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03:08teh` we have made some changes to mythtv: language selection right after mythfrontend is started, movies subtitles are chosen according to the lang. selected, if a path is given to a movie clip (in the mysql) a movie will be looped right after mythfrontend is started but before the language selection, it can be stop by hitting ESC. Mythweather will ask you for location in the main mythweather menu, no need to go to settings...etc...etc...mythweather settings.
03:08teh` So the question is, would you like to add these features to mythtv?
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07:11Goldfish I ugpraded to 0.16, and suddenly find programs not able to auto-expire and conform to my free space limits. When I restart mythbackend, it will only delete one program, and then complain about not reaching the target of free space.
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10:55dfgas_ /dev/hda:
10:55dfgas_ Timing buffered disk reads: 68 MB in 3.00 seconds = 22.65 MB/sec
10:55dfgas_ toy dfgas #
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13:12Chutt geckofiend, hey, you around?
13:29Chutt baylink, you realize that your cpu useage estimates are wildly off, right?
13:46Baylink They're based, as I noted, on what I've seen people report on the list. If you disagree with them, why don't you post a comment on the list, if you have a better answer.
13:46Chutt the only way a pvr-250 will use that much cpu is if DMA's off
13:47Chutt and if a person has dma turned off, they've got worse problems.
13:47Baylink I was being pessimistic.
13:47Baylink I can roll two cards, yes, and only push my load average to .3 or so.
13:47Chutt reasonable software encoding parameters with mpeg4 use about 40% on a xp1800+
13:48Baylink The MPEG4 encoder is more efficient than the MPEG2, isn't it?
13:48Chutt there isn't a software mpeg2 encoder hooked up
13:48Chutt the rtjpeg encoder is more efficient, cpu wise, yes
13:48Baylink Ah.
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14:33Dibblah1_ Wow. Busy in here. Has anyone got a concrete example of bug #5 (Using the default theme element instead of the custom theme element)?
14:44Dibblah1_ ... And why check if the theme item exists in /tmp before giving up?
14:52tomdee can I report a (possible) bug in here?
14:54Baylink Might be a good place to start, if people are listening. You have an idea where it *is*? If not, you might start on -users instead.
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14:55tomdee I've just been trying on users, and I'm pretty sure I'm not doing anything wrong
14:58Beirdo the mailing list is a better second resort if the -users channel can't help
14:58Baylink Oh. You. Wait one, while I scrool.
14:59Baylink Yeah, Tomdee, sounds like dirty data, and therefore operational.
14:59Baylink As Beirdo said (I think), check the archive.
15:06tomdee dirty data where? provided by my grabber?
15:06tomdee or already in the database?
15:08Baylink Either or both. It might be worth flushing and re-grabbing, but in any event, back on -users. Unless you can quote a filename and line number. :-)
15:14tomdee no probs :-)
15:57Chutt razzlefrazzing evc++
15:57Chutt damn thing won't talk to my hardware
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15:59Baylink The whole compiler?
15:59Chutt yeah
15:59Chutt it has hooks into a wince device
15:59Chutt remote debugging, all that
15:59Chutt refuses to connect
16:01Baylink Ah.
16:01Baylink Work again. That's a four-letter word, remember? :-)
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16:02Chutt heh
16:02Chutt one of these days i'll get far enough ahead that i'll have more time for myth
16:03Baylink One may only hope. :-)
16:13thor_ ah Chutt, on libmythui
16:14Chutt ya?
16:14thor_ in the ui files (which are now beginning to get parsed by MythUIThemedDialogs)...
16:14thor_ do we want containers within windows?
16:15thor_ or should one <window> just have a bunch os <screen>'s ?
16:15thor_ err, bunch of
16:15thor_ or should I just make it up as I go along
16:15Chutt well, each screen is separate, right?
16:15thor_ I've replaced <window> with <screen>
16:16Chutt a screen's a logical group of lesser elements that's shown/hidden all that the same time
16:16Chutt not necessarily full-screen, or whatnot, but..
16:16thor_ but do we want to have to parse xml every time a screen is pushed on or poped off?
16:16Chutt nope, a lot of that should be preparsed
16:17Chutt popping off shouldn't cause anything to be parsed, though
16:17thor_ well, popping off deletes the screen
16:17thor_ so if you "go back" to it ...
16:17Chutt right
16:17Chutt hmmm
16:18Chutt well, if the images are cached, it shouldn't be terribly difficult to re-parse the xml
16:18Chutt i guess =)
16:18thor_ heh
16:18thor_ a lot simpler
16:18Chutt can always be sped up later, too
16:18thor_ and since nothing is blocking, almost the only thing the GUI thread is doing is parsing xml
16:19thor_ and then waiting for the user to push buttons
16:19thor_ right, will proceed on that basis for the time being
16:20Chutt ok, cool.
16:20thor_ and will till have containers inside the screen (just to make it easier to move logical groups of widgets around as the interface is designed)
16:20thor_ err, and will still
16:20Chutt yeah
16:21Chutt makes sense
16:21thor_ k
16:21Chutt and takes almost no code =)
16:21Chutt new base type, and just add kids to it
16:21thor_ well ... I'm proceeding at my usual pace (slow)
16:21Chutt errr, new up a mythuitype
16:21Chutt not 'create a new base type' =)
16:22thor_ also, the MythUIThemedDialog is now all nicely Private'itized (with the xml parser and everything off in the Private object)
16:23Chutt cool
16:23thor_ which makes development faster even at this stage
16:23thor_ :_)
16:23Chutt yeah
16:23thor_ err, :-)
16:31o_c hey guys
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16:31o_cee Captain_Murdoch: still not around?
16:36o_cee mythuitest program.. it doesn't clear old text when starting to paint new stuff? driver issue or something?
16:37Chutt don't know.
16:38o_cee so it works for you? need to try it again
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16:41Chutt works fine for me
16:42o_cee allright.
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16:46o_cee is there supposed to be a background image? getting some "could not find theme standard" and "image is a null image"
16:50Chutt it uses the gant background image
16:51Chutt well, actually, it uses whatever the current theme is in myth for the background image
16:53o_cee hmm, very strange, it doesn't find it.. hrm
17:06o_cee crap, system autoshutdowned, heh
17:06o_cee i think i found some strangeness but i haven't fixed it yet
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17:21o_cee yepp, stupid me :) i ran it from my homedir, needed to be in programs/mythuitest. but, main.cpp looks odd anyway: QString themename = gContext->GetSetting("Theme"); is run before gContext has a database..
17:28o_cee gnight
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17:57Wildgoose grrr, just been debugging why the tv keeps locking up and it seems that the broadcasters have decided to start moving the DVB channels around now...
17:58Wildgoose Not sure if it is a one off, but for the last few days wierd stuff has been happening. All makes sense now though...
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18:29riddler hello all..
18:29riddler can someone help me with a couple quick mythtv setup questions?
18:30riddler ahh sorry wrong chan.
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18:46_GeckoFiend Chutt I'm here now
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18:53Chutt i'm on my way out =)
18:53Chutt but
18:54Chutt in managedlist.h
18:54Chutt virtual const QString& getItemLabel(int which) { return getItem(which)->getText(); }
18:54Chutt const QString& getItemValue(int which) { return getItem(which)->getValue(); }
18:54Chutt const QString& getItemText(int which) { return getItem(which)->getText(); }
18:54Chutt those three functions could crash =)
18:54Chutt if getItem() return null
18:58GeckoFiend heh yep.. Didn't think it was possible for that case but I can make em safe
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20:17Chutt geckofiend, sorry, was out for dinner - there was a segfault on the -users list that i think was dying there
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20:29GeckoFiend Chutt kk I'll fix it in the morning.
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21:55GeckoFiend Chutt CVS down again?
21:55GeckoFiend ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused
21:59Snow-Man shhhhhh.
22:00Snow-Man It's not really 'down'...
22:00Snow-Man Just 'resting'.
22:00Snow-Man :D
22:00Snow-Man GeckoFiend: Do you have commit access?
22:02Snow-Man hello?
22:03* Snow-Man pokes GeckoFiend, Captain_Murdoch, anyone else who might have commit access who is also around.
22:17GeckoFiend Snow-Man I do yes
22:17Snow-Man Chutt's back, but thanks anyway. :)
22:18Chutt cvs is changing hosts, so the ssh key is changing
22:18Chutt you'll get a warning, etc
22:18GeckoFiend ahh kk
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22:20Chutt website/lists'll be changing too, but we're doing cvs first
22:21Beirdo here's hoping for an eventless cutover :)
22:27Snow-Man hahahaha.
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22:46Chutt anyway, cvs is open for business
22:46Snow-Man Yeah, should be good to go.
22:47Snow-Man I'd love to hear comments on it. :)
22:47Chutt 'oh, snowman, you're the greatest'
22:47Snow-Man :D
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