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09:28o_cee feels like i need to look gant over real good soon, heh. guess i'll wait until mythui until i do something bigger tho
09:31GeckoFiend yeah mythui is going to be fun to adjust to.
09:31* GeckoFiend needs to hook up with an artist.
09:31GeckoFiend I'm thinking of hitting up the Noia guy to do some custom work
09:40o_cee don't like those icons really, dunno why, heh
09:40o_cee but yeah, an artist would be nice to do stuff for you..
09:41o_cee just need to find the time to play with it, that's the biggest problem
09:42o_cee and the guy making gant is a pita to get in touch with
10:02stoffel o_cee, GeckoFiend hey
10:02o_cee hi
10:03GeckoFiend heya
10:04stoffel have all the pics been replaced in cvs?
10:09GeckoFiend stoffel doing the commit now. I just got doen tweaking the positions of the images on the buttons.
10:09stoffel ah, ok.
10:10GeckoFiend I'm not 100% happy with all of them but they'll do for now. I learned my lesson about doing full theme updates in one commit. The fiasco with Titivillus over the past few days is enough for me
10:59n_c_n hi everybody!
10:59n_c_n I am using mythtv from cvs and the setup doesn't work.
10:59n_c_n it just displays the theme background
10:59n_c_n I've put some cerr << "xx" << endl; statements in the code just to see where it hangs
10:59n_c_n and it seems to be the ThemedMenue(...) constructor
10:59n_c_n any hints?
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11:22cmorgan TheWildgoose: you there man?
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11:32RolandU hi all
11:32RolandU I can't get the mythtv-backend to run at startup, gnu/linux/debian/sarge
11:33RolandU it says starting mythtv-backend-server. no errors shown, but it doesn't run. if i start it manually, it works
11:36Chutt read the topic.
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11:38RolandU sorry
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12:16the_b hi, would anyone mind explaining to me the advantages of a remote frontend-backend setup?
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12:31kvandivo The answer is out there, the_b, and it's looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to.
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12:34the_b hehe, I'm working on it Kvandivo
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13:03Ragge any mythweb developer around?
13:18anduin not the mysql library (just happened to always be doing a KickDatabase), it appears the Kernel deinterlace method can corrupt the heap when used during the playback of a crappy mpeg file (like the sort generated by the latest ivtv driver, with missing chunks)
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13:34Chutt anduin, the kernel deinterlace method has other problems, too
13:34Chutt doesn't handle size changes very well
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13:35dopester this is sort of a users question but no one seems to care to answer me, but is there a list of cards that handle interlaced content properly for tv out display? i could never get the nvidia i had working right..
13:35Chutt i believe the newer nvidia drivers handle interlaced modes properly
13:36dopester i might have to try that out.. thats the only reason i ever used a 350..
13:36dopester the scaling crap gave me a headache trying to watch hockey.. :)
13:42KaiForce strange... i just had no audio watching live tv, i started to record, and the recording had audio, then went back to live and the audio worked??
13:43Chutt kaiforce, topic
13:43anduin Chutt - yeah, I haven't debugged it enough yet but I think that is what is happening (getting a frame with data that doesn't match the size in the frame which it appears to ignore completely)
13:43Chutt generally, that's an ivtv bug, though.
13:44KaiForce sorry chutt, what is current topic?
13:44Chutt you saw it when you joined the channel.
13:44KaiForce doh sorry
13:44KaiForce misjoined
13:44KaiForce thanks guys
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13:56o_cee Chutt: for the chinese translation, should i add the stuff to and as well to create the empty .ts/.qm?
13:59Ragge talking about translation.. is there an english blueprint somewhere?
13:59Chutt doesn't really matter
14:00o_cee Chutt: k, i'll commit them as well, just added and created them anyway
14:01Chutt anyone using an nvidia card with xv, playing hdtv, and the latest nvidia drivers (66.29)?
14:01o_cee Ragge: english blueprint?
14:01o_cee not hdtv
14:02Ragge o_cee: yes.. a translationfile with only the english text.
14:02o_cee Ragge: what lang do you want to translate?
14:02Chutt ragge, there's no need for one
14:03Ragge o_cee: actually.. I'm not translating too.. I'm want to make a small script to compare english to a given language.. To get a value that says how much is translated. :)
14:03o_cee Ragge: just use lrelease -verbose and you'll get the info
14:03o_cee inside i18n
14:04Ragge o_cee: ok.. thanks.. doing a full compile and it hasn't come to that directory just yet.. Will take a look.
14:06dopester chutt: that sounds like a -users question :)
14:07Chutt dopester, i haven't tried my hd test clips recently, but the 1080i one now plays back perfectly when scaled down to 800x600 on my desktop
14:07Chutt used to skip a lot, due to lack of cpu
14:07o_cee my 6600GT + 3ghz p4 plays hd clips perfectly ;)
14:08Chutt this is only a xp 1800+
14:08o_cee nice
14:08o_cee xvmc?
14:08Chutt nope
14:08o_cee oh, even more nice :) too bad we don't have hd here..
14:09dopester cool.. i need to try out some recordings from pbs-hd..
14:10dopester im afraid though that there is some bug in the dvb transformation stuff that manifests itself even worse when the stream is larger...
14:10Chutt 'course, my other hd clip that switches resolutions every 30 seconds just segfaults, so i have to track that down
14:11dopester everytime ive tried to play them before it segfaults the frontned within 1-2 seconds
14:11dopester but the 480i content played just fine
14:12dopester chutt: could i make a small nuv of something from pbs-hd (over dvb) and let you see if you can play it sometime?
14:12Chutt i should buy myself a new machine one of these days
14:12Chutt dopester, sure
14:13dopester cool..
14:13dopester im starting to go all xpc cases here now.. i really like em
14:13o_cee Chutt: that's what i thought as well, bought a new one some months ago.. :) it's nice to have new shiny stuff. just need to get the reserator (zalmans water cooling) going so it'll quiet down, heh
14:13dopester not good for a backend since they have 1 pci and 1 agp slot, but for everything else they are really nice..
14:14dopester chutt: you still have an open offer from me if you ever want a dvb-s card :)
14:14Chutt but i'm buying a new receiver and a projector soon, so, i dunno =)
14:14Chutt dopester, no dish, don't want a dish, etc
14:14o_cee heh :) what receiver?
14:14o_cee got h/k stuff here
14:14Chutt i was thinking of just getting the denon 3805
14:15dopester you guys know what the difference between dvb-c and opencable is?
14:15o_cee yeah those are nice, and big
14:18Chutt i need to buy a new sub sometime, too
14:18dopester man i feel like im in the stone ages with my 27" tv and 2 speakers.. heh
14:19o_cee heh
14:22Ragge dopester: You atleast have two speakers. :)
14:22dopester yeah well i got em when i was in high school so i dunno if they are worth crap anymore :)
14:22dopester they gotta be around 10+ years old now
14:53GeckoFiend hrm the recent rewind/ffwd stuff looks like it changed some behavior. Slowest I can go now is 5x
14:55GeckoFiend heh the entries are gone from the seek speed arrays for everything less than 5x, that's not gonna work
14:55GeckoFiend AND the adjustment levels are all equal
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15:15jams GeckoFiend, yeah i see that as well
15:23GeckoFiend I'm trying to revert back now. Just readding the speed arrays doesn't work and my wife is pissed at me for upgrading the main box without noticing this first
15:24jams heh at the moment i'm using the vcr because of some other things
15:24jams lot's of stuttering and pauses
15:26GeckoFiend anyone know off hand how to clear a sticky date from CVS?
15:29o_cee -A i think
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15:34GeckoFiend yeah that did it. trying a different approach to reverting the FFWD/REw stuf on my tree
16:08Chutt geckofiend, the ff/rew stuff isn't completely finished yet - the adjustment levels, for instance =)
16:09Chutt and he _did_ say all that in the original emails to the two lists
16:10GeckoFiend Chutt heh yeah I see that now. Almost done reverting on my local tree to keep the family from killing me
16:10GeckoFiend must have missed it. not a huge deal. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't gone for good
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16:20Chutt i imagine he just committed things to cvs because he didn't get much feedback on the patches he sent
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16:33Chutt GeckoFiend, could you get rid of all the UPPERCASE_IMAGE_NAMES eventually? =)
16:34o_cee images that's screaming :P
16:34o_cee odd, haven't gotten any commit mail for the chinese thing.. wonky, have gotten other mails from the commit list
16:35Chutt i got my email with that
16:35Chutt all the .xml files?
16:35o_cee yeah
16:35o_cee ah well, guess it got stuck somewhere
16:35Wildgoose Chutt: I cocked up the audio patch and removed the volumecontrol.cpp (SOURCES) line from libs/libmyth/
16:35Wildgoose could you please add it back in so that people don't report problems with mythmusic?
16:36Wildgoose Sorry about that - it was in the alsa patch that I merged and I thought I had completely reversed out that part but clearly hadn't... In any case I am working on merging in the new libary into mythmusic right now - so this won't be an issue in the near future anyway
16:37Chutt wildgoose, i just fixed that
16:37Chutt like, 3 or 4 minutes ago
16:38Chutt =)
16:39Wildgoose Oh, fast work! Ta
16:39Wildgoose (and sorry...)
16:40kvandivo gee.. if i could start watching all of my shows at 105% speed that would save me hours each week
16:40kvandivo (which, of course, would no doubt be used to watch MORE tv)
16:46dopester chutt: you are right latest nvidia driver supports interlacing..
16:49Chutt kvandivo, i was just applying that :p
16:52cmorgan thats how they do commercials right? if they need more time don't they drop a few frames here and there to get it?
16:52Chutt cmorgan, they can, yeah
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16:53Chutt they can do the same thing for the actual tv show - shortening it by a frame every second ads a lot more room for commercials
16:53cmorgan yeah thats what i meant
16:54cmorgan bastards...
16:54cmorgan heh
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16:57o_cee isn't bug 127 and 132 the same?
16:58Chutt probably
16:58Chutt are 114 and 115 fixed?
16:58o_cee just looking thru the list
16:58o_cee lemme see
16:59o_cee 114 is fixed
17:00o_cee fixing 115 now
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17:03o_cee done. if there's stuff like that in there you could assign it to me so that i get an email about it, haven't looked at that list for a while
17:08o_cee time for a movie, later
17:11Chutt ok
17:11Chutt have fun =)
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17:29Chutt heh, the stretch stuff is pretty cool.
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17:40dopester damn this nvidia card.. :)
17:41Chutt not working?
17:41dopester yeah its working great at giving me a headache :)
17:42dopester overscan of 1.0 doesn't work and its clearly not doing crap with the interlaced content
17:43dopester it does say the card supports interlacing though when starting x at least
17:44* kvandivo feels the need to pull down cvs for the second time today
17:44DonLKSAB Oi
17:44DonLKSAB Is the guy who did the "gallery video list" here?
17:48Chutt dopester, use 0.979
17:48Chutt it's 1:1, here
17:48Chutt 1.0's slightly zoomed
17:50dopester looks good except the interlacing now..
17:50dopester i had tried .999 and it acted like i set it to 0 before..
17:50Chutt if i use 0.979, use the bob deinterlacer
17:51Chutt and the fields sync up (they sometimes get off), it looks pretty perfect
17:51dopester why can't the card just use the interlaced content though.. hrmm..
17:51Chutt it's tricky for a video card, though.. has to deal with regular desktop graphics, which are a lot different than video
17:52dopester yeah its a shame there isnt a card like the 350 that works well
17:53dopester the fonts look SO much better with this nvidia card though..
17:53Chutt stuff's getting better, though
17:54Chutt some of the video processor in the gf 6 series is pretty damn cool =)
17:54Chutt though i dunno how much of that's going to be exposed in the linux driver
17:55dopester well isnt the interlacing thing really a driver issue not a hardware issue?
17:55dopester i thought a geforce card under windows would play an interlaced dvd just properly on a tv..
17:55Chutt well, it is more driver
17:55Chutt depends there, too
17:56dopester looks like im back to the pvr350 again.. ho hum..
18:01dopester yep the 350 looks really good still in comparison..
18:01dopester with video of course..
18:01dopester the osd stuff isn't quite as sharp..
18:01Chutt have you tweaked the color controls at all with the nv card?
18:02Chutt i've found the defaults don't look so great, but a little tweaking improves the picture a lot
18:02dopester that going to fix interlacing artifacts though?
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18:04GeckoFiend dopester Kerneldeint clears them up for me
18:04dopester this is reminding me of when i first tried to setup myth again.. :)
18:04Chutt heh
18:05Chutt the output of the 5200 that's in my main myth box looks pretty identical to the 350
18:05dopester you going to a tv or a projector though?
18:05Chutt there's _slightly_ more mpeg blockyness, though that could be cleared up with a good filter in the decoder
18:05Chutt regular tv for now
18:05GeckoFiend I'd be suprised to see a better picture than my chaintech nForce2 puts out. A lot better than my Tivo does.
18:08dopester is it cause im messing with a 440mx i wonder?
18:08dopester my directivo looked way better than my standalone back in the day.. i always figured it was bcause of less enciding and re-encoding..
18:08Chutt newer chips have better tv outputs built in
18:08Chutt gf6 > gf5 > gf4 =)
18:09Chutt but, of course a directivo will look better, it's not doing any encoding
18:10dopester well i got dvb program streams im playing back so they are pretty damn good looking
18:11dopester i need to just leave it alone for now and get back to coding.. this is an infinite time sink at this point.. :)
18:12kvandivo hmm.. i approve of timestretch
18:14Wildgoose Chutt: are there any gf6 cards without a fan (ie silent?)
18:14dopester wildgoose: you try any of the patches yet?
18:14Chutt wildgoose, just saw a stock 6800 without one the other day
18:14Wildgoose Not really. Still trying to finish all my audio coding so I can start to listen to some music...
18:14Wildgoose Sorry
18:15Chutt i imagine there'll be 6600s and 6200s without fans all over the place eventually
18:15Wildgoose Chutt: Cool. I have a 5200 without fan right now. But the TV output is only "ok". And since I flipped in a new fanless powersupply it gets all stripey when the CPU load rises... Obviously some interference on the power lines which is rather unfortunate
18:15dopester wildgoose: no problem just you seemed quite interested in the autopid when all that mess over there started
18:16Wildgoose Ohh. Two way conversation... Yes - very interested in better DVB support. Would love to help at some point! At the moment it seems like the ITV3 thing was a one off and we are now back to static pids
18:16* LLyric is investigating a fanless PSU now, maybe one of those laptop-style ones (big transformer in the middle of the cable)
18:17Wildgoose I am particulalry interested in getting radio channels working and also not killing the machine with channels that only broadcast at certain hours
18:18dopester wildgoose: thats what im moving twoard.. one big thing that isn't quite dvb related is making the frontend be a bit more intelligent to know what its displaying..
18:18Wildgoose However, the radio times gives me two weeks of pretty accurate listings vs the slightly iffy 8 day thing built into the dvb over the air broadcast
18:18dopester whats iffy about it? the quality of the data?
18:18Wildgoose I think Kenneth did some patches a long while back to try and make the frontend handle a case of no video?
18:19Wildgoose I haven't seen the dvb now-next data for a while, but it used to be horrible, and frequently they would broadcast the wrong day's stuff. Likely they also don't have 8 days listings for all channels?
18:19dopester well the recorder still can't handle them though..
18:19Wildgoose Shame
18:20Wildgoose So Chutt - I hear that you are working for NVidia now?
18:20Wildgoose Are you in the driver area?
18:20Chutt apps
18:20Chutt no drivers for me
18:20Wildgoose So like working on their DVD player that they are starting to hype up?
18:21Wildgoose I assume mostly windows stuff then?
18:21Wildgoose (although I heard you talking about handhelds the other day?)
18:21Chutt i'm mostly doing handheld stuff
18:21Chutt but i'm in the group that does the dvd codecs/player/etc
18:23Wildgoose Interesting?
18:23Chutt yup
18:23dopester wildgoose: i'll have to see what John says for the guide quality, but he hasn't said its been bad
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18:23Wildgoose Chutt: Excellent
18:23Wildgoose dopester: Sounds very promising indeed!
18:24Wildgoose I probably won't have time to work on that for at least a couple of weeks. However, will be very interested to get stuck in when I have built some more of my active hifi setup here. I still have quite a lot of coding to do outside of Myth and the like to calculate all my digital filtering and the like (have a few more amps to build as well)
18:25Wildgoose Ugh. That doesn't read well... It's late here though
18:25dopester its ok..
18:25Wildgoose Anyway, bye for now
18:25dopester ok take it easy wildgoose
18:31dopester what gf chip is the 5200 chutt?
18:32Chutt a 5200 :p
18:32dopester oh man i sound ignorant :)
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18:41TSCHAK how difficult is it to write a new game type for mythgame ?
18:50dopester dvb patch 2.0-rc1 is almost ready.. gotta run it by jesper and make sure his cam stuff still works
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20:52Chutt wow, nice crappy inline asm
20:52Chutt a _lot_ of useless register useage
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21:08dopester gotta love the inline
21:11dopester holy crap.. john took out the old dvb adavnced setup crap and the .diff is now 162k
21:18TSCHAK has anyone in here made a new gametype for mythgame ?
21:19dopester tschak: just look at the code it can't be too hard..
21:20TSCHAK yeah, I'm about to ... was just wanting to talk to a mythgame dev first... =)
21:20dopester i dont think there is anyone working on it, but i could be wrong..
21:21Chutt there's nobody working on it
21:21Chutt but, if you look at the nes/snes loaders
21:22TSCHAK yeah, I want to make a loader for genesis using dgen
21:22Chutt or the odyssey2 one, it's pretty easy
21:22dopester one of these days i want to build a mame cabinet and use mythgame.. ahh.. the things i want to do just pile up..
21:24--- User: *** splat1 is now known as splAt1
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22:18dopester whoh new theme
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22:24dopester did blue get a facelift in cvs?
22:30Chutt yup
22:30dopester looks mo better than before
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22:49gecko dopester heh I'm not done yet but it's coming along
22:50dopester its much cooler than before.. looks very sleek
22:50dopester sad thing is i bet a bunch more people will look at the "cooler" screenshots and go man i should try that out now.. :)
22:51gecko I need to rethink how I'm doing the boxes, either eliminate the outer glow or make it bigger. some of them flicker a bit.
22:52dopester i haven't tried it on a tv yet just on my dev box
22:52gecko yeah the lines look great on a non-interlaced output
22:53gecko I'll redo the lines in Titivillus and Blue tomorrow to clear that up
22:54gecko I need to stick a TV in my office and use twinview or something while I'm working in themes it'd make things go a lot faster
22:54cmorgan heh
22:54cmorgan what about animated icons?
22:54cmorgan i mean lets pull out the stops
22:55dopester i dont know if its just me but titivillus (how did you come up with that name anyway) doesnt have a good deal of contrast and is a bit tough to see on my tv..
22:55gecko cmorgan when MythUI comes out that'll be possible
22:55dopester i got a 27" tv in a room that should have something like a 40 or so so that could be part of it as well..
22:55cmorgan gecko: whats the hold up? ;-)
22:56gecko dopester dunno looks fine on my set, but colors and what not are getting tweaked.
22:56gecko cmorgan Thor and Isaac are working on it.
22:57dopester i could just need to turn up my brightness as well for all i know.. just havent had the same issue with other themes
22:57gecko it'd be nice to get the guy who did those icons do do some just for myth instead of me creating composit images and what not
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22:59gecko heh I've had this guy trading emails with me obsessing about what motherbaord to get for his first Linux/Myth box. He finally went and got one, brought it home and found out it had a leaky capacitor
22:59cmorgan hah
23:00dopester like it matters what you get for your first one.. its never going to be what you expected :)
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23:03dopester gecko: how did you name titivillus?
23:05dhofstra the patron saint of demon scribes?
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23:11dopester whatever happened to the guy who was making he old movie theme that one looked pretty cool
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