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00:22dopester exciting.. i got my pchdtv working.. :)
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00:38GoRK heh. wish i had a pchdtv :)
00:38GoRK they are really gonna miss the boat i fear
00:39GoRK too bad the guy that was really after the myhd linux drivers is out for 2 years as well
00:41GoRK someone needs to make a decent and inexpensive analog -> DVCPRO/HD IEE1394 encoder
00:41GoRK i dont care if it gets reencoded; i just want to get it onto a hard drive!!!
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00:50dopester well when i mean working i mean streaming data to my hdd and playing in xine thats about it
00:50dopester but enough to play with daniels patches and get my dvb code to play nice with his
00:51dopester would be nice if the recorder for hdtv would make a ps not a stripped ts
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06:21rinco someone reaffirm my belief that i can get mythtv working on osx
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06:49orogor rinco, would you know what the type is in the xml menus definitions ?
06:50rinco noidea sorry
06:50orogor :(
06:50rinco isnt there a schema/dtd?
06:52orogor can t find i t, i couldn t fine any devellepement doc for mythtv
06:52orogor only the user dos on the site
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06:52orogor didn t looked in cvs throught , perhaps they are only there
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10:55orogor humm , finaly managed to reorganize the menus :)
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10:56orogor not that mutch different but a bit
10:56orogor opps , wrong channel
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11:58bdale is it still necessary for multiple backends to have shared filesystem access (ala NFS) if I want them to share storage on one machine, or can a recording host be both diskless and NFS-less now?
12:00* Beirdo_ looks at the topic
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12:05bdale Beirdo: I'm reacting to the commit log from last Friday that says, among other things, "Made it so mythcommflag can run on machines that don't have access to the backend's recording directory via nfs." ... I've lost track of how many other NFS dependencies there still are?
12:07Beirdo_ ah
12:08Beirdo_ I can't see how you can ever record diskless
12:08Beirdo_ without NFS
12:08Beirdo_ or some other network filesystem
12:09bdale sigh
12:10Baylink Yeah, I can see how bdale might think that's what that implied.
12:11bdale I was dropped on my head by NFS as a child, I'm afraid.
12:11bdale ... and I haven't quite been able to bring myself to do a Lustre install just to support my A/V habit... yet. ;-)
12:11Baylink My personal interpretation, from a similar altitude above the code, is that the storage-equipped backend streams the program to the machine doing the comflagging, as it can to a front end.
12:12Beirdo_ Baylink: that's my interpretation too
12:12bdale fair enough
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12:18Baylink But I'm not sure how much inter-backend communication is provided for.
12:19Baylink Do you know if anyone's working on allowing extra frontends to piggyback on a runnint livetv ringbuffer?
12:20Beirdo_ I haven't heard
12:37Baylink Cause that seems like it could be useful in some circumstances...
12:37Baylink GOtta roll. Later.
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12:37bdale only if you can really time sync them
12:38bdale my family would really like an NTSC svideo/composite output of whatever is playing on the HDTV display in the living room to feed the modulator driving the TV's in the rest of the house... but it's only useful if it's time sync'ed well enough that you don't have audio problems with, for example, the kitchen TV being on at the same time as the big display in the adjacent living room. I keep pondering approaches, but haven't made it work yet.
12:39cmorgan you'll always have audio sync problems
12:39cmorgan the propagation time of sound through air nearly assures you of that
12:40bdale *some* of the HDTV satellite receivers do this in hardware by providing a downconverted parallel output.
12:40bdale oh, I can live with that kind of problem, and/or tune it out with delays
12:40bdale when it's as bad as "wife watching live DirectTV receiver output while the rest of us watch via Myth", then we're screwed
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14:16NemLappy^ is the cvs down ?
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18:07GeckoFiend I *think* I might have an angle on the problem with not being able to read from the newly created files when trasnfering over to watching something while it records from live TV.
18:08thor_ ah GeckoFiend, have you had a chance to look at that Leo Weppelman patch ?
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18:10GeckoFiend saw it, marked it as unread so I could follow up on it when I had time to go over it
18:10thor_ k
18:11thor_ I'm just going through it now and will make some comments, but there's some stuff in there you'd probably be better at following at this point
18:17o_cee hi guys
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18:19thor_ o_cee, what's shakin?
18:20o_cee thor: well, you won't be able to make comments about my gf in the commits logs anymore hehe
18:20thor_ hmmm
18:20o_cee yepp. looking for an apartement now
18:21thor_ As I understand it, Sweden is actually full of women that it would be worth taking a shower with
18:21o_cee 5yrs 3months. yepp very true :)
18:21o_cee i'll let you know ;)
18:21thor_ and after multiple years, often a good idea to showers with many different ones for a while :-)
18:21thor_ err, shower
18:22o_cee hehe
18:23o_cee need to put back my nvidia.. crappy drivers for the 350, blerh
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18:25o_cee wonky:
18:25o_cee # Total Space: 70,987 MB
18:25o_cee # Space Used: 71,526 MB
18:25o_cee # Space Free: 0,-539 MB
18:25o_cee like 4gb free at that point i think.. ah well
18:25o_cee sleeptime
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18:29thor_ night
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18:30GeckoFiend thor_ I'm a little confused. The only view that has a different way of fetching the list of videos now is the tree view, and that's only becuase I've been too lazy to sit down and rewrite it to derrive from VideoDialog... Though having one list that gets passed arund would be nice.
18:31thor_ yup, I'm just suggesting more or less that to him
18:32thor_ (that there should only be one tree, and that the notion of "up" is already inherint in the tree)
18:32thor_ (and that he might need to change the viewing classes a bit)
18:35bob303 cvs down?
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18:36* Geck0Fiend hates dialup
18:36thor_ heh
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18:45Geck0Fiend Chutt: I think the file write optimizations might be the root of that transition problem. If we delay writing long enough and then xfs delays the actual writing as well then we have problems I think...
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18:46Geck0Fiend I lowered the write buffers down in myth and stopped having so man retries on the file open... Still looking at it
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18:46dopester gecko
18:47dopester did you see what i said yesterday in users about it running the scheduler after each delete being a good possilibty
18:47dopester of my slowdown
18:53riksta yo taylor
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18:53dopester yo rick
18:58riksta bloody xchat
18:59dopester whats wrong with xchat..
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19:06riksta some plugin i had kept messing it up
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19:11riksta dopester, you anywhere near finished?
19:12dopester yeah let me just pull it outta my pocket here.. :)
19:13riksta haha
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19:13dopester if you wanna screw around with what i got you can apply it but have fun configuring your channels :)
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19:14riksta well, i just nicked a dell box from work, so ill have it as a dev box
19:14riksta soon
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19:19splat1 nn all
19:19--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
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19:27NemLappy^ I really can't seem to get into cvs .. can anyone else manage it ?
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19:42riksta someone else can't either, probably down
19:42NemLappy^ thanks
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19:53dopester yeah i cant get to it
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21:09ribrdb ok. I'm fed up with myth dieing. how can I find the problems? Is there a way to generate a core dump when it quits?
21:12Captain_Murdo| it's all in the howto. tells you how to run under gdb and get a backtrace so we can see where it's dying.
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21:28spr0ng hi
21:28spr0ng hows mythtv working
21:28spr0ng many bugs still?
21:29dopester see topic
21:29spr0ng thanks
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22:49ribrdb why do the makefiles have CC= and CXX= lines?
22:54mikegrb um
22:54mikegrb hah
22:54mikegrb ha ha
22:55cmorgan i think it should be CXXX instead of just CXX
22:55mikegrb heh
22:55* mikegrb gives cmorgan a cookie
22:55cmorgan heh
22:56--- <<-- pmowry [] has quit (" My thanks to all the developers.")
22:57ribrdb to use a cross compiler or something like that I have to edit all the makefiles
22:58cmorgan oh i see what you mean
22:58cmorgan yeah, there should only be a few makefiles that define CC and CXX
22:58cmorgan so its easier to swap compilers out
22:59ribrdb they shouldn't need to be defined at all. the default should work
23:01Chutt that's a pretty silly thing to bitch about
23:01Chutt seeing as all the makefiles are generated by you
23:04Beirdo Chutt: people have been saying today that the CVS server looks down, though I'd give you a heads-up
23:04Chutt yeah, i know
23:04Beirdo OK. As long as you're aware. I'll leave it in your fine hands :)
23:05ribrdb Chutt: well, I set CC, and ran configure with the --cc option, and all the makefiles still had "CC = gcc" in them
23:06Chutt ribrdb, what's the very first line configure says?
23:07ribrdb well, where's it getting gcc from? shouldn't it find the CC environtment variable?
23:07Chutt of course not, that's not how qmake works
23:08Chutt and that's certainly not how you want to use a cross-compiler, anyway
23:08ribrdb so how do I tell qmake to use a different compiler?
23:08Chutt the QMAKESPEC env var
23:09Chutt along with what's in $(QTDIR)/mkspecs/
23:10ananke what would be a proper way to submit bug reports?
23:10Chutt mailing list or bugzilla
23:11Chutt along with all relevant information, or you'll just get ignored.
23:11ananke k, i didn't see bugzilla links, i'll check again
23:11ananke that's a given
23:11ananke thanks
23:14ananke is it ok to run a couple questions here, to see if they are worth being submitted as bugs?
23:14Chutt sure
23:15ananke thanks. 1) mythgame scanning technique somehow leaves out some games [snes]. so far the only pattern i can see is that some of those games are flagged as having bad checksum [by znes]. however, the games are playable.
23:15dopester chutt: with the dvb threads being screwed up are you talking about needing it to be done like tv_rec with teh static_cast?
23:15Chutt mythgame is unmaintained
23:15Chutt dopester, no, they need to be joined
23:15Chutt when done with them
23:16Chutt ananke, so there's no real point in filing a bug against it, it won't get fixed :p
23:16dopester like in TearDownRecorder?
23:16Chutt yeah, like in there
23:16Chutt thread needs to be told to exit, then pthread_join() em
23:16ananke Chutt : i see, that sucks. i don't know enough c/c++ to fix those things myself :)
23:16dopester ok thats what i was refering to.. thats easy enough to handle.. i'll make sure that gets done when i get it all taken care of..
23:17Chutt right now there's no guarantee that the threads will exit before any shared data they're accessing is deleted
23:17dopester ahh because the current way doesnt make sure its done exiting before it kills the thread off right?
23:17dopester what you said :)
23:17Chutt well, it doesn't kill the thread off
23:17Chutt so it could still be there, trying to use stuff that's no longer there
23:17Chutt and crash, etc
23:17Chutt ananke, ah well, file em anyway
23:17dopester right.. mostly will effect kenneth and his cam module though :)
23:18Chutt maybe someone will fix em
23:18ribrdb should I report that when exiting the EPG using tv out on a pvr 350, there's a black square covering the tv image until the OSD is shown?
23:18Chutt can't be fixed.
23:18Chutt due to how the 350 works
23:19Chutt it should be transparent, though
23:19dopester anyone know why hdtvrecorder does a stripped ts vs. a ps?
23:19ribrdb yeah, it looks like the alpha is set to opaque instead of transparent.
23:19Chutt dopester, probably was easier to just drop packets
23:19Chutt oh, wait
23:19Chutt ribrdb, which ivtv version?
23:20Chutt bunch of recent ones are fucked up when it comes to the osd
23:20ribrdb ck100z
23:20ananke god, ivtv can be a nightmare for somebody that's just starting
23:20Chutt yup
23:20Chutt it's also not maintained
23:20Chutt well, at least
23:20ananke i spent a week debugging a problem that i thought was mythtv related, yet it was all ivtv's fault [or maybe mythtv triggered it]
23:21dopester almost all of my frontend crashes are either ivtv or kenneth
23:21riksta haha, kenneth is my guess :)
23:21dopester hes like my nemesis..
23:22riksta fair play to him for having a go though, but from what i can see of the code, its uhhh, not very elegant
23:22dopester it seems like he started just making it work and left it at that
23:22riksta could be many reasons for that though i suppose
23:22dopester yeah like not getting cvs access and taking it personally..
23:23riksta well no i was meaning personal problems
23:23dopester ok i'll stop the ken bashing..
23:23Chutt heh
23:23riksta but yeah, that could be a good enough reason ;)
23:23dopester if you got personal issues that keeps ya from working on it ya post what you got and say ya can't keep messing with it
23:23riksta just let me know when you're ready for me to test
23:23riksta true taylor
23:24dopester yer big on using real names on irc aren't you.. rick.. :)
23:24riksta i think i should buy issac a dvb card, in the hope that it makes him work on the dvb stuff ;)
23:25Chutt how would i use it?
23:25dopester id give him one of my spares but he could care less im sure.. :)
23:25riksta well its shorter than dopester, cuz my nick complete doesn't work well with psybnc being on multiple networks
23:25dopester a satellite dish
23:25riksta its couldn't care less i think :)
23:26ribrdb is there any way to disable the OSD fadeout, or make it use the hardware alpha blending or something? My video stops for a full second whenever the OSD disappears.
23:26--- Netsplit <-> quits: o_c
23:26riksta ribrdb, well i'm sure that's not normal
23:26Chutt ribrdb, that's ivtv again, unless you're on a seriously underpowered machine
23:26--- Netsplit over, joins: o_c
23:26Chutt but you can just edit the osd.xml from the theme to change that
23:35--- <--- streamtrade [] has left #MythTV ()
23:35--- ---> streamtrade [] has joined #MythTV
23:36streamtrade anyone from the reno area?
23:36Chutt topic.
23:36streamtrade mythtv development
23:37Chutt right.
23:37streamtrade I am looking for any mythtv develoeprs in the reno area
23:37Chutt what possible reason could you have for doing so?
23:38streamtrade I am starting to work with mythtv, want to learn as much as I can and ideally have some live help to get me started.
23:38Chutt that's user support
23:38Chutt not development
23:39streamtrade But I want to work with the source too
23:39streamtrade and ultimately add to it
23:39streamtrade I do have to get past that user support stuff first....
23:39Chutt if you can't figure things out on your own...
23:40streamtrade I am sure that I will eventually...
23:41streamtrade Only been at this linux thing a week
23:41streamtrade I want to get mythtv running and then dig into and add to the source
23:41streamtrade thats my that is why I asked
23:43Chutt honestly, if you can't get it running on your own, i'm not sure what you'll be able to add
23:43streamtrade time will tell...and you will see
23:43cmorgan the mythtv install guide is very well written btw
23:44streamtrade I have read it alot...right now I have been doing a mythfilldatabase for 5 hours...can't seem to get the data
23:44streamtrade but I am sure I will
23:45cmorgan i'd make sure your zap2it account is working correctly
23:45streamtrade been following the guide at Wilsonet
23:45cmorgan use the one at
23:45streamtrade the service just times out
23:46streamtrade I get read errors within the stream at various points
23:46Chutt so, ask in the users channel.
23:46streamtrade I have and will continue to
23:46streamtrade I realize this is not a users channel, hence my ? for myth develoeprs local to Reno
23:47streamtrade I will keep my user issues in the user channel
23:57dopester how much you offering per hour for live in person support streamtrade?
23:58riksta hehe :)
23:58streamtrade i am open to paying for help
---Logclosed Wed Sep 29 00:00:02 2004