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03:34banyan Hate to trouble you, but do you know anything about how to fix mythfrontend freezeups during recording playbacks through a pvr-350?
03:36banyan Any merit to using the ivtv-patched mplayer?
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13:23apoplex hi
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14:35jgw mythtv is an awesome product, thanks
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16:44thor_ I refuse to believe a) that the numeric IP thread is still alive, and b) the merits of using as a way to name local hosts on a small private network are being debated
16:44LLyric If your network uses the reserved IP space, then surely using is not even an option?
16:45thor_ it is an available and incredibly stupid option
16:45LLyric Available, maybe, for the *first* person that did it :)
16:46thor_ I refuse to talk about this
16:46thor_ :-)
16:47LLyric It's not a totally stupid idea, if you only want (useful) forward resolving.
16:47LLyric But it's a bit on the nose, for
16:47thor_ hmmm hmm hmm
16:48LLyric But then again, why use dyndns - one could use a proper DNS provider for your own domain
16:48GreyFoxx name resolving is not a bad idea, BUT the idea that someone wants it BECAUSE they have servers that get IPs via DHCP is, imho
16:48LLyric Even a free one like everydns
16:48GreyFoxx statically ,mapped or not
16:48LLyric Using it for DHCP is a bit sick
16:49GreyFoxx The ONLY times I've ever come across someone in the real world handing out IPs to servers via DHCP was when the person was very very inexperienced and couldn;y see the inherent flaws in it
16:49LLyric To *servers*? Ick!
16:50LLyric Workstations, sure, dhcp is okay. But servers? That's dumb
16:50Beirdo I hand out all my IPs at home via DHCP (with static assignments)
16:50Beirdo but I also have the brainpower to run BIND
16:50Beirdo :)
16:50* LLyric doesn't even bother with static assignments
16:50GreyFoxx Heh
16:50LLyric Either they configure the machines statically, or they use dhcpd.
16:50LLyric Either or.
16:51* LLyric has dhcpd on his LAN, mostly used for transient machines like laptops and IP devices
16:51Beirdo I do it this way for a reason. I can track what machines are where, and if I choose to renumber, it's much easier
16:52LLyric Sure, I can see the logic behind it, I'm just lazy, and there's < 10 machines
16:52Beirdo and if I bugger up and forget to set a static IP assignment when setting up a machine, DHCP will catch it
16:52stoffel Beirdo, didn't you say you live in a bachelor apt?
16:53Beirdo yes
16:53stoffel hmm, i wonder how many machines fit in there
16:53Beirdo heheh
16:53Beirdo 6running 24/7, another 2 that are on when I need them to be
16:54* LLyric counts. I've got 9 machines on my LAN.
16:54Beirdo I've had more before
16:54Beirdo I'm trying to cut down :)
16:55LLyric firewall, file-server, myth backend, myth frontend/media, my workstation, my laptop, wife workstation, wife laptop, kids machine
16:55* LLyric gonna move the myth backend onto the fileserver this weekend
16:55LLyric That should be one less
16:55GreyFoxx setting up dhcp for client machines I can totally understand. But servers I disagree with. But I guess we all get to have our own opinions on the subject
16:55stoffel firewall, file-server and mythbackend is one machine here
16:55Beirdo heck if I had a family, I'd have a lot more... this is 6 just for me
16:56LLyric GreyFoxx: noone was suggesting dhcpd for servers
16:56LLyric Actually we were hassling someone who was
16:56GreyFoxx LLyric: the guy on the mailing list that started this thread did
16:56Beirdo GreyFoxx: putting your servers into your DHCP with a static assignment is a good plan in case you mess up the static IP and it goes with DHCP :)
16:56Beirdo that being said, we don't do that at ALL at work
16:57GreyFoxx Beirdo: I disagree but obviously its your network so you can do withit as you please :)
16:57GreyFoxx If someone at my office did that I'd lay amajor smack down heh
16:57Beirdo heh, I mean as a fallback, not as a config choice
16:58Beirdo so if someone is an idiot and decides to set the server to DHCP, it will still have the correct IP
16:58* LLyric LOL!!!
16:58* LLyric looked at the processes on his leech box, found "corey - wget"
16:59Beirdo hahaha
16:59* LLyric resists the temptation to send an "appropiate use of company resources" memo
16:59jgw "leech box"?
16:59LLyric At least until my bittorrents are downloaded :)
16:59Beirdo wait until AFTER you take a copy home
17:00LLyric jgw: I have a box at work, with all the right firewall holes/pinholes for bittorrent etc. I download to there, rather than dragging everything across the wireless all the time....
17:01jgw ah cool
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17:39gr8nash llyric.. you company fire people for that type of stuff ??= )
17:44choenig n8
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17:55gr8nash ok thanks for the link.. llyric.. later =)
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18:13elvisthedj Hi anyone.. Is there a common problem with mythfilldatabase (using .15.1-r1) that google isn't telling me about. I get these 401's which the faq says is normal, but then i get unexpected eof and no data.. i made a login using myths cert. code)
18:14gr8nash i uninstalled firefox.. and lost all my bookmarks!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
18:15gr8nash WTF MOTH#@$@#%@#@%@# SON OF A @#%$@#%@
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18:16gr8nash wow.. seriously i need to breath
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18:17gr8nash i just lost a years worth of bookmarks =(
18:19gr8nash sorry i was typing in wrong forum :sheepish:
18:20elvisthedj I just asked the #gentoo ppl about mythfilldatabase :o
18:20elvisthedj it happens :)
18:21elvisthedj cool snow-man.. dmesg |grep
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18:24elvisthedj Hi anyone.. Is there a common problem with mythfilldatabase (using
18:24elvisthedj .15.1-r1) that google isn't telling me about. I get these 401's
18:24elvisthedj which the faq says is normal, but then i get unexpected eof and no
18:24elvisthedj data.. i made a login using myths cert. code)
18:24* Beirdo points at the topic
18:25elvisthedj Oops :) sorry
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19:14splat1 nn all
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22:46iamjac 68 people and nobody has anything to say? Chutt, you there?
22:46mikegrb a no
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22:52* Captain_Murd wonders how come the "myth.meister" (aka Eric S) on the -users list didn't see the repeated posts about the freeing space problem that he mentions.
22:52Pio heh hey Morph
22:53Morph 'lo
22:57mikegrb Captain_Murdoch: because he didn't look!
22:58Captain_Murdo| he saw the thread about the same thing happening when auto-expire tried to delete stuff though. :)
22:58Captain_Murdo| I figure anyone who is a meister would be able to search. :)
22:59mikegrb that is the problem with people giving themselves such titles
22:59mikegrb they are almost always wrong
23:00mikegrb however, in your case, you are correct
23:00mikegrb you are most certainly the captain of murdochs
23:00Captain_Murdo| crazy sometimes like him. :)
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23:05dopester :)
23:12Chutt heh
23:12Chutt since it only happens to people with remote frontends, i won't be doing a 0.16.1 release just for that bug
23:12iamjac Hey, Chutt
23:14Captain_Murdo| I never noticed it and I run a remote frontend, so maybe it was only remote frontends without NFS.
23:14Chutt captain_murdoch, right, where it had to stream stuff
23:14Captain_Murdo| even smaller group then. :)
23:14Chutt exactly
23:15Captain_Murdo| oh well, I've got him off searching for the answer on the lists. :)
23:16iamjac Chutt, any thoughts on the memory usage scheme for the proposed new menu customization logic?
23:16Chutt you're overcomplicating things
23:16Chutt parsing the button type definitions once at startup wouldn't use much ram at all
23:17Chutt then just parsing the menu files that refer back to those types (or have full button definitions if there isn't a predefined type) as they currently do
23:17Chutt ie, on every new entry
23:17Chutt would work just fine.
23:18iamjac we won't worry about changed customization files; if a user wants to update their customizations they can restart the frontend, right?
23:19Chutt yup
23:19Chutt they'd be reloaded on theme change, of course
23:19iamjac ah, ok
23:19iamjac I don't think I'll bother putting this in the current themedmenu.cpp; I'll just put it into mythui. Sound good?
23:20Chutt sure
23:23Chutt hrm
23:23Chutt maybe i'll apply some patches
23:23Chutt where to start...
23:24Chutt oh, has anyone else had the not deleting issue, aside from rkulagow, since that fix went in?
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23:37Chutt someone really needs to rip out all command line options stuff from mythgame
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23:40Captain_Murdo| just threaten to drop it and someone will step up.
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23:51Chutt didn't work last time i did that
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