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00:06malloc_ hey all
00:07malloc_ hmm...well, if anyone is here, could I get some help compiling on cygwin?
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00:12malloc_ hi dark man
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00:51oneo hey guys - im looking at the code and it seems like mythtv is streaming to the hard drive and then playing off of that to allow time shifting...ive noticed that when you are shifted and you hit record, the recording starts from realtime and not from the shifted position. is it impossible to change it so that the recording starts at the timeshifted point?
00:51oneo im just trying to think ways to do it
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01:21hadees hey if i could make a device trigger a qt event i should be able to get it to work with mythtv right?
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02:29o_cee oneo: that code will be rewritten, it is as it is right now.
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08:32anduin the recent checkin to Titivillus' ui.xml have broken it (extra < on line 1014)
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09:29jmp_ I've got a slightly OT question regarding SQL +threads in myth. At what level do you have to provide locking ? I need a mutex around the query call, but do I also need a mutex around the section of code that is accessing the query as well ?
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11:30thor_ go go gfiend
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17:53gfiend thor_ heh what did I do now?
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18:07anduin GeckoFiend - the recent checkin to Titivillus' ui.xml have broken it (extra < on line 1014)
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18:22GeckoFiend thor_ and chutt what do you guys think of a global font pool specified in the theme.xml file? It'd make it a lot easier to have consistent fonts acorss the various screens and cut down on the processing done each load.
18:22GeckoFiend anduin thanks I just fixed it
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19:26thor_ GeckoFiend, heh ... I'm just writing "font inheritance" into the new libmythui xml parser
19:26thor_ so everything inherits from it's container unless a <font> is specified
19:27thor_ err, its container
19:27cmorgan xml is great for inheritance
19:27cmorgan if you just keep around a local "font setting" and overwrite it when you hit a font tag you are all set
19:27cmorgan its great stuff
19:30thor_ GeckoFiend, I'm just doing it at the dialog level ... would require another one-time scan to do it theme.xml wide
19:31thor_ gfiend, sorry, had your nick mixed up with GeckoFiend
19:32mikegrb thor_: <3
19:38GeckoFiend thor_ one and the same. gfiend is one of the alts that gets selected when I lose connection
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20:09anduin GeckoFiend - Manage Recordings | Set Priorities
20:14GeckoFiend anduin that's program prioities for me... It's the channel prioites I can't ever find
20:16anduin GeckoFiend - Setup | TV Settings | Recording Priorities | Channel Priorities
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20:21GeckoFiend anduin thanks
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21:04dopester wow personal mail to chutt on -dev.. heh
21:04cmorgan ooh ooh
21:04* cmorgan looks for the myth-dev archive...
21:05Majestik Anyone know what that conference is about? It's not far from where I live..
21:05GeckoFiend open source?
21:05GeckoFiend ;)
21:05Majestik Hmm... what sort of response should I use for that one... :)
21:06cmorgan dopester: subject for the mail? ;-)
21:06GeckoFiend Isaac
21:06GeckoFiend that's the subject
21:07dopester Put a post up that says just "Taylor" I suspect all of you would read it just to see what in the hell it was.. :)
21:07Octane anyone have any idea how my mythtv suddenly went b&w?
21:08GeckoFiend iut's the new timewarp to the 50s code... Like it?
21:08Octane lol
21:08Octane i love it!
21:08Octane im watching my knicks play in black and white
21:08Majestik Hey.. that could be a cool option :)
21:08dopester 50s vision
21:08cmorgan dopester: not on gossamer yet it seems
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21:09Majestik Maybe a few other filters that can be thrown over video.. like the movie theatre film marks and stuff like that
21:09GeckoFiend Good day,
21:09GeckoFiend I apologize to everyone for using the dev list to contact Isaac but I noticed he has been posting to the list and I wanted to make sure he gets this.
21:09GeckoFiend Isaac, could you please respond to my request regarding speaking at a conference up here in Canada about mythtv and open source in the home?
21:09GeckoFiend I think we may be able to pay your expenses if you're interested.
21:09GeckoFiend I understand if you feel this is something you would rather not do, but please let me know.
21:09GeckoFiend I will resend the information to you if you did not get it the first time I sent it.
21:09GeckoFiend I anxiously await your reply.
21:09GeckoFiend Cheers!
21:09Majestik Wow, deja vu
21:10cmorgan heh
21:10cmorgan GeckoFiend: thanks man ;-)
21:10GeckoFiend cmorgan np
21:10cmorgan usually when someone mentions an email its quite amusing
21:10cmorgan like that guy who posted that long rant, brad was it?
21:10cmorgan there are so many good ones on myth-dev ;-)
21:10Octane ahh
21:10Octane it was my connection :D !
21:10Octane svideo connection
21:11Octane i rebooted and killed my uptime for nothing, i hate that!
21:18dopester longest i have right now is 39 days
21:18dopester now pathetic
21:18mikegrb 21:18:56 up 75 days, 2:17, 5 users, load average: 1.30, 1.30, 1.16
21:18mikegrb :D
21:19Majestik 7:26PM up 160 days, 7:38, 1 user, load averages: 0.10, 0.08, 0.08
21:19hadees hey if i wanted to add information from Emergency Managers Weather Information Network to Mythweather, how should i display that information then to the user? like an onscreen display?
21:20hadees onscreen display on mythtv, or should i just add it as a screen to mythweather?
21:20* mikegrb gives Majestik a muffin
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21:21Majestik 7:16pm up 202 day(s), 23:52, 1 user, load average: 0.41, 0.21, 0.11
21:21Majestik Now I get 2? :)
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21:24dopester well dvb v2.1 is out
21:29Femi hi, everybody, I am new here. I'm a student computer sciences and I would like to write a module for mythtv, where can I find the necessary information?
21:30TSCHAK Femi, in the code.
21:30Femi isn't there a document on how a module has to look like?
21:31cmorgan its probably pretty easy to look at a small module and see how its interface works
21:31cmorgan and just copy it
21:32Femi ok, that's what I was planning to do, but I thought there should exist such a document
21:32cmorgan i'm sure it would be a welcome addition to the documentation
21:32cmorgan but like all documentation people often just punt it and do other work instead
21:32Femi so how do you guys started?
21:32dopester reading lines and lines of code :)
21:32Femi ok :)
21:33Femi and I assume there is also no architecture document
21:34Majestik Femi: If you figure it out, you could write all of this stuff up :)
21:35Femi yes, thats what I would do, but I can hardly believe no one has done that before
21:35Majestik You might want to email Isaac, he might know of something..
21:35dopester i was shocked like that when i first got involved too..
21:38Femi ok, I'll try that
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21:38Majestik ... Maybe an email to the -dev list?
21:39Femi ah, what is the address?
21:39dopester yeah id post to the -dev list instead
21:40Majestik I keep thinking it's weird that there's no manpages either... but it's on my list of things to get to work on
21:42TSCHAK is there a DVB card that works in the US?
21:45riksta Femi: what module would you like to make
21:46Femi it is for my graduation project
21:46riksta what's its going to do though
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21:46Femi I have to adopt mythtv so it can be driven by a PDA over a wireless network connection
21:47riksta adapt ;)
21:47Femi yes, I am dutch speaking
21:47riksta just to control it remote control functionality?
21:48Femi yes, that would be a start
21:48riksta i'm sure that will be very simple
21:48Majestik Femi: Hacking up the lirc interface might be a way to start..
21:48Femi and if I have time left, I could make the video appear on the PDA
21:49Femi yes, i've been looking at lirc, but now I was looking for a interface to write a module
21:49riksta maybe it'd be best to keep that separate from the lirc code
21:50Majestik couldn't you just use lirc as the interface to myth, and mod lirc?
21:51Femi hmm, maybe
21:51Majestik Just thinking that because lirc is already built into mythtv, doing the exact thing you want..
21:51Femi but is lirc written as a module?
21:52anduin Femi - look at what the lirc code does, easy to do the same thing. I don't really think you want to create a module to do that though.
21:52Femi hmm, but I have to open a socket somewhere, and I don't think lirc does that
21:53Majestik Nah, but that's where you want to add the code, into lirc..
21:53anduin Femi - no, but it runs in a thread waiting for lirc events and then sends them to the main loop, sure the socket code isn't there but everything else is.
21:53Femi but I will have to write some code somewhere, so I think it would be best to do it as a module
21:54Femi ok, I'll take a look at it
21:54Majestik The lirc might be more useful to more people, because then the PDA->Lirc link can work for anyone using lirc, if you want to release the code..
21:56Femi yes, maybe, but I have to use the wireless network connection, that's not my choice
21:57Majestik Yup, that's what I mean, if you can build a module or something into lirc, that allows any PDA over (ethernet/bluetooth) to behave like any remote, that would be good
21:59Femi so you're suggestion is to write code into the lirc code? So basically make the lirc part more generic?
21:59anduin Femi - write a new lirc driver
21:59Majestik Yeah, so that anything that uses lirc can benefit from the PDA control, not just mythtv
22:00Femi :)
22:00Majestik Making sense?
22:01Majestik :)
22:01Femi well, it's a challenge :)
22:01Majestik Yup.. but what's a project for other then a challenge? :)
22:01Femi indeed
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22:03Femi where is the lirc code in mythtv? I can't find it
22:04Femi I found it
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22:32nfsv4 when is the next mythytv release ?
22:32dopester i would gather delayed one more day by asking :)
22:33riksta how long is a piece of string
22:33mikegrb 3"
22:33* dcas is away: I'm busy
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23:34streamtrade What information do you need from a gdb session other than the thread info to debug a segmentation fault error?
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