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00:00riksta pay for my flight from the UK, and put me up in a hotel for a week, i'll sort you out
00:01streamtrade I'll consider it :)
00:03dopester dont forget the free hooker since its legal in some nevada counties :)
00:03streamtrade no free hookers here
00:07riksta < OT but cool
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00:54Beirdo sorry for the connect spam, just finished setting up irssi as a proxy
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02:25ribrdb grr, none of the cpp files compile over distcc
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02:50Chutt i compile using ccache and distcc all the time, and a number of others do as well.
03:07ribrdb maybe it's a problem with my cross compiler then
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03:14ribrdb any idea how much memory is required to compile programs/mythfrontend/globalsettings.cpp ?
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03:18Rince_ ribrdb: shouldn't be too mcuh, why?
03:19ribrdb because it's been compiling for hours, and I'm afraid it's going to run out of swap space before it finishes
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04:57orogor hi there
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08:57johnnyST Hi who is doing debian packages?
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09:07truls johnnyST: first hit on google
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09:18johnnyST truls, I was just thinking if there are any plans for makeing dep's for sarge.
09:19* truls wouldn't know.. but hope so
09:19truls or sid atleast
09:19truls (which would mean sarge)
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09:20johnnyST Becouse sarge are on it's way to stable and I think there will be quite a lot of new users of sarge.
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09:44truls true
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11:27ribrdb the sid packages work on sarge if you just install a couple of qt things from sid.
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15:13anon chutt are u there
15:13anon i guess not
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18:04electro_ what card is better? The PVR-250-975 or the PVR-250-980 ?
18:04Chutt read the topic.
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18:05orangey hey chutt: is qt 3.3.0 a requirement for 0.16?
18:05Chutt nope
18:06orangey strange..
18:06orangey perhaps the mandrake package maintainer is using 3.3.0 to compile his version: undefined symbol: _ZN9QComboBox4hideEv
18:07orangey or am I on crack?
18:08Chutt wouldn't know
18:09orangey Chutt: alright.. I'll try recompiling, and then contacting the maintainer directly..
18:13Morph Chutt: what is the faster land animal on the planet?
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18:29anon with one pvr 350 can u record a channel and watch a new channel at the same time
18:29anon ?
18:30* Baylink points to topic, this time.
18:30Rince anon: the answer is no since you have only one tuner. But as Baylink mentions, this is _not_ the user-channel
18:32anon ok thanks
18:33anon but im the only one in that channel so its hard to get answers
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18:33Morph anon: check the channel. there are 92 people in there.
18:33anon ohh my bad spelling mistake
18:35adidas_little| i want to use mythtv but i only have a 500MHz procsser and a 2 gig hard drive is there a way to turn off pvr?
18:36* Baylink points, *again* to the topic...
18:36adidas_little| or should i ask this in users
18:36* Baylink bows
18:37adidas_little| don't get upset please i didn't thing any one in the users room would know beiang that this is the development room i thought it would be easer to ask the people that develop it
18:37adidas_little| think*
18:37adidas_little| being*
18:37splat1 nn all
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18:43adidas_little| well the user room is no help
18:43Baylink Alas, shoeman, your question isn't clear enough to make that obvious... nor is it clear enough for me to understand, and I do tech support for a living.
18:43adidas_little| would any of yall know
18:44adidas_little| can you turn off pvr?
18:44Baylink Sure; don't run Myth.
18:45snowblind i wonder why you would even be running myth if you wanted that
18:45mikegrb snowblind: he is confused perhaps
18:46mikegrb seeing as how he wants a support question answered in a dev channel and such
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18:47adidas_little| bay you can get off your high horse
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18:47Beirdo and you can ask user support questions in the -users channel or face the wrath of the developers
18:48adidas_little| i am in both beirdo
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19:01Beirdo dumbass
19:01Beirdo :)
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19:46dopester chutt: i bet yer right about thread locks with that guys problem with dvb cam
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19:50dopester oh god what kenneth pasted even found a bug i found then.. i wasn't sure then if it iwas a bug but now I know it was.. heh
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20:15dopester well im about to start a war with kenneth I am sure.. :)
20:16Beirdo this should be fun, you gonna do it where we can watch?
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20:35CanadaBoy how can i tell what version pf mythmusic i have installed ?
20:35CanadaBoy pf = of
20:36CanadaBoy woops wrong room
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20:56dopester beirdo: i already did look at -dev
20:56Beirdo heh, will do
21:00Beirdo dopester: I don't see a post by you replying to his latest gem.
21:00Beirdo on gossamer that is
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21:03dopester yeah its not to gossamer yet
21:04Beirdo and not to me yet (digested). I'm sure I'll enjoy it though
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21:05dopester its not that great a post.. I suspect it will get better over a few replies..
21:05dopester i bet its to do with PMT handling since it takes a cached PMT from the DB or what it gets from the card and usese the first one to show up.. if they are different you are screwed.. hell he could have ancient PMT data in his dvb_channels table..
21:05dopester but kenneth clearly isnt willing ot work with him..
21:06--- ---> adante [] has joined #mythtv
21:06Beirdo yeah, I got that from his snotty reply too
21:36riksta dopester, did ya want me
21:39dopester naw was just sayin hi
21:48riksta ahh
21:48riksta hi matey ;)
21:49Beirdo arrrr matey...
21:50riksta don't take the mickey out of my english heritage :)
21:51riksta and ps
21:51riksta get snatch purchased already
21:52Beirdo it'll happen
21:52Beirdo after I get paid :)
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21:55Beirdo frigging contract work will kill me yet
21:56Beirdo ain't got paid for 8 weeks and it's pissing me off
21:56riksta yeah i get that shit
21:56riksta but i get a retainer
21:56Beirdo well, I subcontract through a friend's corporation
21:57Beirdo HE didn't get paid until today
21:57Beirdo so I didn't get paid.
21:57Beirdo such is life
21:57riksta working for friends is bad
21:57Beirdo no, this isn't his fault in any way
21:57riksta at least if you work for some random guy, you can have a good shout at him
21:57riksta even if its not his fault :)
21:57Beirdo Hell, I shout at my friends more than random strangers
21:57riksta lol
21:57riksta thats not nice
21:57Beirdo they know to expect it if they fuck up
21:57riksta no wonder you don't have a girlfriend :)
21:57Beirdo and I get it right back
21:58riksta hehe just messing
21:58cmorgan 8 weeks without pay? is that what you were supposed to wait before the first paycheck?
21:58Beirdo heh
21:58Beirdo no
21:58cmorgan you might have considered stopping when they didn't pay you ;-)
21:58dopester kenneth didnt get offended.. heh
21:58Beirdo I'm theoretically paid weekly, but the company we are contracting for is slow
21:59Beirdo but 8 weeks of pay is a nice cheque to deposit, let me tell ya
21:59riksta true
21:59riksta doesn't really make any difference though, except you might have lived a bit more frugally for those few weeks
21:59riksta so saved a few bucks
21:59Beirdo I might actually hit 5 figures this time :)
21:59Beirdo and lost weight
21:59riksta no food?
22:00Beirdo eating out less will do that to you
22:00riksta yer
22:00riksta i never eat out
22:00riksta im a student :)
22:00Beirdo heh
22:00riksta can't afford that shit
22:00* Beirdo sighs
22:00Beirdo now what code to work on tonight
22:00riksta it'll all be worth it in the end..i'm hoping
22:02Beirdo here's hoping :)
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22:51dopester are signals not threadsafe like kenneth claims?
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23:01Chutt yup
23:01Chutt it's more the connect() stuff and QObject creation/deletion that's not threadsafe
23:02Chutt though
23:03dopester so using a signal and slot to send data around is ok though right?
23:04dopester assuming the code that runs on both sides is thread safe
23:06Chutt The Signals and Slots mechanism can be used in separate threads, as long as the rules for QObject based classes are followed. The Signals and Slots mechanism is synchronous: when a signal is emitted, all slots are called immediately. The slots are executed in the thread context that emitted the signal.
23:07Chutt if you inherit from qobject, though, the object's constructor and destructor are _not_ threadsafe
23:07dopester thanks for the cut and paste.. :) im being lazy..
23:07dopester yeah im not doing that at all..
23:08Chutt well, if you're using signals and slots, you're inheriting from qobject
23:08dopester but they would already be instantiated when the signal/slot is used..
23:09Chutt right
23:09Chutt but, it matters where you instantiate the objects and delete them
23:10dopester i have the siparser (system table parser) class using signals and slots to pass data back and forth to the pid reader (in dvbchannel or hdtvrecorder).. thats all.. thats perfectly ok a use.. (just trying to clarify)
23:10Chutt as long as the siparser class is created/deleted from the main thread :p
23:10dopester that way the SIParser class is created by tv_rec and universal
23:11Chutt or locked with the global lock, of cousre
23:11Chutt course, rather
23:11dopester i wanted it to just decide to start by itself :)
23:11dopester never seen any examples of that before
23:11dopester oh is that dvbsignal mess commented out for a reason?
23:11Chutt yup
23:12Chutt the biggest offender is the settings code, but geckofiend knows about it and is fixing it eventually =)
23:12dopester yeah i know how to fix the cam code now that i looked at tv_rec simple enough..
23:13dopester i just dont think its that thats making that dude have issues with is cam..
23:13dopester i liked the way kenneth said "oh sounds like you have a broken cam" but then in his reply to me says hes seen the same thing before..
23:14dopester i shoulda just replied that it sounds like he has a broken cam.. heh
23:15riksta :)
23:16riksta god, im becoming nocturnal
23:17dopester get a coffin to sleep in.. thats what i sleep in :)
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23:17riksta thats freaky as fuck
23:17KarlosII anyone here use gentoo
23:17riksta yeah i do
23:17KarlosII is there any use flags I need to set b4 I emerge mythtv?
23:17dopester see topic
23:18riksta ill tell you in #mythtv-users
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23:38riksta ahh i HAVE to get some new hdd's the bearing whine is driving me crazy now
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