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04:59orogor hi there
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10:08m0j0 Hi. I've been getting multiple copies (5+) of certain emails on both the mythtv and mythtv-users lists for the past few days. Is it just me or are others experiencing the same?
10:12Baylink Not here, that I can see. You running procmail/formail?
10:23m0j0 Yeah, procmail. All my other lists go through that also though and this is the only one having issues. Didn't know if it was related to the recent server problems or something on my end.
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10:37thor_ Chutt, apparently you should just shut the fu
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10:39Beirdo ???
10:39thor_ post on -users
10:39thor_ bah
10:42Beirdo ahhh, I should catch up again
10:42Beirdo some people are such retards
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10:55Wildgoose Chutt: Sorry, missed you before. Just catching up on IRC right now.
10:56Wildgoose I assume you were going to ask about sound patches? Current state is that I have merged in the OS X stuff into my patch, and now working on a unified volume control.
10:56Wildgoose Might be ready in a few hours...
10:58Wildgoose I'm trying to get the mythmusic code integrated as fast as possible, but basically I am also happy to be buried in Alsa problems until we get that sorted properly...
11:00cmorgan Wildgoose: hello
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11:05Beirdo wow, a rash of people on the -users ML who just don't want to RTFM. How typical
11:06Baylink How nice that I'ev just been filing that lately. :-)
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11:32Chutt wildgoose, how important is that clip positive/negative stuff?
11:33Chutt i went and actually made the configure script do the other _3_ tests that the source actually used, out of the 25 or 30 or whatever that were in config.h
11:33Chutt only thing missing is the clip positive/negative definitions
11:34Chutt otherwise, i have the rest of your first patch applied, but didn't get to test it enough last night
11:35thor_ Chutt, if you're otherwise twiddling .... seeing how you would do the button gradients without a QPixmap would definitely give me an example to work off for the "right way" to draw things ...
11:35thor_ or you could take a nap :-)
11:36thor_ not holding me up in any case, so no biggy
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11:41Chutt heh
11:41Chutt sorry, i'm working :(
11:41thor_ np
11:41Chutt been trying to get some code working for a week or so
11:41Chutt with no success
11:42thor_ got the t-shirt
11:42Chutt a QImage is just an array of pixels, though
11:42Chutt it can be 'drawn' on by just going in and editing things
11:42Wildgoose Chutt: need to get another pair of eyes on it... Sometime you just stare at it when it's something obvious...!
11:42thor_ ah, I can use QImage ?
11:42Chutt RGBA
11:42Chutt thor, a MythImage is a QImage =)
11:42cmorgan Wildgoose: you there man?
11:42Wildgoose kind of
11:43thor_ right, perfect, ok, issue solved
11:43Chutt wildgoose, naw, by 'test it enough' i meant 'test it at all'
11:43Chutt went to bed before it finished recompiling :p
11:43Wildgoose aha
11:43thor_ now, if we can just get you to stop posting to -user, all will be well in the world
11:44Wildgoose Anyone use the arts driver? I think I may have accidentally fixed it...
11:45cmorgan Wildgoose: i'll put the freespace patch in today. i didn't see anything wrong with the mplayer uninit() function
11:46Chutt accidently? =)
11:47kvandivo_ doesn't that phrase inspire confidence in you, Chutt?
11:48Chutt very much so.
11:49Wildgoose cool!
11:49Wildgoose I removed the Reset function from mplayer unint and the crashes seem to have gone away
11:49Wildgoose I wonder if there is a race condition there...
11:49Wildgoose Anyway, will continue to monitor it a little.
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11:51Chutt heh
11:51Chutt the arts driver looks fairly broken
11:53cmorgan Wildgoose: hmm.. i'll look at the code to see if there is a race there.
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11:57cmorgan Wildgoose: it may be a jack bug since i do some memory freeing after i call jack_client_close(). If the jack_client_close() doesn't wait until the client is closed then i'll free up memory that may be used as a buffer in the very near future
12:01Wildgoose As I say, it's stopped obviously hanging since I removed the call to reset in the uninit code... Wierd since all that does is set a flag for the callback to process, and also it seems to do that anyway in the close routine...
12:01Wildgoose Perhaps coincidence..?
12:02cmorgan Wildgoose: nahh. its got to be a bug. put it back and run gdb to see where it fails ;-)
12:02cmorgan heh
12:03Wildgoose Chutt: Agreed. However, I might have accidentally fixed it as a result of this code abstraction exercise. There is now a common buffer routine and this does the OSS style counting backwards to determine audio clock. This is not in the arts stuff as well, although I needed to lookup a few functions to get buffersizes, etc... Need someone who uses arts to test it though
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12:04Wildgoose cmorgan: Yeah, will do. I still get the occasional crash in Myth that still need to track down. I think the library might close incorrectly and then it dies when I start it up again? It's intermittent anyway, so I will run it under gdb a bit and see if I can catch it.
12:05cmorgan Wildgoose: i think we can use JACK_GetPositionFromDriver() inside of JACK_GetBytesStoredFromDriver() so we don't have to duplicate any code
12:05Wildgoose It's still quite cool though. Right now I have around 500W in amps running my front speakers. There are three more amps on the workbench... Crossovers are done digitally using Brutefir and I can time align everything to a level far beyond what you can do with even high end analogue crossovers...
12:05cmorgan heh
12:05Wildgoose (in *4* amps that should say)
12:06Wildgoose OK, if you can show me what you mean then happy to go with that!
12:06Wildgoose I think it would be useful to release what we have got so far
12:06Wildgoose I can get really good and smooth audio/video sync right now
12:06cmorgan Wildgoose: i'll check it into cvs so you can test it further before we release ;-)
12:06Wildgoose Better than Alsa actually!
12:06cmorgan ha
12:07Wildgoose Are you interested in testing the Myth jack library a bit?
12:07cmorgan i've got a pvr350 so it wouldn't be of much use to me
12:07cmorgan i'd have to set things up here on my normal pc
12:07Wildgoose Hmm, ok
12:08Wildgoose I guess you use that for mplayer as well?
12:08Wildgoose OK, back later, I need to pop out and buy some very large drill bits...
12:09Beirdo you stay away from my PVR with those bits
12:09Wildgoose Oh, before I go, can someone quickly point me to the file with the audio setup code in it (ie the frontend chooser screen?)
12:10Chutt globalsettings.cpp
12:10Chutt programs/mythfrontend/
12:10Wildgoose got it, thanks
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12:23Frod__ how can i know wich cardtype to use on my bttv card, it has a 878a chip with Tuner, Svideo, AV Input , FM and Remote on lspci it dosnt show a subsystem ID ??
12:23Beirdo why are you asking here right after -users?
12:23Frod__ its a card called atv-tuner fron advantek
12:24Frod__ because there are diferent people on both channels ..
12:24* Beirdo points at the topic
12:24Beirdo that question doesn't belong here
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12:38cmorgan Wildgoose: here man?
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12:42cmorgan Wildgoose: just sent you some email. i put two changes back into cvs. if that fixes the issues you have with things and with the total latency issue and there are no other issues i'll do a release tonight
12:46* thor_ was always under the impression that Chutt was seaking complete world domination .... go figure
12:46thor_ seeking, even
12:51thor_ Hee Hee:
12:53gr8nash THAT IS SOOO FUNNY
12:53gr8nash lol
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13:54Wildgoose cmorgan: Chris, you need to patch the JACK_GetBytesFreeSpace call as well. Otherwise the free space goes negative
13:55dopester wildgoose: you seen those pids change again recently?
13:55Wildgoose This also causes problems with the Jack_Write function in mplayer because it starts trying to write about slightly too much data (forever, and gets stuck in a loop)
13:56Wildgoose dopester. Nope, pids changed just that once, and have now stayed the same since
13:56dopester ok good.. we are aiming for an experimental patch this weekend
13:57dopester might even have a crappy guide import working before then
13:57dopester well not crappy.. what i got now is crappy.. :)
14:07Wildgoose dopester: what would be nice with the guide stuff is if it only *adds* to the existing stuff initially... Perhaps overwrites if the names match exactly...
14:07Wildgoose Radio times for example gives me two weeks of programs, but no radio data
14:08Wildgoose I would quite like to add radio channels and keep all that extra data. Also, not have me set something to record and then find it doesn't because RT spells it "friends", and DVB guide spells it "Friends"...
14:08Wildgoose Sound feasible?
14:13dopester thats gonna be tough to do all that initially
14:13dopester not overwriting is simple
14:14dopester the name checking is going to have to be a fuzzy match..
14:14dopester aren't you using uk dvb-t
14:15dopester what do you do for radio channels? i am just ignoring services that don't have a video and audio pid.. since myth crashes on em right now.
14:16dopester fixing it to record audio channels properly to me is more important than keeping some kludge "throw in some other videopid available on this transport" to keep myth from crashing..
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14:22Wildgoose Sure. I don't have any audio channels setup at the moment. Does it not *record* them correctly? I thought the issue was playing them back?
14:22phoem_ anyone tried running mythtv on a tivo ;-)
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14:23dopester the recorder code now doesn't lke it when you don't have both audio and video feeds
14:23dopester i suspect it may also be buggy to since i tried to record a hdtv stream that had no errors and it kept breaking up terribly and crashed the backend..
14:24dopester long term plan is to merge it with the hdtv recorder since ATSC and DVB for recording a program are identical
14:25dopester i am sure issac wonders what long term means since ive been working on the shortterm for like 6 months
14:27dopester if you are using the uk's dvb-t service i dont know that you will have any issue just using its guide since you shouldhave 2 weeks available over the air
14:30Wildgoose Yeah, I am on dvb-t. However, I will have to double check. I thought we only just had 1 week of data (and only since a month or so when they started broadcasting)
14:30Wildgoose I wouldn't be suprised if the data is patchy and only for a few channels...
14:30Wildgoose However, if we have two weeks then problem sorted!
14:30Wildgoose Two weeks is very cool because while scheduling stuff you can quickly check if it is a regular serial, or a one off
14:35dopester it could vary by which transmitter you are using.. riksta claims you have 2 weeks.. i don't know for sure since im only 1500 miles away or so :)
14:35dopester actually probably more..
14:38Wildgoose Yes, I am on Crystal Palace which is one of the main ones, and seems to have the new stuff first...
14:38Wildgoose By the way, why aren't you trying to get this dvb stuff in piecemeal? Trying for a big patch seems likely just to break something big time?
14:39Chutt as long as it doesn't break non-dvb, i don't mind :p
14:39Wildgoose However, agreed that the atsc and dvb stuff is extremely similar.
14:44dopester well it kind of snowballed
14:44dopester first thing to fix was the database
14:44dopester if i fixed the database everyone would have to manually put everything in
14:44dopester so i had to add scanning capability which was step 2
14:45dopester so step1 and 2 ended up getting slammed together
14:45dopester im playing with guide stuff while john finishs putting the scan code into the setup app
14:46dopester i dont really know if its a wise decision to slam what ihave right into mythcvs anyway.. i would prefer it be tested experimentally for a little bit at least before going into mythcvs
14:47dopester so its up to you to decide if you want it or not
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14:47dopester kind of like daniel is doign with teh hdtv recorder stuff
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14:52* kvandivo_ starts salivating when thinking about a hdtv tuner card.
14:55mikegrb kvandivo_: liar
14:55mikegrb kvandivo_: you salivate when you think of tseng in a dress
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15:04Wildgoose Why not move the database into a situation where it looks like your final design, but don't remove the pids and stuff yet. ie support both types of code
15:04Wildgoose you only need to remove the old tables once the code is switched over...
15:04Wildgoose You can scan straight into both new and old tables
15:05Wildgoose You can copy stuff into new tables as part of the upgrade script
15:05Wildgoose OK, I haven't looked at your design so I should say no more...
15:08dopester its not worth maintaining it like that..
15:08dopester an upgrade script isn't possible since 90% of the users never fill in any of the dvb heiarachy ids.. like transport ID, NetworkID, etc..
15:13cmorgan Wildgoose: you here?
15:15Baylink On that topic, or one near it, can I ask if any formal policy is being followed so as to make it as easy as possible to rollback -- at *least* from CVS to the most recent production release? WRT, I mean, things like table changes and such...
15:15Chutt nope
15:15Chutt forward, never backwards!
15:15Chutt :p
15:16Baylink Would that it were that simple. We are *not* having much luck with CVS for the last week or so... :-{
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15:18Chutt so, help fix the issues
15:18Chutt they won't be fixed in the next release if people don't help out with cvs
15:19Beirdo other than by pure luck, of course
15:19dopester i thought myth was self adapting code.. it would detect bugs and fix itself..
15:21Baylink And I don't have any argument with that theory. But I've only got one box, and it isn't really mine, so maintaining an acceptable level of Sister Approval Factor is an issue for me as well.
15:21Baylink As often as not, the things I see problems with go by within a day on -dev, cause someone's already looking at them.
15:21Baylink And in point of fact, they're pretty few.
15:21Baylink You do keep a pretty clean CVS.
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15:22Chutt i don't understand the argument for working around problems instead of trying to help fix them, is all
15:23dopester sister factor sounded like it to me.. no one said a sister was reasonable :)
15:24Chutt right, but if you do that continually, you'll never have an acceptably working program
15:25dopester someone just needs a dev box
15:25Baylink No, but I'm not by a long shot the only person using the package either. If you don't make *some* effort in that roll-back-ability front -- even if it's merely identifying flag-days -- you restrict your CVS testing audience by probably a factor of 5.
15:25Baylink You're right, Dope: she is not.
15:26LocalHero Is there lcd support in mythmusic? I only get it in the main menu :(
15:26dopester if yer not going to fix cvs i dont see the point in using it?
15:26Beirdo thankfully, so far, my CVS-run dev box has been pretty stable, other than that one bad recording
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15:27dopester my dev box never has anything useful recorded in it.. i am constantly trashing the db and re-starting with all the scanning/tuning testing
15:27Chutt m0j0, your mail server sucks.
15:27Chutt Oct 21 19:18:53 www sm-mta-mqueue[15908]: i9LJD83N015511: to=<>, delay=00:05:44, xdelay=00:00:15, mailer=esmtp, pri=15236764, [], dsn=4.0.0, stat=Deferred: Connection timed out with
15:27Chutt the logs are full of that.
15:28Baylink ANd more power to you, Dope. But our production box cost clost to $900 by the time it was loaded; we don't have the cash laying around for a duplicate.
15:29* Beirdo refuses to think of how much cash expenditure has been precipitated by the coolness of Myth :)
15:29Baylink :-)
15:29* dopester shutters
15:29Beirdo it's good for the economy :)
15:29Baylink Hey; the hurricanes are over, now.
15:30dopester so is the nhl :)
15:30dopester oh wait yer talking about the weather phenom
15:33calking lol
15:34m0j0 Chutt, thanks for the log info. I'll track down someone on my end and tell them to make our mail server suck less. ;)
15:39calking ok i'm completely new to this, i'm trying to setup myth, and it says it cant locate the master backend, wtf does that mean?
15:39dopester see topic
15:39calking huh?
15:41Beirdo do /topic
15:41LocalHero oki, nobody uses lcd?
15:41Beirdo and read it :)
15:41Beirdo you too, LocalHero :)
15:41calking i'm not in command mode but i'll try it
15:42LocalHero ahh, sorry, wrong chanel, i hade both chanels opened :)
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15:43calking *** TOPIC: Not enough parameters.
15:43calking *** TOPIC: Not enough parameters.
15:44gr8nash calking.. head to the users channel to get support
15:45calking ok thanks
15:45gr8nash np
15:49o_cee Chutt: could you see if the logs says anything about me? still not receinving mails..
15:59m0j0 errr... our mail admin claims he's not seeing any issues on this end. our mail server is successfully accepting connections from the mythtv host and delivering messages to me. he's not sure why the mythtv host is thinking it's timing out. blah.
16:27* gr8nash sneezes
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16:49Chutt Oct 21 20:24:29 www sm-mta-hourly[22774]: i9J7Ia9l017106: to=<>, delay=2+12:57:58, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=esmtp, pri=19380399,, dsn=4.0.0, stat=Deferred: Connection timed out with
16:50Chutt m0j0, it's _very rarely_ accepting connections from here
16:50Chutt most of the time, it just times out
17:05m0j0 While I'm probably wrong, it seems to me like it must be connecting. I've been receiving all the list emails and many of them I get numerous times. If the logs show more timeouts per message than I'm getting copies, then I'd be sure it's my end. If you have time, does the message at 1:44 PM today with subject "asus p4p-800 vm" show up more 8 times as timeouts for me? Thanks.
17:07o_cee Chutt: thanks, dunno what all that means but i'll fw it to the admins and see
17:11o_cee there, subscribed with another account in the meantime.. odd
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18:20GeckoFiend chutt do you have thoughts on Daniel's recorder-badsignal, "recorder open" patches and Christopher Pascoe's fd cleanups? I was thinking I'd go ahead and get them in
18:39Chutt they look fine to me
18:39Chutt both of chris pascoe's, though
18:40Chutt (second version of his myth_system(), not the first)
18:40Chutt that'd be much appreciated, too =)
18:40Chutt thanks
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19:26adante heh sorta wierd seeing pascoe's name mentioned here, he's the network admin at my uni
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20:32Chutt geckofiend, hey, whatever happend to that comics thing for gallery? :p
20:51dopester couldn't ya just use dailystrips and point gallery at that dir?
20:52--- ---> stoffel_ [] has joined #mythtv
20:57GeckoFiend Chutt got part way done and got sidetracked.. It's on my list :-p
20:58GeckoFiend dopester I was integrating a it a bit better than that but that's the general idea
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21:34dopester cool.. dailystrips was quite cool.. ishould set it up again
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21:49dopester is there an easy way to have a QMap[x,y,Object]?
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