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01:13Omnic Beirdo: Third Watch! cool! (looks like an episode we haven't seen yet...) anyway, audio was fine, thanks for that.
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01:22Beirdo Omnic, no problem. That was the second episode of the new season I think... well, a short chunk of it
01:23Omnic bitch, that's a really enticing teaser now :>
01:23Beirdo anyways, I'm gonna hit the sack
01:23Omnic heh... anyway, if I record a short section, would you test it?
01:23Omnic (heh.. before you retire?
01:24Beirdo I'm already falling asleep, so I doubt I could tonight
01:24Beirdo (1:30am here)
01:25Majestik Omnic: What you need?
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01:26Omnic Majestik: just for someone to import a recording I make, and tell me if they get crackly audio when it's played back
01:27Majestik fire me a link?
01:28Omnic sec
01:29Omnic I'm on a slow link, so bear with me.
01:29Majestik No prob..
01:29Omnic (only 128k up at this stage)
01:30Majestik ouch
01:31Omnic :>
01:32Omnic nice hostname....
01:33Majestik which one?
01:33Omnic yours :>
01:33Majestik which one? :)
01:34Omnic the one you're fetching from...
01:34Majestik the rdns, or the box..
01:34Majestik ah... provider rdns
01:34Omnic sorry, yeah, rdns
01:34Majestik not my call..
01:34Majestik It's also called athlon.. guess what CPU's in it? :)
01:34Omnic a P4 ?
01:34* Omnic hides
01:34Majestik so, how do I import it into mythtv?
01:35Omnic you've got the whole thing?
01:35Majestik nah.. just prepping the questions for when it is :)
01:35Omnic I found the easiest way was to run contrib/ or something...
01:35Majestik I was trying to transcode it, but I can't give a file into mythtranscode..
01:35Omnic it asks questions about any strange files....
01:36Omnic I ran this: --dbhost=localhost 
01:36Majestik Hmm... could just play with the DB :)
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01:36Omnic that's what it does... effectively
01:37Majestik Yeah.. I like the hard way :) just do the whole INSERT INTO stuff..
01:38Omnic ok, I'm going to get some dinner, I guess that may take up to an hour to download.
01:38Majestik Grr.. why can't mythtranscode just use a nuv file as a input?
01:38Majestik Yeah.. I think I'm going to sleep pretty quick, I'll take a look at it in the morning?
01:38Omnic sure...
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02:16Chutt Omnic, Majestik: to just play a file with myth, you can run: 'mythtv <filename.nuv>'
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03:22LLLyric What's it mean when mythfrontend emits lotss of lines like "bad newframes: 789 0 783 770"??
03:23LLLyric And "IVTVFB_IOCTL_PREP_FRAME: Input/output error"?
03:23Chutt means the ivtv driver is broken, and you should go talk to them about it.
03:23LLLyric Heheh, same old then :)
03:58Omnic Chutt: oh, cool, that's convenient...
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10:45anduin anyone else seeing the occasional SEGV in samplerate.c:97?
10:46Chutt nope
10:51Chutt ah
10:51Chutt silly wildgoose
10:51anduin yeah
10:51Chutt anduin, _should_ be fixed now
10:52anduin src_ctx is initilized?
10:52Chutt now it is
10:52anduin thanks
10:54Wildgoose eh, what did I do?
10:54anduin it is a tale as old as time
10:54Chutt src_ctx wasn't initialized anywhere
10:55Chutt so it was getting deleted
10:55Chutt when it wasn't ever newed
10:55Beirdo ooops... Kaboom!
10:55Wildgoose oops, sorry. Hang on I am just booting my box up right now to have a look at the code (builders here right now and the power keeps going off every 10 mins...)
10:56Chutt it's already fixed :p
10:56Wildgoose Chutt: Are you happy to commit the volume control code as proposed by Jeremiah? I am just looking at tweaking it a little the way I suggeseted, but it's such a small detail that I wondered how you wanted to proceed?
10:56Wildgoose Oh, and thanks for fixing my bug...
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10:57Chutt probably
10:57Chutt i haven't looked at his patch terribly much, but it looks ok
10:57Chutt will get to it this weekend
10:58Wildgoose ok, sure that's fine. Just wanted to know how to proceed really.
10:58Wildgoose Next stop is integration of mythmusic.
10:59Wildgoose Anyone else getting hundreds of antivirus warnings due to this latest avalanche of activity...?
10:59Chutt nope
11:00Wildgoose I was up to 105 messages just now (all from some bugger with an av which sends out warnings to "random" people)
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13:51bronco1 hello everyone
13:52bronco1 I was wondering if there were any plans to develop a widescreen pip, where the two pictures are horizontally in-line?
13:52bronco1 like on most of the new hdtv's
13:56Chutt nope
13:57bronco1 if you don't mind, what is holding this back from development?
13:58Chutt no one cares about pip?
13:58Chutt the fact that only one of the images would be scaled by hardware?
13:59Chutt actually, neither would be, since you'd have to scale both
13:59Chutt so that'd be even worse
13:59bronco1 true
14:00bronco1 so mythtv would be pretty cpu intensive under this circumstance
14:00Chutt right
14:00bronco1 k, thanks
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14:11kRutOn Is there one person that worked on the OpenGL vsync code or was it a group effort?
14:13Chutt a couple people worked on it, why?
14:14kRutOn I am having trouble getting it to work correctly on a DVI output and a TV output on different machines. Just wondering what data I could gather to file a bug report
14:14Chutt what's the issue?
14:15kRutOn On the TV output at 800x600 with a GeForce Ti4400 it doesn't wait for vsync and draws frames as quickly as it can. The DVI output on an FX5200 uses up about 50% CPU on 544x480 MPEG2 video
14:15kRutOn and the video is choppy and unwatchable on the DVI
14:15Chutt sounds like your driver's not installed properly.
14:15Chutt otherwise, just disable the opengl sync method and don'
14:15Chutt t use it
14:16kRutOn Hm, glxinfo seems to be correct. I wonder what version of nVIDIA drivers it was tested on
14:17Chutt why on earth would you think glxinfo would have anything to do with if the driver was working properly?
14:17Chutt it's been tested on everything 53.36 or so and newer
14:19kRutOn It seems like there should at least be some error checking that can determine if you'd have this issue.
14:19Chutt how?
14:20Chutt your symptoms are common to people who fuck up their install and overwrite parts of the nvidia driver's glx libs
14:20Chutt everything the app sees looks to be normal
14:20Chutt there
14:20Chutt there's absolutely no way to test for it.
14:21kRutOn Okay, so there have been multiple peopel with this problem
14:21Chutt right, which is why the opengl sync method is disabled by default
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14:37* kRutOn is gone.. autoaway after 15 min ..[cyp(l/on.p/on)]
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15:51mitchel quick question, can mythtv backend run off of a linux machine (fedora core 2) without a gui like X installed? i.e. can I install another machine next to each tv?
15:53Beirdo it will still need qt installed, but yeah
15:53Beirdo you will need X to configure the backend though
15:57mitchel beirdo: oh, ok, cause i have a machine running asterisk, and it has no gui, i wanted to use that also as the myth box, i have one more question, to be clear, what type of tv signal does mythtv use? adelphia (cable) or can it also do dish network or directv(satellite)
15:57Beirdo and really, we should be discussing this in -users
15:58mitchel my fault sorry
15:58kRutOn hm, does MythTV strip off the user_data portion of the MPEG when recording?
15:58mitchel moved their =)
15:59Chutt kruton, no.
16:01kRutOn I wonder if I should write CC support into the frontend or convert it to some other format before it's stored in to the NUV
16:01Chutt i don't think you're fully sure of what you're talking about.
16:02kRutOn Well, I have DVB MPEG2 streams that have CC encoded into the user_data portion. Does NUV have support for text streams?
16:03Chutt ok, now i know you don't know what you're talking about.
16:03kRutOn Why do you say that?
16:03Chutt because neither of those questions make any sense whatsoever.
16:04kRutOn I don't know the format of NUV. True.
16:04Chutt no, you don't even know what mythtv records as
16:05kRutOn I just didn't know if it strips out the user_data portion of MPEG2
16:05Chutt why would it strip out anything, when it's essentially copying from the card to disk in the case of dvb?
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16:06Chutt why would the .nuv file format have anything to do whatsoever in that case?
16:06kRutOn That's why I'm asking. You don't have to be combatitive.
16:06Chutt you're asking because you're too lazy to look at code
16:07kRutOn I'm mainly asking because I'm on a cellular connection and looking at the code takes a long time.
16:08Chutt poor you
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16:11riksta "combatitive" now theres a new one
16:12kRutOn Thanks for your help, though. Didn't mean to cause you grief.
16:13Chutt doing a tiny bit of research before asking questions makes you look a lot smarter.
16:14riksta hey Chutt i read a post about your plans to eradicate the rungbuffer with some new process...what are your plans for that?
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16:14Chutt it's all on the list
16:14kRutOn Yeah, I'll just wait until I have the source tree on a local machine before thinking of anything to add.
16:14riksta oh? i'm sure that you just said "i know what i want to do, i just need to find the time"
16:14riksta ill have another look
16:15Chutt back a few months.
16:15riksta ahh rite, bleh wouldn't know what to search for, sod it
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16:17riksta dopester, how you doin mate
16:20Beirdo my OSX compile is at globalsettings.cpp.
16:20Beirdo I might actually get to try it tonight :)
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18:06gfiend Chutt any chane you and Thor will be doing an update to CVS MythUI soon? I'm thinking it'd be best to put put the new setup UI stuff in there.
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18:10kvandivo_ your nick seems to be more in the spirit of the holidays this time of year than it normally is
18:11dopester chutt: whos the guy who has cvs access who has some "scan" patch for dvb?
18:19webopold hello - one question - i got a special satelite card which needs a special frequency value to tune correctly - where do i have to fill it in - i find no other help
18:26webopold the card has a analogue satellite Tuner and a zoren encoder chip on board - anny hints? please!
18:26gr8nash Your in the wrong channel.. this is a development channel
18:26gr8nash #mythtv-users
18:26gr8nash will help
18:27webopold i know
18:27gr8nash then why post here anyway
18:27webopold i've tried it - a little talk with beirdo a a lot of talk in mythtv-de - no results
18:28webopold of course i can read topics
18:29* gr8nash shows him the hand
18:31webopold ?
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18:53GeckoFiend thor_ around?
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19:03Beached I'm just starting to look into writing a filter to expand 4:3 programs to 16:9 with little distortion in the centre of the image. Like toshiba HDTV's. so it resizes the image a little, cut's off the top and then takes the sides of the image and stretches them a bit. Is it possible to have a frame exiting from a filter larger than the one entering?
19:10dopester oh the scaled stretching?
19:10dopester where only the right and left 20-30% get stretched?
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19:13jams i would assume that's what he was talking about
19:14jams i personally can't stand that mode, but to each his own.
19:15dopester depends on what your watching
19:15dopester i watched some of the euro cup in italy on a tv like that and drove me mad
19:15dopester but for the news it was fine..
19:15jams for me it's anything that pans
19:15dopester yeah like soccer
19:15jams yeah
19:15dopester or football whatever ya want to call it :)
19:16jams heh no need for that discussion here :)
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19:16dopester hey riksta.. im gonna put together patchv1 tonight
19:16riksta hey
19:16riksta cool :)
19:17dopester yeah if yer up in like 6 hours you can give it a whirl.. gonna take me a while depending on if it has issues merging the changes against current cvs
19:17riksta yeah sure, probably be tomorrow im totally whacked
19:20thor_ so, anyone know what pissed off zap2it ?
19:21dopester whats going on with zap2it?
19:21thor_ nothing, just an e-mail they apparently sent to some users
19:21jams thor_, i think most only know what that email states
19:21dopester oh
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19:22thor_ odd ... only commercial MythTV boxes I know of are outside the US (aside from an occasionaly pre-built on ebay)
19:24jams hey thor_ since your here, does mfd work with apple's airport express ?
19:24thor_ not directly, no
19:25thor_ you can, of course, play myth content in iTunes, and it can be using the ae
19:25jams i c
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19:26thor_ nice to figure out the protocol at some point .... what little I understand so far is that it looks to the OS like a raw soundport
19:38bline did everyone get those emails?
19:39dhofstra i would suppose so, because I did, and I'm an honest joe
19:39bline same here heh
19:41dopester mfd?
19:42GeckoFiend I didn't
19:43* GeckoFiend thinks dhofstra is shifty
19:43jams mfd is thor's super cool music daemon
19:43dhofstra heh: not anymore =)
19:43jams i didn't get the email either
19:43GeckoFiend Are you now or have you ever been a violater of the zap2it agreement?
19:43dhofstra when we find out who it is, we should slasdot their servers
19:47dhofstra GeckoFiend: I'm so shifty, it took me about an hour to figure out why people would bother sharing listings...
19:53* Beirdo just borked his PVR... Way to go, retrad
19:53Beirdo sigh. ran the CVS frontend on the Mac. oooops
19:53GeckoFiend thor_ still around?
19:54GeckoFiend doh!
19:55Beirdo ah well, I was going to put CVS on there anyways so I can compile it in debug mode
19:55Beirdo Guess that's my evening activity
19:55Beirdo sigh
19:56dopester ahh i got the zap2it email too
19:57Beirdo I'm pretty sure they sent it to every user
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20:04dopester yeah tribune needs to get over it
20:04Beirdo well, that's not the point :)
20:05dopester if someone could get some opencable docs i bet you could cut out the need for dd for 90% of the users..
20:05dopester just grab their guide and populate it into the mythdb
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20:10Beirdo d
20:11Beirdo doh, switch windows first.
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20:31thor_ GeckoFiend, I am now
20:32GeckoFiend thor_ I'm thinking of splitting out your zeroconf stuff out into generic threads instead of mfs specific plugin threads.. any advice before I start poking around?
20:34thor_ yes
20:34thor_ use the ones in mfe, not mfd
20:34thor_ mfd is apple code
20:34thor_ mfe is mdnsd code
20:35GeckoFiend ahhh
20:35thor_ which is much simpler
20:35GeckoFiend sweeet
20:35GeckoFiend grabbing mfe now
20:35thor_ Chutt and I had yacked about putting them in mythlib at some point, so backends could find each other, frontends could find backends, etc
20:35thor_ err, yaked
20:36thor_ makes imminent sense, I just haven't gotten around to it
20:37thor_ and if you do it nice and clean, I can rip the Apple stuff out of mfd and use your code from mythlib :-)
20:37thor_ err, libmyth
20:37GeckoFiend thor_ that's exactly why I'm grabbing it.
20:37thor_ cool
20:38thor_ NB: I've never perfectly understood how multicast DNS works .... I get the basics, and adapted example mdnsd code to the point where it works
20:38GeckoFiend What would be very nice to do is enable some sort of failover so that if the MBE goes down a slave can advertise itself as the new MBE
20:38thor_ but don't assume the stuff in mfe is the best way to do it
20:39thor_ bbiab
20:39GeckoFiend see ya
20:46thor_ GeckoFiend, just getting the kids to bed, but mis-stated things ... there's no mdnsd stuff in mfe, it's in the mfd clientlib stuff (which mfe links to)
20:46thor_ sorry
20:47thor_ mfd/clientlib/discoverythread.cpp
20:47thor_ now, bbiab
20:56dopester well lets see how patch v1 attempt works out..
20:56dopester amazingly there werent many cvs changes to merge in..
20:57dopester where can i get this mfd you talk of thor?
21:04jams dopester, it's in cvs
21:15dopester oh :)
21:15dopester i guess i could pay more attention :)
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21:36mikegrb sweet, someone already wrote a mythtv agi for asterisk
21:37mikegrb sends caller id info
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22:01--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
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22:38dopester man still building..
22:49* dopester crosses his finters
22:49dopester er fingers
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