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#mythtv IRC Logs for 2004-10-30

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00:02mBob hello
00:02mBob is anybody there?
00:02mBob ah
00:02mBob wrong channel
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00:28Chutt geckofiend, yo
00:30dopester heya chutt
00:30Chutt where's my patch? :p
00:30dopester never guess what i just finished taring up :)
00:30Chutt cool.
00:31dopester yeah gonna have john test it before i make the announcement
00:31dopester should be in a few hours since hes in the uk
00:31Chutt send it to me offlist?
00:31Chutt i'll look it over real quick, see if there's anything obviously bad
00:31dopester its not myth-cvs ready yet
00:31dopester just so you know
00:31dopester but it is working pretty solid
00:32dopester lotta testing cruft
00:32Chutt bah
00:32Chutt when you make a .tar.*
00:32Chutt put everything in a directory first
00:32dopester duh.. why didn't i do that..
00:32dopester must be late
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00:32mikegrb what's this mystery patch do?
00:32Chutt the dvb rework
00:32dopester massive dvb changes
00:33mikegrb ahh
00:33dopester barring nothing majorly wrong is found its probbably 80% of what i want
00:33dopester not including the recorder merging with hdtv and dvb
00:34dopester sorry bout the dir thing.. i'll fix it before i make an annoucement.. dont know what i was thinkin
00:34Chutt what's with the enabled stuff in settings?
00:34dopester ask john
00:35dopester i am pretty sure its to enable/disbale certain buttons
00:35Chutt ok
00:35dopester in the scan stuff some options turn on and off depending on the scan type
00:35dopester so i figure he did it that way to make it not re-draw all the time
00:38dopester im hoping daniel approves of it.. he has browsed by cvs tree some and didn't say much so i figured it was ok with him (as far as pchdtv integration)
00:38Chutt you've got a couple reversed changes in dvbrecorder
00:38Chutt the fd >= 0 checks
00:39dopester is it lines i added i wonder
00:39Chutt recent patch to cvs
00:39dopester i thought i had synched all of the changes with cvs but i might have missed dvbrecorder.X
00:40Chutt the error changes, too
00:40Chutt dvbrecorder.h, as well
00:40dopester if i missed the cpp im sure i missed the .h :)
00:41Chutt you reverted some changes in tv_rec as well
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00:41dopester damn really?
00:41dopester i wonder if i was updating them to my cvs server or something stupid
00:42Chutt some stuff in videosource
00:43dopester cvs update filename.ext shoulda merged it right?
00:43Chutt depends
00:44dopester im sure its the depends situation that got me
00:44dopester :)
00:44dopester you didnt just have patchfest did you?
00:44Chutt geckofiend applied a bunch of stuff recently
00:45dopester cause the cvs i took it from is about 4-5 hours old
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00:45Chutt nothing's been touched in cvs recently
00:45dopester well poop...
00:46dopester aside from the reverting issues anything glaring you see?
00:46Chutt not really
00:46Chutt indentation looks off in a few places
00:47dopester i'll get that when i clean it up some more
00:47Chutt i didn't go through the new files at all
00:47Chutt you really need to move the db stuff into dbcheck, though
00:47dopester those are the ones im more wondering about
00:47dopester dbcheck?
00:47dopester you mean the schema syncing code?
00:47Chutt yup
00:48dopester oh i dont want this in cvs quite yet.. i want to let the euro kids bang on it for a week or so
00:48dopester hence it not going in the syncing code
00:48Chutt ok, whatever :p
00:48Chutt it's bed time for me
00:48dopester yeah well apparently its not for me quite yet :)
00:49dopester fuck man im too tired to do this right now..
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05:02javajunky lo. Very simple question, any pointers to turning on debugging in myth modules so I can debug a segmentation fault in a myth plugin I'm writing ? ... I'm used to coding, just not 100% on linux yet ;) normally I'd use gcc +g .... not sure how this fits in with the .pro files or qmake ? sorry.
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06:10LLyric Hmm, they way CD ripping works is a little... inelegant
06:10LLyric Ewps wrong channel
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08:32stoffel did someone forget to commit NOTHING.png and search_power.png to the default theme?
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12:32dopester attempt number 2 hopefully i got rid of all of the reverted changes
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12:53Beirdo yay, down one development PVR
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12:54GeckoFiend :(
12:54Beirdo I think the power supply cacked
12:55Beirdo I'll replace it later today if I feel like it, I have a spare
12:55GeckoFiend last poersupply I had go bad took a motherboard with it
12:57Beirdo yeah, I'm hoping it didn't
12:57Beirdo it did cause the machine sitting next to it to reboot
13:01Beirdo the firewall rebuild is taking priority right now
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13:46Peit|home quick question if I may, as i'm not having much luck anywhere else, is it possible to do manual transcodes (via pressing 'x') on any other backend than the master?
13:53TheWildgoose | anyone know where kMuteState is defined?
13:54TheWildgoose | durr.. forget it
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14:26stoffel done!
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14:55dopester ok patch is being posted to -dev
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15:29TheWildgoose | chutt, you awake?
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15:34TheWildgoose | Jeremiah are you here?
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15:38dopester Wildgoose: you see my v1 patch is out?
15:40Beirdo TheWildgoose, you are working on OS X stuff, right?
15:57stoffel will mythphone be part of the 0.17 release?
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15:58TheWildgoose | Yes to the first one (looking at the code now). Not really to the second one...
15:59TheWildgoose | Jeremiah is on that, but he has sent me some of his code since I am doing a bit of audio work
16:03Beirdo TheWildgoose, Ahh, OK
16:03Beirdo I finally managed to get it to compile the other day, but the keyboard is ignored, so it's dreadfully useless ;)
16:03Beirdo I got other things to fix today before going back to that though
16:04Beirdo like a dead devel PVR :)
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18:19stoffel o_cee: didn't you once ask for cvs commit access?
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20:19Sir-Al[laptop| where does mythfrontend store its configuration?
20:20mikegrb in globalsettings.cpp
20:20mikegrb at least that will lead you to what you want
20:21Sir-Al[laptop| k
20:21mikegrb that is where the settings is/were set
20:21mikegrb I remember talk in here about splitting it up some
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20:27Sir-Al[laptop| having settings in a file for general config of the frontend wouldn't be a bad idea
20:30mikegrb they aren't
20:30mikegrb oh
20:30mikegrb you said wouldn't be a bad idea
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21:45bomba is it possible to compile just the backend? I don't want X installed
21:47mikegrb edit the files
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