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01:24Chutt gecko, on the watch recordings screen with blue (in current cvs), the text area for the show name on the left side is slightly too wide - it overlaps the divider line by a tiny bit
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04:59o_cee time stretch was neat :)
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05:29o_cee gecko: your update to blue, watch recordings.. doesn't look nice when not using previews..
05:36o_cee Chutt: still need that update of themedstrings.h..
05:44Ragge hmm.. titivillus-osd(or how you spell it).. Seems that if you have a veeery long description it shows outside the gfx.. know problem?
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06:25gecko Ragge is this with CVS? I'm pretty sure I fixed the last week.
06:26gecko dopester dhofstra was close Titivillus is the demon on Typos. Whenever a scribe working on the bible made a mistake I just happened to like the name
06:27gecko demon OF typos
06:28gecko o_cee hrm yeah I thought about that, I figured most folks used either preview images of videos.
06:44Ragge gecko: only day or so old I think.. Am compiling todays CVS to see if it disapperas.. I also noticed some trouble with livetv.. checking that with newest cvs too.
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06:47gecko Ragge feel like making a patch and send it to me? I just editing down that size a bit till it looks right and sendming me the proper height?
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07:10o_cee gecko: yeah, but since it's possible not to have it, and blue is like the standard theme.. well, just wanted to let you know, i don't use blue anyway ;)
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07:14Ragge gecko: When I find it in the code I'll take a look.. Not sure I'll have time though..
07:17o_cee themes/titivil-osd/osd.xml
07:17o_cee later all
07:17Ragge laters
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07:25* Ragge looks at the file.. hmmm..
07:41Ragge well.. the titivil-osd "long-description" bug is still in current CVS, as is video-corruption(bad mpeg2?) in livetv.. hmm..
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08:22gecko o_cee I'll be updating it later today. I'm building template images in photoshop for all the various lines and what not so all that's needed is to change colors...
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11:42GeckoFiend new plyaback box... cheking in programfinder in a sec
11:47cmorgan what does the no $ symbol mean?
11:47cmorgan i never understood that
11:47o_cee press F1
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11:48cmorgan what does it mean?
11:49o_cee you'll see when you press F1
11:49cmorgan dude
11:49cmorgan no need to be a ass
11:50o_cee aaaalright, autoexpire i think, not sure
11:52o_cee GeckoFiend: <filename>type/commflagged.png</filename> <-- that's wrong.. blue/ui.xml
11:53cmorgan so autoexpire appears to be a little tombstone with RIP
11:53cmorgan commercial flagging is the little $ with a circle and a line
11:54o_cee great. that's why i told you to look there, i wasn't sure, not using those icons in gant
11:54cmorgan well i'm not on my mythbox right now
11:54o_cee could have said that :)
11:54cmorgan i'm not sure any better icons could have been made
11:54GeckoFiend error closing /tmp/cvs-serv16684/./CVS/Repository
11:54GeckoFiend No space left on device
11:55cmorgan ha
11:55o_cee /dev/hdv1 24G 7.9G 15G 35% /
11:55o_cee none 32M 32M 0 100% /tmp
11:55o_cee heh
11:55GeckoFiend sad thing was I was removing files.
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12:16dopester dvb patch v2.0 is out now
12:16HRearden chutt, you there? Seems to be out of space on the CVS server?
12:16HRearden Couldn't do diffs between versions on ViewCVS, get this message:
12:17HRearden RCS file: /var/lib/cvs/mythtv/programs/mythbackend/mainserver.cpp,v
12:17HRearden retrieving revision 1.159
12:17HRearden co: output error: No space left on device
12:17HRearden co aborted
12:17HRearden rcsdiff: /var/lib/cvs/mythtv/programs/mythbackend/mainserver.cpp,v: co failed
12:19o_cee GeckoFiend: you saw my msg about blue/ui.xml right? it uses titles/ but the files aren't there
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12:26GeckoFiend yeah I'll fix it when I can commit again
12:29nhippi dopester: cool. and damn me for fighting this evening on the old version =)
12:31dopester what issues were you having?
12:32nhippi the dvb-c ones
12:33dopester i HOPE we got it now
12:33dopester but since neither John or I have dvb-c hard to test
12:36nhippi I'll try it some moments
12:36dopester tough to tell for certain
12:40o_cee GeckoFiend: great
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13:00GeckoFiend I'm really liking how Blue is turning out I might switch to it on my main box.
13:00dopester hrm.. looks like opencable and dvb-c are very similar.. wonder if a dvb-c card could work for it
13:02Baylink I dunno from DVB-C, dope, but I think someone was planning to try the -3000 card when they got one.
13:03dopester id think the dvb-c route would be easier to deal with cause of the drivers personally
13:03Baylink Could be.
13:03dopester just wish i could get one without importing it from overseas
13:04dopester i did get an offer some someone in australia tosend me a free dvb-t card at one point..
13:05dopester sadly told him it wouldnt do me any good in the states
13:05Baylink Yeah...
13:06dopester i woudl think adding opencable support could be big
13:06dopester the ca information is on the opencable website so it might be possible to even support smartcards
13:08o_cee dopester: freeeeebie...
13:11dopester get me a freebie and i'll find out if i can get it to work
13:13dopester where is my handout.. :)
13:15dopester i wonder if chutt would care about dvb if opencable was supported (assuming its as much like dvb/atsc as it appears to be from specs)
13:19dopester damn this looks so much like dvb/atsc.. i wonder if its actually encrypted, or if they just use the stb to filter out what channels the users can see
13:21SiD3WiNDR I saw a patch floating about on the mailinglist to show the mouse cursor (and autohide it after a while)... will that be (or is it) implemented into main mythtv code?
13:25GeckoFiend SiD3WiNDR there's no point, myth doesn't support a mouse
13:25SiD3WiNDR some parts do
13:26nhippi dopester: appears to work
13:26SiD3WiNDR like the setup stuff ;)
13:26GeckoFiend yeah the setup screens and those will not for long so again there's no point
13:26SiD3WiNDR k, but I go nuts every time I have to check some checkbox :p
13:26dopester nhippi: you the guy that emailed earlier today from .fi?
13:27nhippi dopester: most probably
13:27dopester well there was only one dvb-c person replying so its gotta be you :)
13:27dopester is it still taking a long time to tune?
13:28GeckoFiend SiD3WiNDR why? it's not like it's hard to do witha remote
13:28nhippi dopester: yes :-/ but only right after opening the frontend device
13:29SiD3WiNDR GeckoFiend: I dont have a remote yet, I'm still testing with my mouse & keyboard :|
13:29nhippi my uneducated guess is that the dvb driver keeps the card in some powersave mode until someone opens the frontend dev, and it then takes a while to "warm up"
13:29dopester sounds like a drivers issue.. but is myth tuning to a valid channel at startup?
13:29SiD3WiNDR anyway, fine by me I guess :)
13:30nhippi dopester: yes
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13:35dopester nhippi do you see this with other dvb apps?
13:37nhippi dopester: with czap atleast
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13:41dopester ok then its nothing we can get around with myth apparently :(
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13:41dopester ok i gotta get a dvb-c card now and try out this opencable thing
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14:09Netslayer is nuvexport going to be integrated into the GUI and Job Queing system?
14:10Netslayer +queuing
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15:58fulbert back when the time fell back in october my myth setup recorded a program at the 2am and since then it will not remove that program from the listings.
15:59fulbert now, the autoexpire wont run because it can't delete that program either, it fails saying "can't find program info for "AUTO_EXPIRE [the time]"
15:59fulbert anyone have an idea how to get rid of that listing from the system and fix the autoexpire?
15:59Chutt delete it manually?
16:00fulbert It will not delete it from the delete programs interface.
16:00kvandivo perish the thought!
16:00fulbert It removed the file form the file system, but not the listing.
16:00Chutt manually means mysql
16:00Omnic fulbert: you'll need to edit the 'recorded' table manually.
16:01fulbert is that the only location that it will be in in the db?
16:01Chutt it _also_ means you should be in the -users channel, unless you've got a patch.
16:01fulbert understood, but over the last week I've asked in users with no answers.
16:02Chutt so?
16:02Chutt no one owes you an answer.
16:03dopester :)
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16:03fulbert I agree, and I thank you for responding.
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16:33GeckoFiend chutt is cvs back up and able to accept commits?
16:33Chutt it's been back for a long time
16:33Chutt tmp gets cleared out every half hour or so
16:33Chutt automatically
16:33GeckoFiend ahhh
16:40Chutt it's the stupid cvsd server that handles the anon connections
16:41Chutt damn thing litters tons of crap in /tmp, and never cleans up after itself
16:42GeckoFiend got another update to blue being commited now, a few more shots up at
16:43GeckoFiend hows the basement btw?
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16:50Mrgoose in mythtv can you play a dvd .iso and have the menu's ?
16:50GeckoFiend Mrgoose /topic
16:50Mrgoose thats not really a support question
16:51GeckoFiend it's not really a dev question either but hey. short answer is yes
16:52Mrgoose gracais
16:52Mrgoose i'll ask further questions int he other channel
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20:11GeckoFiend chutt around?
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20:33dopester geckofiend: you around?
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20:38gecko dopester yep
20:39dopester you mess with the fe/be protocol or just the themes?
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20:40Beirdo Man, go away for a couple days, and you guys check in PILES of stuff. Nice :)
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20:40dopester heh heya beirdo
20:40dopester dont blame me.. :)
20:41Beirdo I'm not blaming anyone, it looked like a productive weekend :)
20:41GeckoFiend dopester I'm a jack of all trades. I've only been doing themes for shits and grins.
20:42GeckoFiend That being said, I've not mucked with the protocol much except for some minor ProgramInfo transfer stuff
20:42dopester could i get some assistance in adding some intelligence to the fe/be protocol so i can make the dvb code popup some dialog screens if tuning fails, or if a motor is moving a dish, etc?
20:42dopester or do you have a suggestion of who to talk to?
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20:43riksta dope ;)
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20:44dopester would also love to stick the signal strength on the fe if your in livetv but thats more a bells and whistles thing in comparison
20:44dopester heya riksta
20:44GeckoFiend you could probably do something like the QUERY_ASK_RECORDING stuff (not sure if that's the message namee but it's close)
20:44dopester where in the code is that stuff even reside?
20:45GeckoFiend one sec I'll look
20:49GeckoFiend tv_rec.cpp sends out the ASK_RECORDING to the frontend using the tuner, it gets turned into a custom event and then handled by tv_play.cpp where the user gets prompted
20:57dopester do events just go between tv_rec and tv_play or can they be placed elsewhere?
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20:58GeckoFiend As long as you've got a pipe to the client you should be able to pass an event to it
20:59dopester ok im sure this will open another big can of worms.. great.. :)
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21:16dopester gecko: thanks for pointing me twoard that
21:17dopester doesnt look as hard as i had thought
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21:46piku hey I have a question for myth gurus
21:46piku myth crashed and I lost my ringbuf
21:47piku which I had paused to record a bunch of tv
21:47piku I have the file... is there any way to watch the contents?
21:47GeckoFiend piku: /topic
21:47piku sorry ;)
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23:36ohgood hello. i'm emerging mythtv atm, wondering if/why mysql is needed, as it wasnt' listed in --pretend, and if it's needed to be setup befor first run ?
23:36dopester wrong channel.. see topic
23:37ohgood my apologies, no /topic on entrance. :)
23:38ohgood by the way, when I used mythtv on my suse boxes- it was wonderfull. congrats on good works guys!
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