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06:44johnny_ST Hi who is working on the DVB part?
06:44johnny_ST V2.0 Changes:
06:44johnny_ST If anyone wants to mail me a dvb-c card I can see if I can get opencable to work (US Digital Cable standard)..
06:45johnny_ST I can by an card and send it by mail but what card is needed and to who should I send it?
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07:04stoffel johnny_ST: better send a mail to the -dev list. not all dev's are on irc
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07:10johnny_ST ok
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11:03o_cee johnny_ST: dopester is the one you're looking for.
11:03o_cee stoffel: did you get my msg the other day?
11:03javajunky try over in #dvb
11:04javajunky try over in #dvb
11:04javajunky gah, window scrolled up sry.
11:04o_cee javajunky: uhm, no.
11:04javajunky o_cee, uhm yes ? thats where dopester et al tend to hang out (as well as here)
11:04o_cee ah, but if he isn't here he's not there either ;)
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11:05javajunky he's logged in here and there ;) but afk I guess <g>
11:06o_cee he'll probably see it on scrollback, so johnny_ST, just stay put.. ;)
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11:17johnny_ST o_cee, ok Ill wait here..
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12:14Ragge I'm having a mythweb problem.. Any mythweb developer around? (error message on latest CVS)
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12:20gr8nash got #mythtv-users
12:20gr8nash sorry goto
12:22Ragge sure I can do that, but it was a -dev related question.. will try later.. they might show up then..
12:26Beirdo try him on -users though... xris. Don't think he's in right now though
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14:58o_c Chutt: think you could mail me the script you use to update themestrings.h?
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16:56thor_ Chutt, thanks for the mfd patch
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16:58tainted- if i wanted to develop a plug-in for mythtv, what language should i use?
16:59* o_cee pokes thor
16:59o_cee tainted-: C++ ?
17:00TSCHAK tainted-, native myth plugins use C++, and the Qt toolkit.
17:00tainted- is there documentation for developing with mythtv?
17:00o_cee not much
17:00TSCHAK tainted-, no.. it's all in the code.
17:05* Ragge is trying the difficult art of trying to write a plugin.. I can recommend you using one of the smaller plugins as a blueprint..
17:08tainted- would it be possible to write a plug-in to allow mythbackend to encode LiveTV to MPEG4 and have mythfrontend watch the MPEG4 stream near real time?
17:09o_cee tainted-: uhm, that's not possible? if you use a software card that's what happens right?
17:09* o_cee has never used one so what do i know
17:09tainted- i have a pvr350
17:09Ragge Maybe on a 3Ghz or with a hardware decoder/encoder.. And for those things you are not writing plugin but you are actually adding to mythbackend directly..
17:10Ragge the PVR350 does not support MPEG4.. only MPEG2
17:10tainted- but i'd like to get the stream to work over a 802.11b network w/o compromising quality
17:11Ragge You can transcode to MPEG4 with mythtranscode.. but not realtime..
17:11Chutt tainted, you need a hardware encoder to do that.
17:11Chutt the pvr-350 isn't fast enough, generally, to display software decoded video.
17:11o_cee xcard does mpeg4?
17:11Ragge If you want to encode to MPEG4 you need to add support for it in the backend. especially hardware encoding..
17:11Chutt ragge, erm, one of the software encoding options is mpeg4.
17:11Chutt i'm not sure what you're babbling about
17:12o_cee Chutt: the script for updating themedstrings.h, anything i could have to update them?
17:12Chutt o_cee, not right now
17:12o_cee Chutt: m'kay, just let me know
17:12Ragge Chutt: Aah..yes.. You're right.. Never tried that because I haven't computer for it. :)
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17:14thor_ you go away for 1 weekend, and there are 60 CVS commits
17:14tainted- so u guys are saying that i just need to purchase a tv card which does hardware MPEG4 encoding?
17:14thor_ sheesh
17:14o_cee thor_: the new soundtouch things supports bpm detection, kinda neat for mfe :)
17:14Chutt tainted, no, i'm saying you just need to not use the pvr-350 for a display device.
17:14o_cee thor_: heh
17:14Beirdo thor_: Cool, eh?
17:14thor_ very
17:15tainted- Chutt it's not being used as a display device. it's on my backend encoding livetv streams
17:15Ragge tainted-: Only if you can't do it in software..
17:15Chutt then you shouldn't have any problems
17:15Chutt well, you will over .11b
17:15tainted- so how would i convert that PVR350 MPEG2 stream into MPEG4 to be delivered to the frontend?
17:15Chutt tainted, why would you do that?
17:16tainted- 802.11b
17:16Chutt spend $100 and upgrade
17:16Ragge tainted-: Try to encode to 2Mbit/s or less and see if picture quality is good enough..
17:16tainted- Chutt but would it be possible
17:17thor_ or transcode it automatically after recording ... see lots of artefacts, and then spend $100 to upgrade
17:17Chutt sure, but, why?
17:17* kvandivo high fives thor_.
17:17o_cee *mental high five*
17:17tainted- so transcoding would leave a lot of artifacts?
17:17Chutt generally, yes
17:18Chutt especially if you need to take it down to the quality level you'll get to go over .11b
17:18tainted- are there MPEG4 encoder cards?
17:18Chutt for a couple grand
17:18o_cee Chutt: btw, i got in touch with the freenode guy, he hadn't had time to process those things yet.. then he said he needed to call me by phone, hehhe.. me who never actually _speak_ any english ;)
17:18Ragge tainted-: Not cheap anyway.
17:18o_cee tainted-: get better network instead
17:18Chutt you could have bought a normal tv tuner card and just gone to mpeg4 in software
17:18thor_ and you still can
17:19Chutt but it'd be easiest to just upgrade your wireless network
17:19tainted- i see
17:19Ragge o_cee: Don't tell him. let it be a surprise when he calls you. :)
17:19thor_ and then spend $100 to upgrade your wireless
17:19tainted- then the load would be on the CPU
17:19o_cee Ragge: yeah well he'll notice ;)
17:19Chutt tainted, it'd be even more on the cpu if you were to transcode in realtime
17:19tainted- i see
17:21tainted- would there be significant quality loss by going software MPEG4 vs hardware MPEG2?
17:22thor_ yes, which is still yet another reason to upgrade your network
17:22o_cee tainted-: have you tried lowering the bitrate and see if it's enough for your needs?
17:23* Ragge thinks this is more and more belonging in mythtv-users
17:24o_cee indeed
17:24tainted- sorry guys
17:24thor_ someone got a handy technical ref for the soundtouch stuff ?
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17:24Chutt nope
17:24tainted- almost overengineered my problems - thanks for the input
17:25o_cee thor_: some page at least:
17:26thor_ o_cee, thanks
17:43Ragge and there much rejoicing.. atleast for me. I'm doing my first steps in pluginprogramming. :)
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18:14o_cee nighty all
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18:20GeckoFiend stupid question time: Where is this channel priorities screen I scred up in titivillus? I've never seen it
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18:22* Beirdo chuckles
18:23* Beirdo hasn't either
18:28stoffel_ re
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18:47GeckoFiend chutt or thor around?
18:47GeckoFiend err thor_
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18:47thor_ yup
18:48mikegrb thor_: bless you my son
18:48thor_ err, yup_
18:48mikegrb :D
18:49GeckoFiend hey, I was working on the music playback ui for the new Blue theme... The list it uses forces the highlite bar to be the same height as the text, which doesn't really work for anything other than a simple color bar...
18:49mikegrb thor_: I have a telephone extention in asterisk setup that we can dial and it plays baby einstien sleep cd music
18:50GeckoFiend I've modified my local tree so that it adds 10 pixels to the height of the font so that the bar can be a bit above and below the text... Since you know the ui code, do you think that'll bork anything else?
18:50thor_ mikegrb, outrageously cool ... need some kind of baby stuff hacker site to write all this stuff up
18:50GeckoFiend 10 pixels to the height of the font for the purpose of calculating how tall the bar should be that is
18:51thor_ GeckoFiend, I dunno
18:51thor_ you could add a <padding></padding> to the xml parser stuff, have it default to 0 and use it in you new theme ?
18:51mikegrb thor_: that coupled with our uniden cordless phones with speaker phone in the handset and it is <3 <3 <3
18:51GeckoFiend yeah I can do that
18:52stoffel_ is bjm around here? thx for fixing the alttext tags. ;) stupid copy&paste error
18:52* stoffel_ notes to self: test things before sending patches
18:53thor_ GeckoFiend, just don't know if it would bugger anything else, and adding an extra parsePadding routine to xmlparser should be quite easy
18:54thor_ mikegrb, baby einstein dvd's is, in large part, with MythVideo exists
18:54thor_ :-)
18:55thor_ GeckoFiend, you've got a non-single colour highlight bar that you want to use and it doesn't look right if squished to the font height, is that the problem?
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18:56thor_ bbiab
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19:12GeckoFiend thor_ yeah that's it in a nutshell.
19:12GeckoFiend I've got the changes in to xmlparse now.
19:30gr8nash Gecko. just quick feedback.. WOW very cool what you have done to old blue
19:30gr8nash =)
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19:33GeckoFiend heh thanks.
19:34GeckoFiend soon as I get this code compiled and tested I'll drop in the update to the music playback screen
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19:37GeckoFiend changing uitypes.h is a pain half the world needs rebuilt
19:47thor_ yeah, takes time
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19:56GeckoFiend arrrrrrrggggg I borked the inline mutator for the select padding so now I have to build the world again
19:57dopester nice
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20:19GeckoFiend hrm where's the internal lib version stored?
20:24GeckoFiend found it
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20:28dopester gecko: if i need want to add some other splash screnes to the osd for tuning errors do i just tack them on the end of the osd.xml?
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20:46gecko dopester pretty much yeah, then wire up the OSD code to support em
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21:56dopester gecko: thanks for the MythEvent stuff.. was super easy to pop a "dish moving message"
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22:06duende Help : I just compiled MythTV 0.16, and i'm having trouble with audio. When i go to start MythTV i get the error "Unable to create AudioOutput". I'm running SUSE 9.1. I have been able to get mythtv working on gentoo and debian before, so i'm pretty sure i have things setup correctly.
22:06dopester see topic
22:07duende shite
22:07duende i usually remember that without looking at the topic
22:07duende my bad
22:08duende sorry
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22:14shingoki Anyone around?
22:15shingoki ah sorry wrong channel anyway ;)
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22:50dopester wow the metzler brothers are looking at the dvb code.. i feel special
23:00* TSCHAK wonders if there's EVER going to be a dvb card for directv or dish network in the US
23:00TSCHAK =(
23:01dopester dish MIGHT happen if you could convince them to support cam modules
23:01dopester directv probbably not
23:01dopester if you have lots of spare time you could make the twinhan 1020a cards work with directv
23:01dopester probbably not legal though
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