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00:17dfgas hey i got an idea for the devs
00:18dfgas instead of doing the small picture for pip can you split the screen in half or in 4 if you have 4 tuners?
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09:56stoffel Chutt: just an idea: what about introducing a 'strings freeze' time period about 1 week before a release, to give translators time to catch up with all the changes since the last release
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10:05Chutt stoffel, yeah, i've thought of that
10:06Chutt it's just hard to enforce :(
10:09stoffel well, who violates it will get warned twice. If it happens again, revoke cvs commit access :)
10:11stoffel any plans to release 0.16.1? We are currently working on updated german translations and would like to see them committed before
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10:34dopester the dvb auto-pid stuff crushes a bunch of dvbrecorder crashes as a side benifit.. john pullan tested it this morning and worked like a charm..
10:36dopester chutt: i decided that the table parser to eliminate the need for signals all over the place (from daniels suggestions) that it will hang off of channel..
10:37dopester can be alot more generalized if the siparser link is in channelbase and allthe other classes that use it jsut check for if its null before attempting to use it to scan for channels, get guide, etc..
10:37dopester since everything but guide data is related close enough to tuning..
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12:44jeffpc_ Hello, I just dump an idea here before I go back to sleep (I'm a bit sick)
12:45jeffpc_ Yesteday I noticed that when playing a DVD with xine the screensaver didn't turn on
12:45jeffpc_ when I played a myth recording later in mythtv
12:45jeffpc_ the screensaver DID turn on
12:46jeffpc_ I find this a bit annoying on a desktop where I have a use for a screensaver
12:46jeffpc_ that's it
12:46jeffpc_ later
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16:29cfreeze Any plans to add OSD to mythmusic?
16:30cfreeze when your in visualize mode that is..
16:30cfreeze thinking about something similar to xmms' goom plugin
16:34stoffel_ that'd be great!
16:35cfreeze who's the main maintainer of mythmusic
16:36mikegrb the shadow
16:36stoffel_ well, thor checks most patches to mythmusic
16:38cfreeze not fun, most of the comments in the mythmusic/goom dir are not in english...
16:38stoffel_ heh, learn french :)
16:39cfreeze wonder how hard it will be to up the rev to 1.99
16:39stoffel_ 22:34 < stoffel_> that'd be great!
16:39stoffel_ :)
16:41cfreeze wonder what the initial branch point was
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16:57Chutt cfreeze, goom in mythmusic is > 1.99, actually
16:58Chutt the text support was even more poorly written than the rest of the code, though, so i cut it out.
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17:04cfreeze ahh...thenI can stop working through the compiler errors
17:04cfreeze was down to the asm in the zoomfilter
17:05cfreeze even through with goom going though, you should still be able to make xosd calls I would think
17:05cfreeze s/even through/even/
17:05cfreeze or any of the other plugins
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17:13dopester chutt: you want to see any of the code im in the process of working on before i make the patch?
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17:47javajunky quick [dumb] question :) Is there a 'Hello World' MythTv Plugin anywhere about that has all the basic framework in place already ...
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17:55javajunky *sigh* do I use qt3-designer to develop these plugins ?
17:55Wildgoose Chutt: Hey there. Did you get my message, asking if you could have a look at my audio patch (please..)?
17:55stoffel_ javajunky: afaik most people use $editor_of_choice
17:56javajunky stoffel: rightey, okey then :)
17:57javajunky wildgoose: You get that dvd ?
17:57Wildgoose Oh, yes! Thanks for that!! Haven't actually opened it yet though because I only got the computer running here a few hours ago!
17:57javajunky ah, no worries ;)
17:57javajunky I checked it on my windows box that there was a nuv on it, but never actually ran it, so it should work ;)
17:58Wildgoose Has been a nightmare week fitting this huge sub woofer, and then last night the wife had the car broken into and we have spent the day recovering the car in the rain with no rear window, etc...
17:58Wildgoose Thanks very much though!
17:58javajunky wildgoose: Bummer :( you fitted the huge sub to the car?
17:58Wildgoose Ha
17:59Wildgoose I will put up some photos in a few days.. Basically I have four 15" (huge) woofers mounted using the entire underfloor area of my living room as the box area
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18:00Wildgoose Means you get a huge box to mount your speakers in and with a bit of digital EQ you get a pretty exceptional sub
18:00Wildgoose (as in down to subsonic levels at above reference level, ie power of a jet flying past at 15Hz...
18:01javajunky your neighbours must love it ;)
18:01javajunky (allegedly the missus should too ;) ]
18:01Wildgoose Yeah, interesting. Hope they aren't reading here... They are quite old folks though and the walls are pretty thick
18:02javajunky base, especially down to that frequency has an amusing propencity to travel <g>
18:02javajunky s/base/bass, tired ;)
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18:04javajunky my g/f just jetted off to gran canaria, so tonight I'll be mostly learning wtf I'm meant to do to create plugins with QT in myth ;)
18:04dopester wildgoose: closing in on auto-pid / the rest of the patch.. might actually be this weekend
18:05javajunky dopester: Mmm dvb auto-pid, looking forward to this *a lot* ;)
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18:14Chutt wildgoose, i'm busy. if you can't deal with that fact, tough.
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18:35ricochet I am trying to install just a frontend. I think I need to install the "database access drivers" but I cannot figure out what this means.
18:36dopester see topic
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18:37ricochet oops.
18:43javajunky given a myththeme xml file, can I see that quickly and painlessly without firing up the frontend?
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18:57Wildgoose Chutt: Heh! Just asking! I'm a busy bunny too! I didn't think I was out of order to ask the question though? Sorry, I didn't mean to get you back up, I was just trying to keep my own little projects moving along since there seemed to be a bit of interest from two other people in doing some programming on the audio code.
18:58Wildgoose My apologies for causing offence. It was not intended. Please don't deliberately sideline me for bugging you.
18:58Wildgoose Over and out (time for bed here)
18:59javajunky cu wildgoose :)
19:00Wildgoose dopester: Great to here the patch is developing well. Drop me a line when it's ready for some intensive testing. I don't really have a test setup here, but I would be interested to see what you are up to. The current setup actually works extremely well for me here. Other than the odd strange bug which causes Mythfrontend to just abruptly die in a way that gdb can't catch (stating "killed" and nothing more), it is nigh on flawless
19:06dopester oh this may not be for you yet then.. i odn't have the guide stuff working yet, but a much simplier setup and a good number of threading fixes are there
19:13javajunky dopester: How's it on handling the pids, I'm rather more interested in the pid issues than the guide stuff, any movement on that is great :)
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19:28dopester all tests look good.. its not that hard to grab the pmt parse it and tell the recorder to use those instead of ones from the db
19:32javajunky dopester: Cool :) This should be good, how's it handling the case where the audio/video pid's are bobbins ?
19:32javajunky i..e none given for a particular time ?
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19:50dopester tuning fails
19:51GeckoFiend weee gigabit switch installed now I just need to start putting cards in my boxes
19:52dopester i got a gigabit switch but no fast cast5e cables so im still at 100bt..
19:52splat1 In a bid for less boring good night measages I have decided to do things like this, Enjoy
19:52stoffel_ now i'm curious
19:53* Beirdo wonders why splat1 thinks that everyone needs to know when he's going to bed :)
19:53stoffel_ hey guys, btw i'm just brushing my teeth :)
19:53splat1 Beirdo, i dont i just cba to type it on channels where people do so /amsg does the trick
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20:00Beirdo says nothing all day, but we just HAVE to know he's going to bed, it seems
20:02* stoffel_ looks around his bedroom. where the hell did beirdo hide the camera? n8
20:03Beirdo heh, not you, dude :)
20:05GeckoFiend in an bid for more attention I have decided to do things like this, Enjoy
20:06* GeckoFiend runs around the room screaming "I AM THE GREAT CORNHOLIO!!!"
20:06GeckoFiend oh wait....
20:06GeckoFiend Nobody can see me
20:06GeckoFiend damn I suck
20:08* Beirdo laughs
20:08Beirdo you need TP?
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21:54winst21 Hello everyone
21:56winst21 I need some help in getting mythtv working on a slackware box with kernel
21:56* Beirdo points at the topic
21:59winst21 I keep getting the following error
21:59winst21 2004-10-16 21:56:48 ReadStringList timeout (quick).
22:00winst21 2004-10-16 21:56:48 Unexpected response to MYTH_PROTO_VERSION:
22:00winst21 2004-10-16 21:56:48 Changing from None to None
22:00Beirdo read the topic
22:00winst21 I am using a Twinhan 1020 DVB-S card
22:01winst21 How to read the topic ?
22:01Beirdo by using your eyes, maybe
22:02Beirdo I don't know how your client shows it
22:02GreyFoxx winst21: try typing /topic
22:02Beirdo or do /topic
22:02Beirdo and I *do* know that IRC sends it to you when you join a channel :)
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