to be interpreted as 'Be' (if something begins with that)
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14:14truls then if you type 233, it might bet interpreted as 'Ced'
14:14truls be
14:15truls rather, all gamenames/listentries are converted to numbers
14:15truls (internally)
14:15truls don't know how intuitive it is to use for people not used to T9-dictionaries from cellphones though
14:16orogor humm gonna try the custom runelev approach
14:16truls and it requires some display to show what you've typed so far
14:16truls I'll probably just implement the regular ABC-cycling though...
14:17thor_ ah, well, two issues .... T9-style logic is hard to do well
14:17thor_ (language lookups)
14:17thor_ and the idea is covered by patents ...
14:17thor_ which is a PITA
14:18truls worst case, i do a T9-style thing for myself and publish a patch for regular ABC-cycling
14:19truls and the logic isn't that hard
14:19thor_ off you go then :-)
14:19truls yay
14:19* truls goes off...
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14:43Chutt wheee, painting is fun
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14:44orogor yay , successfull
14:44orogor i added a mythtv runlevel
14:45orogor doesn t start mythfrontend throught
14:45thor_ Chutt, basement?
14:45Chutt yup
14:45thor_ base, or color?
14:45Chutt primer
14:45Chutt 2 coats over half of it, only one over everything else
14:45thor_ well. muds done at least
14:46thor_ err. mud is
14:46Chutt so i'll get the 2nd coat of primer on tonight, then color tomorrow
14:46orogor humm , now i need to find how to startx and mythfrontend from there , also , how to shut down comp propertly when exiting
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14:48unknown1 hi everybody
14:48unknown1 any one alive
14:48Beirdo kind of
14:49unknown1 lol
14:49unknown1 im developing a distro
14:50unknown1 and would like to ask a couple of questions bout myth tv's intergration
14:50orogor cool
14:50unknown1 thanks
14:50unknown1 its kindda of a 2 man project now but were at beta stage
14:51unknown1 so who can i ask
14:51unknown1 were still open to help and suggestions
14:51cmorgan isn't there already knoppmyth?
14:52unknown1 yep there is but its really slow and you cant play cds
14:52unknown1 but tis is unrelated
14:52unknown1 its not a dedicated distro
14:53unknown1 but who can i ask
14:53unknown1 ??
14:54unknown1 its development related
14:54cmorgan why not just ask and see?
14:55unknown1 cuz every channel has its own rules and i wernt surea about this channels rules
14:56unknown1 can i ask u cmorgan
14:56cmorgan unknown1: yeah sure, priv message me if you'd like
14:57thor_ I'm developing a new Linux Meta distribution; it divides your hard drive into 256 equal partitions and puts the 255 (plus swap) Linux distros on it. Then you can type "run://debian/gimp", and it will reboot to Debian and run the gimp.
14:58Beirdo thor_: that's funny :)
14:58cmorgan thor_: dude, great idea!
14:59orogor thor_, you know than you can do this using runlevels , right ?
14:59orogor with one single partition
14:59* Beirdo chuckles
14:59thor_ and pipes will work as well: run://gentoo/ls -lR | run://slackware/grep "modules.conf"
14:59thor_ just take about a day to work
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15:01orogor make 250 init script with eatch app you wanna be able to start , then append the option to the kernel at boot
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15:02orogor kinda what i am trying to do atm with mythtv
15:02cmorgan pvr250, or 250 different init scrips?
15:03thor_ just hope we can avoid religous wars about which distribution should get the first partition
15:03cmorgan don't order them like that
15:04cmorgan make the user use the name of the distro ;-)
15:04thor_ /dev/hdadebian
15:05cmorgan just provide a boot menu ;-)
15:05orogor damn , i forgot how to run only 1 app in x
15:05orogor without a WM
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15:31orogor yet another reboot
15:31Beirdo you must be running Windows :)
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16:05orogor humm , i am wondering why my stuff isn t working
16:13orogor the .bashrc script is executed even froma login prompt , right ,
16:13orogor ?
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16:15orogor ... i ve found
16:15orogor rebooting agin
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16:17unknown1 so many errors lol
16:17cmorgan why is that guy rebooting
16:17cmorgan because X isn't starting up correctly? man...
16:18Beirdo beats me
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16:18Beirdo and how it's a development issue I dunno either
16:19cmorgan heh
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16:37unknown1 lol
16:38Beirdo has anyone considered trying doxygen on mythtv?
16:39Beirdo at least for the crossreferencing, etc, it could be quite useful
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16:59unknown1 whats the main differences beetween MythTv and WMC
17:00unknown1 except forthe cool remote
17:00unknown1 *ding ding ding let the flaming begin*
17:00unknown1 :
17:00unknown1 %
17:00Beirdo that's more of a -users channel question :)
17:00unknown1 %:
17:04unknown1 awww but the developers point of view would be intrestings
17:05Beirdo well, most of the developers are there too
17:05unknown1 lol
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17:05unknown1 ohh
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21:23golpira Any thoughts on running mythtv on a P3 600 with a PVR350? Will the PVR offload enough from the CPU to allow this setup to work?
21:25* Beirdo points at the topic
21:31* mikegrb gives Beirdo a cookie
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21:33Beirdo heh
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22:35GeckoFiend Isaac killed Kenny!
22:36Beirdo heh, been watching South Park have we?
22:36Beirdo I can play that game.... You bastards!
22:38GeckoFiend Read Isaac's reply to Ken Aafloy that was the first thing that poped to mind
22:38mikegrb omg
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22:39Beirdo hehe, I should go take a look
22:41* GeckoFiend Thinks Ken is bitter.
22:41Beirdo which list?
22:42Beirdo there it is
22:42ananke is there a way to get more debugging out of mythbackend than with -v all?
22:42jams just a little
22:44jams GeckoFiend, your response about gdb and the wife is very true.
22:45* Beirdo thinks Ken is being overly defensive too
22:47dopester kenneth is fiesty as can be.. heh
22:47Beirdo dopester: you do the DVB stuff currently, correct?
22:47dopester thats how hes always been with me
22:48dopester well yes and no ive spent a ton of time working on dvb but haven't submitted much other than 1 or 2 little patches until i get it all done
22:48Beirdo K.
22:48dopester ive spent forever trying to understand the hackjob that kenneth did..
22:48dopester well its not ALL a hack job but its not documented and its a bit confusing the way he did it
22:49dopester i can see kenneths argument for putting the hp_code_rate and fec in the same field since they are never used on teh same card, but its really confusing to anyone OTHER than the original author
22:50GeckoFiend ROFL you should see the daily usage charts for as soon as Isaac released .16 I went from nothing to massive traffic because the screen shots listed in the release notes were on my site. 79k hits total with a peek of 9365 in one day (1220 in one hour)
22:50Beirdo then why not just call them the same thing :)
22:50Beirdo nice.
22:50GeckoFiend dopester a simple // We're going to resuse this field here since it's not exposed to the user would have done the trick I think
22:51dopester yeah but thats not in there :)
22:51dopester trust me i spent forever deciphering what he has done
22:51GeckoFiend bah who needs maintainable code anyway?
22:51Beirdo heh
22:51dopester the 2 fields represent forward error correction but dvb decided to call them differnet things for terresterial and satellite so they really ought to be differnet fields just so it make somes sense.. heh
22:52Beirdo has any thought been put to using doxygen with myth for crossreferencing, etc?
22:52dopester i like the way he just shows up and starts lambasing stuff.. hehe
22:52dopester i got doxygen comments in the stuff ive been working on
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22:53Beirdo Cool. I just discovered it recently, and it's been pretty handy for the MUD code I maintain
22:54dopester well what i think are doxygen comments.. they should work at least.. i cant imagine making as many changes as i have and NOT commentint it
22:54Beirdo commenting code is good :)
22:55Beirdo even for the crossreferencing and class diagrams it can do, doxygen's a nice tool
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23:07dopester hey adante
23:07GeckoFiend cute maybe we should get these guys to do a mythtv-users version
23:07adante__ dopester: hey hey
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23:08--- User: *** adante__ is now known as adante
23:09GeckoFiend gmail is taunting me with these 6 invites anyone want one?
23:10Beirdo I scored one earlier this week, or I'd ask for one :)
23:11dopester geckofiend: thats great
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23:24--- User: *** adante__ is now known as adante
23:24dopester connection issues? :)
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23:33adante heh understatement..
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