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01:41Chutt anyone know anything about vservers?
01:41Beirdo unfortunately not me
01:41Chutt website + cvs are both running in vservers
01:41Beirdo all I know is the URL Snow-Man pointed me at
01:42Chutt however, cvs isn't running, and i don't know how to start it manually
01:43Beirdo Hmmm. I dunno, I'm more accustomed to the concept of UML
01:43Chutt this is much nicer than a uml =)
01:43Chutt aside from me not knowing anything about it, of course
01:43Beirdo just a steep learning curve it seems
01:43Beirdo I can see both having their uses
01:44Chutt well, this is much much faster
01:44Chutt heh
01:44Beirdo I can believe that.
01:44Chutt i accidently blocked the IR sensor that's connected to my monitors
01:44Chutt everything just turned off =)
01:44Beirdo the overhead of a kernel inside a kernel is not insignificant
01:44Beirdo oops :)
01:45Beirdo wow, that nmap of work networks is STILL going
01:47Beirdo almost 48h so far for 2 /24 networks
01:50Chutt yay: /usr/lib/util-vserver/start-vservers --start -m default -- mythcvs
01:50Chutt magic incantation all figured out
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01:50Beirdo woohoo
01:50Beirdo that's one for the notebook of magic tricks
01:51Chutt eh
01:51Chutt i'll just have to get snowman to figure out why it didn't start up normally sometime
01:59riksta Chutt, i have noticed an important problem on the wiki
01:59riksta who is in charge of it?
01:59Chutt not me
01:59Chutt there isn't a contact address?
01:59Beirdo riksta: talk to Baylink
01:59Beirdo he's in touch with whatever the guy's name is
02:00riksta basically, you know the digital sound howto, theres a serction that tells you to enter ALSA:digital and such, in the general settings, but the colon, is making some werid hyperlink, i have tried to fix it but it wont go
02:00Beirdo go wiki! :)
02:00riksta if you search the page for "below with Myth, specify" just after you'll see what i mean
02:01riksta can i wrap a tag around it to stop it making a link
02:01riksta i never use wikis
02:01riksta its like a MAJOR thing though
02:02riksta aha
02:02riksta siz single quotes escaping
02:02riksta i might be able to fix it
02:03riksta bingo
02:04riksta fixed it
02:08riksta Chutt, i think dopester should have some nice patch ready in a few days ;)
02:08Chutt great
02:08riksta not that you care too much about dvb :)
02:09Chutt if it works, i get less email about it
02:09riksta true mate
02:10riksta one thing Chutt, i really think you should include the fact that for alsa you need to put ALSA:default (or whatever) in the frontend settings, in the docs
02:10Chutt nope
02:10Chutt alsa support is still not completely working
02:10riksta ahh ok sorry i thought it was
02:11riksta i only mention, as three people have asked in -users today
02:11riksta i assume you will add it when the alsa support is fine?
02:11Chutt alsa oss emulation works for the majority of people
02:11Chutt and is what i recommend them to use
02:11riksta yeah totally
02:12Chutt allright, bed time for me
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02:13riksta nite
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12:43MajestiK So, how come there's no manpages for the mythtv applications? transcode and frontend specifically..
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12:44Frod_ hello all
12:45MajestiK mornin
12:45Frod_ can any one help me seting up a DC10Plus on NTSC
12:45MajestiK Probably a better question for #mythtv-users, see the topic
12:45Frod_ thanks ..
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13:01MajestiK Does anyone want to take a look at the current nuvexport manpages and let me know if they look good?
13:01MajestiK groff -man -T ascii nuvexport.1 | less
13:01MajestiK to read them
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13:37Morph schultmc: are you about?
13:37schultmc Morph: yes
13:38Morph schultmc: noticed your hostname earlier...are you with progeny?
13:38schultmc Morph: yep - I've been here since Jan 2001
13:39Morph schultmc: ah cool.
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13:40Morph schultmc: im part of a group thats organizing a convention, we've been trying to contact Progeny but havent had much luck.
13:40schultmc Morph: how're you trying to contact us?
13:40Morph one sec, lemme find out.
13:41schultmc the expo date is right around LinuxWorld Boston
13:42Morph yeah..we had originally planned it to not conflict but then the LWCE date changed...
13:45Morph person whose been dealing with them is being slow...
13:45Morph ..slow responding to my questions that is.
13:52Morph schultmc: short answer, Im not sure how we've been trying to contact Progeny but if you have a recommendation Id appreciate it.
13:54schultmc Morph: media AT should be a good contact method.
13:54Morph thanks.
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17:55thor_ Chutt, for MythUITree (the list button-thingy equivalent in libmythui), I'm fiddling with drawing each button/list-entry on a QPixmap, and then passing that to the myth painter, does this make sense to you?
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18:17Chutt no pixmaps
18:17Chutt they're slow
18:17thor_ OK, so what should I paint on?
18:18thor_ e.g. I have an icon pixmap, checkbox pixmap, some text/font specs, and I need to draw something to give to the MythPainter?
18:18Chutt shouldn't :p
18:19thor_ or I'm a dufus
18:19Chutt why doesn't the current stuff work?
18:19Chutt i thought i ported all of that over
18:19thor_ oh probably
18:20Chutt mythlistbutton.cpp/.h
18:20Chutt i didn't do the _tree_, but that's on top of the listbutton
18:20thor_ heh
18:20thor_ yup yup
18:20thor_ see, I am a dufus
18:20Chutt heh
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18:25thor_ HAH, as I thought
18:25thor_ the gradients are drawn on a pixmap!
18:25MajestiK Chutt: any reason why there's no man pages for the mythtv programs? mythfrontend and mythtranscode specifically?
18:26thor_ during initialization, that's essentially what I'm in the middle of re-doing .... although why I'm redoing is certainly open to debate
18:27thor_ MajestiK, 'cause nobody has written one
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18:27MajestiK If I write one up, would it be added? I'll have to ask a bunch of questions about the mythtranscode..
18:28thor_ if you write one and seem to be sticking around long enough that there's some chance of it not becoming hopelessly out of date almost immediately, then sure, absolutely
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18:30MajestiK I'll try.. I've been building the manpages for xris for nuvexport already, and I've been hanging out around in -users for a while, so I think I'll stick around :)
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18:56Chutt thor, yeah, i was wanting to replace that with some custom gradient code (easy) onto a MythImage
18:57Chutt thing about QPixmaps are that they're in a format specific to the X server
18:57Chutt so to draw em, it has to go QPixmap -> QImage -> opengl texture
18:57thor_ ah, yeah, QPIxmap to QImahe is terrible
18:57thor_ err, QImage
18:58thor_ so if I have something I want to compose (I dunno, a rectangle around a container for debugging, or whatever) I should try and use MythImage's ?
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19:07Chutt you should use separate items
19:07Chutt stuff to just draw lines would be pretty easy to add
19:09bbeattie cvs compile of mythtv is failing right now, probably is my setup, I just updated libraries for qt/libavcodec..
19:09bbeattie mpegvideo.c: In function `MPV_encode_picture':
19:09bbeattie dsputil.h:587: sorry, unimplemented: inlining failed in call to 'lrintf': redefined extern inline functions are not considered for inlining
19:09bbeattie mpegvideo.c:2207: sorry, unimplemented: called from here
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19:09Chutt works fine here
19:11bbeattie Chutt: usually does. :) have you upgraded to the newest version of qt/libavcodec?
19:12Chutt libavcodec is internal to myth.
19:12Chutt it shouldn't be using external headers
19:14thor_ Chutt, ok, I'll just keep muddling along ...
19:15bbeattie Chutt: looks like it's a gcc 3.4 incompatibility, compiles under 3.3..
19:16Chutt thor, want me to add anything?
19:16Chutt thor, but, having a separate uitype object for that sorta thing would be best, since it can be easily turned off and on
19:16Chutt just have to not add it to the group =)
19:17Chutt i did mean to ask, though, what's the purpose behind the 'MythContainer' class?
19:18Chutt that could probably inherit from MythUIType..
19:19thor_ yeah, MythContainer is now inheriting from MythUIType
19:19Chutt cool.
19:19thor_ just makes it easier to move things around in the xml
19:19Chutt yeah, makes sense
19:20Chutt just looked a bit strange in the .h that's in cvs now, since everything there was also in the uitype =)
19:20thor_ although I keep wondering if it shouldn't be a MythUIScreen
19:20thor_ I'll get there
19:20bbeattie thor_, chutt: have either of you used gcc 3.4 to compile recently?
19:20Chutt a 'screen' is a full group of things that'll be shown/hidden all at the same time, and is going to have focus
19:21Chutt bbeattie, nope
19:21thor_ bbeatie, gcc --version
19:21thor_ gcc (GCC) 3.3.4 (Debian 1:3.3.4-7)
19:21thor_ so I guess not
19:22thor_ Chutt, yup, ok,
19:22thor_ err, yup, ok
19:23Chutt make sense? =)
19:23Frod__ any one knows where can i find a list od card number with their descriptions
19:23bbeattie thor_: gcc (GCC) 3.4.2 (Debian 3.4.2-2)
19:24thor_ Chutt, makes sense
19:25thor_ although one can imagine contexts where you want to do container->hide() (so focus list might need to change)
19:26Chutt heh
19:27thor_ rather than, say pushing and poping a screen as some set of data to display changes while a user navigates a tree ... I dunno, I'll figure it out
19:27bbeattie anyway. looks like lrintf is already defined (commenting out that instance in dsp fixed the problem). And gcc-3.4 did work a month or two ago..
19:28Chutt bbeattie, i compile with it occasionally to fix things
19:28Chutt but i use 3.3 most of the time
19:29bbeattie Chutt: sounds good, you'll probably find it next time you do compile under 3.4. for now I'm working with that function commented out since it is a redfine problem.
19:30Chutt bbeattie, actually, it looks like if you re-run configure, that'd go away
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19:31bbeattie Chutt: I did, no help.
19:31Chutt there's a test for lrintf in configure
19:32Chutt dunno why it'd not work
19:32Chutt ah well, i'll see it next time i compile with 3.4
19:33bbeattie Chutt: :)
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19:43Chutt heh
19:43Chutt so, guess things are stable
19:43Chutt time to look at that audio patch
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19:47Baylink Well, I dunno from stable... :-} I've having hellacious transcode trouble with 1014CVS, but I can't quite pin it down yet. Files expand well beyund original size, and multiple transcodes run simultaneously...
19:47Baylink Still trying to characterize.
19:47Chutt oh, i meant the server =)
19:47Baylink Silly me. :-)
19:47Chutt heh
19:47Chutt i don't transcode
19:47Baylink Good to hear. Would that we could not.
19:48Baylink Haven't found the magic on my Plextor 708 yet either. I *think* it's a cdrecord problem, but upgrading hasn't helped.
19:48Chutt i almost bought a dvd recorder
19:52Chutt is there a 'how to debug a crash' thing on the wiki?
19:55--- ---> DavidB [] has joined #mythtv
19:56Beirdo Don't know of one, but we should definitely add stuff like that somewhere. People seem to not RTFM as it is :)
19:58Baylink FLASH: what *tells* it to put transcodes in the queue??
19:58Chutt no idea
19:58Baylink The flag isn't in transcoding *or* jobqueue, near as I can find, and it's picking a singluarly bad time to blow it's brains out.
19:58Chutt some jobqueue transcode related stuff went in to cvs in the past few days, though
19:59* Baylink is embarassed: "Sorry; wrong channel."
19:59Baylink When I say Begin Transcoding, you don't know what flag that toggles? <boggle>
20:00Chutt me? no :p
20:00Beirdo Baylink: That's Captain_Murdoch's baby lately, I think
20:01Beirdo or at least the job queue is
20:01Baylink Yeah, but the flag likely hasn't moved...
20:01Beirdo wouldn't be so sure :)
20:01Chutt the jobqueue stuff was a complete rewrite of all that
20:01Baylink Neato. Luckily, the safety tape is running.
20:02Baylink And actually *recording*.
20:02Baylink Maybe it won't crash. Later, guys; Murdoch, if you have a comment, chime in (even if it's "update to newer than 10/14" :-)
20:03--- User: *** Baylink is now known as Baylink_TWW
20:03Chutt well, i _know_ geoffrey hausheer (original transcoding guy) committed some jobqueue related transcode fixes in the past day or two
20:05dopester FUCK i got jury duty tomorrow
20:07dopester wonder if i can take my laptop and work on code.. :)
20:08Beirdo jury duty?
20:08Beirdo I hope you don't catch a major case like OJ
20:08dopester you got it in canada too :)
20:08Beirdo I know that :)
20:08dopester i probbably got some crap where some farmer ran over some other farmers pig or something stupid
20:08Beirdo here's hoping :)
20:10dopester its county court so i can't imagine it being any crazy case that would drag on for forever.
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20:20tmk sup chutt
20:21Chutt hey
20:21tmk i hear mythtv does silly things ;)
20:22Chutt apparently
20:22Chutt like using the get timing ioctl to (gasp) get the timing :p
20:22tmk i had my recordedmarkup table go south on me
20:22tmk myth didn't like that too much
20:22Chutt yeah, i saw
20:22tmk it kept crashing
20:22tmk but only halfway
20:23Chutt the recordedmarkup table isn't _entirely_ necessary
20:23Chutt it makes seeking fast
20:23tmk yeah i know how it works
20:23tmk it would mostly crash on delete though
20:23tmk was wondering if there was some errorcheck that was missing or something.
20:23tmk seek would work, just take forever.. glad i fixed it before monday night football ;)
20:24tmk i do a lot of seeking during football.
20:24Chutt tmk, dunno about deleting
20:24tmk as much as has been done to ivtv since i stopped working on it, it still makes me happy to hear people say 'it works great on 0.1.9'
20:25tmk it's not a big deal - it's working well at the moment.
20:25Chutt that's because it does, and chris has no idea what he's talking about most of the time :p
20:25tmk hehe
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20:25tmk well, he did find some interesting stuff
20:25tmk like how the dma really works
20:25tmk that was impressive
20:27Chutt heh
20:27cmorgan did he really?
20:28cmorgan that is good news
20:28tmk yeah it uses some registers
20:28tmk so he's taken the reigns from the firmware
20:28cmorgan maybe things will get permanently more stable ;-)
20:28tmk seems to be much more stable now
20:28tmk yeah
20:28tmk the 0.2.0 rc's are pretty good
20:28tmk with the exception of the ff/pause problems
20:28cmorgan he is in charge of 0.2?
20:28tmk yea
20:28Beirdo that's encouraging to hear
20:29tmk i'm jsut gonna finish up my xine dvd plugin
20:29tmk then lurk i think
20:29cmorgan going into retirement already huh? ;-)
20:29tmk heh
20:29tmk i figure it's been about a year since i stopped
20:29tmk i can probably retire
20:29Chutt go work on the blackbird stuf
20:29Beirdo either that or come back from the code vacation :)
20:29Chutt err, stuff
20:30Chutt seems much simpler
20:30tmk the xine dvd plugin works well though
20:30Chutt :p
20:30tmk Chutt: i get so mad that there's no hardware decoders for linux
20:30Beirdo and the PVR-150 and -500 will be out soon :)
20:30tmk besides dxr's
20:30tmk thsoe are blackbird designs
20:31tmk i MAY take a look at what that guys' got done for blackbird
20:31Beirdo ahh, that's what the codename maps to
20:31tmk ivtv = cx2341(5/6) chip plus dma controller
20:32tmk blackbird = cx2388x (i think) chip plus cx23416 chip
20:32tmk the cx2388 does the dma and just sucks in the cx23416 data on a few pins
20:32tmk i have a blackbird card.. just need to start caring about it :)
20:32Beirdo :)
20:34Beirdo Well, if you need moral support, I'm sure many would be happy to help in that regard.
20:34--- ---> Viddy [] has joined #mythtv
20:36Beirdo of course, if there's more concrete help we could offer, that would be good too.. Should you get to the point of caring about it :)
20:41Chutt well, my point was the cx88 is doing all the 'hard' work
20:41Chutt and i imagine capture of the compressed data isn't much different than the uncompressed, since it's coming from the same place, and there's a ton less of it
20:45Chutt wildgoose, around?
20:52fishhead wtf kinda nick is Chutt anywasy
20:53Beirdo Jeez, fishhead, you need to learn not to piss off the powers that be
20:54fishhead dude I am just curious
20:55fishhead is chutt even a word ?
20:55Chutt wtf kinda nick is fishhead anywasy
20:55Chutt and really, why haven't i banned you yet?
21:01--- ---> ^LLyric [] has joined #mythtv
21:02^LLyric Anyone here in NZ, and succesfully got program information into myth?
21:02Chutt read the topic, please.
21:02^LLyric It's not quite a user question - I'm going to write a tv_grab_nz if noone else has done it
21:03Chutt tv_grab_nz is part of xmltv.
21:03Chutt has been for awhile.
21:03^LLyric It got removed, it appears
21:03^LLyric And the places that they were using for data sources have dissappeared
21:04^LLyric But, you're right, it's probably more of an xmltv issue, than mythtv
21:10rkulagow chutt: you see that issue about the joystick stuff making compile bomb on qt 3.1?
21:10tmk Chutt: yeah the cx88 does the hard work.. i really don't see how the blackbird driver could not work if they've gotten the cx23416 initialized
21:10tmk there's not much to do past that point
21:11rkulagow i'm bombing too; bbl with the exact place.
21:13Chutt rkulagow, that's one of the commits that got lost in the shuffle
21:13Chutt it should be fixed
21:15Beirdo rkulagow: did you see my comments a couple days ago about the oops in the patched document?
21:17Beirdo in section 9.3 (Configuring a non-master backend) you have /usr/local/share/mythtv/mysql.txt or /usr/local/share/mythtv/mysql.txt :)
21:17--- <<-- Frod__ [] has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
21:22rkulagow chutt: ok; i'll go ahead and see if it's still happening - never saw a message come across in -commit so i don't even know if you'd seen the report.
21:25Chutt yeah
21:26--- <<-- tmk [] has quit ("Client exiting")
21:26Chutt the commit message is in the archives
21:26Chutt just never made it out to people
21:27--- <<-- Rince [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
21:33--- ---> potuncle [] has joined #mythtv
21:34potuncle I'm about to delve into HDTV with my MythTV, and unfortunately, it sounds like my recently purchased Pundit with 2.4Mhz P4 (Northwood) isn't going to cut it as a frontend....
21:37cmorgan why not?
21:40Chutt might be a tad close
21:41potuncle in mythtv-users the general recommendation seems to be having, as a minimum, a 2.8Ghz Pentium and that with a Nvidia card (which I don't have since the pundit has an onboard SIS 615.
21:42potuncle For off-the air broadcasts, are they generally 720p, 1080p, or 1080i, or some of all 3?
21:42Chutt no 1080p
21:44potuncle any chance the software-base MPEG2 decoders for HDTV are going to get any more efficient?
21:45^LLyric Is it mythtv, or the window manager, that is breaking the "gui offset" stuff?
21:45Chutt llyric, qt and the windowmanager.
21:46^LLyric Is fluxbox the only wm that works properly?
21:46cmorgan potuncle: it is very unlikely that there will be any gains in efficency
21:46Chutt all of them work if you set it to run in a window
21:47cmorgan potuncle: those software decoders are very tightly written
21:47^LLyric Uugh
21:48cmorgan potuncle: what you really want is a hauppauge(i like their hardware) or other hardware solution
21:53potuncle I currently have a PVR-350 for NTSC, but I thought the Hauppauge HDTV decoders (WinTV-HD) don't yet have linux drivers.
21:53cmorgan potuncle: ahh. i've got a 350 as well. is there anyone working on drivers for the hd card?
21:54* ^LLyric has a 350, seems pretty good hardware, but ivtv is a bit marginal
21:55^LLyric (for PAL-G anyway)
21:55cmorgan ^LLyric: it depends which version you use. i usually get hangs once every 3 days with 0.1.10
21:55cmorgan its been longer than that lately though
21:55rkulagow chutt: seems to compile now. guess i just didn't see the commit message.
21:56Chutt rkulagow, no one saw it =)
21:56Chutt mailman ate it
21:56* ^LLyric has follows the development pretty actively, always looking for improvements
21:56^LLyric But it's working well enoug now that all of my problems are myth/xmltv
21:56^LLyric :)
21:57potuncle cmorgan: I can't find any mention that there is a linux driver for the WinTV-HD
22:03--- User: *** Baylink_TWW is now known as Baylink
22:07* ^LLyric wanders off to play playstation instead. At least I know that's gonna work :)
22:08--- <<-- ^LLyric [] has quit ("Leaving")
22:18--- ---> r2910 [] has joined #mythtv
22:25--- <<-- thor_ [] has quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.10")
22:40--- <--- r2910 [] has left #mythtv ()
22:47--- <<-- anduin [] has quit ()
23:06dopester My scan libs work for ATSC! :)
23:08potuncle anybody had luck transcoding HDTV MPEG2 to MPEG4?
23:08Beirdo potuncle: I think that'd be more of a -users question, no? :)
23:09--- <<-- Roots^ [] has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
23:12fishhead beirdoNUCK
23:12fishhead that whole channel guide thing
23:12fishhead how does that work
23:12fishhead is that from the cable or what ?
23:13* Beirdo ignores the obviously misplaced question
23:14fishhead opps
23:14fishhead wrong channel
23:14fishhead sorry
23:34--- User: *** xeno42 is now known as xeno42_afk
23:37--- <<-- Baylink [] has quit (Remote closed the connection)
23:55--- ---> streamtrade [] has joined #MythTV
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