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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-10-19

---Logopened Tue Oct 19 00:00:24 2004
00:03DavidB Chutt, Do you have a min for a question?
00:03Chutt sure
00:03DavidB As I understand it, you have been chatting with Robert about the Myth Protocol.
00:04Chutt right
00:04DavidB I am the one that offered to extend it for use in the mvpmc.
00:04Chutt ok
00:04DavidB As I understand it, the current method of choice is to add a generic QUERY_SQL command.
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00:05Chutt that's what i would prefer
00:05DavidB (I am going to paste an e-mail I just sent to explain my concern)
00:05DavidB I have one problem with this type of solution, not that I have a right to complain. Isn't the point of a communications protocol, besides the obvious, to act as an abstraction layer.
00:05DavidB One of the primary issues that I would eventually like to deal with is the instability of the protocol layer. If we expose a QUERY_SQL type of request, all that we have done is open the door to future "hard coupling" to the database layout. Every time there is a change to the database, not only does the backend code need to change, but every frontend implementation also needs to change (Mvpmc, dsmyth, XBMC python scripts...).
00:05DavidB Once I have had time to dive into the code and understand the existing protocol more, I will move this discussion to the MythDev list.
00:06Chutt i do _not_ want to have queries for every little thing the frontend can directly access the database with
00:06Chutt that's slow.
00:07Chutt that's the entire reason for using mysql in the first place - it's network aware already
00:07cmorgan isn't this the kind of thing that the web services in .net would be useful for?
00:07Chutt no :p
00:07DavidB I still have a lot of analysis to do, but, what I would eventualy like to do abstract the request into destinct logical groups.
00:08cmorgan i think they have loads of support for doing web based transactions
00:08rkulagow you're trying to avoid QUERY_COMMFLAG, QUERY_JUMPPOINTS, QUERY_WINDOWSIZE, blah, blah, right?
00:08Chutt rkulagow, right.
00:08Chutt that's just unmanageable, especially as the database is right there, and able to be used everywhere
00:09rkulagow since the existing "heavy" frontend can do SQL directly, it does. a lightweight frontend can still have SQL results returned to it, but by having a generic SQL_QUERY you avoid having to write 50 different QUERY_whatever's.
00:09dshay Jumping in a bit late here, but , bchutt, I gather you are more in favor, then, of a generic QUERY_SQL approach for mvpmc?
00:09Chutt right.
00:09Chutt to both of you
00:09DavidB I would think that the more mature the protocol becomes the less will need to be added.
00:10rkulagow what happens when mvpmc wants to start doing fancy stuff like reading settings from the table? don't want another QUERY_SETTINGS_TABLE
00:10Chutt davidb, you're not the one that's going to be maintaining the backend down the road.
00:10DavidB I would like to be part of it, but only time will tell, so I understand your point of view.
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00:11rkulagow actually, mvpmc may want to be stuffing information into the table as well...
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00:11Chutt is this a ram issue?
00:11Chutt why can't it simply use libmysqlclient
00:11Chutt ?
00:11DavidB Ram is an issue to a degree... I believe there is only 16M of mem avail for the entire app.
00:12Chutt ok, so using libmysqlclient directly would use an additional couple hundred k
00:12Chutt it's not space, since you should be netbooting the thing
00:12Chutt what else is there?
00:12DavidB Also, The recurring theme for all side projects that I have been monitoring is that when the database changes all frontends break.
00:12dshay I have more of a concern about using a generic QUERY_SQL for updating information inside myth than for just retrieving it. For causing an action, i.e. adding a jobqueu entry, that would seem better to have a new protocol entry. Thoughts?
00:13Chutt dshay, i don't want to add anything to the protocol that doesn't need to be there.
00:13DavidB Ok, lets continue down the QUERY_SQL approach.
00:13Chutt what's there now is because the frontend needs information that only the backend has
00:14Chutt or is asking it to do something
00:14DavidB Would changing the layout of the data to XML be exceptable?
00:14Chutt hell no.
00:14Chutt xml's no good for data storage.
00:14DavidB The main reason I ask is so that adding data to the protocol would not break the parse routines.
00:14Chutt or for a protocol
00:14Chutt xml's huge and inefficient.
00:14DavidB Not storage... protocol only.
00:15Chutt both space and parsing time-wise
00:15dshay Definitely slow. Particularly QT's built-in mechanisms.
00:15DavidB It would be nice to be able to perform xslt transforms on the raw protocol data and ignore any new data added is sub releases.
00:15Chutt _any_ xml parser is slow
00:16DavidB It sounds like I don't have any choice other than re-implement the mysql layer in the mvpmc code... is that correct?
00:17Chutt before you do the query_sql thing, though, i need to be convinced that you can't use libmysqlclient
00:17Chutt and, you ignored that question :p
00:17DavidB Didm't see it. (which one)
00:17Chutt <Chutt> ok, so using libmysqlclient directly would use an additional couple hundred k
00:17Chutt <Chutt> it's not space, since you should be netbooting the thing
00:17Chutt <Chutt> what else is there?
00:18DavidB Right now, every time a new field is added to the protocol, it breaks all frontends that are not part of the myth code base (dsmyth, mvpmc, Xbmc python code).
00:19DavidB Plus, any database schema changes requires changes in all frontends as well.
00:19Chutt if the authors of those projects don't care to coordinate with me, then i don't care.
00:19DavidB I am looking for a way to leverage a single stable way for all frontends (including MythFrontend) that would allow the protocol to change without breaking existing functionality.
00:21DavidB The reason I am getting involved, is that I plan on only using mvpmc and XBMC as my mythfrontends, and want to see them maintained in a "coordinated way"
00:21Chutt run myth on the xbox.
00:21Chutt one problem solved.
00:21DavidB :-)
00:21Chutt the protocol is versioned.
00:21Chutt already
00:21DavidB XBMC is too polished.
00:21Chutt so is the database version
00:21Chutt i don't see the issue.
00:22Chutt i update all code that i have control over when things break
00:23dshay Perhaps if there was some more detailed documentation on exactly what changes for a protocol version bump. I basically figured it out for the change to 14, but it took quite a bit of browsing/diffing.
00:23DavidB ok, from your point of view, I should just port the existing code and maintain each library for each system in a reactive way.
00:23DavidB More info is always welcome.
00:23Chutt from my point of view, you should _use_ the existing code.
00:24DavidB Not all frontends are linux.. as we talk I am watching recordings on my XP machine using DSMyth.
00:24Chutt there's not much in the code that's not cross platform these days.
00:25Chutt or could be made to be so
00:25DavidB I've been following the cygwin port and they still don't have a stable system.
00:26Chutt i believe that's more a function of the people doing the work
00:27rkulagow are we on the tangent train to nowhere? chutt, for the mvpmc thing, you really want to find out whether or not the mvpmc is capable of running libmysqlclient, right? if yes, then there's no reason to extend the protocol. if no, then a generic SQL_QUERY should be added so that the mvpmc has the backend run a SQL command and return the results.
00:27DavidB Just as an example... before the MVPmc project was around, I create a .NET webservice to interface with mythbackend to allow the MediaMVP's web pages access to the program information. It worked great until I updated to CVS and then had to spend a few hours tracking down the changes (even though I read ever dev list message)
00:27Chutt rkulagow, exactly.
00:27Chutt davidb, subscribe to -commits
00:28Chutt pretty much every change is described
00:28Chutt along with what files changed, etc
00:28DavidB Will subscribe...
00:28Chutt and again, i _really don't care_ about code where the author has made no attempt to coordinate with me
00:29Beirdo Oooh, response from the website :)
00:29DavidB I wouldn't be talking to you now, if I didn't want to coordinate with you...
00:29Beirdo an error, but a response.. looking up
00:29DavidB Ok... I will spend my efforts trying to get mvpmc talking to mysql.
00:30Chutt or just a reason why it can't, then i'd be happy to have a generic sql interface
00:30Chutt and maybe specific additional queries
00:30Chutt but i won't change out the wire protocol unless the replacement is just as fast as the existing one.
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00:31DavidB Understood.
00:31dopester man this dvb guide insert stuff is quick...
00:31Chutt there
00:31Chutt website's up
00:32riksta dopester, ;)
00:32Chutt cvs is up
00:32riksta thanks Chutt
00:32DavidB Chutt, thanks for you time.
00:32Chutt lists should be processing millions of messages.
00:32riksta hehe
00:32Chutt (literally)
00:32dshay DavidB, are you going down the libmysqlclient route?
00:33riksta Chutt, get us soem proper figures :)
00:33Beirdo Chutt: well done to you and Snow-Man both for getting it working :)
00:33Chutt snowman, mainly
00:33Chutt i just bugged him and stuff
00:34riksta what was wrong
00:34DavidB I am going to give it a try... however, I don't have much experiance with the mvp hardware...
00:34Snow-Man Don't ask.
00:34Snow-Man I don't want to talk about it.
00:34Chutt someone installed lm-sensors =)
00:34Snow-Man :)
00:34Beirdo the website has some normally invisible stuff on it
00:34Chutt bad interaction with the bios, essentially
00:34riksta Snow-Man's scarred from this experience :)
00:34Chutt beirdo, which?
00:34Beirdo gaaah.
00:34dshay chutt, I checked the commits archives for the last protocol change, and although it does tell that the protocol changes and what files were involved, I was just thinkging of another document maintained wherever you like that details out the protocol and any version changes.
00:34Snow-Man Dude, that's just fucking wrong that it just shuts itself off, no daemon running or anything!
00:34riksta lm_sensors.... ick!
00:34Beirdo Invisible Modules
00:34Beirdo and Inactive Modules
00:34Snow-Man huh, it does.
00:34Chutt dshay, volunteering to write and maintain that?
00:34Snow-Man Weird.
00:35Beirdo on the Main Menu bar
00:35Beirdo and Edit on the banner
00:35Chutt uh, yeah
00:35Chutt shit
00:35dopester chutt: if you want to apply that guys dvb-s verification wizard patch feel free.. it will at least help for the next while.. i looked at it and it looks OK to me.
00:35Beirdo some minor tweakage of PHP-Nuke I guess
00:35Snow-Man I didn't do it!
00:35Chutt there we go
00:35dshay I would certainly be willing to compile a doc on the current protocol. Anyone who changed the protocol would just have to add a line or 2 on changes.
00:36Snow-Man Forbidden
00:36Snow-Man You don't have permission to access / on this server.
00:36Snow-Man erm?
00:36riksta you guys are pro sysadmin material :D
00:36Beirdo hehe, that will be more secure for sure :)
00:36Chutt yeah, that's more secure while i'm fixing it :p
00:36Snow-Man oh, heh.
00:37Snow-Man Didn't realize it was a security issue.
00:37* Snow-Man shrugs.
00:37Beirdo I figured the Admin stuff on the main page would be normally not desirable :)
00:37Snow-Man Oh, I must have missed it.
00:37thor_ oh crap, mail
00:38Snow-Man hahahaha
00:38Snow-Man thor_: INCOMING
00:38Chutt try now?
00:38thor_ turn it OFF again, please
00:38Snow-Man Looking good here.
00:38Snow-Man thor_: bwahahhaaha
00:38Chutt bad data in the recovered mysql tables
00:38Snow-Man Chutt: doh.
00:38Chutt was giving everyone _my_ session
00:38Snow-Man Nice!
00:39Beirdo that looks better
00:39Beirdo :)
00:39riksta its too late, i already hijacked the whole shizzle!
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00:41Snow-Man Chutt: err, it bitched at me, again.
00:41Snow-Man Actually, that might be old.
00:41Snow-Man And just now getting delievered. :)
00:41Chutt what bitched?
00:41Snow-Man mysql
00:41Chutt ah
00:42Snow-Man Looked like the same thing.
00:42Chutt i stopped/started the server
00:42Chutt a few minutes back
00:42Snow-Man Well, but you fixed the tables
00:42Chutt right, but i restarted it before fixing things
00:42Snow-Man ah.
00:43Chutt i've gotten 7 messages so far :p
00:43--- <<-- DavidB [] has quit ()
00:43Snow-Man What a whiner. :P
00:44Beirdo so lm_sensors did it in, eh? impressive.
00:44Chutt delay was only 4 minutes
00:44Snow-Man That ain't bad.
00:44Chutt beirdo, i think it was setting bad values for the 'oh shit, turn the computer off _NOW_' stuff
00:44Snow-Man Beirdo: In the bios, somehow.
00:44Beirdo Ow... that could be nasty
00:44Chutt least bit of stress, boom
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00:44Snow-Man Such that when the computer was turned off it never logged *anything*.
00:44Chutt well, yeah
00:45Chutt if it had time to log stuff, the processor could melt more :p
00:45Snow-Man Except when the box rebooted, the bios said something.
00:45Snow-Man But it took the techs at the colo site putting the disks into a new box to figure out they should attach a monitor to it.
00:45Chutt that's ok, though
00:45Chutt they rebooted it a lot today :p
00:45Beirdo I'd imagine so
00:45Snow-Man That's certainly true.
00:46Beirdo so now hopefully the whiners will be satisfied
00:46Chutt ok, back to paper mario
00:46Snow-Man paper mario?
00:46Chutt someone actually called me today and asked if i wanted other hosting
00:46Chutt snowman, gamecube :p
00:47Chutt rpg-ish
00:47Snow-Man bastid!
00:47Beirdo well, if it would be down forever or something, that wouldn't be a bad option :)
00:47Snow-Man Is, like, CVS working and shit, btw?
00:47Chutt yup
00:47Beirdo but it was all taken care of, so...
00:47Chutt the cvs commits list was acting up, though
00:48Chutt last time we restarted, at least
00:48Chutt might have you look at that later :p
00:48Snow-Man Was it a problem w/ the hostname not being right? I think I fixed that..
00:48Beirdo I should look at the script you use for summarizing the CVS like that at some point
00:48Chutt naw - stuff didn't even get mailed out
00:48Chutt two scripts
00:48Snow-Man hrmpf, alright, well, let me know..
00:49Chutt but it all got to me when bma restarted everything last night
00:49Chutt before it all crashed and burned, of course =)
00:49Beirdo It gives nice output, I could use that on my other projects sometime
00:49Chutt only thing it doesn't handle is directory adds
00:49Chutt and deletions and stuff
00:49Chutt you get the occasional blank commit message
00:49Beirdo ahh.
00:49Chutt and it'd be nice if it varied the subject and from line
00:50Beirdo what I use now (on sourceforge) actually is sending the entire flipping diff
00:50Chutt but i've never been annoyed enough at it to fix things
00:50Beirdo and that can be highly annoying
00:50Chutt actually, it'd be cool if it generated the diffs and included a link
00:50Beirdo now that would be nice
00:51Snow-Man Alright, one more soda.
00:51Snow-Man Of monitoring, then I'm off to bed. :)
00:51Beirdo for you, not the server, I hope :)
00:52Chutt seems happy so far
00:52Chutt and the load avg is > 20 right now
00:52Beirdo mailing lists will do that for sure
00:53Snow-Man It'll be happier once this initial boatload of crap is out.
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01:09thor_ Can we put in a filter to make Feature Requests go to /dev/null
01:09* thor_ just realized that was a feature request
01:09thor_ bah, time for bed
01:11dopester i like your idea though :)
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02:01streamtrade Can I compile mythfrontend from source and run it with the .16 binaries?
02:02streamtrade or do I need to compile the libs and other things
02:03Beirdo and this is a devel issue how?
02:05streamtrade Sure seemed dev-like to me...on the trail to debug
02:06Beirdo what is it you're trying to develop?
02:07streamtrade My first task is to track down a stuttering issue
02:08Beirdo that's a user support issue :)
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02:15riksta here come the mailling list posts "problem with website?"
02:15riksta so lets not check to see if the mail is on the same box, lets just send it anyway :P
02:16Beirdo and then send a followup to make sure the first one was really stuck
02:17riksta hehe
02:17riksta i just sent a bit of a sarcastic reply
02:18riksta looks like there is a backup mx now
02:19riksta i guess its just a store, till it can be delivered to the primary mx, thats how i have mine set up anyway
02:19Beirdo oh oh.. sarcasm alert
02:19riksta nah i take that back, its more informative, than sarcastic
02:21--- ---> Octane [] has joined #mythtv
02:22Beirdo Oh no, educating the masses?
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02:34rkulagow chutt: here?
02:35Beirdo the site's back, BTW, rkulagow :)
02:54Beirdo you there, rkulagow?
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02:55Beirdo section 9.3 of the document (Configuring a non-master backend) has /usr/local/share/mythtv/mysql.txt twice.
02:55Beirdo I hope I didn't send that :)
02:58Beirdo and please place the warning to use ~/mythtv/mysql.txt in that section too. we can't be too careful, and people may not see it in the other sections that they didn't need to read
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05:22jonr_ I have been in the mythtv-users room for over 4 hours with no luck on my problem so I came here
05:23jonr_ My video in Live TV is playing fast and I think myth tries to keep A/V in synch and this is why I am having a stuttering problem
05:23jonr_ is there a way to slow the video down?
05:25jonr_ Did I come at a bad time?
05:25javajunky jonr_ rarely much conversation in here ;) you tried chatting with ivtv folks ?
05:26jonr_ yer everywhere man
05:26truls we all are
05:26truls ;)
05:26jonr_ lol
05:26jonr_ you to truls?
05:27jonr_ do you guys think it is the ivtv also?
05:27truls nah, just pretending ;)
05:27truls jonr_: you don't have the problem in mplayer?
05:27truls jonr_: at all?
05:27jonr_ nope
05:27truls try ck100zz then
05:28* truls is using ck104f
05:28truls might try that too
05:28truls you don't apply them as patches, they are pre-patched
05:28truls you just download, compile, install
05:28jonr_ ok, I used Jarods howto and got ivtv kernel-module and firmware and ivtv using apt-get
05:28truls link?
05:28jonr_ could I just say apt-get remove ivtv then re-install it using the different one?
05:29truls yeah
05:29truls but i'm curious about the howto
05:29truls which one
05:29jonr_ ok, thanks truls, im gonna do that
05:29jonr_ will let you know
05:29truls jonr_: you have a link to the howto? *nag*
05:32jonr_ sure truls, sorry baby woke up and had to get her
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05:34KarlosII any developers here that have experience with sound?
05:37truls jonr_: np
05:37truls jonr_: ah, fedora
05:37jonr_ I'm probably gonna want the kernel module as well as ivtv, what about the firmware?
05:37jonr_ yeah
05:37truls jonr_: was wondering where you got apt-packages (thougth debian)
05:38jonr_ is that what your running truls
05:39truls debian, yeah
05:41jonr_ ok, do you think I need the kernel module to match the ivtv?
05:43truls ivtv _is_ a kernel module
05:44truls together with a few utilities to adjust its settings
05:44jonr_ when I installed it I installed ivtv, kernel-module-ivtv and ivtv-firmware
05:45truls the fedora ivtv-package is probably the utilities to change settings
05:45truls and perhaps some documentation
05:45truls how they divide the files into packages is up to fedora package creators
05:45jonr_ that makes sense
05:45jonr_ thanks truls
05:45truls that has nothing to do with ivtv itself, especially if you have to deal with the source
05:45truls sure
05:56jonr_ AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
05:59o_cee topic guys
06:00jonr_ thats got it man, I now have smooth LiveTV
06:00jonr_ tahnks a bagillion truls!
06:01javajunky yay :)
06:02jonr_ thank you to java
06:02jonr_ im crying right now
06:02jonr_ hmm, maybe a little too much info there
06:02jonr_ testing live pause
06:02o_cee hey, #mythtv-users
06:02jonr_ How friggen sweet is this man
06:03jonr_ myth rocks!!
06:03truls jonr_: woo, congrats
06:03jonr_ im stoked fellas
06:03jonr_ this is kick ass
06:04o_cee hmm
06:04jonr_ well guys, I dont belong here anymore, so Im gonna go play with my myth. Thanks again for all the excellent help!
06:05jonr_ Have a nice night/day....
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09:12rkulagow chutt: here?
09:13--- User: *** xeno42_afk is now known as xeno42
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10:09Beirdo rkulagow: you here?
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12:04Chutt rkulagow, i'm around now
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12:41thor_ Chutt, you know anyone that knows Checkpoint/firewalls/VPNs, is interested in managing that kind of stuff for a "large financial institution", and wants to move to NYC? Starting sounds like it would be about 110K + bonus.
12:41Chutt i don't, sorry
12:42thor_ anyone else?
12:42Beirdo not that I know of here either.
12:44Morph thor_: Im interested...though I really dont want to move to NY or managed that stuff for a large financial institution...I would like the 110K + bonus though.
12:44Baylink I know VPN/firewall, but not checkpoint.
12:44Baylink I'm sure I don't have enough certs to make them happy anyway.
12:44Beirdo hehe, yeah, I'd be interested in the money, but not the job or the location particularly either :)
12:45--- ---> johnback [] has joined #mythtv
12:45thor_ Position is not hands on running of the stuff (it is a management position), but they really want someone with all the technical background so that the managment is effective.
12:45--- <--- johnback [] has left #mythtv ()
12:46Beirdo understandably
12:46thor_ if anyone's interested, cv's to, I can vette them and send them along
12:46* thor_ will now stop using the irc channel for 3rd person head hunting
12:47Beirdo heh
12:48Baylink :-)
12:49Baylink Hey, I could tolerate the City for 110K a year.
13:00--- <<-- KillerBunny [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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13:05--- ---> iamjac [~caputo@] has joined #mythtv
13:09o_cee thor_: gimme a list of what i need to learn, mm'kay ;)
13:16thor_ heh
13:29--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
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14:04--- ---> meiersos [] has joined #mythtv
14:09Chutt heh, yup, looks like i made mailman lose mail
14:09Chutt ah well
14:09Chutt no big deal =)
14:09Chutt it was mostly bounce messages
14:14--- ---> Octane [] has joined #mythtv
14:15--- ---> KillerBunny [] has joined #mythtv
14:20--- <<-- KillerBunny [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
14:55--- ---> mecraw_ [~lmarlow@] has joined #mythtv
14:57thor_ is there still a backlog? If not, a message I sent a few hours (on -user) has dissappeared ...
14:58thor_ err, hours ago
15:05o_cee <-- hehe
15:05o_cee damn now they changed it back
15:05o_cee said: "The latest stable version of the Linux kernel is: 2.0.1" :)
15:06--- User: *** xeno42 is now known as xeno42_afk
15:12--- <<-- mecraw__ [~lmarlow@] has quit (Read error: 238 (Connection timed out))
15:21Chutt thor, some stuff got lost
15:22Chutt i don't believe that there's a backlog
15:23Chutt i think at least
15:23Chutt i dunno =)
15:23--- ---> fishhead [] has joined #mythtv
15:25--- ---> johnback_ [] has joined #mythtv
15:26Chutt there are lots of usb mpeg2 encoders.
15:26fishhead I know
15:26fishhead just thought it's something for you guys to think about in the future
15:26Chutt why?
15:27fishhead see if you can nudge them to give you info for support
15:27Chutt no one in here has anything to do with that
15:27fishhead because it's nice to support as many solutions as possible
15:27fishhead oh
15:28fishhead is there a channel for people who would be handing the low level support
15:28--- <--- johnback_ [] has left #mythtv ()
15:28Chutt nope.
15:28fishhead ok thx
15:29* fishhead pokes coaxD with a bigger stick
15:54Baylink Fish: there are people working on porting ivtv to the PVR2USB; no further.
15:54* Beirdo mumbles "don't feed the trolls"
15:57--- ---> cmorph [~casey@] has joined #mythtv
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16:02fishhead stfu stupid canuck
16:02fishhead coaxD is a old friend of mine
16:15--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit ("User disconnected")
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16:33streamtrade thor_ are you there?
16:33thor_ possibly
16:34streamtrade may I ask you a user question via chat or in user?
16:45--- ---> DavidB [] has joined #mythtv
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17:46--- ---> javajunky_ [~Miranda@] has joined #mythtv
17:46javajunky_ Got a quick and easy question for the comm flagging expert in the house if he's got a sec ;)
17:47javajunky_ for some reason [suspect signal quality] comm flagging kills my backend, repeatedl and painfully :( now I've disabled comm flagging in the setup, but programs that were recorded when it was still set appear to be attemp[ting to go throug hthe process of comm flagging still :(
17:47javajunky_ I've tried setting the commflag field in 'recorded' to 3 but this seems irrelevant, where in the db can I clear these damn things off :(
17:47javajunky_ ah, coudl it be the job queue ?
17:49javajunky_ can I just delete a row from the jobqueue , will that work ok ?
17:51o_cee yes
17:51o_cee need to restart the backend
17:51javajunky_ sweet, ta (had done anyway <g>)
17:51javajunky_ oooo and that seems to have stopped my killer-commflag :) woot! Cheers, I shall bother no more :)
17:52--- <--- javajunky_ [~Miranda@] has left #mythtv ()
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18:23rkulagow chutt: here?
18:25--- ---> cmorgan [] has joined #mythtv
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18:41--- User: *** xeno42_afk is now known as xeno42
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18:47--- <<-- linuxwhore [] has quit ("Download Gaim:")
18:51Beirdo he's likely talking to Snow-Man... seems the server's non-responsive again
18:57--- <<-- gfiend [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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20:09Chutt 2.6 sucks, basically
20:09Chutt Assertion failure in log_do_checkpoint() at fs/jbd/checkpoint.c:361: "drop_count != 0 || cleanup_ret != 0"
20:09Chutt kernel oopses :(
20:10Beirdo Ouch
20:11Beirdo you guys sure are having bad luck with that server. Sigh
20:59--- ---> shaya [] has joined #mythtv
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21:47rkulagow chutt: here?
21:49Beirdo he was about an hour and a half ago
21:57dopester mysql is too slow to handle the DVB guide stream :)
21:59--- ---> detailer [] has joined #mythtv
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