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00:13Chutt bah, that's no fun
00:13Chutt triple member's discount on, just after i bought a bunch of books
00:15Beirdo Doh.
00:16Beirdo I hate it when that happens
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01:17rkulagow chutt: still here?
01:17Beirdo rkulagow: you get my docs patch for the mysql.txt clarification?
01:18rkulagow beirdo: nope
01:18Beirdo I emailed it to the email address in the docs
01:19rkulagow don't see it; i just checked and no new messages
01:19Beirdo hmmm
01:19Beirdo let me go look :)
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01:20Beirdo My logs show it going out. Any other email I should send it to?
01:21Beirdo I can put it in webspace if that makes it easier
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01:24Chutt rkulagow, kinda
01:26dopester chutt: did you see my q this morning about event inserstion?
01:26Chutt nope
01:26rkulagow anyone else report issues with deleted programs not turning into actual free space on the drive?
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01:27Beirdo Heard rumbles about that on the -users channel, rkulagow
01:27Chutt several times.
01:27Chutt multiple several times
01:27Chutt it's fixed in cvs
01:27Chutt been so for, oh, 2 or 3 weeks :p
01:28dopester chutt: i was wondering if it would be good to make the dvb event insersion code (guide data) general enough it could be used for mythfilldb sicne there is a hefty ammount of logic involved..
01:28rkulagow really? i'm probably not more than 1 or 2 days behind, and i think i've still got it.
01:28dopester rkulagow: whats an easy way to check i noticed i had 3g free and wasnt sure if that was right or not..
01:28Chutt rkulagow, unless you've found another cause that i didn't
01:29Chutt i'll need exact reproduction steps that lead to a file being kept open.
01:30Chutt dopester, what would mythfilldatabase use it for?
01:31dopester inserting events.. it didnt look like there was an easy way to use the code in mythfilldb to insert an event into the db
01:31Chutt what sort of events?
01:31dopester gudie data
01:32dopester sorry im mixing terms here.. when i say events i mean 1 tv show
01:32Chutt wouldn't some generic code that doesn't apply as well to what mythfilldb does work slower?
01:32rkulagow i'll see if i can repro. now it's bed time. i'm wiped. thanks.
01:32Chutt rkulagow, you can use lsof to see if files are being kept open when they shouldn't be
01:32dopester well thats what im asking do you see a need to keep it seperate (speed sounds like a good one)
01:33Chutt and it wouldn't apply at all to people using datadirect :p
01:33Chutt so, i dunno
01:33dopester i figure i will have to check if the event exists first, and a bunch of other checks before doing the insert where as with an xmltv file you might not have to
01:33Chutt why not get some stuff in cvs first, before working on other stuff? :p
01:34dopester cause im breaking guide completely for dvb if i roll with what i got now
01:34dopester do you think thats any worse than it is now? if not i might just throw a patch out when john finishes the transport editor..
01:34Chutt i dunno
01:35dopester i mean dvb seems to work great for some and terrible for others so i dunno.. it works like crap for me, but kenneth (at least acts) like it works like a charm
01:36dopester well let me ask this.. if you figure .17 is off a good ways (4 months or so) i'll go ahead and do a patch that will break that stuff only in cvs
01:36dopester and get the guide patch in before the next release..
01:36dopester but if the release is gonna be sooner i probbably wont have the time to do it all..
01:38Chutt not 4 months
01:39Chutt but i've been too busy to do stuff
01:39Chutt so, let's aim not to break everything
01:39dopester yeah ive been getting so sidetracked its been sitting for about 2 weeks now
01:40Chutt anyway, time for me to sleep.
01:40dopester yeah me too.. take it easy
01:40Beirdo Goodnight :)
01:40Beirdo I promise not to make waves about mysql.txt any more :)
01:41dopester heh.. you canadians.. always stirring up trouble.. :)
01:41Beirdo with our beady eyes and flappy heads
01:41dopester yeah that too :)
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02:33banyan Hello ppls! My recordedmarkup table in mysql got corrupted. It's marked as crashed. Any fix pointers?
02:38* Beirdo glances at the topic
02:39banyan OK!
02:39banyan Besides, I stumbled on the solution. :-)
02:39Beirdo good
02:39Beirdo :)
02:41banyan Off topic again, but do you know how the ivtv boys are coming along on 0.1.10? Particularly, fixing the 350 output bug that makes my PC lock up, which corrupts my mysql database sometimes? :-)
02:42Beirdo once again, see topic :)
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03:03Netslayer is there a place in DB that has the backend status? aka if it's recording
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11:34joss how can i make xawtv/tvtime/mythtv to start from a channel wich was set with v4lctl setchannel "something"?
11:35Chutt well, you start by reading the topic =)
11:35Wildgoose Chutt: Since you appear to be active, a quick question:
11:35Wildgoose I have revamped the audio code quite significantly and moved all the duplicate code into it's own class
11:36Wildgoose the concrete classes then just inherit from this, and it cleans stuff up significantly
11:36Wildgoose I have also added a resampler though (using libsamplerate)
11:36Chutt heh
11:36Wildgoose 1) I guess you prefer this to be integrated in the myth source?
11:36Chutt stick it in the myth source, if it's small enough
11:36Wildgoose it's quite small
11:36Wildgoose ...but
11:36Chutt yeah, like the libavcodec code
11:37Wildgoose It uses autoconfigure
11:37Wildgoose how best to integrate that bit?
11:37Chutt remove it
11:37Chutt i doubt it uses autoconf for anything much, just like most things out there
11:37Wildgoose hmm, but the autoconfig checks for some tricky things
11:37Wildgoose like whether the cpu rounds one way or the other
11:37Chutt does it actually use them in the source?
11:37Wildgoose yep
11:37Wildgoose at least in a few areas
11:37Chutt amazing
11:37Wildgoose I havent checked for much other stuff mind
11:38Wildgoose Yeah, it's quite a high end bit of DSP programming
11:38Wildgoose It does resampling "properly"
11:38Chutt no autocrap
11:38Chutt oh, you mean slowly? =)
11:38Wildgoose Although it has the option to do it quick and dirty as well
11:38Wildgoose yeah, slowly...!
11:38Wildgoose (But it sounds GOOOD!)
11:38Wildgoose So what to do with the "configure" script?
11:39Wildgoose I only ask because I see we have one for ffmpeg?
11:39Chutt it's not autoconf, though
11:40Chutt no auto*
11:40Chutt not allowed =)
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11:51Wildgoose ok, perhaps I phrased it wrongly. It has a "configure" script? What would that be?
11:52Wildgoose Actually, hang on.
11:52Wildgoose the download is from here:
11:52Wildgoose Perhaps you wouldn't mind taking a quick look and advising what I need to do to massage this into libs/libmythsamplerate ?
11:58Chutt can't right now
11:58Chutt actually, nevermind
11:59Chutt nope, winzip doesn't like that
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11:59Chutt have to wait until my office it put back together
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12:07Wildgoose Yeah, I keep winrar around on my windows system to do .tar.gz files
12:07Wildgoose Actually, I like it better than winzip in many ways...
12:08Wildgoose Thanks for looking. I've got quite a few other bits on right now (building a HUGE hifi system). I will post the patch without the relevant lib adjustments to the list shortly (for review)
12:09Wildgoose Oh, in case it wasn't obvious. I'm also trying to merge the Music player audio code into the main libmyth library, hence the nice resampler
12:09Chutt2 can you email me the link?
12:09Chutt2 since i don't have the scrollback anymore
12:10Chutt2 and i won't be on my linux box for another couple hours
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12:15o_c Captain_Murdoch: you here?
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13:33lmatter anyone mind if I ask a question about osd.xml in this channel?
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13:34lmatter can someone tell me what the four values in the <area> tag are (e.g., x,y, +x,+y)? I need to allow more room for cid info.
13:35Chutt that's what they are
13:35Chutt well, they might be x/y/width/height
13:36Chutt actually, that's probably what they are
13:36Chutt i can't check right now
13:37lmatter thanks, that at least gets me in the right direction (if not the actual answer)
13:38Chutt it _is_ x, y, width, height
13:38Chutt and the osd theme is normalized to a 640x480 window
13:39lmatter thanks Chutt.
13:39Chutt that'll likely change with the new ui code
13:39Chutt but for now.. =)
13:40lmatter I'm still on 0.15.1
13:41lmatter (but thanks for the heads up)
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13:44Chutt heh
13:44thor_ howdy
13:44Chutt hey
13:47Chutt i've got big holes in my house where windows used to be =)
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14:35Wildgoose Chutt: Audio got too loud again?
14:35Wildgoose See this link for some audio ideas
14:35potuncle Anyone heard of an ETA for the phHDTV HD-3000 cards?
14:35Wildgoose It's about subwoofers which will make your *walls* flex
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14:57Chutt Disclaimer: I know nothing. Nothing I say should be used any sort of
14:57Chutt documentation, information on audio APIs or as proof of anything,
14:57Chutt including who shot JR or whether or not OJ "did it".
14:57Chutt that's awesome
15:22Wildgoose do you like the "Extreme Designs" page? I like the guy who put in *two* arrays of 9 x 15" woofers. He says that slow moving helicopter blades are actually felt as though it's overhead!
15:22Wildgoose This is basically the design that I am building right now. I have two stereo subs, each with two 15" woofers.
15:23Wildgoose The underfloor space (I think in the US you call it a crawl space) is being used as the speaker area, and you fire it up into the living room.
15:23Wildgoose Amps are 600W per side
15:23Wildgoose The reason for the new audio code in Myth is so that I can do room correction via massive filters using Brutefir.
15:24Wildgoose There is nothing you can buy which can do this, although you can come close if you spend about $30,000 with Tact audio (that's the price for the electronics only...). However, this will all be possible now with a cheap PC...
15:25Chutt heh
15:25Wildgoose Should be an awesome advance in PC audio when I finish all the other little changes. There is quite a lot of interest from the Windows Home Theatre boys because you can't do *anything* like this on windows right now...
15:26Wildgoose Oh, and not that anyone cares, but I am building new amplifiers right now (smell of solder in the air), should have another 1000 watts or so of amp power shortly (in 8 amplifiers)
15:27Wildgoose DIY is fun though because you can build these things for about $60 each, whereas you would pay around $1,500 each for the finished product commercially...
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15:29thor_ And once they get desktop fusion sorted out, you'll be able to power them
15:30Chutt heh
15:30Chutt new windows are done =)
15:31Chutt so now i just gotta put my office back together
15:31thor_ that was quick ... plastic sheets and duct tape?
15:31Wildgoose Using digital amps for most of my stuff. They sound pretty good these days (better than Class A/B usually)
15:31Wildgoose Also, about 95% efficient, rather than <50% efficient for normal amps
15:32Wildgoose So you cool them with a thin piece of aluminium...
15:32Wildgoose In the UK you can get 3Khw out of the ring main, so that's quite a lot of amp power..!!
15:32thor_ heh
15:32thor_ just don't run your dryer at the same time
15:33Wildgoose (I had to run a dedicated ring main to my system for exactly that reason...)
15:34Wildgoose By the way. Seeing a regular problem here where every now and again, Myth dies when starting playback. Screen says "Died", not segfault
15:34Wildgoose (Which seems to suggest that it died in some external library?)
15:34Chutt naw, would segfault
15:34Chutt still
15:35Wildgoose Anyone else seen this recently? I usually find that GDB won't catch the exit and show me where it died?
15:35Wildgoose Am I just using gdb wrongly?
15:35Chutt dunno
15:35Wildgoose Not happening for you then?
15:36Chutt nope
15:36Wildgoose Hmm, yeah, segfaults I can handle, but I just get the odd "killed" message and no clue what happened
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19:09kRutOn Hello
19:13kRutOn Is there any way I can peer more deeply into the codecs that MythTV might choose to play a MPEG2 file? When recording off this DVB-S card, it plays back fine in mplayer with about 10% but MythTV takes up nearly 70% CPU and it's very jerky. I'm using Xv and I've been to the user support channel :-)
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19:36Shodan-aw I'm having trouble compiling mythtv .16 on gentoo , it crashes doing the frontend , I have the log here
19:36* Beirdo points at the topic
19:37Shodan-aw have you been there lately ?
19:37Beirdo yes, I'm always there
19:38Beirdo that isn't a development question, doesn't belong here.
19:38Shodan-aw oh well ... nevermind then
19:41Beirdo so go to the -users channel and ask, there are people there
19:42Shodan-aw been there , no answer , I'll try the gentoo forums
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20:11Chutt no wonder the website's slow
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21:07khome hi. how do I run the backend setup?
21:09dopester see topic
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