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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-09-26

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01:50rkulagow chutt: here?
01:50Chutt kinda
01:50Chutt just headed off to bed
01:50rkulagow are the i18n files generated automatically?
01:50dopester ircing from bed :)
01:50rkulagow (the .ts files)
01:51Chutt the .ts files aren't
01:51Chutt the .qm files are
01:52rkulagow ah; ok. so to fix a spelling error "Jump to Begining" that I've fixed in a .cpp file, i've got to fix the .ts as well?
01:52Chutt oh, way
01:52Chutt err, wait
01:52Chutt the .ts files are _mostly_ generated
01:52Chutt the translations themselves aren't
01:52Chutt to update the .ts files, go into the i18n/ directory
01:52Chutt lupdate
01:53Chutt the .qm files get updated with
01:53Chutt lrelease
01:53Chutt but, don't need to do that unless the actual translation's updated
01:54rkulagow weird: all the other languages got fixed, except:
01:54rkulagow $ grep -R "Jump to Beg" *
01:54rkulagow mythfrontend_sv.ts: <source>Jump to Begining</source>
01:54rkulagow mythfrontend_sv.ts: <source>Jump to Beginning</source>
01:55Chutt it kept the old one and marked it as obsolete
01:55Chutt to help the translator, supposedly
01:55rkulagow weird; other languages were broken with the old spelling, but sv is the only one that kept the mispelling?
01:55rkulagow anyway, i don't care.
01:56Chutt probably the only one that had translated it
01:56rkulagow so, commit the new mythfrontend.cpp and the i18n files and that's that?
01:56Chutt yup
01:56Chutt all there is to it
01:56rkulagow cool. nighty night! (which, btw, is a supremely dark brit-com)
01:56Chutt heh
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02:10dopester good reply to kenneth issac :)
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13:48ajlill Anyone listening?
13:51wcb hi
13:54ajlill know much about mythfilldatabase?
13:54wcb wish i could say i did
13:55ajlill bummer
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14:35orogor hi there
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14:42orogor any french guy around ?
14:42orogor i can t get the xmltv grabber to work , it says than there sa problem with the id
14:43orogor kinda annoying
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14:53orogor humm , not sure where the problems comes from
14:54orogor got the same kind of error when trying to use the xawdecode channels
14:54orogor bash-2.05b# /usr/local/bin/mythfilldatabase --xawchannels 0 ./.xawdecode/xawdecoderc
14:54orogor ### reading channels from xawtv configfile
14:54orogor Query was:
14:54orogor SELECT channum FROM channel WHERE chanid = 29;
14:54orogor No error type from QSqlError? Strange...
14:54orogor Query was:
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15:10* Beirdo looks at the topic. Yep, still the devel channel
15:12orogor gah
15:12orogor sorry
15:12orogor i keep going to bad channel
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15:13GeckoFiend Beirdo you a man
15:13orogor it s like most channs are for users , and there s a *-dev chanfor devs
15:13GeckoFiend err Beirdo da man
15:13Beirdo Heya, GeckoFiend, how goes the weekend?
15:14orogor Beirdo, note than even when i ask question about mythtv sourcecode you do say me the same stuff
15:16GeckoFiend Beirdo not too shabby... Though I had grand plans of knocking out a new version of the ManagedList stuff that didn't happen.
15:17Beirdo Weekends are too short to get stuff done, I find :)
15:18GeckoFiend yeah but between work and my commute I'm gone 10.5 hours a day during the week. I get a little done in the morning and thats about it. By the time I get home I basicly check my email and then spend time with the wife. My previous client was only 8 minute from my house this one is 1 hour.
15:19Beirdo ouch
15:20Beirdo well, xris and I have made good progress on the nuvexport rewrite (well, he did most of the work, of course)
15:21Beirdo hopefully it should be ready in a day or so, but we shall see
15:21Beirdo and I have a bug report I should send to -dev mailing list one of these days.
15:21Beirdo sigh
15:26GeckoFiend Beirdo toss it in bugzilla
15:27Beirdo I've been meaning to, will do
15:27Beirdo it's a bug in the decoder with a particularly pathalogical file
15:27Beirdo it crashes in lzo1x_decompress
15:29Beirdo is a backtrace from a coredump as good as running it in gdb to get the backtrace?
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15:40Beirdo is a backtrace from a coredump as good as running it in gdb to get the backtrace?
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15:52dopester kenneth won't give up will he.. heh
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15:54dinki Hi. I have two capture cards with two different sources (one DirecTV one Local Cable Co). Can anyone tell me how I can switch between the two in live tv mode? It seems the only way for me to get to the cable capture card is when the directv card is recording a program.
15:57* GeckoFiend emulates Beirdo and looks at the topipc
15:58dinki doh. I'm not trying to be troublesome, I just don't know if it's possible
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16:45Beirdo GeckoFiend: you there?
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16:49oenek heya
16:49oenek Ok I downloaded the ,myth suite and have it setup
16:50oenek how exactly do I get it setup to skip commercials, etc
16:50oenek right now it seems to be in LiveTV mode. I can rewind but not fast foawrd and the audio is out of sync with the picture
16:51* Beirdo sighs
16:51oenek any help would be greatly appreciated :-)
16:51Beirdo Please see topic :)
16:51oenek oh doh
16:51oenek ok sorry
16:51oenek :-p
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17:12GeckoFiend Beirdo what's up?
17:13Beirdo was going to ask if a gdb backtrace from a corefile is good enough
17:13Beirdo I sent it to the -dev mailing list
17:13Beirdo I built with debug on
17:15GeckoFiend it's at least better than no backtrace at all. I've not loooed at a corefile dump through gdb myself
17:15Beirdo I think it should give the same info
17:15Beirdo if not, I can run it again from gdb directly. It's 100% reproducable
17:16Beirdo pretty sure the file's fubar, but wanna be sure
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17:23MrW0ofer j mythtv-users
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17:28Baylink I've spotted a possible bug in current CVS, concerning restarted current recordings when the backend bounces.
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19:31riksta yo dopester
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20:20splat1 nn all
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21:35Codeus Hrm...
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23:21jertop ack. my first post to mythtv-dev seems to have triggered a flood of 'spam' responses. Does this mean no one got my email ( re joystick stuff), or does it mean that someone on the list has a badly configured spamassassin setup?
23:24cmorgan jertop: hey. you use mythtv? ;-)
23:24jertop hey cmorgan: you bet; couldn't live without it.
23:24dopester i saw the post
23:25jertop yah; it's in the archives, but it's flagged with *** SPAM.
23:25jertop I mean, I know my code is bad, but...<grin>
23:25cmorgan jertop: yeah, its a great program. been using it for a while now
23:29jertop is Isaac the person to ask about how to go about getting whitelisted?
23:29cmorgan are you subscribed?
23:29jertop yah.
23:29cmorgan hmm
23:30cmorgan odd that you are marked as spam ;-) you arn't sending html mail?
23:30jertop actually, it looks like what happened was someone else got me email, decided it was spam, and then 'autoresponded' back to my reply-to (which was the list).
23:31jertop because now I'm seeing that that reply was also considered spam, and generated *another* reply message. looks like we got an infinite mail loop going with the person at
23:31cmorgan hah
23:32jertop are you seeing multiple *** SPAM emails come through too?
23:32* cmorgan isn't on mythtv-dev atm, most other people here probably are
23:32Chutt i'll see about getting the idiot who can't configure his mail server off the list
23:32cmorgan sign him up for mythtv-users
23:33jertop thanks, Chutt.
23:33Beirdo Chutt: hope it wasn't me... (doubt it was)
23:34Chutt well, unless you're ''
23:34cmorgan haha
23:34* dopester quickly changes his domain name
23:34Beirdo heh, that's not me
23:35jertop it's actually quite funny. I was mildly nervous about my first post, and took great care preparing it.
23:35* jertop quivers in shame under the bed
23:35dopester chutt: you going to apply that patch kenneth sent out?
23:36Chutt looked wrong to me
23:36Chutt unless there's something else in that loop that blocks
23:36dopester dont waste your time with it if you want my opinion..
23:36Chutt i think that's a good way to start using 100% cpu spinning in that while()
23:36dopester there ie something in the tuning stuff of his that blocks sometimes i havent hunted down yet..
23:36Chutt oh, unless you're talking about the patch that separates the id
23:37dopester the id seperation
23:37dopester the cam loop thing i got no idea about.. idont have a cam module
23:38dopester i think it probbably need to be there since if the read fails i would think it would just spin forever
23:39dopester dont waste your time with the id seperation im replacing all the code..
23:40Chutt ok, want to reply to the list with that, then?
23:40* Beirdo prepares to see more fur flying
23:41Beirdo Kenneth sure seems to be the defensive sort
23:41Chutt he's been all pissy ever since i've not given him cvs write access
23:41Beirdo ahh
23:42Chutt heh
23:42dopester hes always been an ass to me in email whenever ive tried to ask why hes done stuff certain ways..
23:42Chutt my most recent bugfix (crash in the program guide)
23:42Chutt was his fault
23:42Beirdo Chutt: was my backtrace of the coredump in -dev useful, or should I re-run it under gdb directly?
23:42Chutt ie, that bit of code that darkens the previous times and stuff was his
23:43Chutt beirdo, looked ok
23:43dopester oh nice.. i had no idea..
23:43Chutt didn't do more than glance at it, though
23:43Beirdo OK
23:43Chutt really, though, use mpeg4 :p
23:43Beirdo I'm using RT-JPEG for testing... that's my devel box, it records with all sorts of settings
23:44Beirdo helps me test nuv2avi stuff
23:44dopester chutt: let me dig more into the sleep thing with kenneth i dont want to start a battle
23:44Beirdo my main PVR has PVR-250s :)
23:44dopester it goes into a bunch of code that was stolen from vdr that is a pain to follow
23:44Chutt dopester, ok
23:44Chutt far as i'm concerned, anyway, you're in charge of dvb
23:44dopester as all of his dvb code.. hijacked and ductaped into the myth code :)
23:44dopester ok cool..
23:45dopester i really am working on it even though i havent done the big patch yet.. i got john pullan doing all the setup dialog stuff..
23:49dopester so does that mean i get cvs access? :)
23:55cmorgan heh
23:55Chutt i believe you :p
23:56--- <<-- Chutt [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:56jertop that's one way to duck the question <g>. g'night all.
23:57dopester oh im not serious at all
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