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01:25streamtrade I am trying to get the source code from cvs using the instructions from the HOWTO-5. I get a connection time out message. Is the server up at this time?
01:26stoffel sure, but there were some problems with it earlier, cvs still isn't up it seems.
01:27streamtrade stoffel: ty, I will try again later
01:28Beirdo wonder if Chutt and Snow-Man are up to something, or if it just crapped out?
01:30stoffel probably mythtv goes commercial and they are removing the sourcecode and put up a new site ;)
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01:31Beirdo heh
01:31Beirdo that would be against the GPL :) and I doubt that's the case anyways
01:31stoffel Beirdo: sue them ;)
01:32Beirdo Well, I think it's likely just a system crash or something...
01:33Beirdo and being 1:30am, I doubt it will be fixed for a few hours unless one of them happens to be up and notices it
01:52streamtrade Can someone who has the source, please tell me where the "prebuffering pause" message in mythfrontend comes from?
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02:01streamtrade If someone can identify the source file I can look at it on the net...or I will wait until cvs is back up
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12:20streamtrade Is the cvs server still down? I get a connection refused when I try to sign on.
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14:03iamjac I take it the ML is having problems today?
14:11stoffel_ hrm, i want my daily dose of mythtv-dev/mythtv-users, NOW!
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14:38hadees hey is anyone working on somthing that would let you take two stations on two diffrent guides and have mythtv treat them like the same channel? for example if i get fox off direct tv and fox of normal cable and they always show the same stuff at the same time mythtv knows that when I want a show on fox it can go to either channel on either guide
14:40iamjac I believe Myth already does this. IIRC, it keys off of the callsign.
14:41hadees now this problem isn't exactly huge in my example but i was thinking of trying to do it so to cut down on the number of digital cable boxes i need since most of those companies also send stuff on analog, i could just get one box and mythtv would know i can only record 1 recording for certain channels but since inaddition to the one box i have 2 analog inputs, it would know it could record up to three shows
14:41Chutt if the callsign is the same, it groups the channels together.
14:41hadees iamjac, does it? i was asking in the users channel and they didn't think it
14:41hadees cool so this totaly works with digital cable then, nice nm then
14:42hadees So are people doing it like i described and it is working great?
14:43Chutt well, if you described it in english, i could understand what you're saying better
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14:46Return0 heya.
14:47onyxsoft__ hadees: Yes, that is how it works. I have Directv and cable and record from both. If something can't record from directv because something higher priority is already recording and I have an analog tuner avail, it will use the analog cable input.
14:47Return0 Would anyone mind helping me setup a printer really quick that I can print to over a windows network?
14:47stoffel_ you aren't serious Return0, are you?
14:47hadees Chutt, sorry I am having trouble describing it, basicly i can get cable from two sources, one i use a digital cable box, or two i use analog by just hooking the coax cable right into my input card, since i want to only buy one cable box for my mythtv i want mythtv to know certain channels are from digital cable only and use the input that hooks up to the digital cable box, but for say fox i want it to know that all three inputs (including
14:47hadees the digital cable box) could be the source
14:47Return0 why not?
14:48stoffel_ /ignore Return0
14:48* Return0 sighs
14:48stoffel_ Return0 -> /topic
14:48Return0 oh
14:48Chutt and that question wouldn't even be ontopic in the users channel
14:48Return0 I know
14:49Return0 look, I'm just asking for 5 minutes, I didn't think it would be a big deal
14:49onyxsoft__ Return0 google is your friend
14:49hadees topic reads: This is the MythTV development channel. For user support, go to #mythtv-users but For support for windows printing come right in
14:49Return0 I tried google, didn't try very hard though
14:49--- Channel: stoffel_ changed the topic of #mythtv to: This is the MythTV development channel. For mythtv related user support, go to #mythtv-users
14:49stoffel_ ;)
14:49Chutt heh
14:50Return0 look. Sorry I bothered you, I was hoping one person wouldn't mind helping out... geez :P
14:50Return0 have fun
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14:52kvandivo that's a classic response.. "I tried google, didn't try very hard though"
15:00hadees kvandivo, i don't sometimes i can't find stuff on google because they send me way to many responses, all of which are mailing lists
15:00hadees i wish there was a way to filter out mailing lists in google
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15:17kvandivo mailing list archives are where i find a large portion of the answers that i look for on google, it seems
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15:25Beirdo Oooh, the topic has been further clarified :)
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15:32javajunky any myth ui/plugin experts about ?
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15:33iamjac javajunky, what do you want to know?
15:33javajunky I'm writing (read attempting to write) a plugin 'MythCalendar' ( but I've never used Qt before, and certainly never written a plugin for myth so my learning curve is, shall we say steep :)
15:34javajunky I seemed to have figured most things out, but my main query is when I create a MythThemedDialog based class and instantiated it, it takes a *long* while to display, is this normal ?
15:35iamjac how long is *long*?
15:35javajunky s/seemed/seem
15:35javajunky 10 seconds.
15:35javajunky I've 'borrowed' the mythweather xml for now, this is quite a verbose file, is the loading time related to the length of the xml (obviously it is, but to such an extent? )
15:35iamjac are you using a remote display?
15:35javajunky er yes ;)
15:35javajunky give me 2 tics ;)
15:36javajunky you were spot on, its not too bad locally ;)
15:36javajunky Probably should have checked that first, sorry !
15:36iamjac I think it's the alpha-blending stuff that makes it sluggish on a remote display
15:37iamjac when I ssh in to my box from work, the menu drawing is interminably slow
15:37javajunky can I disable that for the system not just the scheduler ?
15:38javajunky okey ;) my next question .exec() does that execute the dialog modally ?
15:38iamjac not via Myth's setup, if that's what you mean... I imagine you might be able to use a custom theme that was optimized for a remote display... don't know if that's feasible or not.
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15:39iamjac Yes, QDialog::exec() will make any dialog modal, regardless of its specified properties.
15:41javajunky okey, so if call .exec() then on the next line have a component->setFocus() that should give the focus to that component when the dialog returns right ?
15:41iamjac Correct.
15:42javajunky hmmm, perhaps I've not installed the new binary ;)
15:42iamjac QDialog::exec() has its own embedded event loop that only processes events for the dialog. It returns in-line.
15:42javajunky Marvellous :) Is there a way to 'overlay' a MythThemedDialog or are they all fullscreen ?
15:42javajunky (fullwindow, whatever)
15:43iamjac not sure I follow you...
15:43javajunky If say I wanted to show a 'new' dialog on top of a main window, the new dialog being 20% smaller so you can see the original dialog 'around/behind' it
15:44iamjac There are popup dialogs for that, if that's what you're looking for...
15:44iamjac the one that pops up to confirm deleting a show, for instance
15:44javajunky Can I theme a popup dialog, i.e I have component I've written that I'd slot into a 'blackhole' ?
15:45javajunky I'm using the MythPopupBox to display popup menus...
15:46iamjac If you want I fully themeable screen like a regular Myth menu, then I don't really know if you can do that. I believe they're intended to always be full "screen" (window, whatever), but you might be able to play with the size...
15:46thor_ you can make it themeable and smaller than 800x600, see MythImageFileDialog for an example
15:47javajunky ok I understand my issue properly now (my previous issue, sorry to be a bit disjointed here!) *if* I'm within a QWidget derived object, and I exec a dialog from it, how do I set the focus back to the QWidget that called it ?
15:47javajunky thor_: Cool...ta.
15:47thor_ yup
15:47javajunky [this->setFocus() doesn't appear to work]
15:49iamjac The focus should default back to the same widget that had focus before... sounds like your problem might be that the window doesn't have focus.
15:49javajunky hmmm, I executed the dialog on a keyevent ?
15:50iamjac ...could be a window manager/focus policy issue?
15:51javajunky possibly, an suggestions n how to trak that ?
15:52iamjac What desktop environment/window manager r u using?
15:53javajunky on my remote none ;)
15:53javajunky I'll check if the issue persists locally...
15:54javajunky yeah same issue locally 'blackbox'
15:54iamjac you might check to see if you have a loss of keyboard focus in other areas of Myth, say after deleting a show or launching an external app like mplayer
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15:54javajunky none that I've spooted and I've done both a fair amount
15:55iamjac do you have a ~/.blackboxrc file?
15:55javajunky yup
15:56javajunky thor_: Cheers for that, the size thing works, sadly it just looks a little confusing, so I'll not be going down that root ;)
15:56thor_ k
15:56javajunky focusmodel : Sloppfocus.
15:56javajunky but that shouldn't (can't be) affecting me locally where I'm running no window manager?
15:56iamjac does your ~/.blackboxrc specify a focusModel or focusNewWindows property
15:57javajunky focusNewWindow flase.
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15:57javajunky s/fla/fal
15:57iamjac wait, which system is running blackbox and which is no WM?
15:57javajunky blackbox is local to the machine, no WM is remote to the machine (my dev environment)
15:58javajunky my eyes tend to feel like they're bleeding if working on the tV ;)
15:59iamjac hmm, that's odd... I wonder if it's the 'QDialog::exec()'...
15:59javajunky gah!!!! remeber I said I was exec'ing this dialog in the keyPressEvent, that couldn't cause a problem with focus could it ? Does it need to return immediately ?
16:01iamjac No, I don't think so, but are you correctly accepting or rejecting the keyPressEvent?
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16:01javajunky QWidget::keyPressEvent(e); is called when I *don't* handle it, i..e when test.exec isn't called.
16:03iamjac Do you accept() the event if you do handle it?
16:04javajunky er, no where can I dump some C code ?
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16:05iamjac ah, never mind... it's accepted by default unless you ignore it
16:06javajunky thats what I thought 'phew' ;)
16:07iamjac Ah, here we go... MythDialog and related classes override the 'exec()' function... is the dialog you're popping up descended from one of those, or is it a basic QDialog?
16:08javajunky MYthDialog
16:09vagrant ergh. appears to be down.
16:09javajunky been down for ages ;)
16:09vagrant really?
16:09vagrant any replacement site?
16:09javajunky no, I'm messing wit you ;)
16:09javajunky oh wait, yes really.
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16:11iamjac javajunky, I'm at a loss... if you want you could send me some code off-line, but I can't promise anything
16:11javajunky the code's a mess at the mo :(
16:12javajunky basically just ripped mythcalendar to get an understanding of whats going on ! I can tar.gz what I have up for you to take a quick butchers if that's cool, I've modified the make files correctly I think
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16:52o_cee Snow-Man, Chutt: any idea why i'm not getting any mail from the list? i tried to retreive my password as well but that didn't work either
16:52Chutt snowman's having issues with the box
16:53o_cee k, been like that for a couple of days though
16:53Beirdo Oh joy. :(
16:53Chutt one day
16:53--- User: *** xeno42_afk is now known as xeno42
16:53o_cee yeah haven't gotten any mails since the 14:th
16:54thor_ I'm rather enjoying the quite, hope he doesn't fix it too soon
16:54Beirdo Well, I guess we'll just have to run interference in -users for a while longer. :)
16:54stoffel_ hehe, just unsubscribe from -users
16:54Dibblah1_ 17/10/2004 18:49 GMT for me :)
16:56thor_ err, quiet
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19:02thor_ and we hardly knew ya
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19:16o_cee uh?
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19:18streamtrade Can someone tell me from which file the message "prebuffering pause" comes from?
19:18o_cee man grep
19:18streamtrade o_cee: I cannot get the source
19:18streamtrade I would normally do that
19:19o_cee so why do you want to know it?
19:19streamtrade o_cee: I am trying to track down that message as it makes my video and audio jumpy.
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19:19o_cee uhm, yeah, but if you don't have the source, how'd you track it down?
19:20streamtrade o_cee: I can look at individual files online but have not found a way to grep them
19:20o_cee you're saying the website works=
19:20o_cee ?
19:20o_cee libmythtv/NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp
19:20streamtrade o_cee: I was able to go into cvs and see files, yes
19:22streamtrade o_Cee but that was last I am not able too
19:22o_cee riiight, so you didn't even try to get the source now, heh.
19:23streamtrade o_cee: I did try and get the source but it timed out
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19:33streamtrade o_cee: Thank you for the fname.
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20:43MrProper anyone from australia here?
20:45* Beirdo points at the topic....
20:51MrProper sorry
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22:19rkulagow huh. is the mailing list dead?
22:20NiteOwl is it?
22:20Beirdo yep, and cvs, and the website last I checked
22:20Beirdo which means you can't commit my docs patch :)
22:20rkulagow yep, and i've even incorporated it and everything already
22:21NiteOwl WoW
22:21Beirdo I figured you'd done so :)
22:22* NiteOwl smiles - irc on pda - pretty cool
22:23Beirdo apparently, they are having some issues with the new server they moved to
22:23Beirdo whatever that entails, I dunno
22:23rkulagow lets see, it killed the mailing lists, cvs and the website. i'd say that's "issues" :)
22:23Beirdo yep :)
22:23Beirdo all was going well for a while there.
22:25rkulagow maybe they went to level 3 or something - L3 was having issues earlier today
22:26Beirdo that could be
22:26NiteOwl hmm net was sluggish for me on some sites earlier - that might explain it
22:30Chutt machine's having issues.
22:31Beirdo Ahh. Sorry to hear it
22:31rkulagow chutt: you see that request from the mvpmc guy about the myth protocol?
22:31Chutt no
22:31NiteOwl no mythtv-user channel tonight?
22:32Beirdo huh?
22:32Chutt rkulagow, when was it sent?
22:32Captain_Murdo| tonight there's more than one so it's #mythtv-users plural :)
22:32rkulagow couple of days ago. i think it's or something
22:32--- <--- NiteOwl [] has left #mythtv ()
22:32Chutt dev or users?
22:33Chutt oooh, the guy that's asking about moving stuff into the protocol instead of direct sql access?
22:33rkulagow yes
22:34cmorgan what would that buy you?
22:34rkulagow someone on mvpmc mailing list said they would start, but what do you think about the technique itself? gettler says mvpmc is pretty tiny RAM / CPU wise
22:34Chutt i'd rather not
22:34Chutt really
22:34Chutt it wouldn't be difficult to make a sql proxy query
22:34Chutt but i wouldn't see the point in using it anywhere that's a real machine
22:34cmorgan is the idea to allow mysql to be replaced by a simpler db?
22:35--- ---> NiteOwl [] has joined #mythtv
22:35Chutt no, it's to not have to have the client lib on a machine
22:35Chutt less ram/space required
22:35cmorgan ahh
22:35cmorgan seems like a worthwhile idea then
22:36rkulagow can you expand on " it wouldn't be difficult to make a sql proxy query"?
22:36cmorgan i mean you wouldn't see me doing it given the work required but...
22:36Chutt an addition to the wire protocol that'd ask the backend to do a query, and return the results
22:38Chutt just have to format the results, etc
22:38rkulagow right; i think that's what he meant. add a handler in mythbackend/mainserver.cpp "QUERY_JUMPPOINTS" with a parameter of the filename that we're interested in or something like that, returning 0, 11023, blah, blah
22:38Chutt no
22:38Chutt that's not =)
22:38rkulagow never mind then.
22:38Chutt i'm saying something like 'QUERY_SQL' and the parameter would be the sql statement to execute
22:38cmorgan how would you de-serialize it?
22:39Chutt and it'd return the actual results
22:39rkulagow ah, got it
22:39cmorgan that part seems like a real pita
22:39Chutt cmorgan, same way the current stuff is
22:39Chutt number of records
22:39--- ---> uierh4 [] has joined #mythtv
22:39cmorgan size of each entry, then the entry?
22:39rkulagow that way you can do generic queries as well, right?
22:39Chutt then each record would be <number of items> <item0> <item1>
22:39Chutt etc
22:39Chutt rkulagow, right
22:40--- <--- uierh4 [] has left #mythtv ()
22:40Chutt without writing handlers for stuff that real machines can use direct sql for
22:40cmorgan seems useful for a couple of reasons
22:40cmorgan you could also swap out the backend db with something simple
22:40cmorgan the frontend wouldn't notice
22:41Chutt not that we're going to do that, but, yeah
22:41--- <--- NiteOwl [] has left #mythtv ()
22:41cmorgan well if someone wants to write the code and its clean then why hold them back? ;-)
22:41Chutt you'd have to rewrite a lot of the backend as well
22:42cmorgan i've done something similar by using arrays of row structures
22:42cmorgan you return that instead of the mysql handle
22:42Chutt well, it'd be slower than direct access
22:42Chutt i wouldn't want to impact the common case too much
22:43cmorgan yeah
22:43cmorgan its pretty close to a callthrough though
22:43Chutt rkulagow, you're on the mvpmc list, though, and can communicate that back to the guy?
22:43Chutt dunno when the myth lists'll be back =)
22:43cmorgan you end up abstracting every sql access. i'd imagine that to be a huge pita
22:43rkulagow ya: i'm cuttin and pastin right now
22:44Chutt cool.
22:46--- ---> uierh4 [] has joined #mythtv
22:46rkulagow it's recordedmarkup that has them, right?
22:46--- <--- uierh4 [] has left #mythtv ()
22:47--- ---> MajestiK [] has joined #mythtv
22:48Captain_Murdo| cutlist is in recorded, commercial flag marks are in recordedmarkup.
22:48Captain_Murdo| types 4 & 5 (start & end)
22:48rkulagow yeah, i confuse the
22:52streamtrade does anyone know the ip address of the new site?
22:54Captain_Murdo| it's down for maintenance
22:54Captain_Murdo| :)
22:55MajestiK How long is it going to be sleeping for?
22:57Captain_Murdo| not sure.
22:58MajestiK If it's going to be a while, I've got a co-lo box that I've got some space to put a skeleton up, so users don't just get a connection refused that I'd be willing to host something on for a while..
23:03mikegrb Captain_Murdoch: omg I love you.
23:04Captain_Murdo| what'd I do now?
23:04mikegrb just happy
23:04mikegrb I recently discovered the joys of asterisk
23:04mikegrb just setup festival for excellent talking goodness
23:04mikegrb I should write some asterisk agi scripts for mythtv scheduling via the phone
23:05Captain_Murdo| and what's that got to do with me?
23:05mikegrb I dunno
23:05mikegrb you were just an easy target
23:05MajestiK Captain_Murdoch: just take it man :)
23:05Captain_Murdo| ok, just checking. :)
23:05* mikegrb gives Captain_Murdoch a cupcake
23:05Captain_Murdo| didn't want to take credit for something I didn't do. :)
23:05mikegrb heh
23:06mikegrb <- pretty spiffy too
23:06mikegrb flash based operator panel
23:06mikegrb with authentication you can even transfer calls and stuff
23:06Captain_Murdo| although I have actually been working on commercial detection some recently. have it working better for dark shows. might get something committed in a week or so if it works out over that period of time.
23:07* Captain_Murd clicks a few buttons then gets bored.
23:07* Captain_Murd removes himself from target area cause he has a few things to do around the house.
23:08mikegrb heh
23:27Chutt _might_ have the machine behaving again
23:31rkulagow website still appears to be down
23:31Chutt haven't started things back up yet
23:31Chutt some more testing, first
23:32Beirdo testing is good :)
23:32Chutt not that it's a guarantee that things'll work, of course
23:33Beirdo of course not, there are no guarantees :)
23:42--- ---> ms_spock [] has joined #mythtv
23:42--- <--- ms_spock [] has left #mythtv ("All Done!")
23:42--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
23:50--- ---> DavidB [] has joined #mythtv
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