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04:39LLyric Is the bug, where the frontend crashes if you're watching tv when it starts recording (on the same tuner), fixed in CVS?
04:40LLyric Or is it a ivtv driver bug?
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05:17GeckoFiend LLyric it's fixed in CVS
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07:21eli hi is anybody up?
07:21eli or everyone is sleeping yet ?
07:22eli We are developing an application over mythtv and I need to know some hardware specifications: which would be a good joystick option to work with MythTV in Debian ?
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08:13rigz sup guys ...
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10:05jlott_ so.
10:06jlott_ what's a good video card to use with myth
10:06jlott_ ?
10:06jlott_ I've read the docs, but I'd like an opinon
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10:50jlott_ fart.
10:50thor_ jlott, see /topic, ask there, and I'll bet someone can help you
10:51jlott_ duh.
10:51jlott_ thanks thor_
10:51thor_ yupp
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11:14Chutt thor, "Also, inheriting MythTreeNode's is to be discouraged, as we want to get away from having to dynamic_cast returned objects every time the user navigates or selects anything. Instead, the base MythTreeNode will have an extensive type enum"
11:15Chutt really isn't a very good idea
11:15Chutt it means that any time someone wants to use the tree type for something new in a plugin, the main code must be changed
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11:37thor_ hmmm
11:38thor_ you have apoint
11:38thor_ err, a point
11:38Chutt not having the entire class be inherited's fine, but, i'd just have a generic class stored in there, instead of a void*
11:39Chutt so that generic class is inherited off of, and dynamic_cast<> is used to tell what it is
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11:40thor_ ok to mix that with the enum, where if the type is UNKNOWN, you do the cast of the generic object ?
11:41thor_ or drop the enum?
11:41Chutt i'd just drop the enum
11:42thor_ then why not just keep casting the tree object itself ?
11:42Chutt i dunno
11:42thor_ heh
11:43Chutt thought you didn't want to do that for some reason
11:44thor_ I'd really like to get to a QEvent kind of thing, where you can check the (int) type of the message and then just cast if needed (I'm operating under the impression that that is far more efficient than a dynamic_cast that needs to error check for uncastables)
11:44thor_ and there is not a huge universe of things that can sit on a tree (music, video, games, generic menu entries, etc.)
11:45Chutt right, but that amount of time doing the dynamic cast isn't much of anything compared to other stuff
11:47thor_ heh
11:47thor_ Okey dokey, well, good thing I did that commit
11:47thor_ :-)
11:50thor_ Most of the stuff in there doesn't make too much sense ... but I have the whole week with a house to myself, so I'm planning to crank on it
11:51Beirdo Ahh, the life of the temporarily single? :)
11:52thor_ more or less, in laws are here, and neighbours are away, so I'm working there doing the day, and have nothing pressing on the work front, so ...
11:52o_cee Beirdo: get back to your reading :)
11:52thor_ err, during
11:52Beirdo heh
11:53Beirdo OpenGL + Cg is quite a lot of reading, let me tell ya
11:53o_cee Beirdo: yeah, exactly my point :)
11:55Beirdo anyways, lunch time.
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11:56o_cee later
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13:52LedHed anyone listening? Beirdo excluded!
13:52Beirdo this isn't the mailing list
13:53stoffel hehe
13:54LedHed is this the dev channel?
13:55* Beirdo glances at the topic. Seems that way, yes
13:56LedHed then why the comment about thin not being the mailing list
13:57Beirdo glad to see you read what's written to you in the other channel :)
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13:58LedHed I'm trying to get help. The best advice I got was to look to -dev. So I'm here.
13:59* Beirdo chuckles. OK, have fun. That's not what I saw suggested
14:03LedHed To anyone but beirdo, I have an idea to allow MythTV to use ReplayTV hardware as a frontend. I currently have a Myth backend serving content to my ReplayTV, bit I would like to see it automated. I can't code/program. But if anyone is interested in helping me please let me know.
14:03stoffel ok
14:04LedHed stoffel: ok meaning you want to help me?
14:04Chutt no one's interested in the slightest in helping you
14:04LedHed ok, thanks
14:04stoffel LedHed: i don't even know what replaytv is
14:05LedHed LOL, ok thanks anyway
14:06LedHed Chutt: can I ask why?
14:07Chutt because you have absolutely no idea what you're asking for, to start off with
14:07Chutt secondly, this is the development channel, not the 'please code something for me' channel
14:09LedHed as I've said, I'm currently doing it. but you are correct in that I dont know what is necessery from a programming stand point.
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14:10LedHed and I understand that this is a developement channel, and just thought that I'd bounce the Idea off some programmers. If anyone thought it was a good idea then they could help.
14:10Chutt if you can't do it yourself, don't ask other people to do it for you.
14:10LedHed I guess thats not the case. So, thanks anyway.
14:11Chutt figure out how to do it yourself :p
14:11LedHed If I could do it myself why would I ask someone else to do it for me?
14:11LedHed I'm not trying to be rude.
14:11Chutt you are, though, by misusing this channel
14:12LedHed there was no activity, how did I abuse?
14:12Chutt as i said, this is the development channel
14:12LedHed never mind. Thanks anyway.
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14:19GeckoFiend_ heh Chutt you've been so warm and fuzzy on the maling lists I thought you were going soft on us!
14:20Chutt heh, riight
14:20gr8nash many of us would miss chutts conversations if he became a teddybear
14:21Beirdo We told him repeatedly to ask on the mailing list to see if there was interest, so he comes here to ask.
14:22o_cee Chutt: any news on that script? :)
14:22Chutt i need to clean it up a bit, then i'll just check it into cvs
14:23o_cee allrighty
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16:45o_cee Chutt: you got some poll thingie in php-nuke? would be fun to see what themes people are using :)
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16:57Chutt i don't have any of that enabled on the website
16:58o_cee m'kay. understandable, heh
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17:59gr8nash sdf
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18:48thor_ unison rocks
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19:14Nwallins If i'm running a PVR 350 and a 250, I can record two channels at once? do I need to split the coaxial cable signal coming in?
19:15Nwallins oops wrong channel
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19:47Chutt geckofiend, hey, for titivillus, are the watermark icons for 'import cd' and 'scan for new music' lined up?
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19:52GeckoFiend I think the images themselves are a little offcenter
19:53Chutt they've got the same stuff in the lower right, and it moves slightly when moving the arrow keys =)
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20:22dhofstra Yeah, the images for scan for new music and import cd were made separately from one another; I should;ve lined em up better; I coudl redo them pretty easy if you like..
20:22Chutt it's just something i noticed when using it
20:22Chutt nothing major
20:23Chutt i'm also using a lower than standard resolution, and there's a bunch of places where strings are cut off in the ui
20:23dhofstra hrm: seems to work ok on my xbox;
20:23Chutt most notably in the program lists
20:23Chutt like the conflicts menu
20:24Chutt ie, I'm using 608x456 =)
20:25dhofstra that menu looks ok on my xbox, but then it is using the alt text I believe
20:25dhofstra is the actual text cutoff? or does the watermark have a blank box cutting into it?
20:26Chutt oh, i'm talking about, say, the upcoming program list
20:27Chutt a lot of the channel callsigns are cut off
20:27dhofstra oh
20:29dhofstra my callsigns look ok, so I assume it is your strange resolution; I am going to fix the music icons now and get it to GeckoFiend
20:32Chutt cool =)
20:32Chutt thanks
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20:49dhofstra music_rip.png was resized by the gimp automatically to be larger than the other icons of 256x400 when shadow was applied. I have sent a corrected copy to Gecko
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21:15GeckoFiend loading up recordings onto my test box to do a demo for some MCE fanboys tomorrow.
21:17thor_ heh
21:17mikegrb liar
21:17* mikegrb loads up thor_
21:19dopester fanboys?
21:20* thor_ pretends to be an overwhealmingly cool bit of screen candy
21:24mikegrb ohhhh baby
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22:31pyromancer I wonder ...
22:32pyromancer Obscure question: Anyone running MythTV with an nVidia GeForce2/MX400 "Personal Cinema" card? I doubt it... but thought I'd ask.
22:38jmblack nope, Ive run it on a MX400, Im not sure what "Personal Cinema" would add to the mix...
22:42Beirdo and I don't know why this isn't in the -users channel like the topic says :)
22:43jmblack my bad for replying :p
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