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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-09-27

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00:00Chutt blah
00:01Beirdo Welcome back :)
00:01Chutt my linksys pos router thingie's been locking up fairly regularly
00:02dopester everything i had that was linksys died and ended up in the trashbin
00:02Beirdo nothing as aggravating as flaky hardware
00:02Chutt it was fine for most of a year
00:02dopester my access point made it almost 3 years
00:03Chutt those spam notification emails are done, i believe
00:03Chutt 6 got through
00:03dopester not too bad
00:05NemLappy^ sorry to butt in .. how many folks are on the mailing list, just curious if it indicates the size of the users base.
00:05Chutt thousands
00:05NemLappy^ lol
00:06Chutt why's that funny?
00:06NemLappy^ nearly a billion then
00:06NemLappy^ thousands could mean anything
00:06Chutt and that
00:06Chutt 's funny?
00:07NemLappy^ I thought you were attempting humour
00:07NemLappy^ appologies if i missunderstood
00:08Chutt 1700 on the -dev list, 3500 on the -users list, 800 on -commits
00:09NemLappy^ wow
00:09Beirdo that's pretty impressive, actually
00:09NemLappy^ yup
00:09Beirdo and I bet there's a large number of users who aren't on the lists too for various reasons
00:09Chutt of course
00:09NemLappy^ If my pet project turned into that i'd be pretty pleased with myself
00:15dopester if i get a ton of lag when deleting shows what would be the best means of tracking it down? the backend or frontend or both?
00:20Captain_Murdo| dopester: is that with current CVS?
00:20dopester as of maybe a week ago
00:21dopester its been going on for a while.. sometimes its fine and quick, othertimes it hangs there for 5-10 seconds
00:21Captain_Murdo| I reworked the delete code on the backend at the end of last week. it makes it seem like it runs faster because it serializes the delete file and delete recordedmarkup (which helps responsiveness on systems with storage and DB on the same server).
00:22dopester this is a seperate fe and backend
00:22dopester i'll do a cvs update then and see if it goes away.. i have to assume itsnot network latency since it can stream shows no problem and doesnt glitch..
00:22Captain_Murdo| where's the DB and where are the files stored? both on the backend? it still helps responsiveness even on remote frontends. I have a dedicated backend with no frontend.
00:23dopester yeah backend has db and files on it
00:23dopester its a decicated backend with no frontned..
00:23NemLappy^ what filesystem are you using on it ?
00:23dopester ext3
00:23NemLappy^ I believe JFS is the king of deletes
00:24NemLappy^ I.e. it takes no time at all to do it
00:24Captain_Murdo| delete happens in the background in a different thread.
00:24dopester i never thought it was delete i figured it was the db clearing out recordermarkup but it was only a hunch
00:24Captain_Murdo| frontend doesn't have to wait till the delete is done. the frontend does reload the recordings list once the delete is done though.
00:25Chutt ext3 is _really_ slow to delete
00:25NemLappy^ I'm just guessing about the filesystem
00:25Beirdo XFS and JFS are both much better :)
00:25dopester maybe im living in the dark ages.. heh
00:25Captain_Murdo| see if current CVS gives a (perceived) speed increase. the patch helped here quite a bit.
00:25NemLappy^ I'm using XFS and I have seen a glitch a couple of times on a remote frontend
00:26Chutt dopester, if you switch, you'd notice a speedup when exiting from live-tv, too
00:26dopester chutt: i cant use livetv cause of that blocking issue that i cant find yet in kennehts dvb crap :)
00:26Chutt heh
00:27Chutt ah well
00:27dopester works great for 5-10 channel changes then it dies
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00:27dopester rigth as the 15 second timeout happens the ringbuffer gets written to
00:27dopester even though the dvb card has a lock super quick
00:28Chutt 15 seconds should be enough to tune in most situations =)
00:28dopester well thats something i need to work on cause if you use a motor to move a dish sometimes its not
00:28Chutt right
00:28Chutt that's not 'most situations' =)
00:28dopester but im sure its blocking somewhere causing the livetv issue i got
00:28dopester yeah i agree
00:29dopester its not often i want to watch cubavision and move my dish 40 degrees to the east :)
00:29Chutt all those threads the dvb code starts up need fixed
00:29Chutt none of em are killed off properly
00:29ananke not sure if anybody wants to know, but for almost a week i was trying to figure out why i could watch live tv with no problems for hours, and the ringbuffer would never fail. however, recording shows would stop 10-15 mins into the recording, with no logs from mythbackend whatsoever. updating the ivtv fixed it.
00:29GoRK how does reiserfs do on deletes? I have about 600GB of stuff on a reiser raid5 that i can't readily convert to something else .. it has not seemed to slow me down before
00:30dopester yeah ivtv was screwing me up a few weeks ago i jsut removed the card and it fixed everything :)
00:30Chutt gork, i believe it's slower than xfs/jfs, but still considerably faster than ext3
00:30Chutt someone did a comparison on the -users list a while back
00:30GoRK ill see if i can look it up.. still have other things to worry about .. still trying to work out my focus problem w/ lirc :(
00:30dopester chutt: i noticed your comments about that.. im not that great with threads so i might have to get someone else to do it right..
00:31ananke GoRK : reiserfs is very fast on deletes, i run all my servers with it. no problems whatsoever, much faster than ext3.
00:32GoRK is anyone doing any work on a module that does playlists of video files (ie music videos) similar to the music module? I was thinking of toying with the idea
00:33GoRK just kind of got into mythtv recently .. wrote a lirc driver today for my x10 mouseremote before discovering that one was already done... if only sourceforge's stupid mailing list search had worked yesterday :(
00:33NemLappy^ hehehe
00:33ananke GoRK : yeah,'s search is very flaky :)
00:33NemLappy^ search / cvs / webby .. you name it
00:34ananke do any mythgame developers stop by here? i'd like to ask them some questions regarding debugging some parts of mythgame
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00:36NemLappy^ ananke: I'm not sure there is such a thing as a regular developer for mythgame ... chutt sent out a general request for help with it not so long back .. and there were some people that assisted on the dev list
00:36ananke NemLappy^ : thank you
00:37NemLappy^ nps
00:39Captain_Murdo| GoRK: I've had it on my TODO list for a while to create some way to tag videos inside the watch recordings screen. Then with the tagged list, you could perform the normal (applicable) actions such as play/delete/etc.. same idea could apply to making a playlist of videos which I know a lot of people would like. I also want to do a script sometime which will take a myth cutlist and create separate files for each of the cuts.
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02:12slePP 'lo
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04:55grey lo,
04:55grey erm oops,
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06:58rinco am i right in thinking i need qt/mac (instead of qt/x11) if i want to compile mythtv on darwin?
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14:36Martyn Good afternoon all.
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15:20Ragge um... this is sure a quite channel :)
15:33Beirdo_ not much development typically happens while people are at work ;)
15:35Ragge darn.. :)
15:36Beirdo_ Well, the devs do have to make a living too, ya know :)
15:39Ragge Ok.. but only because I'm a nice person. :-) Guess I have to be here early mornings to catch the devs :)
15:41Beirdo_ it's what? 21:30 there?
15:42Ragge I'm in GMT+1 or was it +2..
15:42Beirdo_ heh
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15:43Beirdo_ well in about 2-2.5h, this channel will likely be a lot more active
15:43Ragge and if I'm getting devs in PDT timezone or something then I would have to get up early or stay up very late to get them when they get back from work :)
15:43Beirdo_ many of the devs seem to be in EST/EDT (like I am)
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15:43Beirdo_ so, 18:00 EDT and on usually is more active
15:44Beirdo_ which is just over 2h from now
15:46Ragge these timezone acronyms.. never get used to them =).
15:46Beirdo_ EST/EDT is Eastern Standard/Daylight-Savings Time
15:46Beirdo_ think New York City
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15:48Ragge ok.. in 2 hours.. that would mean.. 00:00 CET.. hope I'm still awake :)
15:49Beirdo_ People may be home before then, of course
15:49* Ragge crosses his fingers..
15:50Ragge Time will tell.. thanks for the info..
15:51Beirdo_ no prob
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17:09Chutt I really should just stop reading the -users list
17:10Chutt so many horribly stupid people
17:10Beirdo_ that is so true
17:10thor_ tell 'em to put it on the wiki
17:10Beirdo_ I just ignore them as much as I can
17:12thor_ plus, tha guy should really have a pair of mysql socks, or one of his feet will get cold
17:12Chutt exactly
17:15Chutt waiting for a conference call is boring
17:15Beirdo_ often almost as boring as the call itself
17:20Ragge yay.. activity on the channel..
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18:15_GeckoFiend Captain_Murdoch If I can get the last of the Internal player quirks worked out I'd really like to internalize a lot of MythVideo functionality into mythfrontend (provided Chutt approves).
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18:24Chutt sure
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18:41dopester is myth supposed to find changes to the schedule whenever i delete a show?
18:41dopester that seems to be whats slowing my deletes down.. everytime i remove a show it re-does the schedule..
18:42GoRK what data besides the row in the recordings table and the .nuv file has to be copied to copy or move a stream from one mythtv setup to another (ie between 2 master backends)
18:44Beirdo_ GoRK: the recordingmarkups rows would be useful
18:46Beirdo_ and the oldrecorded line too
18:48GoRK is there anything preventing me from recording the same show from two tuners simeotaneously (ie one at high bitrate and one at low bitrate?) .. i am kind of running an idea in my head here
18:48GoRK i dont think myth supports that at all yet? would probably take some modification
18:48Beirdo_ OK, we're getting more into user support here, I think ::)
18:49GoRK sorry :) i am trying to write a tool that lets a myth be useful for both a local user and a remote location (ie with no tv service)
18:50Beirdo_ the technical answer is that the scheduler currently doesn't allow it (AFAIK)
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18:54GoRK i bet i could modify the encode process to generate two streams instead of just one
18:54GoRK since ffmpeg can generate that.. it might only work from a framegrabber though..not pvr250 etc
18:56Beirdo_ Likely so
18:57--- ---> [M-M] [] has joined #mythtv
18:59GoRK we will see how it works. Ultimately i'd like to have a remote frontend and database running that syncs the program guide to a remote 'master' database (in the computer with a few tuners) -- whenever you schedule something on the remote it will propigate the shchedule to the 'master', record it in a lower bitrate, and then transfer the file and recoding data back to the remote
18:59GoRK like for a tv at the cabin where i have broadband but no cabletv
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19:05splat1 nn all
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19:12Captain_Murdo| Geck0Fiend: cool, then I won't do anything with the patch I have (except keep using it locally for now). :)
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19:42amblin having a problem getting mythvideo to produce any output. using pvr-350 with X over tv-out. anyone help?
19:42amblin sigh.. now i read the topic. duh...
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19:44Beirdo heh
19:44Beirdo at least he caught it before we pointed it out
19:44dopester you almsot beat him
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