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11:24Chutt yay, stuff broke and it's not my fault! =)
11:24Baylink :-)
11:24Baylink What borke now?
11:25Chutt the decoding issues people are reporting on mythtv-dev
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11:27Baylink Ah...
11:27Baylink Yeah; CK'
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11:27Baylink s settled down some, but not as much as I thought he had...
11:27Lau Does lame have to detect GTK to install mythtv?
11:27Chutt well, what i'm talking 'bout is those patches geckofiend applied =)
11:28Baylink Oh. Bad Geckofiend, no donut. :-)
11:28Chutt naw, it's cool
11:29Chutt less work for me
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11:29Beirdo Hmmm.
11:29Beirdo I'm gonna have fun making Myth compile on a G3 Mac tonight
11:29Baylink Ooooh. Aaaah.
11:29Beirdo I tried last night, no dice so far
11:30Beirdo and once I have it working, any resultant patches will be submitted :)
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11:30Lau Where can i find the gtklib file?
11:31Lau Does anybody know?
11:31Beirdo not that I expect blazing performance from a 500MHz G3, but it would be nice to be able to compile without hacking :)
11:31Beirdo Lau: please read the topic
11:31Lau Sorry,
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12:16kvandivo_ any input on making myth make sounds? Popping up the OSD on the xbox is a bit painful because it is sitting on edge of the 64 megs of memory anyway, and it really has to thrash the disks to load OSD code back in from virtual mem
12:16kvandivo_ so, I was wondering if it would be more efficient to have it (as an option, of course) emits sounds to denote things like 'commercial coming up' rather than popping up the osd
12:18kvandivo_ i'd estimate the everything jerks to a halt for a good 5 seconds every time it decides to pop up the osd for commercial skip, and 'Position Saved', etc etc
12:18Chutt heh
12:18Chutt ah, well, we'd need to either depend on the sound card driver being able to hardware mix streams
12:19Chutt or do that all internally
12:19kvandivo_ hmm.. ok.. i was hoping that qt had some sound widgets to take care of that..
12:20kvandivo_ well, i might take a look into it sometime..
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12:20Chutt audio mixing isn't difficult to do it 'wrong'
12:20Chutt so it _could_ be done in software as a fallback
12:20kvandivo_ in the meantime, perhaps i'll look into an 'expert user mode' type thingy that could essentially mean, don't bother showing OSD events for most normally occuring actions
12:22kvandivo_ the sound idea possibly had uses outside of this particular thing, of course.. I'm not even sure what sounds might be appropriate for such a scheme.. Haven't thought that deeply into it
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12:22Chutt i'd like feedback on button presses
12:24Beirdo that would be good for remote control users for sure
12:27Chutt hrm, doesn't have 'the wizard' listed for faster delivery
12:27Chutt that's no fun
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12:31kvandivo_ looks like qt tries to use NAS for their built in sound..
12:31Chutt don't like nas
12:31kvandivo_ nuff said
12:31Chutt and the built-in qt stuff is kinda crufty
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16:45Chutt baylink, you're seeing the transcode use rtjpeg all the time, too?
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16:59Baylink Not all the time, though on the 1014 CVS it did; on 10/01 it was intermittent. One transcode in 8 or 10...
16:59Chutt funky
16:59Baylink And Gavin says it was switching within the file between RTJPEG and RAW
16:59Chutt well, if there's not enough cpu, rtjpeg will drop back to uncompressed
17:00Baylink I have the nuvscan output if someone else wants to look at it.
17:00Chutt naw
17:00Chutt the issue is that it shouldn't be using rtjpeg at all :p
17:00Baylink (And we're wondering how to get that *back* to something small; it was a season premiere)
17:00Baylink Yeah, we know. :-)
17:00Baylink Isn't there some way to put speed brakes on the transcoder: if your output file gets bigger than... the input? stop and kill it.
17:01Chutt possibly, but, it'd be better to just fix the issue instead of working around it like that
17:01Chutt i suspect it wouldn't be difficult to add some simple debugging to where it loads the codec settings from the db, etc
17:02Baylink I'm sure. I"m also sure that, in the wake of my mom's death last month, I am not the person with the spare cycles for it. I'm having enough trouble just keeping it running...
17:02Chutt heh
17:02Chutt sorry
17:02Baylink Doo doo occurs...
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17:21Majestik Chutt: I'm wondering how much effort it would be to add a fullscreen-windowed mode switch key to the frontend would be?
17:21Chutt i dunno
17:23Majestik Is that something worth looking into adding?
17:24LLyric sometimes the output of a transcoder *will* be bigger than the input
17:25Chutt if you'd want to add it
17:25Chutt i don't see the point, but :p
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17:27Baylink LLyric: yeah, I know that. But if it's going to make something bigger than you should reasonably expect (when you configure the transcode setup), then it ought to have a rip cord.
17:27Majestik I just keep watching TV in the background, and being able to switch easily would be nice.. like mplayer does..
17:27Baylink IMHO
17:27* LLyric suspects he's going to need to transcode divx to mpeg2, so his hardware can play them
17:27LLyric Using the framebuffer to play the divx is way too slow
17:27Chutt majestik, standard answer to that is that myth isn't intended to run on a machine where you're doing other stuff on it
17:28LLyric Why not? A remote mythfrontend can run anywhere
17:28LLyric So you can watch tv around the LAN etc.
17:28Chutt the ui isn't designed for it.
17:28Chutt if it were, it'd have mouse support :p
17:28* LLyric grins
17:28LLyric Yes, the UI has some ... issues
17:29thor_ features
17:29LLyric Features like: the UI offset not working properly in fullscreen, for 90% window managers? :)
17:29Chutt that's qt
17:29Chutt not myth
17:29Majestik Hmm.. but there is a windowed and non-windowed mode right now, so it's not a big leap to be able to jump between those? (I am a horrible coder BTW..)
17:30LLyric On my setup, when you're fullscreen, and toggle the "use window" setting, it doesn't make the transition properly
17:30Chutt it's not supposed to
17:30LLyric It's still fullscreen, bt the background of the theme tesselates around
17:30Chutt that's a restart requied setting
17:30LLyric stop/restart works okay
17:31* LLyric just pointing ot difficulties in Majestik's plan
17:31thor_ nor does it make Julienne fries, dag nab it
17:31* Majestik thinks it's a bigger undertaking then he is able to deal with
17:31Chutt probably wouldn't be difficult to make it do properly, i just never bothered with windowed mode
17:31Majestik LLyric: is that something you'd find useful too though?
17:31LLyric Nope
17:32LLyric I run it in a window on all machines, except my settop one
17:32LLyric Which would run in fullscreen, except myth^H^Hqt (pfft) has a problem with offsets
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17:33Majestik Ok.. I'm mostly interested in doing this on my mac laptop.. I'll bug Nigel or one of the OSX guys and see if they're interested
17:33Chutt i'm telling qt to set it at the offset properly
17:33Chutt qt's not doing full-screen properly anymore
17:34Baylink Majestik: Beirdo is about to bang on Mac, as well...
17:34Chutt essentially, they're just setting override-redirect
17:34Beirdo Baylink: that sounded a bit... raunchy :)
17:35o_cee Chutt: i've got some offsets that differs from the video offsets (dunno the names of the settings).. the screen that tells you that all inputs are busy uses the video offsets.. intentional?
17:35Majestik Baylink: Yeah, but he's got an old POS mac and it'll take a while to get that thing even running a frontend
17:36Baylink :-)
17:36LLyric Chutt: given that this is a big problem, for lots of potential users, can't the application work around it with double-buffering, and an offset blt?
17:36* LLyric doesn't know anything about qt, but that's how we'd do it "old school"
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17:36Beirdo Majestik: you making fun of my POS G3 iBook? ;)
17:37Majestik Beirdo: I would [always/never] do that
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17:37Baylink G3 iBook is a POS, Majestik?
17:37Baylink I've got a Powerbook 5300 in my livingroom we could try it on...
17:37Baylink Or maybe it's a 170. :-)
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17:38Beirdo Baylink: it's the 500MHz CPU that will make this a challenge
17:38Majestik Well, it's not terrible.. it's just a little on the slow side, considering my 867 is not even able to keep up with the current build
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17:39Baylink HW accel QT< no?
17:39Baylink Won't help?
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17:41Beirdo We'll see :)
17:43Baylink Anyway; outta here. Night
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17:51PzyCrow hello
17:52PzyCrow I need some help. How do I configure mythtv from the CLI?
17:52PzyCrow rather, where does it store the config files?
17:52dopester go to #mythtv-users and they should be able to help
17:53PzyCrow woops, sloppy my =)
17:53PzyCrow sorry
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18:00Chutt heh
18:00thor_ MythJuliennsFries ?
18:00Chutt don't need to redirect someone for a "you don't" style answer =)
18:00thor_ SQL !
18:01dopester i didnt even read the whole sentence..
18:01dopester "how do i configure" was enough for me :)
18:01Chutt heh
18:02dopester chutt: you see my comment yesterday someones working on making the dvico atsc cards work with dvb drivers?
18:04Chutt nope
18:05Chutt can't wait, more hardware i don't have that people will want supported :p
18:05dopester dunno where they are at yet, but they added some defines to latest drivers like FE_ATSC and what not.. could be bad news for the PCHDTV card..
18:05Beirdo he had me at "I need some help"
18:05dopester i bet you could always get a freebie outta dvico.. im gonna try to work one outta them :)
18:13dopester you probbably want to get your ATSC card before that encrpytion flag mess goes into effect
18:14Beirdo 2 months and one week left
18:14dopester that effecting canada?
18:16Beirdo not to my knowledge
18:17gr8nash two months??? i thought it was in july???
18:17dopester i thought it was 2005
18:17gr8nash july 2005 is what i heard
18:18Beirdo I heard Jan 1 2005, but I can't back that up with anything concrete
18:18dopester i wonder if it will effect you guys in they ways that hte scanner 8000mhz block in the US but not Canada did..
18:18dopester er 800Mhz
18:18* gr8nash is shopping in canada!!
18:18Beirdo we shall see. We don't have mandated ATSC rollout either
18:19dopester had some buddies up there that said even though 800mhz scanners were legal up there it was impossible to get them since most companies made 1 model for the us and canada :(
18:19Beirdo yup, sounds about right
18:19Beirdo I expect the same on the HDTV front
18:19dopester its a tough business case with the skewed population sizes
18:20dopester yeah i might have to order a dvico card soon just to be safe
18:21* gr8nash is going to get rich off inline broadcast flag filter
18:21Beirdo gr8nash: I didn't hear that :)
18:21gr8nash i said that outloud??? =)
18:24Beirdo anyways, just found a build problem for OS X :)
18:24Beirdo in, the $$OPTARGS aren't used if debug is on.
18:24Beirdo unfortunately, the CPU tuning stuff is in OPTARGS
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19:40* kvandivo_ looks around for jdonovan.
19:40cmorgan Wildgoose: just checked in the changes related to the stuff we discussed yesterday
19:41cmorgan Wildgoose: i'm away for dinner now but i'll be around later if you want to chat about removing more api calls ;-)
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19:43anduin A partially patched avformatdecoder, the .cpp changes were checked in, the header changes were not.
19:43kvandivo_ nod
19:44Chutt heh
19:44mikegrb nod
19:45GeckoFiend anduin fixed
19:45anduin thanks
19:46Chutt i'm checking in Wildgoose's big audio stuff
19:46Chutt so, um
19:46Chutt yeah
19:47Chutt it doesn't seem to break oss support at all, here
19:47Chutt so hopefully should be fairly safe
19:49kvandivo_ avformatdecoder.cpp confirmed compiling now..
19:50GeckoFiend Chutt the million dollar question is does it make ALSA work for once?
19:50Chutt i think there's some other patches on top of this that'll need applied
19:50Chutt but it'll be closer, at least =)
19:51Chutt i need to do a recompile before committing
19:51Chutt so, blha
19:51Chutt err, 'blah'
19:52GeckoFiend that avformatdecoder thing cost me a lot of time last night. the bug didn't effect my two FC boxes but nailed my new Suse test box so I assumed it was a Suse thing and screwed with the kernel and ALSA most of the night
19:52Chutt heh
19:52Chutt that sucks
19:53GeckoFiend with that fixed I've got a pretty nice test system. I'm gonna play with it for a while then decide if I want to upgrade my main box.
19:54GeckoFiend Taking the tes box to work tomorrow to demo to some of the hard core geeks.
19:54GeckoFiend (and steal bandwidth for the dist-upgrade) heh
19:55Chutt have you tried mythmusic on there?
19:56GeckoFiend yep works like a charm, though I replaced several of thei packages with either 3rd party RPMs or hand compiled stuff.
19:57Chutt i was wondering if that 'no such slot' bug was reproducible on there
19:57GeckoFiend avifile-0.7-0.7.41 fftw-2.1.5 lame-3.96.1 libcdaudio-0.99.12 xvidcore-1.0.2 compiled by hand
19:57GeckoFiend Chutt yeah I had to replace Qt right off the bat
19:57Chutt ah
19:57Chutt i'm curious as to what's broken, there
19:58GeckoFiend want me to ping you when I do my upgrade, before I replace it's Qt?
19:58Chutt i wouldn't know where to start looking for the problem =)
19:59Chutt so it doesn't matter much, really
19:59Chutt thanks for applying patches, btw
19:59GeckoFiend yeah my response was "WTF? I KNOW that's wrong! Where's my Qy3.3 archive at?"
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20:00GeckoFiend Chutt no sweat, you're swamped and any time things get more stable it's good for me too
20:03Chutt i should buy a faster dev box
20:03Chutt waiting for stuff to compile is more annoying
20:03Chutt blah, stupid enter
20:03jams GeckoFiend, are you getting the 3rd party suse stuff from packman ?
20:03Chutt waiting for stuff to compile is more annoying when i've got less time to spend on everything :(
20:03Baylink Two words: dual Opteron. :-)
20:04Chutt i've never liked dualies
20:04GeckoFiend jams don't think so...
20:04GeckoFiend Chutt yeah I'm at P4 2.8 with 1g of rambus RAM and it's still a pin
20:05Chutt 'specially since stuff breaks in myth if you thread the compile
20:05GeckoFiend the only 3rd party stuff I grabbed explicitly was the Xine rpms for Suse.
20:05Baylink Even so, being able to pin the make to one CPU means other stuff doesn't slow it down.
20:05Baylink Gecko: ones that speak DVD properly?
20:05jams contains decent suse packages
20:06Baylink Noetd; thanks.
20:07Chutt ah wel
20:07Chutt if this ever compiles, i'll commit junk to cvs
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21:06GeckoFiend Baylink yeah plus the guy had all the win32 codecs as one RPM. My Suse box plays more formats than my FC machine now
21:12dopester i wish i understood the logic behind daniels insisence on saving a stripped ts..
21:13Chutt better error recovery, potentially
21:15dopester how so? if you dont write the ps until you have a valid frame should make no difference
21:16dopester i havent been able to prove his tvct audio comment from the other day, but i am pretty sure thats flase since he doesn't have the mpeg-ps docs
21:16Chutt i dunno
21:17dopester yeah im not gonna argue with him over it, because the code can still be merged if he is focusing on a stipped ts and im not..
21:18dopester maybe that other guy will get some interest and help..
21:18cmorgan Wildgoose: you here man?
21:18dopester john and i are about 2 days from a patch i think..
21:18Chutt Wildgoose, your stuff's in, partially.
21:18Chutt well, mostly, but, not the updated versions from other people.
21:19dopester i bet he's asleep.. should be 2am there
21:19Chutt <shrug>
21:19dopester i got some "correct" screenshots now chutt :) wanna see?
21:19Chutt sure
21:20--- ---> stoffel [] has joined #mythtv
21:20dopester k give me a sec to convert em from tiff
21:21dopester stupid gentoo didn't include tiff support in imagemagick.. grrr...
21:21Chutt heh
21:21Chutt no rush
21:21dopester gonna be a bit
21:21Chutt i'll be back later
21:22dopester naw just pisses me off
21:22dopester :)
21:22dopester aight
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21:39dopester chutt: the screenshots are at the bottom
21:45Chutt someone spelled Existing wrong
21:45Chutt =)
21:48dopester man who hacked my apache..
21:48dopester :)
21:50dopester oh i see now
21:51dopester i'll just assume its the british english spelling :)
21:51dopester fonts ok this time? :)
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22:21dopester chutt: has the dvbsignal stuff been disabled?
22:21Baylink Dope: does that stuff have to do with dump-out-if-there's-no-signal?
22:22Baylink I ask purply for preposes of first-tier support infromation. :-)
22:22dopester not yet
22:22dopester i got some issues with it myself (sort of)
22:22dopester if you get a false lock based on noise or a really weak signal i get the no data for 1 second crap
22:23dopester but there probbably should be a signal to recorder() to tell it to pause until you regain signal
22:23dopester (once again a message to the frontend if you are wathing live tv - signal lost) would be great
22:24dopester im not sure if my tuning woes are my diseqc switchs being slow or if its just a frontend screwup or driver screwup
22:24dopester or if the frontend really gets a lock for a second on a weak signal
22:24dopester were you the one who posted before about the rain causing issues on -dev?
22:25Beirdo could always move to Arizona
22:26dopester or get a 12 foot dish :)
22:30dopester could also siphon signals from the raido telecope in Aricebo :)
23:19--- <<-- Itisme [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:23-!- Irssi: Channel: Join to #mythtv was synced in 183548 secs
23:36--- ---> Netslayer [] has joined #mythtv
23:51--- ---> wpiku [] has joined #mythtv
23:51wpiku hey guys.. I must be crazy but mythtv is sucking up disk space on my linux box and not releasing it
23:52wpiku after I reboot the free space will come back
23:52wpiku du in /tmp shows no excessive utilization
23:52wpiku I can't find actual files using this disk space anywhere
23:52dopester im pretty sure that was fixed in cvs months ago... search on the -dev list archives
23:52wpiku doh... cvs isn't what's released in gentoo and I was hoping to stick with that
23:52wpiku oh well I can just reboot once a week ;)
23:53wpiku has anyone managed to get a mythfrontend running properly in windows?
23:53wpiku for me I get it working with live tv but not recordings
23:53wpiku and the livetv viewing is too slow and without sound
23:56--- ---> Jayakumar_ [] has joined #mythtv
23:56--- <<-- Jayakumar__ [] has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
23:58--- ---> dfgas [] has joined #mythtv
23:59dfgas so what do you guys think of my idea for split screen tv? kinda like PIP but split screen
23:59dfgas would that be hard to code?
---Logclosed Tue Oct 26 00:00:43 2004