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02:39Chutt Hello!
02:39Beirdo Hello :)
02:39Chutt I want to display high quality HDTV video on my crappy NTSC tv!
02:39Beirdo it's been nice and quiet here tonight.
02:39Beirdo heh
02:39Chutt I don't care about the quality loss!
02:40Chutt i'm only here because my gamecube just crashed on me
02:40Beirdo heh
02:40Beirdo you're having a Myth-free evening?
02:40Chutt i think the drive's going bad
02:40Beirdo Good for you :)
02:41Beirdo that has to be done occasionally to maintain sanity, I find
02:41Chutt most of my evenings are :p
02:41Chutt of course, that's generally because i'm working
02:41Beirdo Ahh.
02:41Beirdo Well, I'm playing with my "new" G3 iBook :)
02:42Beirdo no developing for me tonight
02:42thor_ also, can I display an NTSC-format .nuv using AA lib?
02:42Chutt thor, yes!
02:43thor_ and I'd really like to have the audio channel handled by voice-recognition and converted to morse code
02:43Beirdo hahah
02:43Beirdo that would drive the neighbours nuts
02:44Beirdo morse-code the closed captioning
02:44thor_ but first it should detect spelling errors
02:45thor_ in at least 106 languages
02:45Beirdo yep
02:45Beirdo pump it through aspell
02:45thor_ also, my toast should be a wee bit crisper
02:46thor_ ... hmmm, well, he did post to user ....
02:48thor_ Chutt, while I've got you, core MythUIType's Draw() method now includes a clipping setting to constrain it to a container's boundaries
02:49Chutt cool.
02:49thor_ idea is that you can have something animate inside a container, and nothing should "bleed" over the edges
02:49* mikegrb contains thor_ to a 1 m boundary
02:49Chutt makes sense
02:50thor_ adds a tiny bit of clipping checking overhead to every MythUIType::Draw()
02:50Chutt hm
02:50Chutt i'll take a look once its in, but that's probably fine
02:51thor_ given that I've done it, there is almost certainly a better way to do it
02:53Chutt heh
02:53Chutt it'll probably be fine =)
02:53Chutt but it's bed time for me
02:53Beirdo Night, Chutt
02:54thor_ k
02:54thor_ ah, uhm, I have more job positions ....
02:54thor_ wireless in Pacific Northwest, around 150K starting ?
02:55thor_ bah, too much crap to do
02:55Beirdo wireless?
02:55thor_ cingular+at&t (merger), enterprise app development
02:55Beirdo ahhh, wireless phone
02:56thor_ yup
02:56Beirdo I'm sure there would be better applicants who are American :)
02:57Beirdo I like the location better than NYC :)
02:58thor_ kind of a special skill set, but candidate can really live anywhere (job is about 60% travel)
02:59Beirdo neat
02:59Beirdo well, I'm more of an embedded firmware & UNIX Admin type
02:59thor_ heh
02:59thor_ I'm not actually a head hunter
03:00Beirdo but you seem to be doing your share of it lately :)
03:00thor_ just seem to be getting lots of people calling me lately
03:00thor_ Beirdo, you're in TO, right?
03:00Beirdo yep
03:01thor_ ever heard of pre2post in Montreal?
03:01Beirdo hmmm, doesn't ring a bell
03:01thor_ just curious
03:05thor_ in case anyone catches this on scroll-back on a lazy Saturday morning, the at&t/cingular thing is a semi-senior management postion designing enterprise products/services. I'm neither a principal nor an interested party, just helping out a friend. CV's to
03:09thor_ Beirdo, you got that new G3 anywhere close to a mythbox (ie. same local network)?
03:09Beirdo yeah, on wireless
03:10thor_ mythbox is cvs fresh?
03:10Beirdo it's 500MHz though, rather sucktacular when I tried the dmg :)
03:10Beirdo I haven't tried with the CVS one yet
03:10Beirdo just installing darwinports right now
03:10thor_ tried mfd on the mythbox?
03:11Beirdo not specifically
03:11Beirdo not even sure how to :)
03:11Beirdo heh
03:11thor_ it should advertise http and daap services to the iBook
03:11Beirdo my main PVR is running atrpms 0.16.
03:11Beirdo well, they are on separate networks, not sure how well that would work
03:12thor_ with a router hop in between?
03:12Beirdo but something to look at for sure
03:12Beirdo yes
03:12thor_ ah, ok
03:12Beirdo I'll be working on redoing my firewall this weekend, so that may be changed soon
03:13thor_ cvs co mfd
03:13thor_ ./configure ; make ; make install
03:13Beirdo going from using Linux/iptables to OpenBSD/pf
03:13thor_ Monowall
03:13Beirdo that sounds easy enough to attempt
03:14thor_ you want monowall
03:14Beirdo well, I want to learn me OpenBSD, so I'm doing it by hand
03:14thor_ ah, ok
03:15thor_ but even as a reference, monowall is really sweet
03:15Beirdo so I've heard
03:15thor_ FreeBSD based
03:16thor_ QoS/traffic shapping built in
03:16Beirdo well, I like OpenBSD for it's security
03:16Beirdo ah cool
03:16thor_ boot from CD
03:16thor_ all config on a floppy
03:17thor_ a $200 monowall box can really replace a $50,000 cisco box
03:17Beirdo well, my firewall is a wee bit more complex than many. Due to me having created my own to start with :)
03:17thor_ order rules, move rules, disable rules
03:18mikegrb sheesh I had a $20 firewall ;)
03:18thor_ rules on source, destination, TCP type, size, etc.
03:18mikegrb three interfaces, one for wifi :>
03:18mikegrb vpn to lan from laptop
03:18Beirdo mikegrb: same here
03:18mikegrb though we moved and I'm don't have it setup uet
03:18mikegrb yet rather
03:18Beirdo well, I disabled the VPN at the moment
03:18mikegrb been too busy playing with asterisk
03:18Beirdo due to fighting to get my *#$#@*ing wireless working at all
03:19thor_ Beirdo, take all Linksys products and burn them
03:19Beirdo I will
03:19thor_ that's generally the problem
03:19Beirdo just as soon as I replace that POS WAP11 with something else
03:19Beirdo it's worked flawlessly for a long time
03:20Beirdo then I try to get the AirPort card to talk to it, and all hell broke loose
03:20Beirdo I forgot my WEP keyphrase
03:20Beirdo so I had to reset it.
03:20Beirdo then the Windows 2000 laptop wouldn't resync to it...
03:21Beirdo then the iBook wouldn't either because you have to enter the KEY not the keyphrase as the password
03:21Beirdo last night was not fun
03:21Beirdo but it's all behaving now, less the VPN
03:22thor_ mikegrb, how's Hunter Isaac doing?
03:23Beirdo oh, and I forgot that I hadn't setup dhcpd on the firewall for wireless... so I couldn't get an IP :)
03:23mikegrb sleeping at the moment
03:23thor_ Berido, I'm telling you, get a monowall
03:23mikegrb he is up to 8 lbs now
03:23thor_ excellent.
03:23Beirdo thor_: I wanna do it this way :)
03:24thor_ mikegrb, do you/did you do IT stuff in the military?
03:24mikegrb to a degree
03:25thor_ you know the difference between ftp and sftp?
03:25mikegrb my job didn't require it but made an (as close as rational as you can get in access) rational database application thingie for fully automating my job
03:25mikegrb heh yes, of course
03:26thor_ any interest in NYC?
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03:34mikegrb interest in nyc?
03:36thor_ job/etc.?
03:37mikegrb yeah would, got a year and a half left in the navy
03:40thor_ ah, ok, didn't realize you were still active service
03:41mikegrb yeah :/
03:42thor_ just reaching for straws with a friend of a friend who's trying to fill a "firewall/security" position with a financial firm in nyc
03:42mikegrb ahh
03:44thor_ just keep your head down and enjoy the new arrival :-)
03:45mikegrb yeah
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06:26stoffel_ hm, is themestrings.h manually updated? And what about the duplicate strings in there? can they be removed?
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08:32k-man__ hello
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09:39k-man__ ok, so now mythtv fails with a bizzare error
09:40k-man__ QSqlDatabase: QMYSQL3 driver not loaded
09:40k-man__ QSqlDatabase: available drivers:
09:40k-man__ any idea what that means?
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10:34GeckoFiend k-man__ /topic
10:35GeckoFiend bu ti means you don't have the QT MySQL driver on your system
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15:17emacsen Anyone here using an HDTV?
15:19* emacsen is thinking of a Hauppauge 350 or two, then an HDTV3000
15:19truls emacsen: probably wrong channel to ask. read topic
15:20emacsen doh
15:20emacsen sorry
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16:46dopester when i join a pthread back it should stall until the thread has exited right?
16:55Chutt yes
16:55Chutt unless it was created detached
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17:07Baylink Who 'owns' mythtranscode?
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17:10Chutt geoffrey hausheer
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17:23Baylink He hang out here? We've got it occasionally transcoding to RTJPEG instead of MPEG4 (and sometimes to RAW in the same file) for no apparent reason.
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18:45anduin main.cpp:34:23: lcddevice.h: No such file or directory
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20:09dopester chutt: any other circumstances where a thread wouldn't re-attach and wait for it to exit?
20:10dopester oh there is a guy working on making the dvico 8vsb/qam cards work with the linuxdvb drivers.. so ya might start to care chutt :)
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20:26prolific hmm.. i started the backend server ..
20:26prolific then i did a nmap -p 6543 and it says this
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20:26prolific 6543/tcp closed mythtv
20:26prolific the mythtv service is running but the state is closed
20:27prolific and when i start mythtv it says hte backend server isnt runnnig
20:32cmorgan this is from the same machine?
20:32prolific yes
20:32cmorgan two questions: did you give the backend a valid ip address or did you leave in there?
20:32cmorgan uh
20:32prolific also im not watching like regular cable tv
20:32prolific im watching satellite tv
20:33prolific so i change my chans with the satellite remote
20:33cmorgan so the frontend can't see the backend?
20:33cmorgan from the same machine?
20:33prolific yeah
20:33prolific same machine
20:33cmorgan as the same user running both?
20:33prolific yeah
20:33cmorgan hmm
20:33dopester isnt this a -users question?
20:33cmorgan thats odd
20:33cmorgan prolific: probably want to ask in mythtv-users or look over the user guide again
20:34prolific ok
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23:42prolific how do i tell mythtv to use the LINE IN on my soundcard to be the source which it should record
23:44Beirdo by not asking in the development channel
23:44prolific no one else in the users chan seems to know
23:45Beirdo doesn't matter, that's not a development issue
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23:54dopester 1 down 1million more to go :)
23:55Beirdo ?
23:55Beirdo heh
23:56Beirdo he asked it on -users, didn't get a response as everyone was busy, so jumped here to ask
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