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00:45paulc36 Hey: I know users forum is better for this Q, but tried there and on list and no answer. I'm having problems changing channel (serial, cable box) in 0.16, but only on recordings.
00:45paulc36 Any advice?
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08:06orogor hi there
08:06orogor there s a problem with audio cds
08:07orogor the app hang instead of exiting , if i eject a cd while it s playing
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13:36Rince aber k\xF6nnte auch zu tief gehen
14:00* CyberKnet gets out his german->english translator page.
14:00CyberKnet "but could go also too deeply"
14:01CyberKnet I guess it's not 100% accurate.
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16:22zeak hi, im planning to install mythtv, what OS (redhat/mandrake etc) should I install? (simples way)??
16:22* Beirdo points at the topic
16:23zeak thx
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16:23Beirdo Chutt: you around?
16:24Chutt no
16:24Beirdo heh
16:24Beirdo I haven't gotten my -dev digest yet, but I see your response to my patch :)
16:24Beirdo (on gossamer)
16:25Chutt right
16:25Chutt i won't be applying that patch
16:25Beirdo if we are supposed to be editing the mysql.txt in the homedir, it would be a very good idea to indicate that in the docs rather than saying to edit in /usr/local/share/mythtv
16:25Chutt so submit a patch for that
16:25Beirdo as it is, the documentation is telling us to break our systems
16:26Chutt not really
16:26Chutt most people don't upgrade that often
16:26Beirdo I know, but still. :) If the proper location is in the homedir, that's what the docs should say. I assume it's a CVS module with the docs in it?
16:27Chutt actually, what the hell are you talking about?
16:27Chutt Settings get reset at every compile.
16:27Chutt MythTV will overwrite any settings in /usr/local/share/mythtv. If you want to make sure that you don't lose your modifications, make a directory ~/.mythtv and copy your mysql.txt file to this location.
16:27Beirdo one sec, I'll find it :)
16:27Beirdo what section is that from?
16:28Chutt troubleshooting
16:28Beirdo ah
16:28Chutt Once MythTV is compiled and installed, you must change your /usr/local/share/mythtv/mysql.txt or ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt file's "DBHostName" field to point to your Master backend's IP address.
16:28Chutt from the setup section
16:28Beirdo it should be in the config areas too. See section 9.3
16:28Chutt it's in there, if you read things.
16:28Beirdo Ensure that you've granted access to the master MySQL database for remote backends as discussed in the section titled Modifying access to the MySQL database for multiple systems and that you've edited the /usr/local/share/mythtv/mysql.txt file and put the correct IP address for the database server.
16:28Beirdo that's what I saw :)
16:29Beirdo and that's why I configured it that way
16:29Beirdo shouldn't be too hard to add it there
16:29Beirdo I'll look into that.
16:30Beirdo and I think the "Configuring mythfrontend" should mention to do the file too (in case people have them on separate machines)
16:31Beirdo But fair enough, I'll make a patch to the docs
16:33CyberKnet I'd like to have commercial flagging running on my Win32 box. I'd rather not start coding until I know how the project would prefer me to go about doing this. Are there any prerequisites I should know first? (i.e. implement a cut-down back end, do it in c++)
16:34CyberKnet (obviously I do not expect someone else to write the program for me)
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16:35Chutt do it however you want
16:35CyberKnet Okay.
16:35CyberKnet I just didn't want to start on the wrong foot like the people who keep trying to force database independance.
16:36CyberKnet I did get exchange some emails with the folks doing the front end port to win32, but they indicated this was outside the scope of what they were doing.
16:36CyberKnet Thanks for your input Chutt.
16:37Chutt shouldn't be difficult to port the mythcommflag program, i don't think
16:37Chutt and that would be 'kept trying to force database independence' =)
16:37Chutt they've stopped, not heard a peep out of them =)
16:38CyberKnet Nice.
16:38dopester oh come on dont you want myth to run on ms-sql.. bwahaha
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16:38Beirdo hehe
16:39Beirdo you can run mysql on Win32 as well :)
16:39dopester yeah but its not a closed source pos
16:39dopester ive found tons of bugs in it at work
16:39Beirdo true enough
16:39CyberKnet I dont want to run the whole backend on win32 =) Just the commercial flagging... I have a lot of CPU being wasted right now.
16:41dopester i dunno.. my windows box seems to like to consume cpu at random for fun
16:42Beirdo Chutt: OK, one follow-up question. I assume I should give a patch to the mythtv-HOWTO.sgml rather than the html files?
16:42CyberKnet dopester: The only thing that chews very much CPU on my windows box is when I start encoding OGG. But then the encodes get done very quickly.
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16:43Chutt yup
16:43dopester cyberknet: im mostly just making pokes at ms there..
16:44CyberKnet dopester: yep. You could almost say that if I had been running linux I wouldn't have had to upgrade from the AthlonXP 2100 to the Athlon64 3500... :)
16:44CyberKnet Anyways, I dont mean to fill the channel with anything pointless. I just wanted to check about that one thing before I set in too far.
16:44CyberKnet Thanks Isaac.
16:45dopester dont' worry i can fill the channel with worthless dribble pretty well.. :)
16:45Beirdo OK, I'll look into that tonight then. I still don't like make install blowing things away, but with the ~/.mythtv/mysql.txt file taking precedence, I guess all is well
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16:46Beirdo meanwhile if people want to hack their own tree like I did, the patch is on the ML for them to see
16:46Beirdo :)
16:46Chutt the issue with not overwriting the one in /usr/local/share is that that completely breaks for upgrades
16:47Beirdo yeah, I can see that
16:47Beirdo I could do a "merge" thing like CVS does, but that'd be a PITA
16:47Beirdo hardly worth the trouble
16:48Beirdo any time the structure of that file changes will cause nightmares if you don't overwrite the system-wide one
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17:02splat1 nn all
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17:39thor_ JFHC I am an idiot
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17:50Chutt thor, what'd you do?
17:51o_cee Chutt: do you know what causes this? never had problems with gdb before
17:51o_cee Starting program: /usr/local/bin/mythbackend
17:51o_cee warning: Unable to find dynamic linker breakpoint function.
17:51o_cee GDB will be unable to debug shared library initializers
17:51o_cee and track explicitly loaded dynamic code.
17:51Chutt nope
17:51o_cee odd. will try to recompile gdb..
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18:10o_cee will make a general update on stuff..
18:12o_cee Chutt: about the OSD menu (and other places).. (i know you've said you don't like the current item to stick in the middle like watch recs for example..) but i think it'd be nice to always have one item below/above your current item, like kernels menuconfig do.. makes it easier to navigate i think
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18:42thor_ Chutt, finally figured out my 2 week old problem with PrivateObject things
18:42thor_ and I'm really an idiot
18:43thor_ had an old .h in includes
18:43thor_ explains everything though, why the crashes were always in random places
18:44thor_ nothing like blindly linking to an object that is completely different than the one you say you're linking against
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19:09Chutt thor, heh
19:09Chutt that sucks
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19:45Wildgoose Thor: You on gentoo by any chance?
19:46Wildgoose That error comes up a lot on there. I forget whether it was solved by making sure your glibc isn't stripped, or switching back to pthreads, or getting a later version of GDB...
19:46Wildgoose however, there are some odd debug problems on recent kernels with some distros
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19:48Wildgoose ...OH, misread the name (it's 1 am here). Same thing to o_cee, except that (he) isn't here...
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21:04Beirdo Chutt: you in? I'm looking for how to pass to the QUERY_GENPIXMAP command the offset into the recording (in time) as I want to extend it to use frame number, and be able to specify the frame size.
21:04Beirdo but I'm having trouble deciphering the command parsing
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22:19Captain_Murdo| CyberKnet: you still around? if they can get mythfrontend compiled and running (which it seems I think I remember them mentioning seeing the preview video displaying in the watch recordings screen), then you should be able to compile mythcommflag using the same instructions, it doesn't even need the gui.
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22:56joss cant still get sound working for records...
22:57joss capture seems to be set to line, but.... not a single beep :(
22:58joss aah just solved it :)
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