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00:11newmember there is alot of reading about different cards, is there a best vale card out there?
00:13newmember ok I think the PVR-250 take sit
00:14mikegrb topic
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00:29* kRutOn is gone.. sleep ..[cyp(l/on.p/on)]
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02:15dos622 hi to all
02:15dos622 opps wrong chan ... sorry
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09:01onyxsoft_ I'm at work so I can't check the scrollback. The lists seem awful quiet today. Did the changeover go well last night or do I need to re-subscribe ;-) ?
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10:10Snow-Man onyxsoft_: Should have gone pretty decently.
10:10Snow-Man onyxsoft_: There's certainly a whole fuckload of mail going out. :)
10:11Snow-Man Anyone else have comments on the lists/changeover?
10:13Beirdo seemed to go fine for me.
10:13Beirdo my digests came in as planned, just from a different relay. So far so good :)
10:14Snow-Man Good. :)
10:14Beirdo Haven't tried posting yet, that will be later today after I drag my ass to work
10:14Snow-Man haha.
10:15onyxsoft_ Probably just no-one very talkative today. I have gotten a few messages, and a message I posted appeared fine.
10:15Snow-Man What's the turnaround been like?
10:15Beirdo Snow-Man: congrats on a seemingly uneventful cutover
10:15Snow-Man Beirdo: Oh, it was eventful... We just seem to be past those events. ;)
10:16Beirdo heh
10:16Snow-Man The box crashed twice after the cutover.
10:16Beirdo Ouch
10:16Snow-Man And I mean *hard* locked.
10:16Beirdo that's not a good thing
10:16Snow-Man We were pretty much on top of it, but still don't really know why.
10:16Snow-Man It's been up 15:22 now tho.
10:16Beirdo Computers have a mind of their own sometimes
10:17Snow-Man yeah.
10:17Snow-Man Hopefully it was just getting it out of it's system. :)
10:17Beirdo Yeah, here's hoping
10:17onyxsoft_ Woa, incredible turnaround. I sent message at 09:21:57 EDT and received it at 09:28:44 EDT. It used to take about 20 minutes to get to me.
10:18Beirdo be a shame to do all that work, and STILL have it fall over as often
10:18Snow-Man Hmmm, 7 minutes is still a fair bit.
10:18Snow-Man Beirdo: heh.
10:19Snow-Man I have some suspicion that it's a kernel issue somewhere.
10:19Snow-Man Didn't get any oopsen tho. :/
10:19Beirdo odd
10:20Beirdo the only hard locks I've had in the last year were courtesy of bttv, and they came with oopses
10:20Snow-Man yea.
10:20* Snow-Man shrugs.
10:20Snow-Man An oops would have been nice.
10:20Snow-Man Anyway, as long as it keeps working now... <Shrug>
10:20Beirdo Well, here's hoping for some nice stability so you guys don't have to hit it repeatedly with a sledgehammer
10:20Snow-Man :)
10:21Beirdo and on that note, I should get to work (sigh).
10:21Beirdo See you all in a bit (irssi proxy is a nice thing)
10:21Snow-Man cya.
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12:27araldit hi, I am currently running mythtv 0.15 but now 0.16 is out, and I want to try it. How do I upgrade the existing version??? By the way none of them is binary packages...
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12:36o_cee araldit: topic
12:36araldit ahh sorry
12:36piksel what partiition type is recommended for one that will hold large (movie) files?
12:37piksel the docs seem to recommend JFS and XFS, but I have never used those
12:37o_cee piksel: topic!
12:38piksel o_cee: sorry, I'm just hesitant to use a filesystem I've never even heard of before. :(
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16:33jgw i apologize for bending the channel rules a bit, but there appears to not be a user-level way to fix this:
16:33jgw the video fits the display (going out via a pvr-350 tv out port to svideo in n a tv set)
16:34Chutt fix what?
16:34jgw but the OSD controls get cut off at the edges
16:34Chutt just adjust the overscan controls.
16:34jgw but this will also cut down the video image wont it?
16:34Ragge Isnt there a setting for making the OSD use the same dimensions as the menus?
16:34Chutt just do it.
16:34jgw heh ok
16:34jgw let me take a look, thanks
16:35Chutt you _really_ should search the lists before asking questions that have already been answered multiple times.
16:35jgw i believe i tried that and it didnt work when piped out the tv out
16:35jgw which is why i'm here
16:35jgw but i'll go for it again
16:35Chutt you didn't try it, since that's how to fix it
16:37jgw yeah that doesnt change anything at all
16:37jgw its almost like the ivtv driver doesnt listen
16:37jgw when using W the aspect ratio doesnt change either
16:38jgw thanks anyways chutt
16:38jgw sorry to be a bother
16:38Chutt you're not setting them enough
16:38Chutt it has absolutely nothing to do with the ivtv driver
16:39Chutt with the pvr-350, the overscan controls only affect where the osd is drawn, and don't touch the video.
16:39jgw TV Settings->Playback->Overscan, correct?
16:39Chutt right.
16:40jgw i set em +100 and -100 didnt seem to change anything, i'll try higher values
16:40Chutt it drops out invalid values such as those.
16:40Chutt 6-10% for horizontal and vertical are enough.
16:41jgw heh yeah just segfaulted mythfrontend
16:42Ragge On my set it's something between 20-50..
16:42Chutt you've got the osd compressed that much?
16:42Chutt that's pretty silly.
16:42jgw hmmm
16:43jgw i tried 10 and 10 and it works perfectly now. didnt seem to do anything before
16:43jgw but of course its got to behave once i've made a pain in the ass of myself...
16:44jgw chutt: again, my apologies, but thank you :)
16:45jgw there are a couple other people in #mythtv-users having the same problem, so i'll msg them
16:46Ragge What I would like to have is a easy GUI for setting the OSD. Like a box one could move, shrink and expand..
16:46Chutt feel free to send in a patch.
16:47jgw heh
16:47Ragge Sure.. When I have studied the code enough. Can it be done in the current menu-generating-code?..
16:48jgw ragge: not easily
16:48Chutt not at all, actually
16:48Ragge That what I guessed.. Think you had to either expand the menu code a little so you could launch code that takes over the screen.. hmmm..
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16:49jgw why would you want that feature, ragge?
16:50Ragge I'm on a PVR-350 TV-Out and would like to set up the OSD/Menu so it fitt the screen.
16:50Ragge Now you have to look real close to the tvset and you might still not get an exact fit..
16:52jgw thats what i'm doing
16:52jgw i just set the overscan stuff and it fits perfectly
16:52jgw ragge: continue this on #mythtv-users, we're both there
16:53Ragge I thought it would be easier to set the OSD values with changing values on a box than chaning numbers.. :)
16:53Ragge Your right..
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17:05Adamo hi again, now i have problems compiling mythgame
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17:18jgw adamo: #mythtv-users
17:19jgw come on over
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18:44splat1 One For All And All For One, I Bid You Good Night
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19:43Smak I'm looking into setting mythtv. But I have a few questions. If I get a cheap frame capture card, can pause, rewind, fastforward while I watch something?
19:44Smak Ahh, Wrong channel
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